Nova , Sabine Pt. 04

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Recap: “Nova do not stop.” She gasped. She closed her eyes ready for her orgasm. She coached Nova through it, telling her to slow down when needed, pulling Nova down close to her and gasping in her ear. She groaned as her orgasm subsided. She held Nova on top of her as she slowly calmed down.

Nova looked up at her beautiful lover. She smiled and kissed her chest.

“Fuck, I needed that.” Sabine finally said after coming back to reality.

Nova smiled to her as she pulled the blanket up over both of them. She could tell Sabine were tired, Nova yawned. Sabine held Nova close. “I love you.” She said with her eyes shut and her voice already groggy. They both slipped into a blissful slumber.


If you haven’t read the others before this I strongly encourage you to do so;)


Nova woke to Sabine hurriedly getting dressed as Ward waited for her. She ran out of the room unaware Nova had woken up.

She slowly got out of bed unsure of what was happening. She dressed and searched for Dorine who wasn’t in her room or the kitchen.

Nova felt a slight panic start to rise. She put her shoes on as she went for the tunnel. Lucia met her halfway.

“Where is everyone?”

“I don’t know I was told to come get you by Dorine. Ward and Nyko left in a hurry to get Sab-the Commander.”

The pair ventured to find almost all the village people crowded the hum of their panic filled the air. Agnes and Nova made eye contact, she moved to join the pair.

“Nova nice to see you.” Agnes said with a smile.

“What is happening?” Nova asked.

“Merchants attacked our food supply we had in the woods, killing three gaurds and taking almost all of it. A guard managed to get away to get a message to us. We are all awaiting the Commander’s message.” Agnes said.

Nova thought as she saw Sabine make her way up on the higher ground to look out to her people. She spoke in the native tongue as Agnes translated for Nova and Lucia.

Sabine waited as her people bowed to her and quieted. She nodded her head to them. She began she explained the situation and reassured them that they had a backup food supply but it was way less than the one the merchants stole. Hunters have been sent to retrieve the leftover food as well as the merchants. Sabine stated that they would be moving their sacred day faster than expected to lessen the mouths to feed. Some are welcome to leave and join another clan or family in order to keep food.

Sabine got down as the crowd erupted again. All calling after her. Ward prepared his children for the fights. Nyko explained to Nova and Lucia what was expected of the gruesome day.


They all met in the arena, the villagers lining the on looking area.

Ward appeared will all his students in the ring. Each had a weapon of their choosing. They all bowed as Sabine stood. She made her way down through the gate.

She spoke to each of the students, all having a final moment with them. She and Ward left as they all took their places. The first pair faced each other. With the sound of a horn they began fighting.

Each pair went on. The crowd cheered, families cried over their loved ones lost, Sabine sat quiet observing tentatively.

A new pair stood in the arena. Sabine spoke to them as she did to every new pair. Nova stared at Sabine as she spoke. The fight had begun Nova could hear the rustling around of armour. A spear nearly grazed Sabine’s face as it stuck strong in the wall next to Sabine’s head.

Nova looked back to the arena to see the young girl Sabine had talked to days before when they were sparring. Nova felt light headed as everything seemed to slow down. She watched Sabine stand. She spoke in native tongues to Ward then to the girl. Ward got the other fighter out of the ring as Sabine’s voice echoed.

The girl yelled back her reply. Agnes explained to them that the girl has challenge Sabine for control. Sabine pulled the spear out of the wall she calmly walked down. She walked to the middle of the ring and gave the spear back.

Sabine adjusted her armour and pulled her tiki mask down she went to another fighter and they handed over their weapon. As Sabine’s back was turned the girl quietly came up behind her Sabine moved before she stuck the spear in her back.

It penetrating another. The crowd booed. Sabine gave orders for the injured. The girl kicked dirt at Sabine. Sabine shifted around as the girl took jabs at her. Sabine skillfully dodging each one.

Lucia grabbed Nova’s hand as she held it.

Sabine could tell the girl was getting tired she waited for her next jab. She dropped her weapon and took hold of the spear. She pulled it out of her hands as she threw it behind her. The crowd cheered. Sabine took her mask off. They make eye contact. Sabine spoke in the native tongue. “Do you want to die?”

The crowd went silent. The girl broke down in tears. She nodded. Sabine turned around to Ward who came forward and picked the girl up taking her away as she escort istanbul wailed. Sabine was quiet as she thought through everything.

She turned around to the rest of the students. “Do any of you want to willingly die?” She asked. A few stepped forward. Sabine turned to the other groups of students. More stepped forward.

Sabine addressed her people. “With taking volunteers first we will try our best to get through the food shortage. We will go through the numbers and if we don’t have enough remaining will fight… anyone can volunteer. Thank you.” Sabine said before walking out of the ring.

The crowd stayed silent as they waited for Sabine to reappear. She didn’t. Nyko met her in the tunnel of the arena “What do you want to do?” He asked.

“Get viles.” Sabine said as she caught her breath. She was pacing. The girl came forward. “Commander?”

Sabine stopped. The girl rattled her chains. Sabine came closer. “I’m sorry.” She said.

Sabine looked at her in confusion. The girl explained that she has had a hard life and knew the only honorable way she wanted to go was by her hand.


With all the volunteers lined up Sabine passed viles out to them. The people had said their goodbyes. Each swallowed the potion inside. Within minutes each person passed out.

Sabine gave a speech some cried and eventually everyone left. A few stayed behind to help clean up and remove the bodies.

Ward and Nyko embraced Sabine reassuring her. Nova came forward as she searched Sabine’s face for an answer. Sabine began crying. “They were children.” She said.

Nova held her. “They were children and they wanted to die.” Sabine said as she cried. Nova cooed soothing words to her lover. She held her face as she spoke to her. “You put them out of their misery. They are grateful for your mercy.”

They put things back in order as a hum from a crowd erupted. In the streets surrounded by a crowd the hunters had returned. Dragging the merchants hog tied behind their horses. Nova watched as the dirt became stained with streaks of blood.

Sabine gave her orders. They were to be taken prisoner and not fed or shown to daylight for three days.

Villagers had already began preparing send offs for the passed children. Flowers were cut and fire wood as chopped.

Sabine noticed a villager struggling to carry too many logs. She took two and walked with them. He persisted for her to put them back in his arms. Sabine helped anyway. She walked around watching and helping anyone that were in need of an extra hand.

The gratitude in their eyes was reassuring to Nova she was glad that they still respected her.


With the canoes ready the bodies prepped and decorated with beautiful flowers and herbs. Families of the fallen lit their torches the eldest of each family ignited the canoe and sent it away. They all watched as each one burned and lit up the night. Some singing, crying, others telling stories. Sabine looked over to the last canoe still dark and on shore.

She walked down her feet in the water she knew which child it was. The girl with the spear. Sabine tied a lock of her own hair around the spear in the canoe with her. “I’ll always be with you.” She said in the native language. She lit the bark over top the body and pushed the canoe into the water to join the others.

She watched as the girl slowly was swallowed up by the flames. The fire taking this form so they can be rebirthed as another. Sabine watched as they all glew lighting the night with their souls one last time.

Nova stood back behind Sabine. She waited. Sabine could feel her presence. She held her hand out. Nova took it as Sabine pulled her close. “I love you.” Sabine said as she squeezed Nova tight.

“I love you too.” Nova said quietly knowing Sabine were hurting.


Sabine was sitting on her bed as Nova came and hugged her from behind. Her wet hair hitting Sabine’s bare skin goosebumps spread. “You okay?” Nova asked.

Sabine nodded. “It had to be done. Either they went willingly or they fought.” Sabine was quiet for sometime. Nova hesitantly kissed her cheek. Sabine gave her a little smile. “Sorry we couldn’t visit your family.” Sabine said.

Nova kissed her shoulder. “Its okay we had more important things to do.”

She moved down to Sabine’s neck. She slowly opened so Nova had full access. Nova gave light little kisses all over Sabine’s neck. She slowly began to increase her tenderness.

She kissed up to Sabine’s ear she took her ear lobe into her mouth. Nova began lightly running her hands over Sabine’s back she got up to her shoulders she could feel that her lover was a bit tight. “Are you relaxed?” Nova asked quietly. Sabine nodded.

“Lay down I’m going to work out some of these knots.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I am.” Nova said as she got up and left for the oils in the washroom.

Sabine contemplated but just decided to do as she was told for once. She waited for Nova to come back. bayan escort

She had cloths and oils in hand. Sabine questioned the cloth. “So we don’t get oil everywhere. So put these under you.” Nova said with a smile.

With the cloth under her Sabine laid on her stomach her hair to one side and her arms supporting her head. Nova dripped oil along Sabine’s body. Nova started with a light hand she worked the knots out of Sabine’s shoulders. She found that Sabine was ticklish on her sides.

She smiled as she traced her finger on both sides Sabine yelled at her as Nova laughed. Nova warmed some more oil in her hands. She worked the tight lower back muscles. “Do you ever stretch?”

“Not really. I know I should.”

“Yes. I don’t know how your not in agony.”

Sabine was quiet. “Ill start stretching.”

Nova smiled. She pulled both her hands down to Sabine’s butt she had equal pressure on both sides. “Shit that felt so good. Do it again.” Sabine said happily.

Nova repeated this for some time. She could feel that the muscles had loosened a bit. With each run down Nova would touch more and more of Sabine’s butt.

She began kneading each cheek. It felt amazing on her muscles but was also turning Sabine on. Nova moved her hands all around kneading into the squishy yet firm flesh.

Nova slowly eased her hands to Sabine’s strong thighs. She massaged everywhere else including her calves and left Sabine’s inner thighs for last. Nova slowly made her way back up. She gently eased her hand between Sabine’s thighs. She attempted to knead one. Sabine moved her legs further apart. Nova smiled to herself.

She massaged, kneaded, and caressed the warm flesh. She admired her fit Commander and Mistress’s naked body shining in the candle light.


Sabine knew she had to be wet. Once Nova got into a rhythm kneading her inner thighs Sabine seemed to of melted away.

She fought the urge to moan here and there. She didn’t want any of this to be over. Her lover’s gentle yet firm hands felt amazing along her skin.


Nova radjusted herself on the bed. She moved so that she were between Sabine’s legs. Sabine felt the bed shift once more as Nova reached for mor oil. She dripped it on the back of Sabine’s thighs and lower butt.

Nova ran her hands all along sabine’s warm flesh. She slow spread Sabine’s cheeks farther and farther apart with each run around. She tested her limits with pulling on her thighs watching as her thighs and lips part and remet with each stroke.

Sabine had an idea of where and what Nova wanted to do. She slightly spread her legs apart a little more. Nova had taken her hands away at Sabine’s unannounced movements. In a groggy voice Sabine spoke. “Do my butt and thighs again.”

Nova poured more oil. She watched as it dripped down and between Sabine’s cheeks, her lips, and onto the cloth. Nova avoided the affected areas for sometime. She eventually spread Sabine’s cheeks. The oil pooled around her closed puker. Nova marveled at it. She drug her hands from Sabine’s cheeks down to her upper thighs.

She kneaded her thighs once more before she moved her hands closer to Sabine’s slit. She kneaded this flesh, her hand rubbing against Sabine’s lips. She heard Sabine’s nostrils flare sigh of relief. “Harder.” Sabine ordered. Nova took the side of her hand and ran it against Sabine’s lips.

Nova spread them as the rest of the oil found its way out. She ran her hands along Sabine’s cheeks. She spread them seeing the pool of oil didn’t go far. She lightly traced her finger along it moving some of the oil. She watched as Sabine’s pucker winked at her.

Nova smiled to herself. She ran light circles around her pucker. Finally Sabine pushed her butt up a little as she opened herself for Nova’s finger that slightly went in. Nova now knew it were okay. She slowly eased her finger inside Sabine.

She gasped as it filled her. Nova didn’t quite know what to do. Sabine moved to being on all fours while Nova was inside her. “Fuck me Nova.” Sabine hissed. Nova slipped two fingers inside Sabine’s wet walls. She started thrusting all three. Sabine gasped as she put her head down. She moved back and forth slightly.

Nova could feel the gap in her fingers and decided to add one more. She thrusted all three inside Sabine. She slipped her finger out of Sabine’s pucker to focus on Sabine’s lips. Sabine moaned as Nova finally found her bean. She flicked it as she could feel a gush of wetness around her fingers as Sabine moaned. Nova could feel her hand going numb as she somehow kept going.

Sabine finally pulled away, she rolled over and motion for nova to come closer. She knelt next to Sabine while she laid back. She ran her hand up Nova’s thigh to cup her. Sabine raised her eyebrows as she looked up at Nova who looked back at her sheepishly.

Sabine took her hand away to examine her fingers she spread them as Nova’s wetness made a web then to strings. “Fuck.” Sabine whispered. She brought her hand back istanbul escort bayan to cup nova again. Without warning she shoved two fingers inside Nova who groaned as she closed her eyes.

“Eyes open.” Sabine quietly commanded. Nova opened her eyes to stare back into Sabine’s.

Sabine began to curl her fingers, she watched as Nova exhaled in enjoyment her eyes fluttered but opened her body slightly shuttered. Sabine hit the spongy skin motioning for Nova’s fluids. Nova held her boobs. She began playing with her nipples as Sabine sped up. She leaned forward as she moaned her eyes closed. Sabine took her fingers away. Nova immediately sat up and opened her eyes.

“Sorry Mistress.” Nova said quietly with her gaze down. Sabine positioned both of Nova’s hands down resting on her knees. Sabine slipped now three fingers inside Nova. she watched as Nova’s face tensed up as she accommodated the new girth. As while staring into her Mistress’s eyes. Sabine as worked fast as she could feel Nova’s walls tighten around her fingers.

Nova moaned. “Mistress…fuck…I’m going to…” Sabine worked even faster as Nova’s breath caught in her throat she struggled to keep her eyes open. As she grew closer and closer she fought every urge. “Fuck” she moaned as her juices began spilling out gushing around Sabine’s hand.

“Come here, face away and sit on my face.” Sabine demanded. “Yes Mistress.” Nova nearly moaned.

Sitting on top of Sabine’s face she leaned forward as Sabine spread her legs for her. They were at perfect heights able to reach each other. Sabine nearly attacked Nova’s clit as she buried her face deep into her folds. Noave gasped and moaned she reminded herself to spread Sabine’s folds as she sucked on Sabine’s clit. Sabine managed to turn them over. She ground herself into Nova’s opened mouth as she worked quickly with her tongue on Nova’s clit.

Nova’s eyes rolled back as she moaned. She saw a figure. A person was standing in the doorway watching. Nova slowed down she looked again. She took her mouth away. “Sabine.” she said starting to pull away. ‘Sabine.” she called again as Sabine pulled away. She looked at Sylvia. She smiled at the pair. “Sylvia…why are you here?” Sabine asked.

“Get dressed love.” she said as she turned around and walked away. Sabine looked at Nova confused and worried.


Dressed the two find Sylvia outside. She smiled at both of them, taking their hands into hers she spoke. “I have reached my ending days. A baby will be born tonight, a child here will replace me. Sabine you need to find her I don’t have much time. Bring me all the children when you get home sun after tomorrow. Nova you will be married by my death I hope it’s you. -she looked at Sabine.- it’s a beautiful celebration, I can see it, everyone is happy. No sadness when I die, I will see my love again. Bring me the child Sabine bring me her.” she said as she let go of their hands.

“Tread carefully with your sister tomorrow. I love you both my children.” she said as she kissed both of them on the forehead and walked away.

Sabine stood their thinking as she watched Sylvia slowly grow small. She turned around and started her pace fast. She went in to wake Dorine. She scared her awake as she looked to Sabine and to Nova. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “I need your help. Get dressed and meet me in the bath I’m getting Ward and Nyko.” she said as she got up and started for the tunnel.

Sabine started jogging. Nova not too far behind her. Ward stood once he saw Sabine coming he yelled inside for Nyko. Ward met her down the steps. He embraced her as she panted and started crying. Nyko came down the steps he held them both as Sabine cried.

“I need your help, both of you.” she said as she wiped her face and began back to her chamber.


Dorine sat at the doorway waiting for Sabine and Nova to return. She was worried as she saw that Sabine had been crying. “I need you to put me under.” Sabine said as she made her way to the bath.

“Sabine no!” Ward said. “You could die.” Nyko said.

Dorine came forward. “What has happened? What are you wanting to see?”

“Sylvia …she’s dying. I need to see the next in line.. she said not to trust my sister and a baby is coming there is too much I need to know. Put me under!” Sabine said as she stepped into the water.

Dorine looked at Ward and Nyko she nodded to them.

Ward grabbed Sabine’s arm. “Is this really what you want?”

“Yes.” She said as she began floating looking up at them.

Dorine got on her knees. Sabine closed her eyes. She began to speak in their native tongue. Nyko turned to Nova and Lucia. “Nova there is a risk that she could die do you still want to be here?”

Nova looked at him then back at Sabine’s seemingly lifeless body. She nodded.

Ward and Nyko got into the water standing on both sides of the Sabine. Dorine still speaking they waited. Dorine looked up she said a little prayer and looked to the two men, she nodded. They gently placed their hands on Sabine’s body slowly pushing her deeper into the water. It was quiet.

She began to thrash in the water needing air. Dorine began speaking again. Sabine fought as the pair held her firmly under. She began to weaken. Bubbles escaping as she went limp.

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