Love Patrol Pt. 03

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Ray stood in front of his apartment complex in the setting sun of a warm early summer evening. After several weeks and many nights spent sleeping in the same bed, the time had finally come to meet Dylan’s friends. A prime opportunity had presented itself in mid-May with the coming of Dylan’s forty-first birthday. Ray had received an invite to a dive bar owned by three – and regularly inhabited by many more – of Dylan’s friends. Unfortunately, duty called and Ray was unable to get away from work.

It was disappointing but also a bit of a relief to not have to meet so many people in Dylan’s life at once. But now, a few weeks later, another opportunity arose. While Ray was not hugely into sports, he followed them casually and often watched games if they were on and he had a night off. On this particularly night, Ray happened to be off the next day and Dylan had relayed an invite to watch basketball at his friend’s home.

After just a few minutes outside Ray saw a familiar vehicle pulling up to the sidewalk and hopped in with a quick greeting. As Dylan drove, the two enjoyed a comfortable silence. They were men of few words and since it was a nice evening, they took a longer than necessary, yet scenic drive. It was all very relaxing. But as they pulled into the driveway next to a well-manicured lawn and walked up to the door, Ray started to feel a bit tense.

“You must be Ray, nice to meet you.”

John. The man who had allowed Dylan to stay at his home when Dylan was too embarrassed to ask his friends. The man who had undoubtedly had many nights of hot sex with the guy Ray was currently seeing. It came with the territory. When the two Marine veterans had grunted their way through their first real conversation, Dylan let it be known that he was still friends with some of his exes and several guys that he had hooked up with and that that would not change. Ray also came to learn that these two men and met each other during a difficult time for the both of them and had bonded quickly. It stirred up more than a little bit of jealousy but the practical side of Ray saw that this indicated some sense of loyalty in Dylan.

As Ray was greeted at the door and led into the living room, he had to admit to himself that John was quite attractive. Handsome in a very boyish, almost wholesome way. Without being too obvious, the cop checked him out as much as possible. He was about 5’9 with a tight, lean body that was unexpectedly muscular in certain places – notably his legs and butt. He had dark brown hair, pale skin, and light blue eyes and was dressed in shorts that stopped several inches above the knee and a snug t-shirt that looked comfortable, casually athletic, and expensive.

The living room was neat and nicely decorated and the two guests were directed to a couch right in front of a very large television. Before settling into a recliner to the left of the couch, their host offered them both drinks. Dylan hesitated.

“I might have a beer or two,” he said. “I’ve been cutting back.”

John smiled. “I noticed. You look… healthier. Maybe it has something to do with this guy?” he said, gesturing at Ray.

“And the new job,” Dylan added reticently.

“New job, new guy. Looks like everything’s going your way,” John said enthusiastically. Ray, always perceptive, detected no jealousy in that statement.

Dylan deflected. “What’s goin’ on you and that lawyer guy? And what ever happened with what’s-his-name?” he asked.

Ray perked up; he had no idea who either of those men were but he was happy that John was seeing someone else as well. The question was answered with a loud sigh.

“I’ll need a drink for that,” John replied before heading over to the kitchen. As their host walked away, Ray couldn’t help but check him out. John’s ass was framed quite nicely by the shorts he wore. It was nice, Ray admitted to himself, and could even almost make out the lining of the underwear. Briefs, most likely.

“So, what do think of Johnjohn?” Dylan asked quietly while their host went to the kitchen.

“He seems ok,” Ray said neutrally. Actually, Ray thought the man was quite a nice and a gracious host. For a moment, he also wondered if John had ever gone to a cruising area back when he was still married to a woman. The thought of someone like John showing up on one of his patrols excited Ray in way that he hoped was not too obvious.

“Ok, huh? I saw you checking him out.”

Ray blanched. “I, uh”

“It’s ok,” Dylan reassured him. “He’s got a tight little body on him. You see that ass? I gave him some exercise routines to really make that thing pop.”

Ray might have been jealous if he weren’t so befuddled.

“I’m not sure where you’re going…”

Dylan smirked. “Do you want to fuck him?” He asked.

Ray simply stared.

“He’s always ready, as in prepared, if you know what I mean.” It was said in knowing tone. “Just think about it.”

John soon returned with beers for Ray and Dylan and a small glass of something dark for himself. Ray wasn’t much of drinker but decided he’d nurse one beer for most of the Anadolu Yakası Escort night. Dylan did the same with his second beer. John however – likely in order to loosen up – drank steadily though not sloppily. On his third drink, the topic returned to a man John was currently seeing casually.

“He wants a relationship,” John said in an almost disappointed tone. “I don’t. And now he’s kind of trying to convince me into it but that’s just not what I want.”

John’s two-and-half drinks were working at loosening him up and he was now comfortable talking to the both of them. Ray had to admit it was kind of nice to sit around and talk like this.

“I mean,” John continued, “I was guilt-tripped into a nearly two-decade long marriage. I don’t want another relationship. Not now, maybe not ever. I just want to have fun, you know? I just want to…”

His voice stopped abruptly as if he were censoring himself.

“Be a whore?” Ray offered jokingly.

“Yeah!” John replied sincerely. “There are times when I just want to be really… slutty, you know?”

A look passed between the two guests. One questioning, the other encouraging.

Dylan took the lead. “Is now one of those times?” He asked.

John looked confused.

“I saw you checkin’ Ray out.”

John sputtered.

“It’s fine,” Dylan assured. “Why don’t you finish your drink and stand up?”

I was more of a command than a question. John stood up. He was apprehensive but quickly realized that he had both of their attention and somewhere deep down, he enjoyed that.

“Take off your shirt.”

Bashfully, John pulled the thick cotton tee over his head.

“Drop your shorts.”

After an uneasy look over at Ray, a small tug sent the athletic shorts down to John’s ankles.

Ray and Dylan sat side-by-side. Ray had his arms folded, making his biceps look even bigger. Dylan had one ankle crossed over a knee. Both casually starring at a mostly naked John. He stood before the two men wearing nothing but black bikini briefs. The new couple exchanged a side-ways glance. Dylan nodded. Ray took action.

In way that had become custom, the intimidating, six-foot-one cop invaded John’s space. Ray was still clothed, as was his boyfriend, and John stood exposed and unsure in the middle of his own living room.

Usually, with guys like John, undressing them would happen gradually until they were totally stripped. But now, Ray already had the upper hand. He could tell how much John loved having both men’s eyes on him in spite of the man’s innate shyness. The underwear looked good on him and so Ray decided that he could keep them for now.

Ray wrapped one arm around John’s waist while the other slid a hand down the back of his underwear. The larger man’s fingers slipped into the crease of John’s ass and found the tight ring of muscle. The index applied slight pressure before Ray reached up and put it in John’s mouth. It was strange to feel this emboldened after such a short meeting but Ray felt no hesitation.

“Get my fingers nice and wet,” he commanded and slid several fingers passed John’s lips. He turned the man’s body so that he was facing Dylan. Then, lowering the briefs just enough to expose the pumped, muscular ass cheeks, Ray slid a long finger into John.

“Aahhhh,” the man moaned as he felt the pressure of entry and sucked his teeth when the third knuckle reached his opening. More closed mouth moans came as Ray started to curl and uncurl his finger.

“You like, that? You like my fingers in your pussy?” Ray asked. John merely nodded sheepishly while Dylan remained silent, watching. After a second finger slipped inside, Ray decided that his host would have to wait for more. He removed his hand from the half-off briefs but left them down exposing John’s ass crack. He looked sluttier this way. Then Ray unzipped his shorts and exposed his stiff dick.

“Get on your knees,” he told John, and turned to face Dylan who would now have a full view of John’s bare back and exposed ass.

Dylan’s face was mostly unreadable but there was a hint of a smile. Ray put a hand on the back of his host’s head and guided it to his cock. John started out tentatively. Things had escalated quickly and he was still processing. Still wondering exactly how far this would go and also if the third man might get involved. After slowly taking Ray into his mouth, John started to bob his head back forth.

He’s good, Ray thought, looking down at the increasingly hungry mouth wrapped around his cock. As John picked up the pace Ray felt the tip of his cock start to hit to back of the throat. John didn’t gag. In fact, to Ray’s surprise, after several minutes he took the entire length down his throat and held there. That eagerness ignited Ray’s dominant side and the hand on the back of John’s head tightened into a firm grip. He started to buck his hips and pull John’s hair. It was short on the sides but the top was just long enough to give Ray control. Now the faint slurping sound produced by John’s mild sucking was replaced with the loud gagging and Avrupa Yakası Escort sloppy sounds of Ray’s cock slamming into his mouth and fucking the man’s throat.

A look at Dylan showed that the bulge in his shorts had grown and while he remained silent, Ray could tell that he was enjoying the show. John, for his part could almost feel Dylan’s eyes on his toned back and exposed ass. It ignited an excitement in him and Ray’s cock was the recipient of that excitement. He vigorously slurped and sucked up and down the length the thick, swollen dick that was even bigger than Dylan’s.

Ray locked eyes with his boyfriend and could see the hunger even through the silence. Dylan wanted to see more, and when the big man bit his bottom lip in lustful anticipation, Ray decided to give the man just want he wanted.

“Turn around,” he barked at the man on his knees. Ray saw mild confusion in John’s eyes but soon after he pivoted to face the couch, Ray crouched down behind him. Without a word John bent over, placing his forearms on the ground and raising his hips to present his ass to a man he had only just met.

Ray smiled. “You really want it don’t you?”


Fingers slid back into John. “How bad do you want it?”

A hand grabbed one hip while the other continued to finger John.

“I want it so bad.”

Several fingers slipped farther inside. “Say please.”


“Please, what?”

“Please, fuck me.” The desperation in John’s voice electrified Ray. Without even removing his shirt or pulling his shorts down, he replaced his fingers with the tip of his dick. The head popped in easily and elicited a loud moan.

Seeing where this was headed, Dylan reached over to a drawer next to the couch, pulled out a bottle of lube, and tossed it to Ray, who easily caught it. John was relaxed but tight so Ray wasted no time slathering the man’s eager hole and his own cock. Now he pushed back into his host but this time didn’t stop at the tip. Grabbing John by the hips, Ray pushed his way in slowly but steadily. The sound of John’s moans grew louder with every inch of Ray that invaded his body.

After just a few seconds he felt the smooth skin of John’s ass cheeks against his pelvis. John had taken it all. Easily. Ray then decided that this was as gentle as he was going to be. He was going to fuck this man hard.

“Arch your back,” Ray commanded. John buried his face into the floor, ass up and in full submission. Ray started to buck his hips in quick, powerful strokes. The sounds that John made in response permeated the room. His loud, shameless moans added fuel to the fire raging inside of the man inside of him.

“Move to side,” Ray barked, guiding the naked body in front of him to the left until it was parallel to the couch. This would give Dylan a full view of his friend and allow him to watch as Ray’s thick, hard cock slid in and out of him.

Now that Dylan could see in explicit detail, Ray changed his rhythm. He pulled his cock out of John almost completely, leaving just the fat tip, before plunging back in. The first time he did this, John jumped and was pushed forward by the impact. Ray felt him, tense and relax from the inside. John started to writhe and squirm with intense pleasure. But Ray was strong enough to hold him place. Strong hands held John’s tight body in total control as Ray pounded him from behind over and over.

“You like that?” Ray asked, as he continued his assault from behind. Without waiting for an answer he barked out another order. “Turn over,” he said.

John looked back at Ray in a second of confusion before feeling himself being flipped over onto his back. Without hesitation he slid his briefs off and spread his legs, inviting the hot stud back inside. In a flash, Ray hooked his forearms underneath Johns legs with his hands supporting the man’s lower back, plunged back inside, and effortlessly lifted him off the floor. Without so much as a labored breath, the bodybuilder stood.

From this standing position Ray lowered John onto his recliner and started to fuck him at an incredibly dominant stance. Leaning for forward and perched on the balls of his socked feet, most of Ray’s bodyweight rested on his hands which rested on the chair and let the cop leverage his weight against John, pinning him. His hips pistoned with an almost mechanical efficiency. At this point, all Dylan could see of John were his bare feet flailing over Ray’s broad shoulders. In spite of the excitement that showing off for his boyfriend gave him, Ray knew exactly how he wanted this to end. He generously lowered his host’s legs from his shoulders so he could touch himself.

“Jerk off,” Ray said. “You’re gonna cum with my dick in your ass.”

John didn’t need much encouragement on that front. Keeping his legs spread wide for the man dominating him, John wet his right hand with his mouth and grabbed his cock. As Ray increased his pace John pushed his back into the soft fabric of his favorite recliner and took everything that came to him. Ray looked down and saw that John İstanbul Escort was totally enthralled. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he got fucked hard and fast. John’s hand glided up and down his hard cock and the man moaned uncontrollably.

Soon, those moans started to take a different tone. Ray felt John’s body start to tense and even noticed as the man on his back started to rock his hips slightly upward, catching Ray’s strokes. John did this without even thinking while clenching and unclenching the tight ring of his asshole around the cock inside of him.

“Oh fuck,” John moaned.

“That’s right,” Ray rasped. “Fucking take it.”

“Ohhh fuuuck, I’m cumming. I’m – ” John lost his words as his hand, working overtime, coaxed a body shaking orgasm out of him. Still taking all of Ray’s hard cock, the accommodating host oozed what felt like gallons of cum all over himself. The impact of Ray’s powerful hips caused it to splatter even farther up John’ torso, making a mess of his abs and reaching his pecs. John’s climax was intense and disorienting and before he could regain his senses, Ray pulled out. Grabbing John by arm, Ray pulled him forward onto the floor in front of Dylan. Who John, frankly, had forgotten was still there.

With John still shuddering and his semi-erect cock still dribbling remnants of his orgasm, Ray shoved his cock into the man’s mouth. With both hands he gripped John’s head and started to slide his cock quickly in and out of his mouth. Ray was leaking precum and relished the idea his of seed mixing with the taste of this man’s own asshole. Dylan watched intensely as his boyfriend viciously fucked his friend’s face. Ray released one hand from his sub’s head and started to jerk off. He locked eyes with the man who had brought him here. The reason why all of this was happening. Although Dylan seemed calmly entertained, Ray could see differently. He noticed the heavy breathing, the tapping of fingers in anxious anticipation and tugged at himself harder and faster. Finally, Ray looked down at the man servicing him and lost control.

“MMMMMM,” a low growl was the only sound that escaped from Ray’s closed mouth as he decorated John’s handsome face with large gobs of warm, sticky semen. With one hand on the back of John’s hand and the other on his own member, the hot, hard bodybuilder oozed all over his host’s mouth, cheeks, nose. He even took his cock and rubbed it over the cum on John’s lips, smearing it and making an even bigger mess. This was before he slid it back into John’s mouth.

“Clean it,” Ray said.

John responded obediently and licked up from the base, cleaning up all remnants of cum and eliciting a shiver from Ray as his tongue passed over now tender and extra sensitive tip. Now cleaned, Ray proceeded to push his cock back behind his shorts. A quick zip up and now he was now totally covered. With the euphoria wearing off Ray thought to himself that this was a bit insane. He looked over at his new boyfriend to gauge his feelings and was surprised to see that Dylan looked….proud. Ray let out a rare smile.

So, this is how it was going to be between us, Ray thought and then realized that this relationship might actually be a perfect fit. Wiping the sweat from his brow he walked over to the couch and plopped down next to Dylan. The two of them sat then sat there silently and watched as John sank down to the floor and leaned his back again the base of the recliner. The alcohol was starting to wear off a bit and in the bright lights of the living room John became acutely aware of his nakedness. Dylan decided to help his friend.

“Why don’t go clean yourself up and we’ll get your clothes sorted,” he offered.

“Right,” John said dazed and slightly embarrassed before walking off to rid his torso and face of the clearly visible semen. Dylan took this time to pick up John’s underwear before sitting back down and unmuting the television.

When their host walked back into the room he paused and Ray almost got hard again. John was still naked and seemed suddenly surprised to see the two large, fully clothed men sitting on his couch with the game playing as if nothing had happened.

“Um…” he started tentatively. “My clothes?”

“Here you go,” Dylan replied throwing the briefs he’d picked up off the floor. John caught them at his chest, unbunched them and pulled them on, realizing that he was being watched. And, Ray thought, enjoying the attention in spite of himself. For a second, he looked around for the rest of his clothes.

“Where are -“

“Cavs are up by 5,” Dylan said, casually cutting him off. “Why don’t come have a seat?”

“O..Ok,” John replied. He then padded over to the couch in just his briefs and sat between his two guests.

They stayed like this for the rest of the night. With John taking his hosting duties to a more submissive place. Whenever either of the two men needed anything, John eagerly got up and got it for them. At one point Ray even draped an arm over John’s shoulders, letting a fingertip graze an exposed nipple. When the two men got up to leave there was a moment of uncertainty as to where Dylan would spend the night. He hadn’t participated in the sex and Ray wondered if Dylan might want to take a turn with their host. But then Ray remembered that Dylan had driven him there and felt a bit silly as they went on their way.

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