Ginger: How it unfolded

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This is the THIRD part of the Ginger series. Please read the previous parts, so you know what’s going on. The previous chapters are not that long!

Main tags: ginger, nerd, hairless twink, feminine man, freckles, boss-employee, secret sex, anal sex, blowjobs, prostate orgasm, wild fuck, gay romance, ex-boyfriend, clingy characters, drama, company.

——-The events follow directly the moment Rory brought Dallas to his house—————-

After we finally got out of the car, after a nice kissing session, I followed Rory upstairs to his apartment. He let me inside in silence. It was an enjoyable, one-bedroom condo.

I looked around, scratched my chin, and said, “Would you be okay with me taking a shower? I feel a bit sticky.” I smiled apologetically, as I felt a bit stupid.

My boss took me to his place, what a weird feeling!

Rory nodded and replied with a light tone of voice.

“Of course.”

He opened one of the side closets and gave me a clean towel.

When I took it, our hands slightly touched, and I felt some small electric discharge.

So, I smiled a bit shyly, and he responded similarly. Sexual tension much?

I entered the small bathroom and took a short shower, thinking about what would happen next. He obviously invited me here to have sex with me again, right?

He didn’t ask if I wanted to come in, he just kind of… led me to his place.

When I emerged from the bathroom, he was standing just next to the door – which startled me a little.

“Sorry,” Rory said, “I didn’t mean to scare you. I need to take a shower too.”

I stepped aside so he could enter the bathroom.

Not knowing what to do, I made my way to the kitchenette, which adjoined a medium-sized living room. There was a comfortable sofa there, and I sat down on it.

After about ten minutes of waiting – and staring at the dark window with a pensive face – he came back into the living room wearing a white t-shirt and brown sweatpants. I was still in my work clothes.

Rory stopped in front of me, hesitantly scrubbed his chin, and slowly sat down next to me.

I felt a bit unsure if he wanted to talk or get right to the sex part. His long hair was loose. I felt his pleasant smell, which evoked some stirring from my dick…

Our eyes met.

“Do you want me to stay the night?” I asked quietly. My level of expertise in small, light talks was very little, as I mentioned before, I was a jock only on the outside, hiding a socially awkward nerd on the inside.

“If you want that. I can give you a lift to your apartment in the morning, so you could take a new set of clothes.”

I stared at him for a while. His statement sounded a bit vague, I needed to squeeze more certainty out of him.

“But do YOU want that?” I insisted.

Rory swallowed and nodded, looking me straight in the eyes.

I felt a pleasant warmth spreading in my chest.

“Do you really want to… try pursuing that…” I made a quick gesture between me and him, “even in our complicated boss-employee situation?”

He responded with a small nod.

“I must say I was convinced you wanted to avoid having anything to do with me, but you kinda surprised me today…” I eyed him, smiling subtly.

He winced a bit and sighed.

“I admit, I struggled with that decision a lot. I’m still a bit afraid to be honest, but I’m not the type of person who would compromise my own life and dreams for a job. We are in this luxury situation where our set of skills is very needed on the market. I won’t be jobless for long even when fired. It would be a bummer, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world.”

I hesitated. “There are also other factors to consider… Things can go rocky.”

Rory huffed.

“Yeah, believe me, I know. It can be risky. I had such a situation with my ex! I’m aware it can go south pretty quickly, in case we… didn’t work out. The atmosphere in our room would become pretty tense.”

I smiled ruefully.

“I’m also willing to take the risk, mostly because there are other options. I can change the department if we don’t work out. Or I can find another job. I still have my remote job, and I can go back to it. Money is smaller, but if that would put us both at ease in case of some problems, I want you to know, I’m up to it. It won’t be a problem. I agree with you, as programmers, we are rarely… jobless,” I winked. “I also know you wanted this job, you waited for it. So I will not endanger it. It will be me to step down, in case of troubles, I want you to know that.”

He closed his eyelids for a moment and let a short breath out.

“That’s true, I wanted this promotion. And thank you for these words. It means a lot.”

We both went silent for a while. I wasn’t sure if I should ask for it, but I dared to do it anyway.

“You mentioned your ex. And that the situation was similar. Care to explain more?”

Rory looked to the side and his forehead creased, he seemed a bit uncomfortable.

“Yes, I met Martin while I was in college. We were just friends Bostancı Escort at first because neither of us was openly gay at the time. I wasn’t sure what I wanted yet I even tried dating a few girls. But eventually, we went open about it and started dating in senior year. After college, Martin found a job pretty quickly, and I started working remotely.”

Rory suddenly interrupted himself and clenched his fists. After a brief pause, he added, “He cheated on me for the first time during his company outing organized for employees. We had been together for two years. It was with a waitress from the hotel.”

I raised my eyebrows. “With a woman?”

Rory winced with bitterness.

“Yes! He was always bisexual. He could never decide 100% which gender he liked more.”

Hesitantly, I asked, “Did he tell you himself? Or you got to know some other way?”

Rory’s nostrils flared. I could feel he still had some strong negative emotions regarding his previous relationship.

“Somebody told me.”

I didn’t know how to react, so I only awkwardly patted him on his forearm. I’ve never been able to behave properly during such difficult conversations. I fell short of words.

“Fuck… That’s even worse. I’m sorry…” I mumbled, looking at the floor.

Rory let out a small breath. “Yeah. I already sensed it can only be the tip of the iceberg. We had an argument. And I mean… It was bad. Emotions went through the roof. We almost split. My heart was… broken.”

I finally decided to reach out for his hand and I squeezed it lightly.

“That sucks, man…”

Rory gritted his teeth but didn’t take his hand away.

“Well. I fought through it because he was my first boyfriend, and I just wasn’t ready to part with him. So, we stayed together for another four years, how… silly of me because the cheating didn’t stop there… He was slowly killing what I felt for him with every instance.”

The sour tone in his voice was very telling. I could still see the reminisces of how much he was hurting, in his face and in the tension of his body, so I lightly squeezed his fingers.

“In the meantime, Martin changed jobs. He started working here and recommended me. So we were together in the same company, only in different departments. But soon… our director merged the departments and Martin became my team leader because he had seniority over me…”

Wow. The corners of my mouth went down.

I didn’t expect that news!

Rory noticed my reaction and chuckled quietly.

“Yeah, I can see you are surprised. Now you know why I just wasn’t able to even respond to you during this day. It was a hard decision… A bit too close to home. I had flashbacks of my and Martin’s situations throughout the whole day. But they weren’t hot, I assure you,” he added with bitterness.

I fixed my eyes on his face.

“Listen, I’m sorry. I don’t want to bring back any bad memories…”

Rory raised his hand to stop me.

“Don’t apologize. You didn’t do anything wrong. We didn’t know each other on the airplane, we couldn’t know. Why should you be at any disadvantage because of my past twisted situations? It wouldn’t be fair.”

I moved a little closer to him and raised my hand to graze his cheek with my fingers slowly.

“It’s nice you put it that way, Rory, but I just don’t want you to feel uncomfortable. That’s why I promise you, if anything goes wrong, it would be me to leave the job.”

I must admit, I had difficulty tearing my hand away from him. Holding my breath, I lowered my fingers to his neck and skimmed over it. Rory closed his eyes for a few seconds. So, I leaned a bit toward him, my lips grazed over his skin – he smelled heavenly! I could see the hickeys I left there before and my dick throbbed.

“And I appreciate the honesty,” I whispered. “I will return it. I want you to know I’ve never cheated on my ex-boyfriends, Rory. Not even a kiss with anyone else. I’m a strong believer in monogamy. “

He turned his head toward me, his eyes bore into my face with strange intensity. And then he slowly leaned forward, and his pouty lips grazed over mine. It was so pleasant. I closed my eyes, expecting the kiss to linger, but he suddenly whispered, with his forehead against my forehead.

“You know… when we were on that flight, I could feel you were looking at me. You looked… a lot. It was weirdly pleasant to be the object of such attention, while I never consider myself very attractive, I felt like that under your gaze…”

I moved my lips to his temple and kissed him there. “You are very attractive to me. I wanted you from the moment I saw you, it never happened to me before, Rory. Something was drawing me toward you like a magnet…”

I kissed his cheek and roamed my lips closer to his ear.

He continued our quiet whispering exchange, “When we were having sex on the airplane, I was so shocked by how you behaved…”

“What do you mean by that?” I mumbled, slowly licking under his ear. His hands slid over my arms, pulling me closer.

“I could believe Ümraniye Escort we were making love not just fucking like strangers. You cared how I felt, you asked all the way for consent if you can move further, you were so respectful, and it was… amazing. I felt safe, despite not knowing you… “

Now I was leaving a wet trail of small, light kisses over his neck, “And you were, you always are with me, Rory… The moment when I kissed your temple after you orgasmed, and you touched my hand, it meant more to me than the entire sex. Because of that small gesture, I couldn’t forget you, I felt we could be much more than this…”

He turned his head aside and our lips met in a surprisingly sweet kiss.

Soon I stood up and pulled him up, so he stood up as well. We were now face to face, and I put my hands on his arms. For a moment, we were looking each other in the eyes.

I found the courage to slowly pull him toward me, so his head leaned on my shoulder.

My hands unhurriedly slid from his waist, along his spine, and over his shoulder blades, to his nape. I was a firm, almost massaging move.

He actually… moaned when I did it.

“Fuck, it feels so nice…” he mumbled, closing his eyes.

“Do you like being touched?”

“I do, but I rarely was…” he whispered breathlessly.

Suddenly, I had an idea.

“Would you like a massage, Rory? My second boyfriend was a Thai masseur. He taught me a lot!”

Rory raised his head from my shoulder and looked at me with a surprised expression.

“It sounds… really nice. I’m up to it.”

I smiled. “I can feel how tense your body is. It wasn’t exactly the easiest of our last days…”

“Yep, definitely.”

I kissed him lightly on the lips.

“So! What we need are: two towels, one big, one smaller. Some kind of oil – doesn’t have to be professional massage oil, but rather cosmetic oil, not the one for fried chicken,” I winked, “As it can cause an allergic reaction,” I added with a frown to sound more professional.

“I have coconut oil,” Rory rubbed his chin.

“That would be perfect.”

“Okay, can you wait in my bedroom? I will bring everything there.” He smiled shyly.

I walked into his bedroom, which had a rather big bed, where I sat. I was curious, did he live here with his boyfriend or did he move out? Some furniture looked very new, so that could be the case.

After one minute, Rory joined me, with a big towel in his hand. I took it and spread it along the bed.

“So… undress and lie down.” I smirked.

Rory bit his lip. “Undress… totally?”

“Of course.”

He nodded and quickly pulled off his clothes. I watched him attentively, admiring how lithe and willowy his body was. I could see my hickeys on his shoulders. I also glanced at his shaved crotch – he had a semi. Rory responded with a short glance before he spread his slim, white body – covered in part with golden freckles – over the towel.

I could now see his beautiful bubble butt, perfectly rounded, presented to me.

“You know… when we were on the airplane and I saw your ass, I just needed to rim you. It’s a cute, bubble butt. I didn’t even care that we were sitting in the airplane for 16 hours!”

He kinda chuckled. “Hey! I washed myself to the best of my ability!”

“I know. I felt the soap. I appreciated it…” I murmured, and gently skimmed my fingers over his round ass cheeks, and he shivered. I undressed myself also, then I slowly sat down on his thighs. He wasn’t suspecting it, I guess. I could feel him tensing a bit.

“I will do it a bit differently, but I hope it will still be pleasurable…”

I tilted my body a bit forward, my semi-hard dick leaning over his pert buttocks and I started the massage with just gentle strokes from the direction of his spine toward the outside of his body, not applying too much pressure.

It was more like petting, not really rubbing. But I wanted him to just relax, before I went for something stronger.

And when I did, he made a loud grunt.

“Fuck! You weren’t joking when you said you know how to do a massage!”

Now I was working on him in earnest, kneading deeper layers of his slim muscles. He wasn’t muscular, he obviously never was in the gym for long, Rory’s body was lissome and svelte. I found a strange pleasure in firmly massaging him, and he started to make very funny, grunting sounds, when I was rolfing and rubbing-down.

Soon Rory transformed into jelly, relaxing and loosening his muscles.

“God, it’s so… nice, Dallas. I’ve never been massaged like that. You really are a pro…” he mumbled, while I smirked. “It’s so convenient to have a boyfriend with such skills…”

I nibbled on my bottom lip. “Wow. Are we boyfriends now, Rory? That’s a rather quick evolution from just being a boss and his employee!”

He turned his head more forcibly to the side, to glance at me with a bit of unsureness.

“Well, I don’t know, aren’t we heading in this direction?”

As I didn’t answer, he added, “You insisted you don’t want Kartal Escort hookups, you wanted more, so…”

I got off his thighs and grabbed his hips, flipping him to his back. I discovered then, he had a full hard-on! I smirked and he blushed.

“What? It’s a normal result of the massage!”

“I’m not saying anything. And I’m surely not complaining.” I hesitated and added with a lower voice, “And as far as the boyfriend thing… Yes. I hope we are going in this direction. I know it’s a crazy quick decision. We have known each other for how long? Five days? But I have this strange feeling it’s the right path.”

Not waiting for his response, I smirked impishly, lowered myself down, and took his dick in my mouth.

Rory made a strangled sound of surprise and threw his arms above his head.

“Wow, this kind of massage is…even better…” he muttered.

I started to work on him in earnest, taking him deep and squeezing my mouth, so the rubbing was more intense.

He was writhing his body, thrashing his head, and making all kinds of quiet sounds, like whimpers and panting. After some time of my persistent work, he mumbled,

“Dallas… I’m going to…”

I let out his dick and raised my eyes at him quizzically.

“Can we…?” And I made a very telling gesture in the direction of my own stiff dick.

He chuckled, his face reddened. “Yeah, we can…”

“Aren’t you a bit sore? We did it just an hour and a half ago…”

“I’m willing to take the risk. You don’t even have to prepare me, I’m probably still pretty loose down there…”

I grinned and licked my finger, to check if that was the case, and then probed him with it.

He moaned in surprise.

“Yep, I can still feel a bit of the lube inside… but I need to taste it… Just to be sure,” I whispered, pushed his legs aside, and lowered myself to lick over his pucker. It was pretty soft now, looser, and a bit pinker than earlier.

I started to massage it with my tongue, making small circles around it and teasing the central opening with the tip of my tongue.

Rory’s dick was hard like a bone and I could see translucent drops of pre-cum slowly dripping down from his slit.

“Do you like being rimmed?” I mumbled, with my lips still pressed to his muscle ring.

Rory sighed loudly, “Can’t you guess? I like every kind of… massage.”

He moaned quietly and added, “I never had it a lot, only in the beginning, after that, Martin just stopped…”

“I’m gonna make sure you have a lot of it from now on… your hole is so pretty…” I whispered and continued to lick him there, caressing his opening with my tongue and I slid it inside as deep as I could, swirling around his pink walls, tingling, and teasing, enticing his moans.

“Please…” he pleaded in a whimpering tone. “I need you there, inside.”

I could see his dick throbbing hungrily.

But I wasn’t in a hurry, I wanted to prolong this sweet torture. After another minute of caressing the delicate tissue of his rim he moaned even louder and begged, “Please, Dallas, fuck me, I need to cum!”

He pulled lube from a drawer and threw it at me. “Please, I need it…”

So, I decided to have mercy on him and straightened up. I lubed my dick and looking straight in his hazel eyes, I pressed my dick head to his opened entrance. It went a bit easier this time, he only made one grunting sound, but it was still surprisingly tight, even being used by me so recently, he was just naturally very narrow there.

I slid inside inch by inch, feeling how his warm insides were gripping me, almost sucking me deeper, tempting me to plunge in there rapidly, but I resisted, keeping a steady pace.

Rory’s face was showing rather clear signs of delight, he tilted his head strongly to the back, and his neck reddened.

I put his bent legs on my chest, his feet on my pecs, and I started to move inside, aiming at his prostate with good precision, as I managed to give my ex-boyfriends hands-free orgasms on more than few occasions, so I hoped very much, I could manage to do that also for Rory.

I could recognize the tell-tell signs of it, the level of arousal had to be high enough, it could not be just a casual fuck. And Rory was in a perfect state for that, his body pleasantly opened and excited, I pulled his hips even higher, tucking the pillow under it, and started to use the upper curve of my dick to massage the p-spot in his passage. I noticed the change on his face as soon as I established the rhythm, clearly showing what I had on my mind. Rory lowered his gaze to me and I could see an honest surprise in his eyes. He must have felt the stable and regular pounding on his prostate and realized it wasn’t random.

“I’ve never… like this…” he managed, his face fiery red, “but I feel like I…can,” he tried to communicate, perhaps trying to tell me he never had prostate orgasm if he wasn’t the one establishing the pace? If the other person was in charge? I wasn’t keen on thinking too deeply about it because I was also getting very much into it, observing him writhing on the bed with delight and abandon written all over his red face, jerking his head to the sides and fisting the bedsheet – it pushed me also into higher arousal and I prayed Rory could manage to orgasm before I would flail into the inevitable bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32