Amy Moves In With Uncle And Auntie

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When I was 21 I remember feeling very guilty about the way I had behaved previously with my Uncle Roger at my sister’s wedding. It had been made worse when I had visited him and my Auntie Fiona a few weeks later.

My mother had no idea what had happened and was always on at me, ‘Amy, if anything happens to me, you can always go to your Auntie Fiona and Uncle Roger – they will look after you.’

I always used to shake my head and think, ‘If only she knew.’

I did see my Auntie and Uncle several times that year and made it quite clear that I thought their behaviour with me was not acceptable. I knew they were ashamed and apologized profusely.

Then it happened. My mother passed away. It was only then that I realized that we had no money. I hadn’t finished my education. My Auntie and Uncle were by my side immediately and offered to help saying I could live with them and they would pay for me to carry on with university.

They were wonderful but I had misgivings. I also knew I had no option. Everything went very well for a few months, although I often noticed that my Uncle Roger looked at me strangely when I used to come home in the evening with my short pleated skirt.

Auntie Fiona did tell me that he liked me in that skirt. She also emphasized that they were still ashamed of the previous naughty happenings.

I didn’t want to tempt him too much and I did say to my Auntie that I was a little concerned if I showed too much. She just brushed over it assuring me, ‘Don’t worry Amy, if he sees your knickers it is not the end of the world. Its not just that your Uncle Roger has always liked looking up your skirt, most men would.’

I realized that she was right – men were like that.

She made me giggle a little when she added, ‘Probably a lot of women would like it to look up your skirt as well.’

Auntie Fiona could be quite funny. I was generally more relaxed living with them now and as I was almost 21 they started to allow me a few glasses of wine in the evening. The three of us would sit in their cosy lounge with some cheese and biscuits and wine and bursa otele gelen eskort they were really supporting me get over my mothers passing, I felt so grateful to them.

On these occasions I could see Auntie Fiona would be very relaxed and sometimes her knees would be well open and her panties showing. I don’t know why but I liked it. She must have seen me looking and knew about my worries. It was lovely when she simply told me, ‘Remember about our chat, Amy. It’s not the end of the world if men can see your knickers.’

I realized she was quite right. I had a good gulp of wine and raised my glass and opened my legs wide. I knew Uncle Roger was looking straight ay my panty crutch but I laughed and said, ‘Cheers Uncle Roger.’

Auntie Fiona and I laughed as Uncle Roger looked startled and almost tipped his glass over. We were all more relaxed about things over the next few months and I knew my Aunt and Uncle wanted to support me as much a possible.

In the evenings when we were all alone together Auntie Fiona did let it slip that they both liked me to wear short skirts. I was 21 now and I knew that I couldn’t allow the previous naughty events to start again.

Then one day in University there was a large fee required to carry on with a certain course. I just didn’t have this sort of money and I knew my Aunt and Uncle didn’t have it either. When I told them about it they were devastated. A few evenings later Auntie Fiona broke the news that Uncle Roger had cashed in some large endowments and had obtained the money.

I was worried for them as I knew that they would have lost a lot of money. I reassured myself knowing that they wanted to do it as they loved me. I thought about it a lot and decided that I should show my gratitude to them.

That evening they were playing chess in the lounge and I slipped upstairs and put on a short plaid skirt, a white blouse and knee socks. I knew they liked me in my little girly clothes. I simply sat on the settee next to them and lay back. My skirt was right up and I bent my knee which bursa eve gelen escort bayan meant my underclothes were all exposed.

Auntie Fiona realized straight away that I was being nice to them. She beamed a huge smile saying, ‘Oh look Rog, our little girl wants to watch us play chess.’

I could see she was pleased especially when Uncle Roger gasped, ‘Oh Amy, you really are our little girl.’

I knew they liked thinking of me being a little girl. I put on my little girly voice as I picked up one of the chess pieces and asked, ‘What do you call this piece Uncle Roger?’

He gulped, ‘That is the king, Amy.’

I kept my legs open and looked at him cheekily, ‘I like this big king piece, Uncle Roger. It’s a nice knobbly one with a nice knobbly head.’

I teasingly pushed the piece down toward my crutch and let it hover there. I could see him gasp.

Auntie Fiona smiled, ‘He likes you talking like that Amy.’

I asked him in a babyish voice, ‘I wonder where this king piece is supposed to go?’

He murmured, ‘In the centre of the board, Amy.’

I pushed the piece just between my legs right in the centre. I now had the king’s head stroking my panty gusset and it felt nice.

I said, ‘Are little girls supposed to place it or push it down there, Uncle?’

‘Oh, it should be placed Amy,’ he replied.

‘Are you sure uncle, I think it should be pushed,’ Amy replied.

‘Pushed, Amy?’ he queried.

I changed the subject a little, ‘You like seeing my knickers don’t you Uncle Roger?’

He could hardly speak.

Auntie Fiona came to his rescue, ‘He loves your little girly knickers Amy.’

He nodded his agreement.

I asked him, ‘Do you think a lot about what my little knickers are hiding Uncle Roger?’

He nodded.

I really pressed the king’s head into my pantie gusset and told him, ‘Just there Uncle Roger. it’s my little slit, which is very wet at the moment.’

He groaned.

‘I know I am 21 Uncle Roger but I have a little girly slit, just here,’ bayan eskort bursa I told him.

I could see his cock swelling in his trousers. Auntie Fiona and I smiled at each other.

‘Do you think about my little slit a lot Uncle?’ I asked.

Again he just nodded.

‘You know, I have a lot of hair around my slit Uncle Roger,’ I told him.

Auntie Fiona was looking lovingly at me and asked, ‘Is it very hairy Amy?’

I knew she was helping me tease him. I almost laughed. I had him really excited now as I asked him, ‘Do you want to see it Uncle Roger. Do you want to see my little girly hairy slit?’

I looked at Auntie Fiona and smiled, ‘He wants to see my cunt Auntie. Do you want to see it as well?’

Auntie was now getting very aroused and said, ‘You know I do my baby.’

I knew that I was teasing them and I also knew I was pleasing them both. I wanted to show my gratitude. I eased my panties to one side. I’m only 21 but I knew I had a big cunt. I could see Uncle Roger struggling with his trousers so I said, ‘Auntie Fiona, pull his cock out, I want to see how big it is.’

She happily knelt down in front of him and levered his mighty penis out. He really was excited. I was still gently stroking my hairy slit with the plastic chess piece.

I pointed it closer and brushed my lips saying, ‘We were talking about this big king piece earlier about whether it should be placed or pushed. Do you remember what we said, Uncle Roger?’

He croaked, ‘You said it should be pushed Amy.’

‘That’s right Uncle. Well watch closely because I am going to push the big king piece right up my big cunt,’ I told him.

Auntie Fiona smiled gratefully as I told her, ‘Wank Uncle off Auntie, I want to see him spunk.’

She was pleased but then asked me, ‘Will you do it for us as well Amy?’

She wanted me to masturbate for them. I was enjoying myself now and settled back with my legs open and my hand inside my panties. It was lovely being watched.

My Aunt was really bringing him off now as she watched me. I wanted to be nice to her so I told her, ‘When you finished Uncle off Aunty I will do it to you.’

She sighed but wanted to be sure, ‘Do what to me Amy?’

‘Masturbate you Auntie or shall I be really naughty, because in my bedroom I have my vibrator and I could even fuck you with it,’ Amy teased.

Both Uncle Roger and Auntie Fiona realised that life with Amy was never going to be the same.

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