Rose in Winter Ch. 03

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Dogging Wife

Kat woke stretching her arms above her head. The sun shone brightly through her bedroom window reflecting off her long silky jet black hair. She rose from the bed and strode to the bathroom. Kat paused at the mirror catching her reflection. For twenty eight she was older than years, she’d been through so much. She had soulful emerald green eyes that would change with her mood, but most noticeable when she was irritated for they turned a golden shade. Half Irish and half Cherokee she was a stunning vision with her straight black hair, high cheekbones, and her slightly sun kissed skin.

Kat turned the water on and splashed her face to revive herself. “Good morning sunshine,” Frank quipped. At forty he was a handsome man with the bluest of eyes and straight short brown hair. He was an Englishman with a sultry voice, that had been what turned Kat on the most. Well that and his immense appetite for sex. They had been lovers now for four years, Tekirdağ Escort and the passion still burned red hot.

“Good morning love,” She purred as she moved forward to kiss him, “how did you sleep?”

“Positively horrible,” he pouted “I’ve had this hard on all night and you were out like a light, care to help me out love?” Kat smiled at him beaming with the thought of getting her lover off.

“You know I would,” she purred, her demeanor at times was so catlike. She ran her nails over his chest and down to his cock grabbing hold of it like a sword and pulling him to the bed.

Kat moved quickly and pushed Frank to the bed. She was top bitch and he knew it! She was going to tear him up like she did each and every time they fucked. Kat straddled him pinning him to the bed and ran her long black nails all around his nipples. “They need bitten don’t they love,” she murmured. Frank knew he couldn’t stop her Tekirdağ Escort Bayan and her mouth found his tiny nipple and bit hard.

“Damn Kat, easy!” he mumbled. Kat smiled to herself, she had to show him she was in charge.

Reaching down she found his rock hard cock and placed it into her warm, moist cunt. Moving up and down on his rod Kat began buzzing like a cat. Frank smiled and grabbed her hips helping her move faster on his rod. He loved hearing her purr like a kitty; she was his Kat after all.

Kat impaled herself all the way down onto Franks cock and came hard squirting her hot juice all over him. In a quick movement she was onto of his face riding it like his cock. Frank loved having her cunt juice all over his face. He lapped her twat furiously desiring more of her delicious cum filling his mouth. His tongue probed her clit, circling it vicariously before his teeth bit down on her. She moaned Escort Tekirdağ and bucked up against him riding his face hard.

Kat let out a loud groan and her pussy gushed soaking Frank with all her substance. He liked her like a thirsty puppy, making sure he got every juicy drop. He could never get enough of her voracious sexual appetite.

Kat moved from Franks face and buried hers on his savory cock. She began to lick and tease every inch of his veiny thick rod. He groaned as she took him completely into her mouth, his dick deep in her throat. That always set him over the edge and he began to fuck her face like it was her pussy, hard and fast.

Kat’s throat felt like his sword was raping her. Faster and harder Frank plunged his hardness into her throat, damn near making her pass out for lack of air. He needed to explode and he knew she loved to drink his jism as much as he would give it to her. She was his cum dumpster; his dirty whore.

In one last thrust deep in her throat Frank released and blew his wad down Kat’s throat without warning. She felt the hot thick juice that she craved filling her mouth and she orgasmed herself. Always the perfect slut she swallowed it all, sucking him dry.

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