Anita , Lissa

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For the most part this is a true story. Certainly the characters are real, as are the situations, though probably not in the sequence told. This is my first ever story of any kind and I appreciate that mistakes will have been made and, therefore, welcome constructive criticism in order to eventually produce more readable content in the future. I have attempted to minimise the use of profanities in the story whilst at the same time attempting to narrate true life experiences in a sensual and sexy manner which I hope you will enjoy.

Lissa xxx

* * *

My name is Lissa and I am the only child of a late thirty something couple who live in an idyllic little village in Buckinghamshire, England UK. The story starts as I was returning home after a prolonged absence.

The journey was long, the train seats lumpy and uncomfortable but that was not the reason why I was unable to concentrate on reading the book brought especially along to while away the time. My thoughts lay elsewhere, with my lover to be precise, on how we would greet after a month apart. Anticipation of the meeting was building within me as was the ever present sexual desire for what I hoped and prayed would soon transpire.

The book I had tried to read lay open on my on my lap on top of a casual jacket and thankfully both covered the movements of my hand which was roving around my groin area, gently teasing my clit through my panties to the motion of the train, not a good idea really as I have never yet had a silent orgasm but I don’t think anyone noticed what I was doing, and even if they had I cared not a jot.

I had been away on a training course so far from home as to make it impractical to return at weekends, but now the big day had arrived and we had arranged that my lover would be waiting expectantly for me at the station, hot with the same desire as my own I hoped.

We had talked on the ‘phone every evening of course, but that isn’t the same as actually being together, touching, kissing and making love whenever the moment was right, though since we had been apart we had indulged quite openly and noisily in ‘phone sex which we both agreed was the next best thing. We used the word Fuck many times during our sexy ‘phone calls together with a liberal smattering of Cunt, whore, slut etc and talking dirty somehow brought us together more over those hundreds of miles. Strangely though, when we are together we rarely use dirty talk or feel the need to so that is the last time those words will be used in the telling of our story.

I remember vividly the time I brought myself to a climax with the handset, my lover listening to the squishy wet noises it made as it moved up and down inside my body, my simultaneous screams of pain and delight being muffled so many miles away. Just what possessed me to do that? I was lonely in a strange town, missing my lover and thought anything I could do to excite that most precious person would keep the physical side of our relationship burning. As things transpired I needn’t have worried and needn’t have done it but it does beg the question; how many other girls have had physical relations with a mobile phone? Answers on a postcard please!

When the phone rang at precisely 9 pm every evening I instinctively knew it was my lover and waited impatiently for the calls which we both knew would start slowly but passionately and build up gradually, sexily until we both had noisy screaming orgasms, me with my panties still on, sodden by now with vaginal secretion and the pee which almost always escaped me when I came, dribbling down my thighs, and which I never attempted to stop. My lover thought this to be an endearing little trait but it was often quite a source of embarrassment to me.

To look at my lover or myself for that matter, nobody could imagine that we could talk so dirty, that such filth between two lovers was possible, but we did, and it was wonderful. But now the train was entering the station and I stared impatiently though the window to see if my love was waiting. She was!

Heart racing, I grabbed my bags and rushed down the steps into her arms.

“Mmmm, I missed you darling,” said Anita, “I love you so much Lissa.”

My tongue was down her throat in a jiffy and my reply inaudible, but I think she understood how I felt, and by the looks we received from other passengers it was obvious they also understood. I would have danced naked over red hot coals to see my lady, so the few funny looks we received bounced off like drizzle from an umbrella.

“Missed you too Nita darling,” I cooed, “I’ve been dreaming about this moment for weeks!” and indeed I had.

Nita as I call her, was a stunner in any language and by anyone’s standard, tall, slim and brunette with slightly larger than boyish breasts that would never droop with age. She was 37 then but she looked at most to be 25 and could easily have passed for my slightly older sister. But she isn’t my sister, she is my lover.

At that time I was Casibom 19, and though I shouldn’t say this, quite attractive from what others said. I too am tall and slim, and have a similar figure to Nita’s. That’s great because everything fits where it should when we make love, and that is often. My breasts are small too but for me this is an advantage rather than not. Nature made me tall and slim and I do my best to keep things that way by regular training with Nita at our local gym.

Nita drove us to her home in a peacefully quiet part of village where she lived with her husband who, though I love him to bits, was mercifully away on business for a week or so, unknowingly giving us the time and space to be alone. Nita only found she was bisexual when we began our affair, our very deep and private love affair. She has no sexual desire for any other woman but me, and I reciprocate that. We are totally in love, but she is married and neither of us would wish to hurt her husband in any way by breaking up the marriage.

As she drove, my hand wandered, wandered, wandered, until it reached that warm, moist and well trimmed place that we ladies (and most men) regard as our Holy of Holies. She must have been expecting me to do just this because she wore no panties.

She moaned as my fingertips brushed her pubic hair. She moaned and steered though half closed eyes as I sought entry to her cavern of love as she drove on. Her thighs were hot and quivered at my touch but she was far hotter in between them.

“Best not Lissa darling,” she said though clenched teeth, “any more of this and I’ll crash!”

Such was my desire for her that day I hadn’t taken the traffic, light as it was, into account. Slowly and teasingly I withdrew my hand ensuring those fingernails raked her thigh, making her shudder with delight.

I sniffed my naughty fingers and inhaled her tantalising scent. Her sexual aroma was unique and I would have picked it out blindfold from a hundred others, a blend of pure, mature woman and open sexual desire. It was a scent I remembered so well and loved so much, a scent to be savoured, a scent for special occasions, a scent to be worn with pride and a scent born out of love.

“Mmmmm,” I murmured half to myself, “I love you Nita….can’t wait to get….”

But at that point Nita was pulling into her driveway, and with a quick flick of her wrist turned the engine off. We gazed at each other from only inches away and for the first time in a month experienced a frenzied bout of kissing and feeling each other’s bodies.

“Let’s go inside,” she said, “before we get too carried away and someone sees us.”

Hardly likely, I thought as the nearest house was at least 100 metres away.

We unloaded my bags and lugged them through the door, dropping them on the floor and slamming the door shut as we frantically tore at each other’s clothing. Some of it came off there and then, other bits and pieces lay in a trail which marked our passage upstairs to the main bedroom, a top her, a skirt there, my panties on the top step.

“I need a shower after a journey like that, “I said as I never relish anyone having to eat me out if I’m not completely fresh.

“We can shower together darling,” came the reply from Nita, “just like we used to do, remember?”

Did I remember? My God yes! Some of our more adventurous scenes were played out in or near to the shower. I couldn’t wait!

Needing a wee but needing my lover even more I took Nita by the hand and we entered the shower, we soaped each other under the dreamily warm jets and it was immediately obvious to me that Nita wanted me at least as much as I did her. Lots.

She came first from my ministrations with both soap and high powered water jet, she came with an intensity I have rarely seen before, her whole body rigid and trembling in a long, long double orgasm which left her slumped against my body, sliding gently to her knees as it subsided.

She shuddered and moaned in that position for a while, her hands clutching the globes of my bum, head down as the water still cascaded over us both.

“Glad to see me then Nita?” I ventured. If I thought she was sated by that first long orgasm I was wrong, wrong, thankfully, so very wrong. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and never was this more true than that day.

She nodded and muttered her love for me, raising her head at the same time. I think it was then we both realised that her face was only inches from my own sex. She moved hesitantly towards the hottest part of my body and I desperately wanted her to inhale my now clean aroma, to drink deep of my well, to eat the Ambrosia of love that was brimming out of me and was for her alone.

Turning off one jet so that it didn’t spray in Nita’s face I turned on another which played down her suntanned and perfectly proportioned back. The water ran smoothly down her body and formed a little river through the parting of her globes, a place where Casibom Giriş I hoped my tongue would soon play like the water before me.

Nita had by now recovered her senses and was nuzzling my sex with her nose, driving me insane with her tongue, flicking it in and around those hot, wet lips. I may say that my lips were wet, extremely wet, and not just from the shower alone! I oozed love from that place and my lover was quick to take advantage of the aromatic stream of my womanhood.

She licked, she drank and she teased until the delightfully ecstatic building up of sexual excitement pain took me past the point of no return and my orgasm exploded in her face, drenching her with sticky love juice, and I’m ashamed to say, more than a little drop of my wee as her tongue took me to heaven on a fluffy white cloud which was more than my poor distended bladder could stand.

In the course of our adventures we had played a certain amount of Pee games but neither of us had gone so far as to wee on the other’s face. Nita didn’t seem to mind in the least, possibly because at that moment she couldn’t get enough of my body or anything it contained.

She rose and we kissed. I smelled my smell on her and tasted my own love juice, licking her face like a cat will lick a kitten, loving it, savouring the sexual electricity that emanated from us both.

We washed properly then, chatting like two schoolgirls as we did so. We dried each other, which led to another orgasm each, and then we went to bed on that still sunny afternoon in May.

Nita had obviously planned the moment as she had placed a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket, anticipating where we would shortly be after we arrived at her house.

I poured for us both, took a drink and then a second which I held in my mouth and dribbled into Nita’s slightly open sex. I raised her thighs then and sucked out the bubbly mixture of champagne and her thicker, sexy, highly charged love potion. Whilst the alcohol content may have been low that drink was by far the most potent of any I have ever tasted. We were both in Heaven and knew it.

We talked for a while, kissing and fondling as lovers do until I suggested that she may like a massage.

Oh yes! What a suggestion! I saw in her eyes that a naked massage from her younger lover was exactly what she wanted after all this time apart, and turning her onto her tummy I sat on the globes of her bum and began to massage her neck and shoulders. Naked massaging is a wonderful thing, and even more so when one knows it will end in mind blowing sex with someone who must certainly be one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

I look upon these massages as my both giving and receiving pleasure at the same time, always making sure that when I moved the movement was blissful to me just as the tender touching was to my partner, and so it was on this occasion.

When working my way down her body I had to continually move position and noticed as I did so that I was leaving a scented trail of secretion on her skin, so when my fingers finally reached her globes I was able to bend down and lick it off.

It must have been the touch of a slightly raspy tongue on her globes, or maybe the fact that by now my fingers were entering her cunny from the rear, but I heard her gasp and she parted her gorgeous thighs still further to afford me better access to whichever entrance I wished to invade. Invade? Possible that is too strong a word, maybe excite, titillate or play with even, but Nita made it plain that either or both of her private places was completely available to me.

I took advantage of her offer and chose to enter both. Not at first, because those naughty fingers were exploring her very wet vagina, but after a few minutes of this mutual heaven I raised her thighs one by one until that lovely bum was pointing invitingly upwards.

This was something I had determined to do today, and seeing her like that gave me no option but to spread her globes further apart.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm,” from Nita as she realised what my intention was,” Mmmm, Mmmmmm, oh yessssssssssss darling,” as my tongue played around that delicate, sensitive skin, slightly darker than the rest of her body and which had its own highly charged erogenous zone.

Her hands reached behind her and did the work for me, spreading her own buttocks and revealing her dark, puckered anal entrance. My whole body trembled with emotion and excitement when I gazed down at her, taking in at a long glance the creamy texture of her skin, the roundness of her parted cheeks and the glorious invitation which lay deep between them.

My tongue reached in tentatively and tasted her. She jumped at its touch and murmured something inaudible but which I took to be a sign that she liked what I had done.

My body felt like jelly just then as my tongue took on a life of its own and entered her from the rear. Fingers still moving inside her, tongue now inside her and Casibom Güncel Giriş the combination of the two was enough to drive her over the edge and into oblivion again. Lucky Nita I thought, but I knew that very soon she would be returning the favour with as much if not more energy and ingenuity as I had expended on her.

Lying completely prone now with her face to one side so she could breathe I heard my lover whisper,

“Lissa, that was so wonderful. I love you so very much.”

“I love you too my darling,” was my only reply before we began to play again. More words were unnecessary, this was not a time to talk.

She turned over then, fully exposing her fount of love for my inspection, and rarely have I seen such a wonderful sight. Her pubes were trim, jet black like my own, wet and matted with her womanly secretions. Her inner lips of darkling pinkness glistened temptingly and she must have sensed my next move which was to bury my face in her and eat her completely.

“No darling,” she breathed quietly, “come to me,” and she indicated that I should straddle her body so that she could play with me as I played with her.

She lay underneath me then as I knelt above her facing down upon her toned belly, the cleft of her sex more and more visible as my hungry mouth lowered down to it in the 69 position.

I fully expected Nita to adjust my lower body onto her face so she could tongue me as I had done her, and as I was about to do again. She, however, had other ideas and her dextrous fingers lightly scraped my inner thighs making me jerk and spasm with ecstasy.

Though neither of us has had full sex with another woman I guess our feminine intuition comes into play as we instinctively know what turns the other on, and more to the point we both know where and how to touch or lick, and precisely when to do it.

She knew exactly where to lightly touch me, to make me quiver with excitement, and in the doing she made secrete more and more, which had I been in another position would have merely leaked onto my thighs, but which she told me later had dripped now and then onto her upturned face.

Fingers entered my vaginal opening made easy by the lubrication there. One finger, two and then a third pleasured me as her thumb massaged my engorged clit.

I felt another insertion then and realised that Nita was using both hands – I had never experienced four fingers in there before and was amazed that I was able to expand so much and so quickly to accommodate them all. And then, just having become used to the tightness of it all the pressure eased somewhat as she removed the last finger she had inserted and a second later I felt it tickling on and around my darkest place.

I felt a slight push and gasped. Nita had entered my anus with that well lubricated finger! Another push took it to my sphincter where it played and toyed around, then a final thrust, gentle but firm took it past that point into the deepest recess I had.

“Could Heaven ever be this divine?” I asked myself as my lover revolved that digit deep inside me. In and out, round and round she turned it, driving me mad with desire. I wanted this to last forever but Nita had other ideas and after a few minutes of blissful anal penetration she withdrew completely from there and from my vagina also.

Strong firm hands grasped the orbs of my bum as she drew me down to her face, licking and sucking the overflowing moisture from around that special place, her tongue now inside, then out and teasing the sensitive area around my anal passage before deciding to settle and concentrate on my clit.

I dove for hers as soon as her tongue touched mine, taking her clit into my mouth and hearing her pleasure filled moan, nose buried deep inside her wet vagina, tongue mercilessly working on her clit. She was doing the same to me with a passion, grinding her mouth into me and sucking, that wonderful sucking which brought me to a crescendo very soon

At the same time I sensed Nita’s own climax as her body tensed and her lips opened still further by themselves. Her clit took on a life of its own as she pushed and bucked with a strength belying her slim frame.

We both climaxed together just seconds later – it seemed to go on forever, rolling, climbing, both finally zooming unstoppably to that fluffy white cloud of ecstasy before the gentle swaying falling motion, much like a leaf dropping gently from a tree.

We rolled apart and I turned my cum covered face to my lover, crawled up to her and we kissed. Kissed and licked each other’s juices from our faces, kissed and licked until our tongues were sore at their bases.

“I love you Nita, “I whispered in her ear.

“I love you too my darling,” replied my mother with true feeling. ——– 2

How long had we been lovers, my mother and I? It’s difficult to say when it first started in earnest but she did the “decent thing”, her words not mine, in waiting until I was legal, though in retrospect the waiting was just wasted time in my view, so I suppose it was just over a year ago when I just turned eighteen. Again, in my view eighteen was by far too long to wait as here in England the age of consent is sixteen, but she waited anyway.

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