Buying Produce…

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Buying Produce…

I had a really wild experience last week, it’s still fresh in my head so I want to relay it now.

I was home alone and having a solo jack off session while surfing the Internet for porn when I got this idea.

Lately I have been getting into some solo ass play when I masturbate. I do have a girlfriend, and while I don’t share this side of me with her, I have found I really like something stimulating my ass when I jack off. I don’t want her to know how much it turns me on when my ass is probed, as I’m afraid she will think I have gay tendencies, so I don’t share this side of me with her.

Anyway, that day I was laying in bed, watching a girl suck a big cock on my computer, while stroking my cock and frigging a metal cigar holder tube up my ass. I started doing this a few weeks ago and it felt so good that it had now become a regular part of my masturbation sessions. The cigar tube was about 8″s long, metal, and very smooth, but pretty thin. I found that if I plunged it in and out of my ass really fast when I jacked off that, I really came hard.

I’m 21, 5′ 8″s tall, but I’m really skinny, especially my upper body and arms. My girlfriend’s nickname for me is “Grasshopper”, which I don’t really like that much, but have not mentioned that to her because I think it’s affectionate of her to even give me a nick name. I only weigh 140 pounds. I ran track in high school for 3 years, and it seems like a good portion of that 140 lbs. is in my hips, thighs and overly meaty ass. I had always planned on joining a gym and bulking up my upper body some, but I just seemed to find one excuse after the other to delay starting. Anyway, I’m pretty average looking other than my skinny waifish upper body. I have blonde shaggy hair, kind of longish, green eyes and am again probably considered average in facial looks. I have never been able to grow a mustache or beard and my chest and legs are also pretty smooth, especially my chest which is completely hairless. As my hair is blonde, my legs just have a slight whisper of hair themselves and then only on the middle of my front thighs, more like “peach fuzz”.

After I brought myself to a really good cum, I cleaned up and decided I really needed to try something much thicker. I looked all around my apartment but couldn’t find anything suitable and finally decided to try the Internet. I found a really sexy fat dildo on Amazon that I ordered. It was about 8″s long with a suction base and way thicker then my cigar tube. So I ordered it right then and was anxious for it to arrive to try it. Since I ordered it on Friday, the tracking said it wouldn’t arrive til next Tuesday. I was a little disappointed as I was really obsessed about using it.

I went to the store that night to get a rotisserie chicken for dinner. I decided to get the makings for a salad too and went to the produce department. I saw these big green cucumbers and that’s when I got this wild idea. They reminded me of the big fat dildos I looked at online and I knew I had to get one and use it like my cigar holder. I picked out the biggest one they had, which was about 7 inches long and pretty fat. It had a small curve to it. I got so excited thinking about shoving it up my ass that I started to get an erection in the store, so I hustled to get out of there and get home. Instead of going through the cashier checkout, as I thought the cashier would secretly know my real use for this cucumber, I went to the self checkout and scanned my chicken and then looked up the code for a cucumber.

This guy at the next scanning station was watching me and as we made eye contact, out of the blue he boldly said to me, “Is that for dessert?” he laughed.

I felt the blood rush to my face as I blushed deeply, not able to even respond, I just stared at him like a deer froze in the headlights, almost trembling. He was a little older than me, maybe early 30ish at most. Handsome and very fit physically, about 6′ 2″s, he obviously worked out a lot.

He just stared at me boldly, waiting for my reply, and said, “Can you speak little buddy? Just give me your phone.” he laughed.

I don’t know why I didn’t run, but worse yet I took my phone out of my back pocket and just handed it over to this complete stranger. He punched in some digits and handed it back to me, smiling and simply saying, “You’re hot, call me if you want the real thing. I’m a little bigger than that, but I bet you could handle it. Would you like that?” he laughed as he walked out the store leaving me hot and flushed.

The next thing I knew I had somehow walked to my car and was driving home, definitely thinking about what he said. Realizing and confirming to myself, that yes, he just made a bold pass at me, he had just offered me sex. Yes, indeed for sure, he was offering me his cock if I dared to call him.

As soon as I got home, I got undressed, washed the cucumber, then went straight to my bedroom. I grabbed some lube and smeared it on my rock hard 5″ cut Maltepe Escort cock. I found a video of a guy with a big cock getting it sucked by a cute little blonde girl. I put a generous amount of lube on my ass and started to try and get this fat cucumber inside me. It was a struggle at first. I didn’t think it would fit inside me, and it took a little while to relax on it, but it finally slid in and felt so much larger than my thin cigar holder.

I worked it up me as far as I dared and it felt absolutely amazing. While shoving this long fat cucumber in and out as fast as I could, I jerked on my cock like a maniac. My anal cavity felt so stuffed and full that I couldn’t help myself when a strong wave quickly came over me.

As I realized I was going to cum soon, I tried to fuck my ass with a slow, deep, steady rhythm, but my hands became jerky and erratic. I fantasized that the cucumber was a real cock, attached to a real person, who could control the depth and speed instead of my jerky motions. I squeezed my eyes shut and pretended that it was the stranger’s cock inside me. With that thought, I couldn’t control what happened next. That image in my head made me cum within 2 quick minutes. It was over way too fast for me. Sadly and disappointed I couldn’t last longer I was sorry the experience ended so abruptly.

The amazing thing was the volume of cum I ejaculated. I usually squirt about 3 or 4 times, maybe 5 on a really good day. With that fat cucumber being shoved up my ass, it made me shoot 7, maybe 8 monster ropes of cum on my chest. Definitely the biggest orgasm of my life. I was a little disgusted at myself by my new perversion of stuffing a vegetable up my ass. Actually ashamed is probably a better word.

I got up and quickly cleaned, composed and dressed myself, trying to forget how abnormal what I just did was. I cleaned the cucumber in the kitchen sink, washing all the lube off it, but strangely, I did not put it in my refrigerator. Instead purposely leaving it on the counter, at room temperature realizing in the back of my mind, that I could get over my previous disgusted and ashamed feelings, as I knew I wanted to do this again later tonight.

As it started getting dark outside, I settled in, watched some more tv and ate my chicken. I decided to skip the salad as I knew I didn’t want to destroy my new toy.

After dinner I just chilled out watching more tv, but all I could think about was stuffing my ass again.

It was dark outside when I picked up my phone and found the number he had entered. I debated for a few minutes, should I actually call him and take him up on his offer? Before I thought about it anymore I found myself dialing his number and nervously listening for it to ring. He picked it up on the second ring and answered.

“Hello.” was all he said.

I thought about hanging up but finally spoke, “Hey, this is the guy from the grocery store you gave your number to.”

“I’m glad you called. Did you get to use your cucumber yet?” he laughed, almost daring me to respond.

I was actually trembling when I finally responded, “Yes I did, but I want more.” I replied almost ashamed that I shared this with him.

“Did you stuff it up your ass and fuck yourself real good?” he asked matter-of-factly.

Almost too embarrassed to answer, I squeaked out a soft “Yes.”

“Good boy, and now you want more right? I think I can help you out with that. You want some now?” he challenged me.

All I could manage to squeak out was an almost incoherent, “Yes please. I do.”

“Here’s my address, be here in one hour sharp. Be sure to shower and call me when you park in front of my house. Don’t be late.” were the only instructions he gave me as he hung up.

I scribbled down his address and ran to the shower. I dressed in some shorts, sandals and a t-shirt as I realized this was going to happen. I purposely wore no underwear.

I arrived at his house about 10 minutes early and called him again. He gave me instructions to just come in. As I knocked on his door I was having second thoughts, as I knew nothing about this guy, but that didn’t deter me. I stood on his doorstep til he finally opened the door.

When he answered the door, he was dressed in only a short terrycloth white bathrobe, nothing else.

He spoke first, “Is this the first time on getting your tight little ass fucked by a real cock?” he asked.

Meekly, I stammered out only one word, “Yes.”

He didn’t say another word as he went and sat down on his couch, spread his knees wide and opened his robe. His cock was ungodly huge, cut and probably 8 inches or more. It was already totally 100% hard, an unwavering erection that pointed straight up from his lap. It seemed unrealistically thick compared to mine. It had dark pronounced blue and red veins running all up and down the shaft. The head was the thickest part, like a battering ram on the end of the shaft. He was clean shaven of any hair down there. Anadolu Yakası Escort No hair at all, even his huge fat balls were shaven smooth.

As I stood there staring at it, unsure what I was supposed to do, he finally spoke again. “Well, is this what you wanted? Get undressed, come on over here and kneel between my legs, lets get you acquainted and comfortable with my cock.”

It never dawned on me that I would have to suck his cock. That wasn’t part of my plan. We never talked about me doing that. I somehow imagined that he would fuck me while I jacked off and that would be it. I had never sucked a cock or really even fantasized about sucking one before, but if this is what it took to get that beautiful cock in my ass, I would do it.

Without even thinking, I found myself shedding my shorts, sandals and t-shirt, then walking over to him completely naked. My thin little cock was rock hard and I was a bit embarrassed about how small it was compared to his. Dropping to my knees submissively between his spread legs, I just stared at his masculine cock for what seemed a long time, as he seemed to grow a little impatient with me. Reaching one hand behind my neck and pulling my head down towards his throbbing cock, I knew what he wanted, I knew what he expected.

I had received a few blowjobs before from my girlfriend, so I knew what was expected of me as I leaned over, opened my mouth and started to gently nurse and slobber on the just head of his cock. It was so warm and alive, squishy but solid. It felt even bigger than it looked once I had it in my mouth. I slowly nursed on just the head making it as wet and slippery as I could. After a few minutes of that, he removed his hand from my neck and grabbing my chin, he lifted my face up to look into his eyes and said, “Show me what you got little buddy, suck my cock good and deep. Real deep. I’ll fuck your smooth tight little girly ass really good if you put in the effort on sucking me for a bit.”

After that promise, I went back down and attacked his cock with a vengeance. I just started gobbling it up, trying to go deeper and please him. I had about 4 inches deep in my mouth as it hit my throat and wouldn’t go any further. Anymore and I would have gagged on it, so I worked on what I was comfortable with.

Strangely I was really enjoying this. It almost pacified me in a sense. Hard to explain, but I felt I was both anxious and nervous sucking him while at the same time I was completely placated to be doing it. Something about nursing on his big manly cock both calmed me and excited me.

He put his hand behind my neck again and tried to force more into my mouth and throat. I choked and retched as he made me gag on his length, pulling off to compose myself. Maybe it wasn’t his length as much of his girth, but either way, I convulsed and retched as he tried to jam it in my throat over and over. He repeated this again and again and it seemed an act of futility to enter my throat, but still he persisted in trying to force me down on it.

I tried my best to appease his needs. I tried to go deeper, willing my throat to open for him, but still I heaved and gagged on it every time it started to punch through.

“I’m gonna tell you how this is gonna work. You want my big cock in your ass and I’m only gonna fuck you with as much as you can swallow. If you can only swallow half of it, that’s all your hungry little boy pussy will get. If you want all this cock up your bottom, then you will earn it, so learn right now how to suck it all the way to the root.” he told me in no uncertain terms.

“I don’t think I can swallow it all, it’s too long and way too fat. I’m sorry, I want to, but I don’t think it’s physically possible.” I almost pleaded.

“Bullshit. That’s not gonna work for me. I was saving this for your ass, but do it now.” he said as he handed me a little brown bottle. Not knowing what he was offering me, I asked what it was.

“It’s a bottle of poppers, just inhale it and get back to work. It will make you hungry for my cock.” he said in an almost demanding way.

As his erect cock just bobbed and waved in the air waiting for me to suck it, I hesitantly I opened the bottle and tentatively sniffed it. It smelled horrible as I pulled away from it immediately.

“No. Not like that. Inhale it deeply and hold it. It’s not gonna hurt you.” he instructed.

I did as he instructed, holding the bottle under one nostril and inhaled deeply. It was heady at first, but within seconds, I felt a strong flush come over my entire body, almost like I was going to faint. My body heated up and I became dizzy. I immediately felt very submissive and eager to please him. It stripped my inhibitions away immediately and a sense of sexual arousal overwhelmed my entire body. In seconds I never felt so alive and horny in my life. I immediately fell in love with this feeling.

My shyness completely disappeared as I felt so horny and subservient now. İstanbul Escort I attacked his cock with a new eagerness to suck it. Everything felt so perfect like this was my place in life, servicing his cock.

I immediately sucked it down til it began to breach my throat. I willed myself to open my gullet and let him enter it, and he did, just a little a first, but it was definitely entering my throat. I felt his hard blunt knob and the thickness of it punch into my esophagus. This was not impossible anymore, this was something I knew I could do now and it was just a matter of time before I took more of it.

“Good girl, you’re getting it now. Keep going, you’ll get it all.” he groaned aloud.

I did another really huge hit of the poppers, one in each nostril, and the flush feeling hit me immediately, much stronger than before. I forced my head down, gagging and retching as I went the deepest yet on his swollen manhood. It was definitely violating my throat now and almost entering my neck. I desperately wanted to please him and pushed my efforts to the limit. I still retched and convulsed some, but I kept pushing until it magically disappeared to the root and I realized my lips were pressed against his abdomen. I was amazed myself but felt so proud as I realized I had deep throated his enormous cock. I had done what I thought was impossible. I just held it in my throat, not wanting to release it, holding my breath til I had to pull off.

“Attaway! Good little girl, suck that cock down your throat like the good little slut you are. Give me 10 minutes of that and like I promised before, I will fuck your sissy ass with the whole thing since you managed to swallow the whole thing.” he instructed me.

I was now in a total state of “cock lust” as I repeatedly deep throated his cock to the root over and over. I was totally cock drunk and loving this. I swelled with pride to myself that I could take it all. In between swallowing it to the root, I alternated by lavishing both passionate and loving ministrations to his shaft and head. I slobbered all over his cock like I was possessed. I sucked his enormous smooth balls gently into my mouth one at a time, gently massaging them with my tongue. I slurped up and down on the sides of his shaft and back to the head working it with my tongue. I didn’t care if he wanted 10 minutes or an hour as I never wanted this to stop. Stopping every couple of minutes to do more poppers I was in heaven.

“You’re really good at this. Way better than any of my girlfriends. None of them can deep throat or suck my cock as good as you do. Love the way you worship my cock. I hope we are going to have a long term arrangement of you sucking my cock and me fucking your sweet little ass.” he said, which only spurned me on to try harder to please him.

I don’t know how long I sucked him, time seemed to freeze and become non existent for me. I’m guessing I nursed on his cock for at least 30 minutes as I was fueled on by more poppers to keep worshiping his meaty rock hard cock for as long as he wanted. My cock was so rock hard I couldn’t help by reach down and touch it.

“Nooooo, don’t you dare do that girl!” he almost screamed at me as he quickly slapped my face open handed quite firmly, but not hard enough to really hurt me. “Don’t touch your little cock, I will make you cum when I fuck you. Understand? And I think you’re ready for that right now aren’t you my sweet little girl?”

When he stood up in front of me, I swear his cock looked like it was at least an inch plus longer now, sticking straight out from his groin. He grabbed his cock by the shaft and whacked it across my face a half dozen times. It was so hard it actually hurt more than when he slapped me with his hand. I just knelt there and took his abuse.

“Stay kneeling but scoot closer to the couch. Put your chest on the couch and arch your back out. I want your butt poking out for me. Buns up kneeling sissy.” he instructed me. As he got behind me, he knelt between my spread legs and I felt him work my knees apart so my cheeks spread even wider for him. He grabbed both my cheeks and pulled them wide apart.

“Ooooooh, what a perfect set of sweet buns you have. Any girl would die for that ass of yours. Curvy, fat and those plump twin globes, oh my God, not even one single hair between them. I’m gonna enjoy this.” he groaned.

Where he got the lubricant from, I don’t know, but I felt him smear a big glob all around my sphincter. I loved his touch, it was electric. All my millions of nerve endings in my sphincter came alive from his touch. I quickly did a huge hit of poppers and just melted into the couch waiting for him to finally penetrate me.

He started digging into me more forcefully with his index finger and I fell into a state of Nirvana. I felt his finger go as deep as it could and then he wiggled it around in me. I couldn’t help groaning and twitching my ass back towards him to get him in deeper.

“Oooooh, Baby girl got a hungry ass huh? You need another finger I think.” and as he withdrew his finger, it was quickly replaced with 2 fingers, which made me grind back on them even harder to encourage him to go deeper. I wanted to be stretched out and fucked deep. I didn’t have to wait long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32