Grandma’s Friend

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So Gramma and her friend have a habit of washing themselves in the creek that flows through our family’s farm. I had seen this for years and thought nothing of it, though I always tried to watch them, being a horny 18 year old. It didn’t matter to me that they were old or that one of them is my own Gramma.

I’ve seen Gramma lift up her loose skirt and wash herself. I’ve seen her take off her blouse and wash her pits and her tits then bend over and wash her hair with her skirt gathered around her waist to prevent it from getting soaked.

What really interested me however was her friend, who we called Granny. That Granny was a chubby woman with very large tits and a wide swaying ass. It mesmerized me to watch her from behind.

I made a special effort to be with her, especially near ‘washing’ time. I would pretend to be swimming nearby and she would proceed to wash herself. I would swim up as close as I dare and ogle her while she bathed. Many times she’s seen me. At first she would tell me to go play. I was actually playing with my young cock below the surface of the water. I would turn away and finish my self pleasuring. I was sure she knew what I was up to but I was in a ‘sex trance’ and Starzbet didn’t care.

One time when I was about 19, I pretended to be swimming underwater and purposely swam into her, face first into her big wide bum. I stunned myself because my nose actually hit first. She didn’t scream out, she just reached around and grabbed me by the arm and shook me asking what the heck I thought I was doing. My nose was numb and she saw a bit of blood so she took her wash cloth and wiped it away.

The thought of that wash cloth on my face was pure heaven because she was just using it to wash between her legs. In grabbing for me she had released her dress and now it was completely soaked. As she walked me back to shore the dress clung to her body and revealed her wide ass and thick legs for all to admire, though no one was around.

Everyone had gone back to the house which was about a city block away through the trees. She sat me down on a large boulder and tended to my nose. I lied that I was sorry for bumping into her but she told me its in the past. My nose stopped bleeding and she went back to the water to rinse out the wash cloth. As she did this she bent over allowing me to see her ass covered Starzbet Giriş tightly by the wet skirt. My young cock got hard again.

She turned around and caught me staring at her. She stood up and walked back toward me and gave me the washcloth saying to hold onto it in case my nose starts up again. She then turned around and lifted her dress and revealed her very wide ass not five feet away from me. I gasped out loud and she heard me because she turned around and saw me fixated on her bum.

She asked what I was so excited about and I sheepishly blurted out that her bum was amazing. She gave me a ‘hmm’ and proceeded to pull her panties off. When they were off, she bent over to pick them up and I had an orgasm. I was panting when she looked in my direction again from the bent over position.

I deliberately rubbed my erection for her to see. She stepped back to where I was sitting without saying a word and took my hand and pulled me off the boulder. She then yanked my shorts down to my ankles, I stepped out of them without being told as she kissed my cock. She told me to lay down on the grass, which I did, my young cock still hard. Granny then sat on me and rubbed her big pussy Starzbet Güncel Giriş on my cock till it found its way into her hole. I was in pure ecstasy as this was my first pussy.

She rhythmically swayed on me back and forth, my cock gliding in and out of her hairy pussy. She was telling me that this will be our secret that I must never tell anyone or she’d be in trouble with the family and would have to move away.

“Never,” I told her, “as long as I live, never!”

“Thank you Granny”

I held her big tits and sucked on her nipples one then the other and back again.

I had another orgasm and she kept on gliding on my cock as I experienced ecstasy ,smiling at me. Shortly afterward she got this look of joy I’d never seen in her before and sighed softly and my cock felt warm and her pussy became very wet. She moaned and ground herself hard into me . She laid down on me and whispered to me that she was happy to have me today as she continued to ride my cock. I was a little confused but I hugged her and told her that I loved her. She told me again that I must never tell anyone.

I told her I never would and asked if we could do it again. She told me that we’d better get going before they come looking for us. She told me to come to her house anytime as long as I kept our secret. She took me by my hand and that’s where we went.

I’ve never told a soul. Granny and I spent a lot of time together at her home after that day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32