Closed Doors Ep. 07 (Pt. 01)

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———Closed Doors———

Episode Seven

“GUEST (Part I)”


Hayley stood at the counter, impatiently waiting on her Pop Tarts to jump out of the toaster. She was in a hurry to get back to the hospital, but she was starving so she granted her stomach the time it would take for the toaster to pop. God, how can you eat at a time like this? With Jack laying there in that hospital bed.

There was a knock on the glass of the beach door that drew her attention. When she looked, Hayley saw that it was Zooey, who was giving her a little wave. Hayley returned it as she went to open the door. Oh, shit! What’s she doing here? Okay, just act normal. She can’t find out about last night and what all went on.

“Hey,” Zooey said, with a little nervous smile, when Hayley answered the door.

“Hey, Zooey,” Hayley greeted back, “come on in.” She stepped back to allow her guest past and couldn’t help but take notice of what she was wearing. Zooey had obviously dressed up for Jack, even if it was ‘casual up’.

A pair of white Capri pants hugged each sensuous curve of her hips and thighs, rolling back over her firm, full ass to define its seamless flow from and into the other smooth lines of her legs. Damn, her ass is perfect. Hayley stopped short hearing herself admit that, surprising herself. Where did that come from?

“I like your shoes,” Hayley commented, though truthful, it was said as much to take her mind off of her admiration of Zooey’s body as it was to slightly overplay the appearance of ‘everything’s normal’ that she wanted Zooey to see. She looked down at the cute pair of white Sketchers worn without socks.

Zooey turned slightly to Hayley and replied, “Oh, thank you,” with another anxious smile.

This profile view allowed Hayley to notice the tight tank top stretched over Zooey’s full, voluptuous globes and tight around her small, toned waist. Wow, it’s a beautiful symmetry with her bottom half. She is as close to perfect as I think I’ve ever seen. Stop it, Hayley. Thinking like that at a time like this. Besides, you’re not gay. Although Kara was fun, that was it. A loose, short-sleeved rainbow-colored button up shirt hung loose and open over it.

Hayley felt herself a bit underdressed, standing there in a pair of socks and tennis shoes, her pink ‘yummy-sushi’ pajama pants, and snug little blue t-shirt. She still hadn’t changed out of the first items of clothing she came to when the two sisters were rushing around waiting for the paramedics to arrive. The ambulance got there just as she and Kara managed to clothe themselves.

“You want some coffee or something?” Hayley asked, starting to close the door and follow Zooey in.

“Umm…sure,” Zooey replied.

God, she’s even got perfect hair. No wonder Jack looked and acted the way he did around her. God, I would want to date this girl. The meticulously placed curls in the thick, blonde hair that hung down past Zooey’s shoulders didn’t escape Hayley’s notice.

“Okay, have a seat,” Hayley offered, pointing to a stool at the island in the kitchen. Okay, act normal. A cup of coffee, then you can go. Don’t act like you’re anything but a normal person in a normal situation with absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, extremely out of the ordinary, going on.

“Umm…is Jack here?” Zooey managed to ask as she sat down.

Damn it. “Well, no,” Hayley answered, her back to Zooey as she poured leftover coffee from the coffeemaker into a mug and slipped it into the microwave. Should I tell her about his accident? She might ask about it. Hayley was surprised by the flood of sadness that washed over her when Zooey’s hope dropped with her shoulders upon hearing the news. “He left something for you though,” she quickly added, remembering just then that before they went out last night, she had teased Jack about a letter he was writing to Zooey.

Zooey’s head popped up with hopeful eyes. Hayley giggled a little, and Zooey realized the humor Hayley must have seen in her reaction and blushed a smile. The toaster popped. “You want a Pop Tart? They’re blueberry,” Hayley offered. Zooey nodded.

“Okay, here. I’ll be right back,” Hayley said, handing her a toaster pastry on a paper plate.

Zooey picked at her food, while Hayley disappeared upstairs into the loft, nervously wondering about whatever it might be that was left for her. A minute later, Hayley returned and handed her a folded piece of paper.

“It’s a note,” Hayley smiled after a few seconds of Zooey’s staring at it. Zooey smiled up at her then took the note and started to read it.

Hayley watched for Zooey’s reactions at the note, while she sat down and began picking at her own Pop Tart. She grew a knowing smile and felt a little for this girl, whom seemed to like Jack as much as he seemed to like her, when she saw Zooey’s eyes begin to water Starzbet up as her smile got real big. Hayley watched as Zooey, in a world of her own lost in the note, reached up and wiped away a forming tear with her finger.

“He really likes you,” Hayley broke the silence between them, popping a piece of blueberry pastry into her mouth.

Zooey looked up at her with anxious eyes, “He said that?”

“The note says that, doesn’t it?” Hayley said, pointing to the paper Zooey still held in her hands.

Zooey looked down at the words and back up to Hayley, “You read it?”

“Yeah, I’m really sorry. I tend to be incredibly nosy when there is nothing stopping me,” Hayley nodded wit a sly, yet apologetic, grin.

“Where-, where is he?” Zooey asked.

Oh no, she asked. I have to tell her. Would Jack want me to? Hayley gazed across the kitchen island at the blonde who was looking back at her expectantly. Zooey wants me to tell her. I think she deserves that. Just don’t say anything about how it happened. “He’s um,” Hayley cleared her throat nervously. “He’s in the hospital.”

“What? What happened?” Zooey shot out in complete shock.

“We don’t really know, yet. He kinda just went over unconscious and fell over this weird way.” Hayley watched as tears started forming in Zooey’s eyes.

“Is he okay?”

Hayley looked at her sympathetically, and with a slight shake of her head, said, “I don’t know. He hasn’t woken back up yet.”

Zooey started crying. Hayley walked over to console her and put an arm around her shoulder as she stood beside the stool Zooey was sitting on. “I’m sure he’ll be okay, Zooey. Jack’s pretty healthy that way.”

“Yeah,” Zooey sniffled, “I’m sure you’re right. It’s just – I am leaving in about ten minutes to go home. My family is leaving today.”

“Oh,” Hayley said as she realized it. “But you want to go see Jack, don’t you?” Zooey looked up at her for a second with red eyes from crying and gave her a little nod.

Hayley thought for a moment. Then she said, “Well, Kara’s leaving today. She has to fly out for a thing in the Bahamas. We’ll have an extra room. If you wanted…you could stay here.”

Zooey looked up again at Hayley. “Really?” she asked, hopefully, before slumping back and sighing. “No, I couldn’t. I couldn’t impose like that.”

“Do you have anything else to do for the next few days?”

Zooey shook her head.

“If you want to stay, you’re more than welcome. I can tell that you really want to. And I’m sure Jack probably wouldn’t hate it, either.”

Zooey gave a little laugh at Hayley’s attempt at levity. “Are you sure?”


Zooey nodded her head, accepting Hayley’s offer. “Thank you,” she said, standing up and giving Hayley a hug. “You’re welcome,” Hayley replied back.

Zooey sighed. “Now,” she said, “comes the part where I tell my family. I’m sure they’ll just love the idea.” Hayley giggled.


A breeze blew through the open window, flaring the curtains open for a moment, allowing a beam of bright sunlight to enter the room and fall across Stacy Marie’s face. She stirred awake, blinking rapidly to adjust to the morning. She looked at the clock in front of her face on the nightstand. 8:47. She felt Sully shifting around behind her. She flipped onto her other side to face him and shook him by the shoulder to wake him up.

“Hey,” she said in a slightly urgent whisper, “hey, you’re late for work. Wake up.”

Sully groaned and mumbled. “No work today. Switched shifts.”

Stacy looked into space for a moment. Shit. I don’t need him hanging around me all day. Is he going to be here all day? Fuck.

“What are you going to do today, will you be here?” Stacy Marie asked.

Half asleep, Sully replied, “Me and some of the guys are going to go target shooting later, why?”

“I was just wondering,” Stacy Marie sighed. Good, he’ll be gone for a while. “I’ve gotta run home and then do some stuff, so I’m getting up.”

“Got a little time?” Sully asked, his point clear.

“Not for that, maybe later on tonight,” Stacy replied. “In fact, I think I’ll have a good little surprise for you.”

“Oh, yeah?” Sully mumbled.

“Yeah, so go back to sleep. And come home early tonight.”

Sully didn’t reply, just readjusted his head on the pillow. Stacy Marie sat up and slipped out of bed. She gathered her things, left a note for Debbie to remind her they were going to hang out that night, and took off to head home and get a shower.


Kara was standing at the window, blankly staring out while she mindlessly tapped her phone against her chin. Hayley walked in the room, followed by Zooey. When Kara turned, the presence of Zooey gave her a little pause. Then, she gave the new girl an appreciative smile and said, “Hey, Zooey.”

Zooey did her best to smile back, but the sight of Jack laying there in the hospital bed with Starzbet Giriş monitors beeping and an IV tube in his arm concerned her attention a little more. “Oh my,” she gasped, bringing her hands up to cover her mouth. It looked like a tear was forming in the corner of her eye.

Hayley went and sat in the chair beside Jack’s bed and took his hand. Kara stepped away from the window towards the bed. “The doctor says we just have to wait for him to wake up,” Kara informed Zooey, who was still staring at Jack’s slumbering body, “it could be any time.”

Zooey walked over to the empty side of the bed and pulled a chair up to it across from Hayley. She sat down, just staring at Jack’s nearly motionless body, just his chest slightly rose and fell as he breathed. Kara stepped up behind her sister and put a hand on her shoulder. “I’ve gotta go now, Hayley,” she said softly, remorsefully.

Hayley nodded, then stood up. She looked across at Zooey. “Would you mind sitting here with him for a few minutes? I don’t want him to be alone if he wakes up.” Zooey nodded, understanding. Kara waved goodbye with a sad smile to the new girl as she and Hayley walked out of the room.

Standing outside, in front of the hospital on the sidewalk, Kara and Hayley waited for the cab to get there. “The taxi’s going to take you all the way to Miami?” Hayley asked.

“Yeah,” Kara said solemnly. “I’m gonna stop real quick at the cabana to get my things first, then go to the airport.”

There was silence between them for a minute or so. Then Kara said, “Oh, and call Mom back in a little while and let her know what’s happening. She was freaking out, wanting to drive down. I told her she didn’t need to do that. She would ask too many questions.”

“Okay,” Hayley replied. She was quiet for another minute. Then, “We shouldn’t have done that, Kara.”

Kara looked at her sister. I know that, Hayley. Believe me, I know that now. “I know. I didn’t think anything like this would happen. It was just supposed to be a stupid little, fun prank. I’ve never even heard of something like this happening before.”

Hayley nodded.

“Tell him that I’m sorry. Sorry I did it. Sorry I couldn’t stay with him. Just…sorry everything,” Kara requested.

“I will,” Hayley replied.

The taxi pulled up to the curb. Kara hugged Hayley tightly, then opened the door to the backseat. She turned back before climbing in. “Call me later, okay? Let me know how he’s doing,” she asked her little sister.

“I will,” Hayley said. She watched Kara get in the car and followed it with her eyes as it pulled away from the hospital and disappeared down the street.

Upstairs, Zooey was holding Jack’s hand between hers. She felt a finger move and looked up at his face. It was still at first, but slowly started becoming active, little by little.

Jack slowly opened his eyes. His first look was at the ceiling. Then, confused, he started glancing around, until he caught sight of Zooey beside the bed. “Zooey?” he asked groggily.

Zooey stood up, smiling down on him, keeping hold of his hand. “Hey there,” she said softly.

“Where-, where am I?” he asked, starting to look around again.

“In the hospital.”

“Hospital? What – what happened?” he asked, looking back up at her.

Zooey kind of shrugged and got a sympathetic look on her face. “I’m afraid that I don’t really know that, Jack.”

Hayley walked into the room, saw Jack awake and ran over to the bed. “Jack?”

“He just woke up,” Zooey explained.

Jack looked over at his sister. “Hayley? What’s going on?”


“Alright, that’s it,” Jack said with determination. He sat up in the bed and began ripping the tape off the back of his hand that held the IV in place. “I’m not staying here.”

The girls jumped up out of their chairs, thrown for a loop, fumbling around for something to say. “But, Jack-” Hayley started.

“No ‘buts’.” He yanked the IV needle from the vein in his hand.

“You only just woke up,” Zooey chimed in, “don’t you think-“

“I feel fine.” He stood up out of bed and the draft of air from the swift move blew his untied hospital gown out around him, briefly flashing the girls. He looked at Hayley. “Did you bring me any clothes?”

“Well, yeah, but-“

“Where are they?”

“In that drawer, but-“

Jack darted over to the drawer Hayley had pointed out and grabbed a pair of boxers and quickly slipped them on under his gown, which he subsequently ripped off.

“Don’t you think you should talk to the doctor first?” Zooey pleaded, pressing the call button behind her back.

Jack paused. “Zooey,” he said calmly, “I’m alright. And I hate hospitals.”

“I understand that-” she replied, interrupted by the doctor entering the room while he stared down at his chart.

“Well,” the doctor said with a cheery smile, “I see that he’s awake.” Then, the doctor frowned when he Starzbet Güncel Giriş realized what Jack was doing.

“Yeah,” Jack said, pulling his shorts on, “and he’s leaving.”

“Oh, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” the doctor stated.

“Well, I’m never one to want to be rude, doc,” Jack started as he pulled the t-shirt down over his head, “but that would only be relevant if it was your choice.” My mom is a doctor, I know how it works. They can’t keep me here.

The doctor got an offended look on his face and darted his eyes down to the chart he was holding. He flipped few a few pages. “But we haven’t even gotten your lab work back yet.”

“Look,” Jack said, in an entirely serious, straight-faced tone. “You can either watch me walk out of here after I sign a form, or you can just watch me walk out of here.”

The doctor looked to the girls for some support, but they just dropped their eyes and looked away from him. Hayley, for one, knew that there was no fighting Jack when he was like this. He does hate hospitals.

“Fine,” the doctor huffed, “A.M.A it is.”

“Good man,” Jack replied, watching the doctor turn and leave the room. Jack looked over to Hayley. “Shoes?”


Stacy Marie shut off the water in the shower and stepped out. With the newfound silence around her, she heard the door downstairs opening and closing. She grabbed a towel and dried herself off, and wrapped it around her, the way girls do, cinching it over her breasts. She picked up the blow dryer and dried her hair, and began putting on a light layer of makeup. When it came to the mascara, though, there was none. She was out. Fuck. She thought for a minute on whether or not she needed it. She decided she did. I bet mom has some. I know she does. I’ll just slip across the hall and swipe it.

With the towel secured around her, she peeked out into the hall to see if anyone was around. She didn’t hear anything. She tiptoed down and across the hall to the door to her parent’s room. As she got to it, she did begin hearing something.

It wasn’t loud. Faint. As she stood right outside the door with her ear close to it, she realized it was coming from inside the bedroom. At a low volume came the sounds of sex: moans, squeals, the occasional “oh yeah, fuck me”. It was a porno. Her dad was watching a porno. Defeated by curiosity, Stacy Marie quietly, gently, slowly turned the doorknob and cracked the door open.

She saw the movie on the flat screen past the end of the big canopy bed. It was a porno, and from the looks of it, about a schoolgirl in her little plaid skirt getting fucked by some older guy. On the bed, at the foot of it, sat her father, completely nude. Stacy couldn’t see his privates, but it was obvious from the slow motion of his right arm that he was stroking himself.

Stacy Marie, at that moment, realized the presence of a strange dichotomy forming in her mind. On the one hand, she had never seen her father naked before, even though from the angle she had she wasn’t really seeing anything at the moment. And now she was watching him masturbate. Second, the empathy she was surprised to feel. He didn’t deserve this. To have to resort to this. It stirred up the ever-present anger and hate she had for her mother that was always bubbling just under the surface.

That bitch.

Her dad had been a faithful, loving man. He had always provided for his family, no matter how hard he had to work. He had never had an affair, even after her mother had ‘climbed’ the corporate ladder and it became blatantly obvious that all her mother’s ‘assistants’, always young, hot men, were clearly more than that.

Instead, Paul had stayed and was there for his daughter. Stacy couldn’t remember the last time she had even seen the two act as though they were a couple, unless they were putting on a front around others.

But here he was, having to satisfy his own needs.

Stacy Marie glanced at the schoolgirl in the video again. She thought the girl looked a lot like her, just brunette instead of blonde, or like some of her friends. They had to wear those uniforms to school. Stacy’s mind pushed forward the image of Kara and Dave fucking in the parking lot outside the restaurant on Hayley’s birthday. While Stacy Marie didn’t think she could go that far, or that her dad would let it go that far, she decided that she could at least lend him a hand. He should be the pleasured, not also have to be the pleasurer.

Quietly, she slipped into the room. “Hi, daddy,” she said sweetly as she backed up against the inside of the door, her hands behind her on the doorknob, and closed it.

Paul’s head snapped around to look at the unexpected intrusion. His eyes got real wide when he saw her. “Stacy!” was all he could vocalize as one hand flew out fumbling for the remote to turn off the porn and the other hand frantically searched for something, a pillow or anything, to cover himself.

“It’s okay, daddy,” Stacy Marie said, trying to calm him down, as she slowly stepped towards him.

“Wha- What are you doing here? I didn’t think anyone was home.” He had finally found a red throw pillow to cover his crotch, which was softening up after the shock.

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