Nia, Jean and Naomi

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Note: This is a story of girl-girl sex in which one of the girls has a penis and is perceived by herself and others as a female.


Nia is genetically a female but was born with a penis and testacies and not a vagina. She looks out at the world as a female. She never questioned her sexuality. She accepts what she is. She was born and raised in Africa to and by a pair of doctors who worked with Doctors without Borders. In Africa she saw much diversity in people and readily accepted it. She is attractive, intelligent, articulate and self-confident. She is in the States attending an all-woman’s college.

Jean is Nia’s roommate. She had raped Nia consensually and repeatedly. It was easy to impale herself on Nia’s cock once she fondled it to become erect. The experience led Nia to learn more about sex and her unique situation. With the help of Cindy, to whom she was referred to by a local GP, she learned the difference between recreational and love making sex. With Cindy, she learned how to pleasure a woman. Cindy, literally, could not get enough of Nia. Her cock was an instrument of pleasure affixed to a maestro. Cindy was a highly paid escort for highly placed people. Although having sex was not required she did share intimacies with several selected clients.

From her experience with Cindy, Nia began to manage Jean in their sexual activities. Jean readily allowed Nia to guide her. Jean was getting what she needed. Nia’s first thought was one of revenge, to make Jean her slut. Thinking about it, though, did not sit well with her. She thought Jean was a nice enough person, just one with a high need for sex.

Nia’s intention was not to understand why Jean was like she was. Rather she wanted to recognize what Jean was about and enable her to have experiences that allowed her, Jean, to better understand herself. Nia would respect Jean as she, Nia, respected herself.

In their room, they were very relaxed. Out of the room, Nia would wear a gaff to hold her penis and testacies close to her body. In the room she let them hang free. Neither wore panties. She and Jean would wear a short skirt, usually a tennis skirt, in case anyone came into the room. Neither of them wore a bra in the room. Their tops, whether a blouse or a t-shirt, would not be tucked in.

Each took delight in the playfulness of it, the fondling and being fondled.

Jean would often reach under Nia’s skirt to briefly fondle her penis. She liked the feel of it in her hand especially as she would feel it harden. She would reach and fondle Nia’s breasts either over her shirt or reaching under it. Nia liked to fondle Jean’s pussy.

They would look to one another to release tensions. Their desk chairs had arms on them. If one was particularly stressed she would hook her knees over the chair arms and draw the other’s attention to it. The other would come over, drop to her knees and orally pleasure the other until she came. Then with a mouthful of cum, she would rise and kiss the other sharing.

They liked to share. A special treat for Jean occurred every time Nia fucked her. Nia would always go down on her afterwards to collect their combined nectars and share it with her.

It was not uncommon for either of them to slip into the other’s bed at night, wiggle down to latch onto a breast and suckle it until she fell off to sleep. They would often awake in the same position. Nia liked it very much especially when she was in Jean’s bed and awoke first. She would suckle Jean awake. There was something about it that transcended the physical nature of it all.

Because of all their “fooling around”, they were never super horny. Intercourse was something special. They would plan for it. They might go out for pizza and beer or to one of the nearby college restaurants. It was like a date but wasn’t a date. It was an opportunity for them to just be together and share one another’s attention and focus. They would return to their room, shower together in the ensuite bathroom, which was a tight fit, and crawl into bed together, facing one another.

They would always start by telling the other what they liked about her and to thank her for those little things that she done on the other’s behalf during the recent days. While doing this each would caress the other on their arms, their shoulders and their face. As they shared, they would come together to kiss. At the start, the kisses were sisterly but their intensity grew until they were kissing one another hungrily, mouth’s wide open, tongues caressing and dueling with one another.

The range of their caressing would increase, first to the breasts and then to the nipples. They had learned how the other liked to have their breasts and nipples aroused. During all of it, their kissing would become more passionate, more hungry.

Their hands would moved down until Nia was fingering Jean’s pussy, rubbing her clit with the flat of her figures or inserting the first to second joint of an index finger into Gaziantep Escort Reklamları the her vagina and pulsing it or caressing her G-spot. Jean meanwhile would have begun fondling Nia’s cock. She’d squeeze it tightly. She’d stroke it. What she really liked to do was to tease the crown like she liked her nipples teased. She wanted to make the crown as sensitive to touch as her nipples. One of them would roll over onto her back. It was a signal for the other to scoot down and orally pleasure her.

It didn’t matter which. Each enjoyed giving and getting. If Nia did it she would end up fucking Jean from behind and then clean up Jean’s pussy of her nectar and share it with soul reaching kisses. If Jean did it, she would ride Nia, let their cum seep out and pool around Nia’s cock, clean it all up with her mouth and share it with Nia with the same kind of kisses. After the sharing the other would scoot down and clean up the other. Returning to face one another they would tell one another what they enjoyed the most that night, kissing one another appreciatively until they fell asleep. During the night they would change positions, one spooning the other. When they awoke the spooner would be cupping a breast, a pussy or a cock depending on who was spoonee. The first thing was for the spoonee was to turn to face the other and embrace and kiss.

They enjoyed and appreciated one another. They were happy roommates.

During the school’s Parents Weekend, Nia met Jean’s mother. Nia sensed that she was exceptionally welcoming and warm to her. Jean and her folks invited Nia to join them for the Parents’ Reception. During the evening Jean’s mother pulled Nia away to a side room where she thanked Nia for being such a wonderful roommate to Jean. Because of her influence, Jean had settled own and had become an outstanding student. She was very appreciative of that. And then she “dropped the bomb”.

“I understand,” she said, “that you are equipped differently than most women, that you have a beautiful penis and that you know how to use it. Jean told me how she raped you but instead of retaliating you helped her get her head “on straight”. You taught her what recreational sex was about and you both enjoy it together. I think that is wonderful. Thanks you very much. My Jean is a very fortunate girl.”

Nia was taken back. “You’re welcome.” she replied. “I like Jean. She’s s a nice person. She just got caught up in the boy-girl high school scene and brought it to college with her. I am happy that I was able to help.”

What Jean’s mother said next shook her deeply. “Would you be interested in helping others of your classmates? We mothers have talked. We are deeply concerned about our daughters and how they are being introduced to sex. We hear about abstinence until marriage but in today’s’ world that is not realistic. Sex is too much fun. It feels too good when done right. Based upon what I’ve seen with Jean, you know how to do it right. I’m sure that the mothers would be very financially appreciative of your help.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Nia, “It never entered my mind. Let me think about it.”

They returned to the others.

When Nia and Jean returned to their room Nia told Jean about her conversation with Jean’s Mother. Jean’s reaction was one of fear. “Are you angry with me for telling my Mom? I’ve always had an open and honest relationship with her. It flowed out naturally when she questioned what had changed such that I was doing better in school.”

“No problem.” Nia quickly said and went over to her and hugged her. “I have a similar relationship with my Mom. I understand.”

A couple of days later, while Nia and Cindy were cuddling after sex, Nia told Cindy about it.

Cindy sat up. “Wow! What a wonderful opportunity. I think that you’d do outstandingly. I look at your relationship with Jean and I wonder what was it that enabled you to do that. It is more than what I taught you about sex. It seems to be how you think about other girls. Maybe it is because you have a cock and not a pussy but whatever it is, it sets you apart. Go for it!”

Then Cindy asked, “How are you going to come out about your penis? You are not going to be able to keep it a secret if you want to pursue this opportunity. In fact, “coming out” might increase your opportunities.”

Nia grew concerned. She had never thought about “coming out”. “I don’t know,” she said to Cindy.

“Well how much different is it than if you were a lesbian and came out? You are what you are. The longer you wait the more difficult it will be; the more it will weigh upon you. Yes, there are risks that some will turn away but there are others who will turn towards you.”

Nia thought for a moment and replied, “There are a group of girls who routinely go to the nude beach. I’ll go with them. It will be a natural “coming out”. I accepted a long time ago that I am what I am. I wear a gaff only so that my clothes appear as they should.”

When she returned to her room, Nia discussed it with Jean and Jean wanted to join her.

Nia and Jean went to the beach that weekend. When they arrived they sought out the group from school. Jean disrobed quickly. Nia took her time. She wasn’t wearing the gaff. When she slipped down her short, things got very quiet. She stood up proudly, thrust out her pelvis and said to all, “I’m a little different.” That broke the “ice”.

There was great laughter, some “I’d say so.”, a lot of “Wow’s” and a lot of chatter. Most of the girls were curious and over the course of the next hour would come over and chat with Nia. Being at a nude beach, seeing a cock was not a big deal. Seeing a cock together with a set of nice breasts was unusual but, heck, there is so much diversity one sees at a nude beach that it was readily accepted.

Nia was pleased with her “coming out”. It reinforced her belief that it is not what you are that counts, it is who you are.

By the end of the following week, it was known throughout the school. Nia had celebrity status for a few days and then everything returned to normal.

The Dean of Students had contacted Jean to inquire if Jean was uncomfortable sharing a room with Nia. Jean responded so enthusiastically that the Dean felt embarrassed for asking. The “coming out” had its moment in the limelight and passed.

Nia called Jean’s mother and told her that she’d be interested.

A few days later, Nia received a phone call from Helen Winters, the mother of a fellow student at the college. She had said that she had been speaking with Jean’s mother and that she suggested that she, Helen, call Nia. Nia arranged to meet with Helen the following day in town for lunch.

The meeting went well. Helen was very impressed with Nia. She felt comfortable going forward with the idea. When she started talking about arrangements, Nia stopped her. “Let me meet your daughter and see what kind of connection exists between us. If there is not a sufficient connection there is no reason to pursue it further.” Helen told Nia her daughter was: “Naomi”, and gave her Naomi’s telephone number.

When Nia returned to her room, she asked Jean if she knew a “Naomi Winters”. Jean said that she did. Naomi was in one of her classes. Nia asked Jean to set up a meeting.

A couple of days later, Jean said that she was meeting Naomi to go clothes shopping and maybe Nia would join them.

When they met, Jean introduced Nia and Naomi to one another and they all went shopping. Either Naomi had not heard about Nia or didn’t make the connection or was too polite to say anything. They all enjoyed shopping. By the end of the day they were walking down the sidewalk, arms linked together, shopping bags dangling from their hands, chatting expressively.

Naomi became a frequent visitor to their room. She joined them in many of their activities. Nia liked Naomi and felt Naomi was comfortable with her.

Nia called Naomi’s mother. Helen immediately started discussing arrangements and fees before Nia interrupted her. “Mrs. Winters, I called to let you know that while I would like to teach Naomi about sex I could not do it for money. I’ve met Naomi. I’ve grown to like her and appreciate her. I’d be please to do it if she asked me and that is the only way it will happen.”

Helen was taken back. She was use to asking for things and paying to get them. Money was not an obstacle. Here was a person who wanted to do what she wanted but did not want anything for doing it and, in addition, Helen did not have a say on whether it happened or not. On one hand, Helen was taken back. On the other hand she was more impressed with Nia. “Thank you for calling, Nia. I appreciate it very much. Good bye.”

“Good bye, Mrs. Winters. Thank you.”

They both hung up their phone.

That evening Naomi came over. Upon entering the room she immediately went to Nia, pulled her up, put her arms around her and kissed her soundly. After the kiss she took a step back, looked into Nia’s eyes and said, “My Mother called. She told me what she had asked of you. She told me what you told her earlier today. I am so happy. Yes, I would like you to teach me. I want you to be my first!”

Nia reached for her, pulled her into a kiss and kissed with much feeling.

Jean was watching. She was happy for Naomi. She knew that Naomi would have a wonderful first experience. She was happy for Nia. Her concerns for her “coming out” were unfounded. She was thinking of what might happen when they went to bed that night.

It did happen. It was nice. It wasn’t quite love-making sex but it was more than recreational sex. It was therapeutic for Nia, very enjoyable for Jean.

The next day Naomi dropped by to tell Nia that she would make all the arrangements. She wanted her first time to be special.

Naomi made arrangements with her parents to use their mountain retreat.

Upon arriving Nia found it to be a log home situation on a cusp of a mountain, halfway up. There was a stream fed pool next to the house, a hot tub on the deck overlooking the valley below with the mountain behind it. It was an idyllic location for one to lose their virginity.

Naomi turned to Nia, “Would you please get naked. I want to see you. I want t see your breasts and your cock. I’ve always enjoyed it when we went to the beach. I had bought special sunglasses to allow me to look discreetly.” Naomi grinned.

Nia took off her shirt and bra pulled off her shorts and panties. She wasn’t wearing the gaff. She walked over to Naomi, undressed her and pulled her into a kiss. The kiss was filled with promise. “OK, no clothes for me then none for you.”

Naomi smiled.

They spent the afternoon lounging around the house and deck. They took advantage of every opportunity to touch one another.

When they went onto the deck to sunbath, Nia applied sunscreen to Naomi paying special attention to Naomi areolas and nipples and to her labia. When she was applying sunscreen to her labia, she let a finger dip down between the lips. “The sun doesn’t get there.” Naomi pointed out smiling.

When Naomi applied sunscreen to Nia, in addition to Nia’s areolas and nipples, she was careful to make sure her testacies and penis were well covered. As she applied the sunscreen to Nia’s penis, Nia said, “After 5 strokes its considered masturbation.” They both laughed.

When they sat in the hot tub they sat next to one another, Nia’s arm around Naomi’s shoulder with her hand gently toying with Naomi’s nipple. Naomi’s hand was gently fondling Nia’s flaccid cock. From time to time they would turn their faces to one another to kiss. It was the kind of kiss that said, “I’m so happy that I’m here with you.”

When they went inside mid-afternoon to get out of the sun, they watched a DVD. Naomi sat between Nia’s legs. Nia was sitting kitty-corner on the couch. One leg stretched out along the couch back; the foot of the other on the floor. Naomi liked the feeling of Nia’s nipples on her back, her cock pressing against her bottom. Nia had her arms around her, each hand idling fondling a breast or one hand dropping down to caress her abdomen and pussy. Naomi had her hands on Nia’s forearms and was softly caressing them as Nia was fondling her. From time to time, Naomi would direct Nia’s hand to where she wanted attention. They dozed off a bit during the movie.

They worked together to make dinner. They ate on the deck. It was a romantic setting: flowers, candles and the last rays of sun. Naomi had acquired a bottle of wine. Nia suspected that her Mother provided it.

After they cleaned up the kitchen they decided to take a swim in the pool. They swam alone. They swam together. They splashed and dunked one another. In time, they came together and their togetherness became intimate. Hugs. Kisses. Feeling one another skin-to-skin.

Naomi took Nia’s hand and led her out of the pool, into the house and up to the master bedroom. She drew Nia into the bed with her with Nia on top. She kissed Nia with a partially open mouth, long and firmly. They changed the position of their mouths several times without really breaking the kiss. They lost themselves in the kissing and in their closeness. A passion emerged in their kissing. Nia recognized that it was time.

She started kissing Naomi on her chin, neck and upper chest, working her way to Naomi’s breasts. She wanted to learn what Naomi liked with breast play.

She caressed around her areolas to find her sensitive areas, sucked on her nipples, pinching them between her lips, gripping them and pulling on them. She scraped her nipples gently with her teeth. She suckled them. She made mental notes about Naomi’s body language as she was doing it. She moved from Naomi’s breasts when she felt she knew enough. Nia kissed her way downward, caressing Naomi’s stomach and abdomen with her tongue and her cheek, until she reached Naomi’s pussy. It was evident that she was very wet. Nia liked her musk.

Naomi body was in a state of high being. It was aware of every caress, of every sensation, of every arousal. She tried to lay there and absorb it but she found she had little control of her body language.

Nia began to lick Naomi’s pussy with the flat of her tongue. She licked everywhere. She pulled Naomi’s labia lips apart and licked between them from the bottom to the top. She caught Naomi’s clitoral nerve sheath between her lips and massaged it. She teased her clit with the tip of her tongue and lapped it with the flat of it. Naomi had her hands of Nia’s head and was pulling her head into her as well as pushing her face away. Nia maintained the “attack” until Naomi bucked up forcing her pussy into Nia’s moth and climaxed. It was not the typical orgasm that she got from masturbating. As she settled down, Nia inserted her index finger palm up to search out her G-spot and to determine how tight she was and to insure that she was wet enough.

She crawled up to Naomi and kissed her. Naomi was hers. She laid there half on, half off Naomi until Naomi began telling her how wonderful it had felt.

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