Cherry’s Graduation Party

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I finish applying my lipstick and take one last look at myself in the mirror. I’m almost stunned at the reflection that stares back at me. After months of training and feminization I look like the perfect slutty fuck toy. I feel my little cock begin to get hard and strain against my chastity device as I look over my changed body. The strict exercise regimen and diet had made my body lithe and flexible while the hormones gave me my feminine curves. I take a deep breath and open the bathroom door.

Wearing nothing but heels, my chastity device, my collar, and oh yes, a nice thick buttplug up my ass I take a few nervous steps into the living room. For the occasion of me completing my training Daddy has arranged a party in my honor and has even invited a few of His friends.

“Say hello to our guests, Cherry,” Daddy commands in a firm but gentle tone. He is seated in His spot on the couch, fully clothed and drinking from a snifter of cognac.

“Hello Sirs,” I whisper nervously as I scan the room. Four of Daddy’s friends are here, each a big man like Daddy. They are all also fully clothed. Standing there naked in front of them I am aroused even more at the feeling of vulnerability. They can do whatever they want to me and that turns me on.

All four men rise to greet me. As I step towards them they get closer, encircling me. I tremble as I see the lust in their eyes. Instinctively I reach out towards the two men in front of me and begin rubbing the bulges in their pants. I feel their massive girth even through their khakis and blush as I get even more horny.

The two men behind me both reach out and grab one of my ass checks. They give each one a good squeeze and a slap and begin rubbing my ass. The feel of their fingertips on my skin is electric giving me goosebumps. Their fingers eventually find their way towards my ass hole and they begin to rub my plug which stimulates my throbbing prostate. I am now in a heightened bursa otele gelen escort state of arousal and quickly drop to my knees. I unbuckle the belt of the man closest to me and unbutton and unzip his pants. They fall to the floor and I rub my face against the growing bulge in his snug boxer briefs. I’m intoxicated by his musky smell as I kiss and rub my face in his crotch. The other men begin to undress and I take in their perfectly masculine bodies.

I reach up and pull the man’s boxer briefs down. An audible gasp escapes my lips as his cock springs free. It’s big, at least eight inches. Almost as big as Daddy’s but very thick and with a slight curve to the left. I look over at the other men as they pull down their underwear and reveal equally massive cocks. My throat is in for a long night.

“Don’t just stare at it Cherry,” Daddy says, “you know what to do.”

I immediately begin licking up and down on the man’s cock in long slow strokes. Reaching out with each hand I grasp two of the other men’s cocks as the fourth reaches down and teases my ass hole. He pulls the plug in and out of me. I continue worshiping the other man’s cock and balls occasionally sucking on a single ball in between long tongue strokes up his shaft. A bead of precum forms on the head of his cock and I eagerly lick it up with the tip of my tongue. I swirl my tongue around the head of his cock and then take it in my mouth. I suck his cock like the slut that I am, the slut Daddy made me to be.

Daddy’s friend behind me now stands in front of me, his thick erect member inches from my face. I begin sucking on his cock too, taking him all down my throat. I hungrily take turns sucking on all of Daddy’s friend’s cocks. As if in a trance I deep throat them all. Despite having trained my gag reflex, within minutes my face is a mess of gag saliva and tears, ruining my makeup. Each of bursa eve gelen eskort the men take turns shoving their cocks down my throat. They all hold my head firmly down, testing me to see how long I can go before gasping for breath. Their abuse only makes me strain against my cock cage even more.

After what feels like hours the first man I sucked comes back around for another go. He grabs my face and shoves his cock deep into my throat. I feel his cock begin to twitch.

“Good slut. I’m about to cum,” he says as he pulls his cock out of my mouth. I immediately assume the prearranged position for receiving cum, hands behind my back and mouth open wide. He unloads three thick ropes of hot thick cum. They cover my face with a some of it going into my mouth. He lets off another couple of ropes directly into my mouth. I kneel there as the other men circle me while stroking themselves. One by one they all empty their balls on my face and mouth.

“Good girl. Now swallow,” Daddy directed from the couch. I eagerly obey, swallowing the nearly four loads in my mouth. They slide down my throat effortlessly into my waiting empty stomach.

I kneel before Daddy eyes downcast as I await His words. My entire face and chest are covered with His friend’s cum. I am nearly quivering after having been put through my paces by the four men.

“Look into my eyes,” He commands and I obediently look up. “You did well my pet,” He says in an assuring tone, “well enough to earn your reward.”

I tingle at his words. After nearly six months in training, every minute of them in chastity, He will finally unlock me, fuck me and allow me to cum. I had been milked plenty but there is nothing like a good uncaged orgasm.

“Thank you Daddy,” I say as he stands up and clips a leash onto my collar. He leads me towards the bedroom.

Daddy lays me down on the bed. He spreads my legs bayan escort bursa and with His key unlocks and removes my chastity device. My little cock swells at the freedom. He firmly grasps my erection and says “Tonight your cum belongs to me and only me. You may not use your hands and you must ask for my permission before you cum. Is that understood?”

“Yes Daddy,” I gasp as he removes the buttplug from my ass. He reaches towards my face and swipes some of the cum on his fingers and holds it to my lips. I lick it up without hesitating and he uses a mixture of saliva and cum to lube me up. He places His cock against my hole and presses gently. His cock slides in and I whimper as I adjust to having his cock inside of me.

“It’s OK. Just relax,” Daddy whispers into my ear. He slides his cock in and out slowly and gently getting in deeper with each thrust. Soon He is fucking me with long deep strokes each one rubbing against my prostate sending waves of pleasure over my sissy body. I am on the edge as Daddy reaches down and grabs my cock engulfing it in his big hands. He begins to stroke my little shaft and rub my little cock head as if it were a clit.

“Please Daddy may I cum,” I whisper breathlessly as I’m taken closer to the edge.

“You may, slut,” He responds.

I give in to the pleasure and with His cock deep inside of me I cum shooting thick streams of cum all over my flat stomach and budding tits. I quiver and shake with ecstasy as His cock simultaneously erupts filling me with his seed.

Out of breath I manage to pant out “Thank you Daddy.”

“Good girl. Now clean yourself up,” He says as He gets up and retires to His restroom.

I lay in the bed, momentarily dazed by what had just happened. In the clarity of my post orgasm state reality suddenly rushed back in. I had just let four strange men use my mouth and throat and had swallowed their cum. I had just let another man fuck me senseless as I begged him to allow me to cum. I knew that I belonged to Him now and that there was no return to the life I once knew. This thought frightened me at first but my little cock began to grow again at the thought. The truth was I loved surrendering control and being left a hot sweaty sticky cum covered mess.

I couldn’t wait to do it again.

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