One Wild Night

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I have never like Birthdays and Christmas, I always found that celebrating another year older was always another year closer to death, although I have never been afraid to die, I was always afraid to loose what I had learned in life, although some believe that when the body dies, the life essence or soul lives on, my self I believe that when you die, you are just a variety of compost. It was just my luck from birth that I was born on December 25, at 00:05, one week early, would you believe it, god damned Christmas day, can you imagine my birthdays a child? My brother and sister had normal birthdays, March and April… well Merry Christmas to all. Because of my parent’s lack of imagination, I was called Holly, which I later changed to Kasey it is of American origin, and its meaning is “alert & vigorous”

I had a rather typical childhood, a few friends, especially my school sweetheart Jason, he was gorgeous, and after school, we saw each other for a few months until he joined the army, naturally I was very upset. He was my life, although we had never crossed into the physical aspect of a relationship, we hung around together practically all the time, when I confronted him about his decision he said it was something that he felt he had to do. We stayed in contact with each other threw out his basic training and during his first few months on his first posting, threw letters and emails, as you would, but eventually we just stopped calling and writing each other. After about a year, I ended up working for a small family company near my home. It was a great job and an amazing opportunity for me to stretch my talents to the limit. A job I was well suited for, Since the owner didn’t escort istanbul have a daughter, I became kinda her step daughter, I even dated her nephew for awhile although once again nothing ever came of the dating, I always tried to put up the front.

After closing a big account for the company I was offered to a meal with my boss and a few friends, kind of a thank you for everything, it was just what I needed, she probably had invited a few male friends around, try to set me up with one or two, that’s just the sort of thing that I hate, and always have. Although I have never told anyone that I was a virgin, not something I am particularly proud of, I let it slip once to my boss and she made it her personal mission to find me love, all have been disasters. So as usual, I had enjoyed more then a few drinks before showing up at her house for the party. As I staggered threw the door I was more then a little surprised when I saw that there was only three women enjoying a few drinks, the little red dress I wore was very low cut showing more then enough of my small tits and rising very high up my thighs

As I staggered into the house, I should have noticed the other woman sat close to each other in a very familiar way, with a harsh drop I fall on one chair as my boss handed me a drink.

About an hour and many drinks later, Cheryl my boss sat on the arm of the chair next to me and placed her hand on my upper thigh, although we where laughing and joking, I didn’t know what was happening until she whispered something in my ear.

“What do you think of Michelle?”

I looked over to her, she was a very beautiful young woman around 20 years fatih escort old, wearing practically nothing, at first I didn’t know what she meant until she walked to me and slowly started to dance in front of me. I was shocked at the erotic dance performed before my eyes by this gorgeous young woman; slowly she began to remove her clothes in front of me as she gave me a lap dance. As you can imagine I was both shocked and turned on as she began to press her perfect tits into my face, quickly I sobered up as she offered me her hand, reluctantly I accepted as I staggered to my feet and began to dance with this gorgeous and naked young woman. I felt her hands run up my thighs and push my dress up my legs as she pressed her tight young body against mine, softly she whispered in my ear.

“Have you ever been with another woman?”

“No, never.”

“Do you want too?”

Understandably, I was more then a little taken aback until her hands ran up my thighs and placed them on my ass with a soft squeeze as her lips softly pressed against my neck with a soft kiss. I could feel my pussy began moisten as she kissed me softly.

“Mmm Yes, I do!”

I ran my hands up her legs and softly squeezed her ass checks as she kissed me softly. I could feel Cheryl’s eyes on my as Michelle ran her hands up my body and removed my tight red dress. I couldn’t believe it, my first sexual experience and it was with a young woman, it was the single most erotic experience of my life. It finally hit me why I was never interested in the men I had dated over the years. I had kissed and played around, even given and received oral sex but this was amazing. bahçelievler escort Slowly she removed the dress and kissed down my body; I was about to explode as her lips and tongue passed over my tiny tits and down to my waiting pussy, she could see the wet patch soaking threw my white panties. Softly she removed the panties with her teeth until they where around my ankles. Almost instantly, her lips locked against my pussy as my legs buckled; I could feel myself quickly reaching an orgasm, with everything I had, I held back until she slowly pushed me to the floor. It was almost an instant when the other women in the room walked towards me slowly; it wasn’t until I saw Cheryl with a blind fold that my pussy exploded with a powerful orgasm.

With a smile, Cheryl placed the blindfold over my eyes and kissed my lips separating them with her tongue as Michelle lapped up my juices like a starving man eating his first meal in days. I felt the other woman lock her lips against my nipples and suck as her fingers rolled around my other nipples, it was a feast of lesbian sex, and I was the main course. I could not have imagined how amazing this feeling was as Cheryl placed her pussy on my lips, her neatly shaven pubic hair tickled my lips as I slowly began run my tongue over her pussy lips and separate them. It was amazing my first taste of another woman and I loved it, quickly I licked her pussy as Michelle continued on mine, god only knows what the scene looked like to others, the four of us had sex into the night changing partners as well as the four of us together. It was the most erotic night of my life, one that we repeat on a regular basis; sometimes we have invited more women into our circle of sex, even though our numbers have grown to six.

I write this from memory, as it was the first sexual experience… a true story.

Ohh by the way, Michelle and I have seen more of each other, even to the point of going on holiday together… as lovers.

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