Coaxing Joe

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I really couldn’t tell if Joe was going take me or not. He had the look about him, that he wanted a fuck, but sometimes that could be deceiving. All I knew is that seeing him again I was raving for it remembering how it was the last time we met.

He didn’t make any moves or suggestions though when he popped by having made all his deliveries in the Iceland home delivery van,

I felt that he could make a real good delivery with me and I was so randy for it, but I had come to know that Joe wasn’t always quite in the mood after a hard days work , especially if he had some hassle with one of his customers, so I trod softly in the aim that maybe I could entice him just a little to get him interested in what I had in mind. – and that was more than the coffee and cream cake I had just served him with.

There was me; eyes focussed on that magnificent lunch box of his with everything I ever wanted hidden there beneath his very becoming chino’s – like it was trapped there between his thighs, although it did give me a thrill when he sort of parted them now and again and I got a better view of that pile between which looked to me as though it was just itching to come out. Or was that just my wishful thinking. I knew how it felt, knew how it looked and tasted, but that is not like having it now, not like feeling its firm length slip up in-between my crack and giving me the most wonderful vibrations that only Joe’s hard throbbing cock could give me, deep laden inside my ass as his balls slap against ,my ass cheeks, thrusting and thrusting his whole strength into me.

Wow! my imaginings were running away with me, surely he could see how I felt, nilüfer escort I could not have hidden my feelings when he was around, all I wanted is for him to grab me and fuck the life out of me across the kitchen table like last time, after he had enjoyed a full well-done steak and chips. that really worked for him and for me and that night I was still feeling him inside me after he’d gone, it was so good and wonderful.

Mind you Joe could be quite cruel at times, it was just a part of him I’d come to know. Sometimes it was all right for him to do things with me and I had grown to enjoy the occasional spanking whether it be in tight jeans or bare assed, I hated the way he wanked me off once with a plastic milk bottle which hurt me some, but his playing with a hand help vacuum cleaner did things for me and especially the very prolonged sucking afterwards.

He’d experimented a lot too which was all fine up to a point, I enjoyed the various anal vibrators but not so much the hard carrot which he pushed up me, not to mention a large bulbous screwdriver handle, that did hurt some. The things Joe did to me – and still does are always exciting though and if he hurts me, he pampers me with lots of special treatment afterwards, like massaging cream up my ass – that’s nice, I can just stay there, depending how he wants me, and thoroughly enjoy the treatment, and the licking and sucking too, he loves ass and makes sure he well gets his fill with me, and I do so enjoy being all ass for him, I always want to perk it up for his pleasure as high as I can so he can well get into it and I feel my hole massaging into his face, görükle escort his tongue doing all sorts of lovely things to me, and the ass-hole licking he loves to do, the suck of my cock is good too after he licks my balls – magic, it is all simply magic and now I have just got to have his ripe stiff prick inside me.

I looked at him just as provocatively as I could, waved my hips turned a little to give him a showing of my ass. Joe coughed and I heard that certain murmur he makes when his interest arouses, but I was hoping other things were arousing but I felt confident enough that he was starting to feel like it so I pushed my right hand into his crotch and squeezed a little, just to give him some encouragement.

I knew the signs well enough to realise he wanted me to go further, so I turned, released his belt and downed his jeans, revealing his very masculine thighs and what I could then see was a rising beneath his red striped briefs.

Standing he bent backwards thrusting his midriff outwards for my pleasure, he always did that and liked me to kneel before him, sniff and suckle him awhile until he was ready to fuck me. I just loved to down his briefs to his knees and see it pop out, standing there to attention before me, awaiting my pleasure, hard and stiff and very virile, I loved to feel its warmth and stiffness and its flexibility feeling it was made to slide into my ass.

It smelt and taste lovely, I do so love the taste of cock, especially Joe’s, it has a sort of sea salt flavour about is and smelt like shell fish which I always enjoyed.

I simply place my outstretched hands against bursa escort the front of his thighs and went to it, not handing it now, just letting my mouth and tongue do the work, which was divine, – al slowly sucked him nice and deep as I felt his thrust into my throat, his hands cupping the back of my head gently pushing and releasing as I sucked, enjoying the feel of that wonderful bulbous knob and the sensuous p-hole imaging the feel of it yet to come inside my aching hole down under.

I tasted his pre-cum not long into the suck and knew by his motions he wanted me over his lap for a sound spanking, I sort of ached for the feel of his hand pumping up my ass cheeks and knew that afterward, the sting would dissolve into ecstasy, the feel of numbness there all over and then the very ardent deep fuck to follow, thrusting up me like a proverbial steam hammer and giving me the fuck I always enjoyed of Joe.

He slapped my several times on each cheek until I was red raw, by then he told me to spread myself all fours on the bed and it wasn’t long before I felt his fuck slide straight up me and felt that gorgeous throb of his ample cock inside me where it belonged.

And then it was night again and dear Joe had left, I looked at the empty bed, the crumpled sheets and tried to count the times I had been fucked on that bed, but it had been so many, I focused my eyes on the bedrail and my mind flashed back to the times he had me handcuffed and at his mercy, how he stuffs his face into my ass and orders me to wiggle, the sound of his sucks and the sound of his fucks as he stretched my hole to its utmost, sometimes wanking me too as he fucks me.

I was more than happy then to get back into the bed in which I had just been well fucked and felt his surge like it was still up inside me again, wonderful and I was soon in the world of dreams again, it wouldn’t be long before Joe was inside me again which made my life well worth while.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32