Co-worker’s Man Ch. 37

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“Well, you ate me beautifully, son,” my mother said as she continued to use her finger to push her warm discharge from my face into my mouth. “But I’m a woman that needs a lot of satisfying so this job interview still has a ways to go. Let’s move on to the next part.” She pulled her fingers out of my mouth and stood up at the side of the bed. From my position on my knees before her, I looked up at her.

“My God!” I thought to myself. My mother looked absolutely stunning towering over me. As I said, her heels took her well over 6′ and her large curvy body was flatteringly accentuated by the wasp-waisted corset. Her auburn hair looked wild and sexy as it framed her gorgeous face and full red bee-stung lips. From my vantage point below, her tits looked absolutely massive and heavy as they threatened to spill over the cups of her corset. Her long toned legs encased in the sheer gossamer stockings, rose from her stilettos like alabaster columns, powerful supports for the large womanly body they were supporting. Her shaved pussy looked like it was pouting for attention, the moist pink lips softly beckoning. Her beautiful womanly fragrance of perfume and pussy juice filled the room and the whole place just smelled of sex. I felt a rush of lust go thru me and my recently spent cock started to stir already. I had just eaten her thru three shattering orgasms in the last little while and she was as eager for more as I was! I guess my mother and I were more alike than either of us thought!

“Okay, son. Get up here on your knees behind me,” she said as she climbed onto the bed. She took her place in the middle of the bed and leaned forward on all fours, her large round ass high in the air. I climbed onto the bed behind her, her wide plump ass spread out as a meal before me. Her lush fleshy cheeks were rounded like two beach balls, with a deep dark crevice between them. The skin on her ass was totally smooth and creamy, no sags, marks or blemishes anywhere. The black corset, garters and stockings framed it invitingly. All in all, a perfect ass.

“Okay, son. Get those cheeks nice and clean.” I ran my hands up the backs of her thighs and placed them on the sides of her ass cheeks. They felt incredibly soft and warm under my fingertips. I extended my tongue, leaned forward and placed it in the middle of her left cheek. I rolled my tongue in a broad circular sweep, extending a little further outwards each time. Her large womanly ass tasted slightly of sweat and sex. I laved my tongue over and over her left cheek until it was gleaming. I switched to the right side and slowly repeated my cleaning of her other cheek. Satisfied with my work, I sat back slightly.

“Good boy. Now, let’s see how good you are at eating ass. I’ll let you know when to stop.” She then leaned forward, dropping her upper body onto the pillows and causing the crack of her ass to spread further open.

“Mmmmmmmm” I purred as I looked closely at the warm pink crevice opening up before me. Her glistening swollen labia hung invitingly below her succulent ass. I leaned forward and pressed the flat of my tongue against those moist lips and dragged it upwards. When I came to her wrinkled rosebud, I paused for a second and pressed the flat of my tongue against it. She let out a moan and then I continued to drag my tongue higher. I ran it the full length of her warm moist crease until I reached the small of her back. I formed my tongue into a firm point and slowly drew it downwards. I kept it deep in her crevice until I slid the tip directly onto her wrinkled button.

“Oh yeah, that’s the way son. Let’s see if you can get it as deep into my ass as you did into my pussy,” she said as she wriggled herself back against my probing tongue. I started slowly circling her hot hole with the tip of my tongue, keeping up a constant pressure. I felt her sphincter start to relax and pushed directly on the opening. Her anal pucker eased open and my tongue slid inside.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” she said with a moan as I extended it as far into her as I could. My face was pressed tight up against her enveloping ass as my tongue slid against the hot membranes lining her rectum. I had a hand on each cheek and kept her pulled open to allow maximum depth of my oral penetration. I started circling it within her, covering as much territory as I could, as deep as I could. She continued moaning as I settled in and ate her ass for the next ten minutes. I would continue the deep sweeps for awhile and then use my tongue as a hard little penis and kind of keep it extended hard and still, and then fuck her with it. This seemed to please her and I mixed it in with the broad circular swipes. She also seemed pleased when I put my lips fully against her ass and sucked at her hole with my tongue buried deep inside.

“Oh… are good, son. Now get a finger inside my pussy while you keep eating my ass,” she commanded. I took one hand off her ass and slid my middle finger along the length of her glistening slot. She was soaked! My finger glided smoothly over the wet surface and I playfully Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort gave her clit a quick rub before I slid my finger between her quivering lips.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned as I felt it engulfed by the clinging membranes of her hot little box. I think we both moaned actually, it felt so good. I spun my finger around and then slid it back and forth slowly, careful to ensure a firm pressure against the soft warm walls. I kept my tongue busy in her ass while my finger explored her deep trench for the next few minutes.

“Another one, put another finger into me,” she said as she started to wriggle under my mouth and hand. I slid my index finger over the wet pouting lips and then brought it alongside my other finger and used both of them side by side to pleasure her. I slid them back and forth and all around inside her steaming cunt. All the while she continued moaning and groaning as I explored both of her holes.

I was getting really turned on again already thinking how lucky I was to have the opportunity to service my gorgeous mother like this! I hadn’t realized what a knockout she was and she seemed sexually insatiable. Kneeling here before me wearing a tight form-fitting corset, sheer black stockings and sexy stilettos, she was a dream come true. I wondered how long she would continue to use me tonight and I was only too keen to find out. I hoped I would pass the “interview” and she would find me worthy enough to allow me to continue to be at her beck and call whenever she needed relief.

“Okay, use your other hand on my clit. Make sure you keep that tongue good and deep in my ass.” I reached forward with my other hand and ran it through the slick juices flowing from her pussy. I felt her lurch as I ran my fingertips over her enflamed clit and then I took my thumb and middle finger and rolled the sensitive organ between them.

“Oh fuck! Yeah, that’s it. Just keep doing that,” she said through ragged breaths. I kept my tongue busy licking deep within her hot ass, my fingers of one hand were circling around the tender walls of her pussy while my other hand continued to roll and rub the erect spire of her clitoris. I felt her body start to gyrate beneath me. She was drawing quick breaths and I felt her start to quiver and shake.

“Oh yeah….oh yeah……AAAAAAAAAHHHHH,” she let out a loud moan as waves of ecstasy radiated throughout her body. She pushed back into my face and hands as her body started to twitch and buck uncontrollably as her climax overwhelmed her. I felt my fingers awash with her released discharge as I continued to please her with my tongue and fingers. I slid my fingers up and concentrated rubbing on the upper folds of soft quivering flesh separating the top of her vagina and her pulsing clit.

“YES…..YES…..AAAAAAAAHHHH,” she almost screamed as a second orgasm followed right on the heels of the previous one. I kept my fingers rubbing against the under side of her clit as she shook and trembled through this one. She was panting and gasping as this second climax had her convulsing against me. My tongue searched deep within her ass to ensure she received as much pleasure as I could possibly give her. Her orgasm shook her for about a minute before she finally started to come down to earth. When I felt her start to relax, I instinctively released her sensitive clit and slowed the movements of my hands and tongue. I could feel her heartbeat thumping away as she fought to regain her breath from her tremendous release.

“Oh fuck. That was good, son. I guess you pass that part of the interview,” she said as she raised her upper body off the pillows and was now on all fours. “Flip over on your back,” she instructed. I slid my fingers and tongue out of her and lay down on my back beneath her kneeling form, my face inches below her swollen pouting pussy.

“That’s my boy. You obey well. Now, I want to ride that face for awhile,” she said as she sat up and settled her wide ass down over my upturned face. I barely had time to look up at her smoldering eyes looking down at me before her big sopping vagina covered the lower half of my face.

“Mmmmmmm,” I moaned into her leaking twat as I extended my tongue as she seated herself down over it. As I speared my tongue deep into her, I looked up at her huge heavy tits encased in the packed satin corset. I felt my cock surge as I took in that tremendous rack. Looking beyond her ample breasts, I saw her auburn locks framing her beautiful lust-filled face. She flipped her head to the side as her eyes closed with pleasure. I saw her tongue run out and lick around her full red lips as she slid her dripping pussy around my face. I watched as she leaned forwards and grabbed the top of the headboard with both hands. Once she had a firm grip, she started to grind her steaming box all over my face. Her strong thighs gripped the sides of my face as she bounced and rolled her hips. She had my tongue sliding from her clit all the way to deepest depths of her ass crack as she rode me back and forth and from side to side. I reached around and with my hands gripping her large ass-cheeks, I pulled her even harder down onto me.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, son. Your face is perfect for riding. Just keep that tongue in there,” she instructed. I glowed under her praise and enthusiastically drove my tongue deep into her soft folds of flesh. For the next twenty minutes she kept her hot humid cunt seared against my face, my tongue and lips constantly probing and licking. She finally eased herself backwards slightly until my lips were centered over the top of her slot.

“Get those lips around my clit, I’m ready to cum again,” she commanded sternly. I pursed my lips and closed them around the fiery little spire of her erect clit. Sucking on the little cock-like protrusion, I swirled my tongue all around it at the same time.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned from above me. “Just keep doing that.” I sucked harder at her clit as she ground down with her hips, her slick labia lathering themselves against my face. I felt her start to tense up and her strong thighs gripped the sides of my head tightly.

“OH YEAH……OH YEAH………OOOOOOOOHHHHH,” she bellowed as her climax hit. Her clit seemed to pulsate between my sucking lips as spasms of ecstasy radiated through her body. She rocked and twitched against my face as wave upon wave of pleasure coursed over her. I felt a gush of her discharge spill forth over my chin as I kept my tongue pressing and flicking against her sensitive organ. A smell of pure womanly sex overwhelmed my senses and I moaned out loud into her swollen flesh pressed against me. She bucked and twitched for a long time as my hands on her large ass kept her flush against me. As she rode out the last of her orgasm I felt my own cock surge with lust at having pleased her again. I could feel it standing up in full erection and knew it would be leaking a steady stream of pre-cum.

She slid backwards until she was clear of my face and sat back on my chest. She had let go of the headboard and sat upright looking down at me from above those huge thrusting tits. Her dark red hair framed her face beautifully and looking down at me through hooded eyes, she looked like a picture of serene bliss.

“Oh fuck. That was incredible,” she said with a pleased smile. “Even Claudia can’t eat me like that.”

My eyes flew wide open! My Mom and Claudia? What the fuck?!?!? She noticed the incredulous look on my face and let out a soft chuckle.

“Yes, as I said, Claudia and I are “good” friends. We both like men, but sometimes, well, let’s say we also enjoy each other’s company on occasion. And I have to admit, I’ve never met a woman who could eat me as well as she can. But son, I have to say, you’ve got them all beat, even your father.” I felt myself absolutely glowing under her praise and a broad smile came to my face as I lay beneath her. I could feel her warm discharge covering my face start to cool. After her riding my face for probably more than half an hour straight, I was totally covered from my hairline to the base of my neck with her sweet nectar. I licked out and took a broad sweep of my chin to capture some of her tasty juices.

“You look good with my juice on your face. That’s good because that’s going to be happening a lot from now on,” she said as she took a long finger and wiped it all around my face and fed her tasty cream to me. I licked her finger clean time and again until she had my face reasonably clear of the glistening fluid. She looked back over her shoulder at my upright cock.

“Hmmm, looks like we’re going to have to take care of that again,” she said turning back to look down at me with a coy smile. “What would you like, son?” she asked suggestively. My eyes immediately flicked to her huge tits. They were barely contained by the overflowing bra cups of her satin corset and the smooth creamy flesh and deep cleavage were like an enticing magnet as my eyes were drawn to them. She obviously saw where I was staring.

“Oh, these still, eh?” she said as she pushed on the sides of her corset causing her magnificent orbs to push even further over the tops of the straining cups.

“Ooooooohhh fuck, yes!” I said with a guttural groan.

“Do you want to touch them?” she asked as she slid her hands along the underside of them; almost as if presenting them as an offer to me.


“Do you want to suck them?” She pushed them upwards and lowered her own face and I watched mesmerized as she extended her tongue and slid it along the upper curves of her massive heavy breasts.

“YES!” I almost shouted in my excitement watching her lewd display.

“Do you think you’d be able to cum if I let you suck them?” she asked looking at me with teasing eyes as she dragged her tongue along the creamy upper slopes of her huge tits.


“What about if I fuck you at the same time I let you suck on them?” she asked as she locked her eyes on mine.

“Oh fuck. That would be perfect,” I said as I felt a wave of lust rush through me.

She stepped off the bed and reached down to where she had dropped her big purse. I watched her towering amazon-like figure tower over me as she zipped it open and reached inside. She drew out two strapon dildos and held them out towards me.

“Take your pick, son,” she said coyly. I looked down at the two of them. One was about 7″ with a medium thickness and the other was about 10″ and nice and thick. It reminded me very much of Frank’s cock with a nice broad mushroom head. Once my eyes zeroed in on the big cock, I never looked back at the other one.

“I guess you like this one, eh?” she said holding the big one up towards me. I nodded silently, my eyes never leaving the forbidding monster in her hand. “After the way Claudia described your friend Frank, I figured you’d pick this one.”

I watched silently as she arranged the strapon in front of her and attached the straps to her body. When she was finished, she turned towards me at the side of the bed with her hands on her hips. With her lush figure poured into the corset and the huge cock projecting straight out in front of her, she looked so powerful and yet so beautiful at the same time. I felt myself trembling as I anticipated my own mother fucking me with that huge cock.

“Do you have some lube, son?” she asked as she slid her hand suggestively along the tremendous length of her artificial cock.

“Yes,” I said as I opened the drawer in the bedside table and pulled out the big jar of Vaseline and popped off the lid.

“Go ahead, son. Get it ready to go deep into your ass,” she said as she waved the 10″ weapon menacingly in front of my eyes. I scooped up a generous amount of the lubricant and wrapped my hand as far around her cock as I could get it. Yes, it was very much like Frank’s as I couldn’t touch my fingers to my thumb, it was so big around. It quickly warmed under my sliding hand and soon it was a glistening lifelike piece of manhood.

“That’s enough,” she said as she started to kneel on the bed. I quickly reached down and slid some Vaseline over my asshole. I knew I would need all the help I could get to take that big cock of hers. Still wearing her stilettos, she kneeled in the middle of the bed between my spread legs and looked down at me lying complacently in front of her.

“I promised you these, didn’t I?” she said as she once again cupped her huge breasts. I nodded enthusiastically as I looked at those massive mounds intently. I watched as she reached a hand under each armpit and released some form of catch. She then brought both hands to the front and I noticed and little clasp between the cups of the bra portion of her corset. I watched as if in a trance as she slowly undid the clasp and then started to draw the two sides apart. The inside curve on each side of her cleavage came further into view as she drew the two detachable cups away from her tremendous chest while leaving the rest of the corset.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I groaned out loud as she tossed the two cups away. Her breasts were absolutely amazing! I had expected them to fall and droop due to their size and her age but they only dropped slightly downwards, due to the natural release of the confining corset. They were incredibly wide and heavy looking as they covered her whole chest from side to side and thrust out imposingly. Her areolas and nipples were enormous! Bright pink and pebbly, they had been well-hidden beneath the material of her corset. Her areolas covered a large area of the surface of her breasts and the size reminded me of coasters you get in a bar. Her nipples were large and looked they were happy to be released from the tight confines of the corset. I could see them already starting to fill and extend.

“Come and get them, son,” she said as she ran her hands up the underside of them and hefted them towards me. I watched as her fingers gently brushed across her nipples as she held them forward. I scampered to my knees in front of her and with trepidation brought my hands up towards her massive tits. I felt the creamy soft skin under my fingertips as she removed her own hands as mine took their place. The weight of them was amazing! They were incredibly heavy and yet still so full and firm! Like a child with a new plaything, I ran my hands all over them. She contentedly let me explore as I squeezed and lifted and let my fingertips run all around those might orbs. I turned my attention to her nipples and I pressed the tip of one finger on top of that hard pink nodule. It responded by extending even further and I took it between my thumb and forefinger and rolled it between them.

“Mmmmmmmm, that’s good,” she said with a soft groan. I took a nipple in each hand and rolled each of them simultaneously. They were soon hard as little rocks and I knew they were begging for attention. I felt her hand on the back of my head and she pulled my face downwards towards her expansive chest. I let her guide me to her left nipple and I extended my tongue and ran it softly over the hard pink surface. I bathed it with my saliva and then spread the swirls of my tongue outward until her areola was glistening with my spit. I then wrapped my lips around the erect nipple and sucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32