Secret Attraction

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My day had been filled with meetings and deadlines. All I wanted to do was get on the bus and head home. I watched as the minutes ticked away getting closer to the end of the day. Thankfully I only had another half-hour. I was thinking to myself that there are two reasons why I look forward to the bus ride after work. First, I know that it means I get to go home and relax for the night. Secondly, it means that I get to sit with you for a couple of hours. I look forward to that every night! Of course, you have no idea that I have this secret attraction. And by any outward appearance it doesn’t seem that you are interested in me in that way. We have a nice friendship and I am happy with that. I know you have a girlfriend but I can’t help the way I feel. So, I guess I’ll just keep my fantasies to myself.

Finally! I’m out of here. I gather my things and make my way to the door where you are always waiting for me. As we walk to the bus station we carry on in our usual chatter about the days events. Catching the bus we hop on to find our seats. Just then the bus driver announces to us that we will have to make a stop along the way for a while. So, now that means I get to spend more time with you. That is fine by me.

As we are talking I am noticing something a little different about you today. I’m trying to figure out what it is, but can’t seem to put my finger on it. Let’s see…you look as handsome as usual. Nothing different about the way you are dressed. And then it hits me. There is something in the way you are looking at me that is different. Van Escort Maybe I’m just imagining it.

With your handsome smile you compliment me on what I am wearing. But, the way that you say it to me makes me wonder. Maybe you do realize how much I want you. Maybe it is more obvious than I thought. So, maybe you are just being a little flirty with me. You won’t get any arguments from me. I’ll take whatever I can get from you. And if flirting is the new level we have come to in this friendship, then by all means, I’m ready for it.

I can feel my heart beating faster and my stomach is feeling a little funny. If only you could read my thoughts. And then you shock me. You say you have something you have to confess to me. I’m sure I have no idea what you are about to say to me. You tell me that you are attracted to me and have been for a while, but because you have a girlfriend you knew it wasn’t appropriate. Besides, we are co-workers and you didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable. I could feel my face instantly blush. And you lean back a bit with a curious look on your face. You ask me if you have said something to make me feel weird. And I reply telling you, “No not at all. You just surprised me.” I tell you that I, too, have been harboring a secret attraction.

Just then the bus driver announces to us that we will be making the stop in about 5 minutes and we will be there for about an hour. As we pull into the station I’m thinking to myself, what are we going to do now? I’m feeling a little awkward because all I can think about now, Van Escort Bayan knowing that you are attracted to me too, is getting you in some room somewhere and enjoying each others company a little more. We arrived at the terminal and grab a soda and you give me this look and say follow me. I follow you without hesitation into one of the smaller waiting rooms. When we get there, there is nobody in the room except us. Just then you turn and start moving closer to me and this makes me move backwards towards this little inlet. My heart is pounding now as you approach me. Without any words you step forward and run your hand along my waist around my back and lean into me. Bending down just a bit your lips touched mine. I have fantasized about this moment, time and time again. I didn’t want it to end. I knew we didn’t have long and as our kisses became more heated I asked you if you wanted to go someplace else. No words needed, you just took my hand in yours and we walked to one of the bathrooms. Thankfully, this place was immaculate because my thoughts most certainly weren’t.

As we walked in you locked the door and quickly picked me up and placed me on the counter. Placing your hand on the back of my head you pulled me closer to you and our lips pressed firmly together. Our tongues were circling one another. My legs were wrapped around your waist. I could feel your hardness pushing against HER lips. Your hands reached up under my shirt and snapped my bra off in an instant. As your hands came around to take hold of my breasts I let out a soft Escort Van moan. And my hands found their way to your pants and undid them. Reaching down inside I took hold of your cock. I said to you, “I want to feel you inside of me” in a low whisper. And without any hesitation you slid my skirt up and pulled my panties off. The counter was a perfect height. It was like I couldn’t get your pants down quick enough. But, just as I did you pulled my hips to the edge of the counter, spread my legs apart and thrust your cock inside of my dripping pussy. As you entered me I let out a moan. It took me a moment to realize that this wasn’t just another one of my many fantasies about you. This was truly happening. I savored every thrust within me.

You picked me up and leaned me against the wall and continued to slide your cock in and out of me. It felt like every nerve ending was on fire. I started to moan and you did too. Your moans turn me on even more as I tell you to fuck me harder. You started to fuck me faster and then you slowed your pace a bit and you were just grinding inside of me. If only I could freeze this moment in time, right now. To be able to hold onto the way my body feels at this moment would be amazing. I can feel my body hanging on the edge of pure pleasure. As I start to climax I can feel your hands gripping tighter on my ass cheeks as your body starts to thrust in me once again. This deep groan comes from your throat as I start to feel your cock throbbing inside of me. We both look at each other with a smile and you kissed me again. Without many words we start to get dressed.

Could this be the beginning of other fun little escapades? I sure hope so. Maybe someday I can live out some of my other fantasies I have had about us. We’ll see…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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