Old Friends, New Lovers

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I’ve known Sarah since I was old enough to know there were other people in the world. She lived next door and to say that we were and are best friends is to put it lightly. We had our first day of school together; we had our first periods within weeks of each other, we discovered boys together. We were even maid-of-honor in each other’s weddings.

Of course, we talk. Sometimes we talk for hours without really saying anything at all. Sometimes we don’t have to talk to say everything there is to say. Like when I had my first miscarriage, Sarah was the first person to take me in her arms and let me mourn my baby. So, when she began saying that she was really unhappy in her marriage, I listened with my heart as well as my ears.

“He just doesn’t seem to really want me,” she almost whispered, staring up at the intensely blue sky. “We make love, but he’s always so gentle. It’s almost like he’s apologizing for being inside me.”

“He” was Tom, her husband, of course. After ten years and three kids, they were just losing their spark. I knew how much Sarah loved him, and my heart ached with every word she let out.

“It’s just that I can’t really talk to anyone about it,” she said, sipping at her beer and looking over at me. “Tom takes it too personal, like I’m saying he’s not man enough for me. You’re the only one I have.”

Her voice shook with the last words and I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight. Her body trembled, then she buried her face against my shoulder and sobbed. I rocked her gently, stroking her hair as silent tears ran down my cheeks. I wondered if I should tell her how I’d put the spark back into my marriage. Somehow, I just couldn’t picture Sarah being dominant with Tom. Hell, I couldn’t see her being dominant with anyone.

“Let me think about it,” I told her. “I’m sure we can come up with something.”

“Okay,” she said. “I trust you.”

Jack slid one of his thighs between mine and pulled me close against him. I sighed happily, almost moaning as my wet pussy slid over his muscular thigh. The air was filled with my scent; the sheets wet with our sweat. I kissed his chest and felt his still-hard cock throb against my belly. I almost demanded another session, but decided that I wanted to talk with him first.

“Jack,” I said to his chest, “how do you really feel about our relationship?”

His hands slid down to the small of my back, warm and strong and reassuring. “I wouldn’t change it for anything,” he said softly. “Since you’ve taken control of things, we’ve gotten closer than I ever thought possible.”

“Do you ever think about other women?”

He chuckled. “I look, but you know that. This is Florida. The beach can be a beautiful place to be.”

“That isn’t what I mean,” I said, smiling and kissing his chest.

“I can’t imagine ever wanting another woman,” he said, bending to nuzzle against my neck. “Who could ever control me like you can? Who else could make me beg?”

My pussy throbbed and I ground down on his thigh. My heart was racing as I thought about what I was going to ask.

“Do you ever think about seeing me with another woman?”

“Oh, hell, yes,” he chuckled, pulling his thigh against my pussy tighter. “What man doesn’t want that?”

“What if I didn’t let you see it?” I asked, my hips slowly working against his thigh. “What if I just took another woman as a lover?”

His mouth found my throat, sucking, licking, driving me mad. “Please,” he pleaded. “Let me be inside of you for this.”

“Which one of my friends would you most love to see me with?” I moaned as he grabbed my ass with both hands, pushing me against his thigh hard.

“Please,” he whispered. “Can’t you tell what this is doing to me?”

“Which one?”

I escort bayan rolled on my back, my legs moving around his waist as they have done hundreds of times. His cock throbbed against the seeping moisture of my sex. His breath caught and he almost pushed his hips at me. “Please!”

“Which one?”

He looked down at me, his eyes filled with desire. His face got very serious and still. “I’d love for you to enjoy any of them, Kat. But I know if it was anyone it would be Sarah.”

“Yes,” I said, my legs stroking along his. “I want to teach her to beg, Jack. How does that make you feel?”

“It’s your call,” he said softly. “You make the rules between us.”

“I know,” I said, moving my hips so that his cock slid further down my slit. “But I want to know if you’re okay with me taking her as a lover, because I want to do it tomorrow.”

I slid him inside me as I spoke and I felt him throb. Beads of sweat pulled out on his flesh. “I don’t want to hurt you, Jack.”

“You won’t,” he said. “As long as you love me, nothing will ever hurt me – not Sarah, not someone woman I don’t know, not even another man. I’ll never deny you anything, Kat. I worship you. Don’t you understand that by now?”

I felt my eyes fill with tears and I reached up to stroke his face. My legs tightened, pulling him into me fully. Our mouths found each other and we melted into one being. Our bodies moved on their own accord. Only when he began to beg for release did he pull his mouth from mine.

Finally, when I was exhausted and covered with his sweat, I said, “Yes.”

It was almost eleven the next morning when Sarah pulled into the driveway. We hugged and went out back to sit by the swimming pool Jack had just finished. It was warm and humid and the sun was already intense. Knowing an eight-foot fence walled us off from the world, I stripped down to my skin and dove in. Sarah followed quickly.

“I could have gotten suits for us,” I told her, treading water, “but I figured what the hell? This is our pool and I damn well plan to enjoy it.”

“It feels so free,” she said, laughing and floating on her back. “We haven’t gone skinny-dipping since high school.”

It was good to hear her laugh. I looked over at her, her skin wet and glistening in the sun. She war right, it had been a long time. And my pussy didn’t throb when I looked at her back then, not like it was now. She opened her eyes and caught me staring.

“Enjoying the view?”

She laughed and I swam over to her as she settled her feet against the bottom of the pool. Before I could lose my nerve, I leaned over and softly kissed her on the lips.

Her lips were so soft. They trembled a moment against mine and pulled back slightly. The laughter died away from her face and she looked at me.


I slid my hands around her waist and pulled her against me so that our breasts were pressed tightly together. Very slowly, I turned my head slightly and found her mouth with mine. After the briefest of hesitations, her lips parted and our tongues caressed for the first time. My heart was pounding.

Our first kiss was soft and slow and sweet and way too long for any talk about it being “friendly”. Sarah’s eyes were full of questions, but also cloudy with desire. I wondered if she had thought about this even longer than I had. “Come inside with me,” I whispered, kissing her lips softly.

We left our clothes on the deck and took the sliding door into mine and Jack’s bedroom. Sarah giggled as I pushed her against the bed. “The sheets will get soaked,” she said softly.

“It won’t be the first time.”

“It will for us.”

I pushed my thigh between hers and moved over her. “Yes,” I said, my voice sounding very istanbul escort husky and excited to me. “Our first time.”

We kissed again, this time with my tongue pushing into her mouth. Her lips were so soft and yielding as I ran my tongue along her teeth and the roof of her mouth. I felt her legs slide along mine until they wrapped around my waist. I kissed the softness of her throat and heard her moan.

“Oh, God, Kat!”

My hips moved toward her and I felt her body push up to me. We were both used to making love to men and our bodies wanted to move in familiar ways. I pushed down at her hard and she spread her legs wide to me. I rose up on my elbows and looked down into her face.

“Please, Kat,” she whispered. “Don’t stop! I don’t know what to do!”

“I know,” I said, one hand reaching down to cup her throat. “But I know what you need.”

She closed her eyes, so submissive and meek. “I want it,” she said. “You know I do.”

I ran my other hand down her body, gently caressing her breasts. Her nipples were large and brown and they stood rigidly at my slightest touch. I caught one between my thumb and finger and rolled it slowly. Her hips bucked slightly and her entire body quivered.

“Say it,” I whispered to her.

Her hands touched my arm, moving down to where my fingers held her throat. She breathed deep and pressed my hand deeper. My fingers tightened. “Say it.”

“Please, Kat,” she whimpered. “You know what I want, don’t make me say it out loud.”

I twisted her nipple, bringing a gasp of surprise. Her eyes flew open and I tightened my fingers. Her hips pumped up at me. “Yes,” she said. “Yes, please!”

I pulled her nipple as I twisted. “Please, what?”

“God, Kat! Please make love to me! Please!”

I released her nipple and bent to kiss it. It felt so wonderful to taste her breast. Her nipple was hard against my tongue, her breast soft as cream against my lips. Her hands moved to pulled me against her and she moaned softly.

I smiled up at her and reached over to my nightstand. Opening the drawer, I took out a small vibrator. Usually, I held it against Jack’s crotch while I fingered his ass during long slow blowjobs, but I had a different purpose today. It was silver and about two and a half inches long, maybe a half-inch in diameter and bullet shaped. I twisted the knob to turn it on and turned back to Sarah.

Her breasts moved as she breathed deep and slow. I kissed between her breasts and began licking my way down her belly. She threw her legs open wide and her head back, closing her eyes. Her tummy shivered as I nibbled at her navel. I moved the vibrator in slow circles against her inner thigh.

“Tell me what you want, Sarah,” I whispered against her skin.

“I want to cum for you,” she gasped.

My lips moved down to her bikini line, my tongue dipping out to trace the line of trimmed blonde hair at the edge. “I want to hear you beg for it.”

I reached out and rolled her nipple in my fingers again, tightening until she gasped. When she didn’t say anything, I pinched tighter. “Beg for it, Sarah.”

My lips moved down slowly as she whimpered, “Oh, please!”

I kissed the soft velvet of her inner thigh, moving the vibrator to the spot where her thigh joined her body. “Come on, baby,” I whispered softly, “You can beg better than that. Let me hear how much you need to be fucked.”

Her legs opened even wider until I thought she would split. “Please! Kat, please!” she whimpered, her hips pumping up at me helplessly. “Please fuck me! Fuck me like a cheap whore! Fuck the shit out of me! Please!”

I moved the vibrator down against her anus, making her shiver and jump. My lips touched her just above her pussy. escort “Please!” she begged.

“If you don’t stop begging,” I whispered, “I won’t stop what I’m doing.”

She was panting now, her skin growing hot and clammy. “Please!” she whimpered, almost crying.

I closed my eyes and inhaled, enjoying the wonderful scent of her pussy. Her lips were swollen and thick and glistening with wetness as I opened my eyes and stared at her. My pussy throbbed as I leaned down and extended my tongue. I stopped when I could barely feel her pussy touching the tip of my tongue.

Very slowly, I began tracing the edge of her pussy lips with my tongue. She whimpered and begged the whole time, her body rolling slowly from side to side with maddened desire. I rolled the vibrator very lightly around her opening, teasing her open wide.

“Do you want me to eat your pussy, Sarah?” I asked in a low, soft voice.

“Please, Kat! Please, eat my pussy! Make me your bitch!”

I closed my eyes, savoring her submission. My tongue swirled out, slathering hot saliva against her pussy. Her body jerked at my first touch and she almost sobbed with relief as my lips pressed down against her. My lips found her clit almost by instinct and I sucked it softly, my tongue flicking at it.

Her thighs shivered as she begged for more. Very slowly, I pushed just the tip of the vibrator inside her. I rolled it slowly, slipping it in and out of her. I watched in fascination as it disappeared inside her, then reappeared, drenched in her juice.

I rested the vibrator against the bed, the end pressed against her anus. As my lips suckled at her pussy, I let two fingers dip inside her. She whimpered and threw her hips at me as my fingers stroked gently over her inner walls. I pumped my fingers slowly, letting them come all the way out of her before gently stroking forward again. Each time I moved forward, I sunk a bit deeper in her.

“Please, Kat!” she panted. “Make me cum!”

I lapped at her clit, my tongue going softer against her, making her beg even harder. My pussy dripped from the sound of her begging. My fingers slid past her pubic bone until her body jerked against them, telling me I had found her sacred spot. I stroked it gently, teasing her and listening to her beg.

“Are you my bitch, now?” I asked her.

“Yes, Kat! I’m your bitch! I’m your fucking bitch!”

“Does my bitch want to cum?”

She raised her head and stared down at me. “Kat, I swear to God I will be your slave if you let me cum right now.”

“Be careful what you promise,” I warned.

My fingers twirled inside her as my mouth fastened tight against her pussy. She came in a flood, her juices gushing over my fingers. She screamed my name as my tongue rolled over her clit again and again. Her body arched and collapsed, arched and collapsed as the waves of ecstasy rolled through her.

When I stopped, she was sobbing, panting the last aching edges of her orgasm away. I crawled up her body and covered it with mine. Raining soft kisses on her face, I held her against my breast gently. Her arms wrapped around me tightly as she clutch her body against mine. I brought my thigh up against her pussy and let her hump it slowly.

I stroked her wet hair until she stopped crying. Very gently, I offered her my nipple, letting her suckle at it. I closed my eyes, offering her what comfort I could, our bodies warm and wet and naked.

We slept in each other’s arms that morning as lovers for the first time. Several times that day we woke, made love, and slept again. Soon it was three o’clock and time for her to go get her children from school. We dressed outside on the deck in the sun, delighting in the warmth on our skin.

I took her in my arms and kissed her at the door. Our kiss was warm and wet and deep and long. “I wish Tom could make love like that,” she said just before she left.

“Just be glad that you don’t have to choose between us,” I said.

She smiled. “I love you, Kat.”

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