New Life

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My heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Tall Poppy for helping me with the editing of this story. Hope you guys enjoy.


Rachel stood outside the door of the apartment. Her right hand moved up and down the side of her jeans, wiping off the wetness on her palm. Coming here… making the decision to be with her would end up hurting another. ‘But it’s how I feel… What I want!’ She thought to herself. Taking a deep breath and exhaling loudly, Rachel lifted her hand, unlocking the door to enter. A door that slowly opened to her new life….


A year ago…

‘Head hurts…. What are those noises?’ Rachel’s head felt like someone had poked a hot iron into her skull, making it hurt to open her eyes. She could hear sounds like a machine humming and a beeping noise that was close to her side. She tried to move her arm but the searing pain brought on by her movement made her gasp out loud.

“Oh my God! She’s awake! Call the Doctor!” A female voice said loudly. Then she felt a hand brushing back her hair tenderly. “Rachel? Can you hear me? Can you open your eyes?” The same voice asked her.

As she slowly opened her eyes, Rachel saw an Asian woman in her 60’s standing beside her bed. “Oh thank God! Taylor! She’s awake! She’s awake!” The woman started to cry. “We thought we’d lost you!”

Rachel tried to say something to console the woman, but had difficulty finding her voice. As she cleared her throat, she saw another woman hesitantly approach the bed from the same side. This one was younger, probably in her mid 30’s with brown curly hair, round brown eyes, and creamy white skin.

Clearing her throat again, Rachel tried to speak. “Who are you?” She asked both women who looked shocked at her question. “You called me Rachel. Is that my name? What happened to me?” She asked the older woman.

Before either woman could respond, the Doctor came in with a nurse in tow. “Well now! I see our patient has finally decided to join us! You gave your mom and your partner quite a scare there.” He said, smiling at the women then asking Rachel: “How are you feeling?”

“Ummm… I don’t remember anything. Who am I? Why am I here? Who are they?” She answered. “I’m sorry.” She apologized as she saw the two women wince at her not being able to recognize them.

“Ok let me see if I can fill in the blanks: you are Rachel Reyes. You are here because you were a victim of an attempted robbery of a grocery store across the street from where you live. You were shot, but luckily for you, the bullet grazed your head — the furrow was pretty deep, but no actual brain tissue was injured by the bullet. However, due to the impact, you had massive swelling in your brain. Initially, we could not be certain if there was a bleed in your brain, so for your own safety we induced a coma as you weren’t responding to the usual meds. You have been in a coma for just over a month. It seems you have amnesia and we won’t know if it is temporary or permanent until we complete a battery of tests.” The doctor responded in a kind voice. “Also because of the coma, you will most definitely need physical therapy before you walk again as your muscles have atrophied. However, with therapy and your determination we will have you mobile in no time. As for these two beautiful ladies, this is your Mom, Agnes and this is your partner, Taylor. Now that the introductions have been done, I will leave you ladies alone so you can talk.” With that, the doctor left the room.

Rachel looked at the two ladies again. Her mom was on the left side of the bed. “So… you’re my mom?” Rachel asked and her mom nodded. “I’m so sorry I don’t remember you.” Agnes just tenderly brushed back the hair from Rachel’s face and said with a quivering voice: “It’s alright. The important thing is that you are back with us and we will have you better in no time.”

Looking at Taylor beside her mom, she asked “So…you’re my partner? How long have we been together?”

The other woman looked like she was in pain when the question was asked. Clearing her throat, Taylor responded: “Ummm… Close to ten years.” Her eyes teared up as she said this.

“Hey…are you ok?” Rachel asked worriedly, seeing the expression on Taylor’s face.

Agnes looked from her daughter to Taylor, smiled and grabbed hold of each of their hands, bringing them together. The moment her hand touched that of Taylor’s, Rachel felt an electric current go up her arm and flood through her body. “She’s OK. Aren’t you, Taylor?” Agnes said, looking at Taylor and giving her a wink. “She was just really worried about you, dear.” She let go of both their hands, leaving them still linked together.

Rachel, loving the feel of the skin on skin contact with Taylor, continued to hold on. She slowly started to rub her thumb across the skin of her partner, feeling her shiver just a bit. “I’m so sorry I worried you.”

Taylor half-smiled, her body reacting to the touch of Rachel. ‘God! It has really been a while since we’ve had any type of contact Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort like this! I never thought I could actually miss such a simple touch.’ She thought to herself. Realizing that she had yet to respond to Rachel’s apology she squeezed her hand to reassure her.

“It’s alright…you couldn’t have known what was to happen. Just don’t do anymore ice-cream runs late at night.” Taylor replied trying to lighten the mood.

“Well, I most definitely won’t be doing that considering I can’t use my legs.” Rachel replied with a smirk. ‘It’s funny that even though I don’t remember these two women I feel a certain kinship to them.’ She thought to herself.

“Now don’t you be saying that! You have to be positive!” Agnes inserts. “The doctor said that with a little therapy and a whole lot of determination from you we can get you mobile!”

“We? Don’t you mean me?” She asked.

“No. I mean exactly what I said and I did say we. As in, you, me and Taylor. Isn’t that right, Taylor?” She turned to Taylor as she asked the question.

“Yes. Yes of course. I will be bringing you over to your sessions in the morning and if I have to go in for work then Mom here could take my place.”

“Well that settles it then. We will do this!” Agnes stated emphatically, her face beaming, making her look younger than her years.


A week later….

Rachel was riding beside Taylor on their way home after being discharged from the hospital. Taylor’s face was serious as she manoeuvred the small red car along the busy highway. Her left hand was on the steering wheel and her right hand was on top of the stick shift. Her thumb lightly tapped on the wheel as the sound of ‘Freshly Ground’s — I’d like’ played softly in the background.

Rachel, for lack of anything to do was looking at the dashboard of the vehicle. Inspecting all the dials and buttons, she was suddenly struck by the funny thought that the emergency light button looked like something you would see on an espresso-maker.

‘Either I’m that bored or I’m losing it.’ She thought wryly. As she looked down to her left she saw Taylor’s right hand holding on to the stick shift and began admiring the soft white skin and long fingers of her partner. It looked smooth, delicate and beautiful. She suddenly had a vision so clear in her head of two hands – brown one atop the white one with fingers intertwined as they were holding on to a stick shift. Before she could stop herself, her left hand lifted from her lap and moved on top of Taylor’s hand, startling her.

“Oh!” She jumped a little as she said this.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.” Rachel quickly took her hand away.

“It’s alright. I was just so concentrated on the traffic. What’s wrong?” She asked but in actuality was deep in thought and so very nervous to be bringing Rachel home. ‘What if she starts to wonder and ask about us? What if she starts to remember little things about how we really were as a couple?’

“Nothing’s wrong. I… I just saw your hand and…ummm….wanted to touch and hold it as you drove. Stupid huh?” She said sheepishly, looking down.

“No. It’s not stupid. When we drove anywhere together you would put your hand on top of mine and intertwine our fingers as I hold on to the gear shift.” Rachel noticed the slight blush on Taylor’s face as she said this.

“I did? I do? I just saw that vision in my head right before I placed my hand atop yours. So I do that huh?”

“Yes you do.” Taylor answered, but her thoughts was saying a different thing. ‘You used to do that and other things. You used to not be able to touch me… my hand… my arm… my curls… God! I really missed that! I missed you!’ She wanted to say her thoughts out loud, but could not. Not now.

“So… Could I… I mean… Could I touch and hold you as you drive?” Rachel asked.

“You want to?”

“Ummm… Yes I do… Unless it messes with your driving, then it’s alright.”

“No… No… It doesn’t bother my driving… Please do.” Taylor said with a slight pleading note in her voice. She craved Rachel’s touch.

With that said, Rachel lifted her hand again and gently placed it on top of Taylor’s. The moment their hands touched, they both felt the slight current of electricity that went through them. Taylor turned to look at Rachel and saw her watching their hands intently.

“What is it?” She asked.

“Is it just me? Or does that look good to you too?”

“What does? Our hands?”

“Yes our hands…but also the colour of our hands…brown and white…together like that.” Rachel whispered. Looking up, Rachel suddenly noticed the traffic flow around them.

“Taylor, the right lane is faster.”

“Yes I noticed that.”

“Don’t you want to change lanes and go there?”

“Not really.”




“I find that I like…no…let me correct myself…I love driving leisurely with your hand on mine.” Both women looked at each other and gave each other a shy smile as they drove home.


As Taylor opened the door to the apartment, Rachel’s mouth was open in awe at what she was seeing. “Is this ours? Is this our home?” She asked while wheeling herself in. “How big is it? How many rooms are there? How do we keep it clean? How can we afford this? What the heck do we both do for a living?” She fired off so many questions while wheeling around in circles.

“Whoa! That’s a whole lot of questions there!” Taylor laughed, “Let me see if I can answer all of them.” She stood up, holding on to Rachel’s wheelchair from behind. “Yes it’s ours. We bought it in the fourth year that we were together. It’s 2,690 square feet. It has four bedrooms consisting of the master bedroom, one guest bedroom and the other two bedrooms we converted into a gym and office for both of us. We generally keep it clean with a house help that comes in everyday except weekends from 8 in the morning till 5 in the afternoon. We could afford this because we both have good, high paying jobs. You are a part owner of a successful company that does mergers and acquisitions. I’m a Senior Editor for a known publishing house and I dabble in writing now and again. In fact, I have sold 5 books in the almost ten years that we’ve been together. Now – have I answered all of your questions?” Taylor took a deep breath as she finished. She then saw that Rachel was just staring at her wide-eyed, with her mouth wide open.

She approached Rachel and kneeling in front of her touched her arm gently. “Hey…hey my angel baby…are you alright?” She whispered worriedly. “I’m sorry if I gave you too much information there. I forgot that you’re still trying to remember things. That all of this is like new to you.”

Rachel’s body shivered a bit when Taylor called her ‘my angel baby.’ She had a vision of two naked bodies moving together…a sheen of perspiration on both their bodies making them glisten as they aligned themselves…a voice whispering “my angel baby.”

“Could you say that again?” Rachel asked the woman kneeling before her.

“What? Everything I’ve just said?” Taylor’s fingers gently glided against Rachel’s arm.

“No. When you called me ‘my angel baby.’ I liked that. Could you call me that again?”

“My angel baby.” Taylor whispered with a teary smile on her face. “You always did love it when I call you that. Would you like to freshen up before having something to eat?” She added as she stood.

“Yes please?!” Rachel responded excitedly.

“Alright. Come on, follow me. I’ve had Lourdes – she’s the house help – prepare the bath before she left a few minutes ago.” Taylor led the way to their bedroom.

As they entered the en-suite bathroom, Taylor positioned the wheelchair close to the bath tub and checked to feel the water temperature. As she bent down to do this her curls fell to cover the side of her face and Rachel felt such a longing to reach out and tuck it behind those cute delicate ears.

“Oh good! Just right!” Taylor turned to Rachel. “Do you want me to help you take off your clothes?”

“Ummm…OK.” Rachel shyly responded.

Taylor once again knelt in front of Rachel and slowly started to take off her clothes. She noticed that Rachel’s breathing started to become ragged and she seemed to be feeling shy about her nakedness. She made herself remember that to Rachel she was to all intents and purposes virtually a stranger. She cupped and lifted Rachel’s face in her hand. “Hey, I know that to you I’m a stranger seeing your nakedness for the first time. But I want you to know that for me I have known you in every sense of the word for almost ten years. You have and always will be beautiful to me.” She lovingly whispered. Rachel took a calming breath and smiled.

“Ok?” Taylor asked.

“Yes, OK.” Rachel affirmed.

After hearing this, she stood up to take her clothes off leaving on her bright turquoise bra and pair of blue and red ‘days of the week’ underwear. Rachel just sat with a wide-eyed look at the sight before her.

As Taylor looked down at Rachel and saw her expression, she realizes what she had done. “Oh my God! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable! It’s just that with my helping you with the bath I didn’t want to end up getting my clothes wet. I’ll just put them back on!” Bending down, she began to gather her clothes but was halted by Rachel’s hand grabbing hold of her arm.

“No please don’t! I’m not uncomfortable with what you did. I was….I was just surprised at your very colourful and cute ensemble there.” She said, blushing.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure. I hope I don’t make you uncomfortable in saying that the turquoise bra and those panties really look good on your white, creamy skin.” Rachel blushed more furiously.

“Oh! You are still so adorable even with amnesia you know that?” Taylor laughed as she started to help Rachel with her bath.

As soon as she had Rachel in the tub, she knelt beside it and began to rub her body with a soapy sponge. ‘God! I haven’t done this in a really long time! Don’t let me lose it now!’ Taylor silently prayed to be able to keep it together.

She started with Rachel’s neck, going slowly down towards her shoulders…then her arms…softly stroking the top of her chest. She circled the sponge on each breast making Rachel’s nipples darken and become taut. Both women started to breathe hard and as Taylor looked at Rachel’s face she saw that her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip.

“Ok now! I think you’re all nice and clean in front how about bending forward a bit so I could wash your back there?” Taylor said a bit loudly, making Rachel open her eyes and do just that. As she leaned back again after having her back washed, Taylor gave her the sponge for her to wash herself.

“I…uh…think it would be better if you were to take over from here.” Taylor stammered.

“Ummm…OK.” Rachel took the sponge and did so. Once done, she handed it back to Taylor and watched as the soapy water drained out the tub and she was thoroughly rinsed, dried and brought back to the wheelchair for her to be dressed in her nightclothes.

“Ready for dinner?” Taylor asked Rachel as she put on her robe.

“Yes I am!” Rachel responded with a smile as they both headed off towards the kitchen.


“Is it OK to ask you some questions?” Rachel asked as they were having their dinner.

“Of course. What is it?” Taylor put down her fork as she gave her attention to the woman across from her.

“What do I call you?”

“Ummm… What do you mean?”

“Well you call me ‘my angel baby.’ I have to assume that I have an endearment for you as well. Unless I’m one of those boring types that just calls their partner by their name? Now that’s sad.”

“I actually have many endearments for you and you for me. But you almost always call me ‘my baybee.’ Which I find totally adorable.” Taylor smiled while saying this.

Closing her eyes, Rachel had a vision of her running towards Taylor, toppling her down on the bed as she called out to her excitedly ‘Baybee! My beautiful, beautiful baybee!’ kissing her all over her face with Taylor laughing out loud.

“Having another vision there?” Taylor asked, beginning to recognise when her partner was having one.

Opening her eyes and looking at Taylor. “Yes.” She smiled.

“Care to share?”

“It was me running towards you, toppling you down on the bed saying ‘Baybee! My beautiful, beautiful baybee!’ rather excitedly and I was kissing you all over your face while you were laughing out loud.” Rachel shared.

Taylor’s eyes started to tear and she smiled wistfully. “Yes. That was when you surprised me with this place. You came home all excited about the fact that you had signed and sealed the deal.”

“How did we meet? With our professional backgrounds it was highly unlikely that we ran in the same circles.”

“Well, it was at a dinner party that was hosted by a common friend of your business partner and a good client of mine.”

“Ooh! Was it love at first sight?” Rachel asked excitedly.

“Eh? Hardly! I could definitely say it was a total embarrassment on my part!”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“I was with a group of people discussing the latest mergers and acquisitions of a certain young and aggressive company. I started to spout off some not so kind words regarding the matter and this small woman with long silky dark hair wearing a sexy red dress and high heeled shoes started to defend said company. When I asked her what would she know about these things she said that she was one of the owners. I just wanted to shrink and have the floor swallow me whole. I was never so embarrassed in my whole life.”

“You mean that was how we met?”

“Uh-huh! And when I excused myself to go out into the garden, said sexy small woman apparently followed me and I thought she was going to let me have it. She completely took me by surprise and asked me to have dinner with her the next day saying we needed to discuss the matter further! And we never looked back.” Taylor said with a grin.

“Wow! Are you sure we’re talking about me here?”

“Oh hell, yeah! You were so sure and confident about yourself in a quiet way that it made you hella sexy! For me that is.” Taylor admitted, blushing.

“Wow! I don’t know what to say.” Rachel shook her head as she said this.

“Well I do. Seeing how late it is and with you starting your therapy session early tomorrow morning it’s time for you to go to bed.”

“Alright. I am feeling a bit bushed.” Rachel admitted with a slight yawn.


As both women were sleeping side by side, Rachel’s body began to twitch, dreaming about that horrific night she got shot. In her dream, she entered the grocery store with her head down taking out the amount of money needed for her ice-cream. As she entered, she lifted her head and saw the barrel of a gun pointed at her. Before she could even react the sound of a loud bang reverberated in her ears and she felt the searing pain on her head as she fell backwards.

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