He Said She Said Ch. 01

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“I don’t know what I’m doing here Dr. Steinberg. I don’t believe in counseling, but I promised Marsha. She thinks it might help our marriage but I’m not sure we need it. I do know my wife was fucking other men behind my back… lots of them. I’m all that upset about it because I haven’t exactly been a model husband during our three years of marriage. What goes around comes around.”

John Richards looked at the therapist sitting next to him in her big chair. She was scribbling on a pad and didn’t respond at first. John had been expecting an old hag for a shrink, but Dr. Steinberg was a hot looking blond in her thirties. Maybe counseling wouldn’t be so bad after all. Dr. Steinberg finally looked up at John and spoke.

“Please, Mr. Richards, call me Brenda. Why don’t you start at the beginning and tell me all about it.”

John thought it over for a few moments. He finally shrugged his shoulders and began.

I first met Marsha at a New Year’s Eve party thrown by a mutual friend. She had a playful twinkle in her green eyes, and her auburn-red hair suggested a passionate and adventurous woman. Her small but perky tits and nicely shaped ass added an erotic touch. We both had dates but I could tell that the chemistry between us was there.

The following Friday we met for drinks. As soon as our eyes met we both knew we couldn’t wait for the normal games people go through before they get to the bedroom. I suggested we go to her place which was much closer than where I lived. She was all over me in the cab and even on the elevator. When she opened her door we never made it past the entranceway.

We skipped the foreplay tugging at each other’s clothes until my hard cock could find her wet pussy. I slammed her against the wall and drove my meat deep into her body. My hands grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her off the ground. Her fingers clawed at my skin as I repeatedly pounded my cock into her cunt driving her up the side of the wall. She was insatiable and let me know it.

“Fuck me dammit… harder… ooooohhhh… ooohhhh… yes… fuck me…. uuuuuhhhhhhhh… oh god… yes… yes… aaaaaaahhhhhhh… mmmppphhhhh…”

The screams and the filth spewing from her mouth let the neighbors know what we were doing. Her body shook with one explosion after another. I never knew a woman could be so orgasmic, and I had been with a lot. In less than two minutes I roared and pumped her cunt full of cum until it as overflowing. Her fingers clawed at my chest and her heels dug into my ass from her own release. It was the hottest fuck of my life.

Marsha slid to the floor and sucked my dripping cock into her mouth. She continued to suck me until I was ready for more action. We shed our clothes spreading them across the floor as we moved to the living room. I fucked her over the back of the couch. She liked it hard and rough. I pulled her hair and tugged on her nipples. Her orgasms grew more intense. The woman was a fuck machine.

She fell back onto the couch and I mounted her from top. My big cock speared deep into her pussy over and over sending her to new heights of pleasure. Her fingers scraped at my face and dug into my arms. She was looking up at me like a wild animal.

“Pinch my nipples… harder dammit… oh yes… oh fuck… uh… uh… aaaaahhhhhh…”

We rolled off the couch and she got on top. She fucked me like an animal pivoting her ass up and down and driving my cock deep into her cunt on each thrust. I caught a nipple in my mouth and bit hard almost to the point of breaking the skin. Her piercing scream shook the walls. Pussy juice poured from her cunt and splattered everywhere.

My balls were filled with cum for the second time in 30 minutes. Sensing my impending explosion Marsha slid down my body and took my cock between her lips. She attacked me with her mouth and tongue and rapidly bobbed her head up and down while stroking me with her hand. I grabbed the back of her head, thrust hard and grunted. Stream after stream of hot cum flooded her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

We went back to the bedroom for several more sessions before the night ended including one in the shower and one in the kitchen. She loved my cock and told me it was the biggest one she had ever known. I loved her pussy and told her she was the hottest fuck of my life. We probably even liked each other but it didn’t matter. We were married four weeks later.

John looked over at Brenda to see if she had been shocked or turned on by the way he was telling the story. She was writing on her pad and looked up when he stopped talking.

“Please don’t think you’re going to shock me with the language you are using. I want all the graphic details. Words like pussy and cunt are quite descriptive. Please continue.”

If that’s how she wants it then that’s how he was going to tell it, only John decided to embellish the story even more.”

I know that a man is not supposed to cheat on his wife during their honeymoon, and I had Bycasino no intention of doing so when we left for Hawaii, but sometimes things just happen. Please don’t go getting all judgmental on me until you have heard how it happened.

Everything had gone great on our wedding day. Marsha looked really hot and I couldn’t wait to get her alone. She was just as horny because in the limo on the way to the airport she slid onto my lap and lifted the back of her dress so I could slip my cock into her pussy. Later we fucked in the bathroom on the airplane.

We were so juiced up when we reached the beachfront resort that Marsha attacked me while the valet was still putting our bags in the room. She was pulling down my pants as I handed him a tip. Seconds later she was bent over the sofa with her panties pulled to the side and my cock stuffed deep in her hot pussy. Just as I finished pumping her cunt full of cum I looked out towards the patio and saw a hot looking redhead in a bikini watching through the open door. She waved and flashed a wicked smile before turning away.

Marsha and I went to dinner. She rubbed my cock under the table while we ordered. I fingered her to several orgasms during dinner which, with Marsha, was not hard to do. We returned to our room and fucked like animals. Marsha was screaming so loud that the front desk called our cabana to see if we were okay. We both dozed off with my cock still in her pussy.

She woke me up at four in the morning and said she wanted to go to the beach. It had always been one of her fantasies to get taken by force on the beach by a stranger. She slipped on a tiny bikini and ran out the door looking back at me with that playful twinkle in her eyes. I finally caught her and threw her face down on the sand. I climbed on her back, twisted her arm and whispered.

“I’m going to put my cock in your pussy. Cooperate and I won’t hurt you.”

Of course she struggled to get free so I had to twist her arm some more. I forced her face down into the sand. I yanked down her bikini bottoms until her puffy shaved pussy was peeking up at me from between her legs. I positioned my cock at her entrance and shoved. I could feel her hot wet pussy wrap tightly around my meat. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back while I drove my cock deeper into her cunt.

“Enjoy it, bitch. I know you love it. Let me hear you scream.”

I let go of her arm and slammed my cock deep into her body. Her scream pierced the air through the crashing of the waves. She tilted her ass in the air. I pulled out and slammed into her again and again and again. More screams filled the night. I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back. Her pussy exploded with a gush. After a second orgasm I pulled out and dragged her to her knees.

“Now you’re going to suck my cock. Open your mouth, whore.”

I slammed my juice coated meat between her lips and grabbed her head, fucking her face hard and fast just the way I know she likes it. She gagged on my cock each time I tried to ram it down her throat. Spit and drool flowed freely from her lips. I pistol whipped her with my cock and crammed it back down her throat. I fucked her mouth recklessly making her gag and cough, occasionally pulling her hair and calling her a slut.

I finally pulled my cock from her mouth, grabbed her arm and threw her hard into the surf. Seconds later I mounted her, driving my cock deep into her belly. We rolled in the surf like in “From Here to Eternity” while the waves crashed around us as we fucked like two desperate teenagers.

On our way back from the beach I noticed the redhead who had seen us earlier standing in the shadows of her patio. The full moon illuminated our naked bodies. I don’t know what came over me, but I pulled Marsha close and kissed her hard. She dropped to her knees and sucked me into her mouth. Our neighbor rubbed her pussy as she watched.

The next day Marsha went scuba diving with a group. I needed to get re-certified so I stayed behind for a class in the pool. I got back more than an hour before Marsha was due to return. I sat on the patio listening to the ocean, catching some sun and reading my book. I looked up and saw our neighbor from the night before walking up from the beach wearing a skimpy bikini. She was stunning in the daylight.

“Hi. I’m Dawn. I guess we’ll be neighbors for a few days. Where’s your bride?”

I told her Marsha was scuba diving. Dawn’s husband was out golfing. We made small talk, but I had a hard time keeping my eyes from devouring her nearly perfect body. The bikini bottoms were cut just above her pussy which puffed out from the stretched material of the crotch revealing her swollen mound and the outline of her gash down the middle. Her top barely covered the nipples of her nicely formed tits.

Dawn told me that my wife was a lucky woman to have a man so well endowed. She apologized for watching, and then went on to say that she masturbates a lot because her husband Bycasino giriş hardly ever touches her. She moved a hand seductively to her left tit and rubbed it telling me that she had never made love to a man of my size. Then she boldly asked if I could show it to her while she masturbated.

As she was talking she reached behind her back, unfastened her top and let it fall to the floor. Two perfectly shaped melons capped with swollen pink nipples bounced free. Next she stepped out of her bottoms and exposed a cleanly shaved mound that puffed out with a small tuft of curly red hair above the gash down the middle. She asked me to join her in her cabana and turned to walk away exposing her perfectly formed creamy ass cheeks.

I knew this was all wrong, but I could not help myself. My cock was about to rip through my swim trunks. I followed her inside. Dawn got on the bed with her legs spread wide and her knees in the air. Her pink pussy lips peaked up at me from the gash splitting her mound. Her fingers found her clit and rubbed deftly across the sensitive nub.

“Let me see it. Please.”

I quickly stepped out of my trunks. My engorged cock swayed majestically in front of me. Dawn sat up for a closer look. She continued to rub her clit and finger her pussy.

“Come around to the side so I can see it better.”

As I stepped around the bed she scooted closer to the side. Her face was inches from my cock. Her fingers were working hard and fast on her pussy. My cock was throbbing. I was tempted to grab it and jerk off, but before I could her mouth quickly engulfed me. Her lips and tongue massaged my sensitive head. Her hands grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me onto the bed.

The next few moments were a blur. Somehow she ended up on top of me and swung her leg over my face. We licked and sucked each other until Dawn crawled down my body and guided my hardness to her dripping cunt. I watched it disappear between her ass cheeks as it sunk into the warmth of her pussy. She lifted up and slammed down on my length repeatedly, moaning and gasping each time it plunged into her boiling chamber.

While not as wild as Marsha, Dawn clearly loved the feel of my cock inside her body. After riding me she got on all fours while I fucked her from behind. I looked down and watched my swollen meat, glistening with her juices, slowly move in and out of her stretched cunt between the rounded cheeks of her perfectly formed ass. I reached under and rubbed her clit until she shook and squealed with an orgasm.

I got on top and pounded my hard cock straight down into her pussy. This drove her nuts. Her gasps and moans became louder and louder each time I bottomed out inside her. My balls slapped wetly against her ass. She was in the throes of her most powerful orgasm yet when I grunted and pumped her pussy full of cum.

I returned to the room and showered to remove the evidence. Marsha showed up a few minutes later and immediately wanted to fuck. I hammered her in different positions for a good thirty minutes until I was sweating in buckets. One orgasm after another shook her body and gushed from her pussy. Her screams reverberated well beyond the walls of the cabana. I finally grunted and sprayed her pussy with hot cum.

The next morning Marsha and I were walking up from the beach when Dawn waved and asked Marsha if she could borrow me for a few minutes to put up her suitcase. Marsha told me to go ahead while she took a shower. We had barely closed the door to the cabana when Dawn attacked. Seconds later, without removing any clothes, I was fucking Dawn against the wall.

I had to put my hand over her mouth to stifle her screams of orgasm. Her fingers raked my back and clawed at my hair. Each time I rammed my cock into her body Dawn’s head jerked up the side of the wall. I felt the blood rush to my groin and my head become light. Seconds later I thrust up hard into her cunt and grunted. I was still pumping cum into Dawn when her husband put his key in the door. I barely made it out the back.

As soon as I got back to the room Marsha wanted to suck my cock. It was still dripping with cum and cunt juice from fucking Dawn. I tried to wipe it off with my t-shirt while she pulled down my trunks but I knew the taste was still there. She didn’t say anything probably figuring it was her own from the last time we had fucked just before heading to the beach. Marsha had no complaints about the thirty minutes it took of fucking and sucking before I finally generated another load of cum to fill her cunt.

Dawn kept finding excuses to get me alone, even if it was only for five minutes. We fucked in a car, in a dressing room, on her bed, on my bed, in the hot tub after Marsha left and in the shower with Marsha on the back porch. Once she showed up at our door with her husband so drunk he could barely stand. I helped her back to the room and fucked her in bed next to him.

I have always had a lot of staying power when it comes Bycasino güncel giriş to sex. I also shoot a lot of cum if I’m given enough time to reload. Despite all that my honeymoon pushed my abilities to the limit. Dawn was insatiable and Marsha could never get enough. Needless to say, the rest of the honeymoon was a little awkward.

Brenda put up her hand and told John that time had expired. He asked if he was going into too many details. She told him it was exactly what she needed to hear. She seemed so cool about it all, but John noticed that she was shifting in her seat and wondered if her pussy was dripping from listening to his story. On the way out John passed Marsha who was on the way into the office for her session.


“Your husband tells me you have been unfaithful and that you have been having sex with many men. Is that correct Mrs. Richards?”

Marsha was caught off guard by the question but quickly recovered and told her that she needed to hear the full story to understand what had happened. Brenda told her to start at the beginning.

Okay, yes, Dr. Steinberg, I was fucking around on John, but he started it, but Im getting ahead of myself. I really don’t know why I agreed to go out with him on that first date. It was embarrassing the way he followed me around like a puppy dog at the party where we met. Normally I would have told him to get lost but my date was jerk so I guess you could say I used him. I didn’t see any harm in agreeing to meet for drinks on Friday as payback.

Friday was a bad day for me. I had a fight with my best friend and then with my mother. Then my boss yelled at me and threatened to fire me. I did what I normally do when I’m pissed… I got drunk. When John showed up at the bar I was three sheets to the wind. Drinking has another effect on me. It makes me horny and I usually end up fucking the first guy to come along.

As soon as John walked through the door of the bar I grabbed his arm and dragged him out. He was speechless as I hailed a cab and told him we were going to my place to fuck. We kissed and groped like teenagers in the cab and again in the elevator where I discovered that he was quite well endowed. We barely made it through the front door before I had his cock in my pussy.

Marsha stopped and looked at Brenda.

“Am I being too graphic for you? I can tone it down.”

“No,” replied Brenda, “Please be as graphic and descriptive as you can be. It will help me with my analysis. If you are comfortable using words like fuck and cunt then you should do so. It doesn’t bother me at all.”

Marsha shrugged her shoulders and continued.

I love big cocks, but I had never encountered anything as big as his. I don’t know how many orgasms I had that night before I finally passed out. In any event that led to a second and third date, and before I knew it I had agreed to marry him. At the time I couldn’t imagine life without his big cock. I was addicted.

I guess you could say that I did go out with a bang at the bachelorette party. I got pretty drunk which led to me getting a little naughty with all the sexual aids and skimpy outfits I received as gag gifts. I was standing in the middle of the room modeling a tiny thong and a push up bra when two male strippers showed up and went into their dance routine.

Everyone was hooting and hollering. I was dancing with the two strippers who quickly shed their clothes until they were down to their skimpy briefs which did little to hide the bulges underneath. One of them pressed up behind me and the other moved in from the front sandwiching me while gyrating to the music. Needless to say, my pussy was dripping. Audience or not, I desperately needed a cock inside me.

The girls were still yelling for them to take it off. I decided to help. I grabbed the bottoms of the guy in front of me and yanked down. Out sprung a large and very thick half erect cock with veins bulging from the shaft. Without hesitation I leaned forward and sucked it into my mouth. He seemed a little hesitant about letting me do this, but the girls kept hooting for more so that is what he got.

I guess the guy behind me wanted in on the action because I could feel my thongs being pulled down. Seconds later I felt a hard cock slide between my ass cheeks and push into my pussy. I was so wet that his entire length quickly disappeared up my cunt. He grabbed my hips and fucked me in long smooth strokes while I continued to suck his partner.

It suddenly dawned on me that this was the first time I had ever been with two guys at the same time. Not only that, it was the first time I had ever fucked for an audience. The girls were all clicking pictures and yelling for the guys to fuck me. It seemed all too surreal, but the orgasm that hit me was definitely real. I screamed so loud that the walls shook.

The guy I had been sucking sat in a chair. With my back to him I lowered my pussy onto his thick cock. The one that had been fucking me shoved his cock between my lips. It didn’t take long before another orgasm ripped through my body. Just as I was recovering the cock in my mouth swelled. Hot cream poured over my tongue until it was drooling from my lips. Seconds later cum blasted into my pussy from the other cock.

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