Happy Ending Ch. 03

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Cum Slut

This is a work of fiction, based on no true experiences or actual people.

** The Happy Ending 3 – The Science of LSRT **

Michele had contacted me discretely, asking that we meet for dinner and some conversation regarding work she was doing related to massage therapy. I was happy to do it, and we set the date for a week out at a pleasant spot that was out of the way and not frequented by anyone either of us knew. I arrived early as usual, and was half way through my beer when she arrived.

“Thanks for coming” she said with a warm smile. “I only have a few clients I can really talk to, so…”

“No problem lady. Glad to do it.” I told her, giving her a warm hug. “What can I order for you?” I asked.

“Um… what the hell, I can do one drink, right?” she laughed. “I’ll have a Cosmo” she replied.

Rather than waiting I went to the bar, ordered the drink as well as another beer for myself, and returned to the table. “Thanks” Michele said, giving me a wink as she took the glass.

I nodded in response. “So… what’s cookin’?” I asked, eager to hear whatever she had to propose.

“Well… I have a new set of techniques and protocols I have named Libido Stress Reduction Therapy, or LSRT for short.” she began. “And yes, it is closely related to what you and I have done in our two special sessions.” she told me.

“Sounds interesting. How can I help?” I asked, taking a sip of my brew.

Michele reached down and took out a file labeled ‘LSRT’, setting it on the table in front of me. “I would like you to take a look at this, let me know what you think. I may even make a formal proposal to the AMT group if this works out.” she said, giving me a smile.

I opened the folder and began skimming the document, which had a fair amount of ‘science’ in it which went over my head; but some of the keys had to do with the therapist training the muscles of her rear opening to work the penis of the client in specific ways to relieve stress in the organs, nerves, and muscles associated with the libido. The document was very clear in stating that it was NOT about sexual release; but was truly a stress relief therapy. Her studies went on to explain why the anus and rectum were uniquely capable of providing this therapy IF the therapist was properly trained. Fifteen minutes after I opened the folder I closed it, raising my glass. “I’m not any sort of doctor so I can’t really comment on the science; but I can say from experience that the therapy works.” I told her.

“Okay. Well I’m sure you wouldn’t mind helping with my research, right?” she asked. I nodded in response. “Great. One of the most important aspects of this project will be training other therapists to perform this particular treatment.” she continued.

Um… okay, so…” I let my words trail off.

“So I’ll be asking you to accept your treatment from other therapists and report back to me on their results.” Michele told me. She looked up and nodded to someone behind me, and a lovely young woman appeared. “Ray, this is Raina” she introduced us. I stood up and accepted her hand.

“Pleased to meet you sir. Michele has told me you are a valued client and have been involved with her in this project.” Raina said as she shook my hand, her eyes locked on mine.

“Yes, indeed I have” I replied, sitting down again as she joined us.

“So… Ray… have you had anal sex with Michele?” she asked a question I quickly realized was ‘trick’.

“No. No I haven’t. What I have done is experience a very special therapy during my massage sessions.” I replied, getting a nod and a smile from Michele.

“Good answer Ray.” Raina said, adding her own smile to the group. She really was quite striking; but looked very young. “I just don’t want to think that this therapy somehow labels me as some kind of… you know… prostitute.” she added.

“Not at all Raina. If all I wanted was sex I can get that elsewhere. What I have received from Michele is in fact a very special therapy. That it involves parts of our bodies which might otherwise be considered sexual organs is really not relevant.” I responded. “The benefits associated with the therapy are far deeper than just sex.” I added, getting a nod from Michele.

“I see, so you don’t perceive this therapy as sexual?” Raina pursued.

At this point Michele interceded. “I think Ray has answered that already, so there’s really no need to go any further.” she said. “Ray, let me fill you in on the project, where we are now, what Raina’s role will be and all that, okay?” she suggested. I nodded. “Alright, well I’ve been given a green light by the institute to proceed with my research in a strictly limited fashion. I met Raina through the graduate placement program, and she is interested in joining the project – along with my private massage therapy practice – as my intern.” Michele began.

“Ah… so she will be watching and learning?” I suggested.

“Well… no actually…” Raina responded. “I’ve been training with Michele, and will be doing some of the therapy once she passes me on to those exercises.” she told me.

Michele nodded. “Yes, that’s right. And I believe Raina is getting very close to being ready to take on a porno session – with my supervision of course.” she added.

“And… you would like me to be her… eh… practice dummy?” I asked with a laugh.

“Guinea Pig would be a better analogy I think; but yes.” Michele said, joining in the laugh. “At your next therapy session, which I think is next week, she will be providing both the massage and the… uh… LSR therapy.” she added, winking at me.

Raina excused herself to the restroom, leaving Michele and I alone for a few minutes. I had the opportunity to take a quick look at her luscious round backside as she walked away, and Michele noticed. “She does have a fine booty, doesn’t she?” she laughed. “Listen Ray, I wouldn’t ask anyone else to do this for me. Raina is young; but honestly she has approached every aspect of this thing with clinical precision with an eye toward the science of it. I know it sounds a little funny; but she has been so diligent about the training and conditioning of her muscles – you know – back there…” she continued. She gave a quick wave, letting me know Raina was on her way back. When she arrived at the table Michele got up. “Ray, sorry to do this to you; but I really must get back. I’ll see you next week. Raina, feel free to hang here with Ray if you like. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” she said, throwing her bag over her shoulder and turning to walk away.

Raina smiled at me nervously. “So… Ray… what does a girl have to do to get a drink around here?” she giggled. “I’ll have what you’re having.” she added.

A lovely young woman with a fantastic derriere drinks beer! I thought, walking to the bar to bring back two cold ones. “Here you are my dear.” I said, setting the frosted mug down to pour her glass. “Cheers!”

She took a sip of her brew, eyeing me the whole time. “Okay Ray, so most of the men I’ve been with have wanted me to… you know… use my mouth to get them ready” she said. I let her continue. “So do you want… or need… oral stimulation to get your… organ ready for… you know…” she stammered. “Michele mentioned that she did that for you; but that you didn’t need it.” she added.

“Raina, I won’t lie to you, I enjoy fellatio as much as the next warm-blooded male. And Michele offered that as a part of the therapy so I let her provide the service.” I told her. “But I don’t think I would need oral stimulation from either of you.” I concluded.

She nodded. “Okay, well thank you. I admit I don’t find fellatio to be a particularly enjoyable act.” she said.

I caught that. “Raina, it isn’t about enjoyment. It’s therapy.” I clarified.

“Um… true enough I guess… I don’t know…” Raina replied.

I held up my hand. “Listen sweetie. Just relax. Michele knows what she’s doing. If she thinks you’re ready for this, then you are ready for this. I’m happy to be your guinea pig.” I told her.

Raina drank half of her beer as she thought about things. “Thanks Ray. I guess the whole idea that I’m going to let you put your…. penis… in my…” she stammered.

“Whoa there a second. This is therapy. I am the patient, not some kind of sexual predator sweetie. You decide when – and how – this all happens.” I calmed her.

She laughed, finishing her beer and giving the barkeep the signal for another round. “Geez. I’m such a nerd.” she said. “I’m not letting you f-fuck me up the ass, I’m using my rectal channel as a therapy instrument.” she giggled. “Doesn’t that sound funny?” she asked, giggling at the thought.

I shook my head. “Not at all. That’s precisely what we’re talking about.” I told her. “That is what Michele’s project is all about.” I added.

Raina stood up. “I’m sorry. Beer just goes through me. I’ll be right back.” she said, letting her fingertips drag up my forearm as she walked to the restroom. I took the opportunity to take in a more complete look this time, damn near drooling at Raina’s fantastic rump. Yes indeed. I shall gladly let her squeeze my dick in that backside I thought.

We finished another beer then bid each other a pleasant evening, looking forward to the next session at Michele’s. While I knew the very pleasant – and a bit sexual – experience I was accustomed to wouldn’t be there, I also knew I would be enjoying the snug channel hiding between those incredible butt cheeks. Raina had confessed that she’d had anal intercourse only a few times, and while she enjoyed the sensations associated with the actual penetration of her anus and rectum, the men she was with were ill-prepared, inexperienced, and clumsy which made the whole thing just a bit uncomfortable. I shall be as deft and as gentle as I can I vowed to myself.

The day finally arrived and I drove up to Michele’s very private Therapy Alcove, noting that both Michele’s car and another I wasn’t familiar with were parked in the carport. The little Honda suited Raina’s personality. Must be hers. I parked and walked into the lobby, the door ringing a bell when I entered. Michele appeared, wearing a more ‘normal’ outfit of jeans and a relatively thin shirt. “Hey Ray.” she greeted me. “Raina is almost ready. We’ve just been going over some things.” she told me.

“No problem. I’m early as usual.” I replied.

“I know I don’t need to say this; but just let her do all the work.” Michele said softly. “She needs to build up some confidence and all that.”

I nodded in acknowledgement just as Raina appeared in the doorway, dressed in a snug-fitting cotton shirt and khaki pants that hugged her form in a tasteful way. She gave me a broad smile. “Hi Ray. Are you ready for me?” she asked.

“I think so!” I replied, following her lead into the therapy room. I gave Michele a wink as I passed by, getting one from her in return.

“Anything in particular you want me to work on?” Raina asked, blushing almost immediately. “I mean… you know…”

“Nope.” I replied. “Just a tuneup this time.”

“Okay, you know the drill. I’ll be back when you’re ready.” she said, leaving the room and closing the door behind her. I stripped quickly and lay down on the table, face down and covered with the blanket. A minute later the door opened and both ladies enterred. Raina began very much the same as Michele did, kneading the oils into my back as her skilled fingers found the places that required her attention. After working my back, shoulders, and neck she moved down to my legs and feet then covered me. “Turn over please Ray” she said, holding the blanket away from me to enable my flip. Again her hands worked my legs, reaching up my thighs to gently touch my genitals before moving back up to knead and stretch my arms and shoulders. She had her act together and quickly stripped out of her khaki’s and panties before coating her palm with a different oil to gently fondle and stroke my cock under the covers. “Okay Ray, we’re moving on to the LSR therapy now – if you’re ready.” Raina said, her fingers quickly bringing my organ to full strength. “If you wouldn’t mind, I would appreciate no touching during the therapy; but kindly be ready to spot me. I haven’t done this part of it for real yet.” she giggled, stepping onto the small stool before climbing onto the table with me. She swung one leg over my torso, facing toward me as she reached back to guide my dick. “Here we go” she said, lowering her hips until my cockhead was pressed against her anus. “nnNNN” she let out a low grunt as my organ pushed past her sphincter for the first time. “ohhhh” Raina let out another low moan, easing her hips downward to take my shaft into her rectal chute.

“Okay Raina. Just relax and let the phallus penetrate you.” Michele told her, watching carefully as her protege’ executed her training for the first time. “That’s it… easy now… you want full penetration before your muscles begin the therapy. And Ray, I know this will sound a little odd; but please try to relax so Raina can get some practice with the therapy techniques.” she added, leaning in close to watch as my cock pushed fully into Raina’s asshole. “There we go, all the way in. Now just relax for a minute before you go to work honey. Let your body get used to it first.” Michele provided guidance.

I was in a bit of a conflict with the pretty young woman trying to remain ‘clinically distant’ from me with my penis fully engulfed in her rectum and her face just inches from mine. Had it been Michele there would have been a lot more touching and kissing going on; but I understood the objective. Raina’s asshole was very tight, being unaccustomed to penile penetration of any kind. I could tell she was having a tough time as her butt trembled with small spasms while she tried to relax. These twitches were completely involuntary; but they still had an affect on my organ inside her. I offered my hands on her shoulders to keep the small distance between our torsos. “Relax Raina. Don’t worry about me right now. I’ll do my best not to lose it.” I told her in as reassuring a voice as I could muster. It took several minutes before her bottom calmed down.

“Ray… does it… feel good?” Raina asked, remaining still on top of me. “I mean…”

“It feels very nice Raina. Just relax sweetie.” I replied, making every effort to refrain from twitching my penis inside her ass.

“Okay Raina. Let’s see if you can control those muscles now.” Michele directed. “Nice and easy. Just give the penis a little massage.” she added, knowing exactly what she was talking about.

Her butt was definitely full, much moreso than it was when she was practicing on the Sybian Michele had set up for her. Raina closed her eyes and clenched, once… twice… and on the third deliberate clench her rectal chute spasmed several times involuntarily. “unnghhh” she grunted, focusing her nerve centers to return to the relaxed state. “Uh… sorry…” she mumbled, moving her hips up and back down slowly. Ray’s penis twitched inside her and she could feel him doing the same – focusing hard to get back to the relaxed state. “thanks Ray” she whispered.

“You’re doing fine guys.” Michele said. “Focus is the key to making this therapy work.” she added.

“uh… Michele?” I got her attention. She came up to stand next to my face. “I think maybe more lube would help both of us.” I suggested, fighting another twitch.

“Okay, we can do that.” Michele said. “Raina, why don’t you just ease yourself up and off of Ray and let me add some lubricant.” she directed, watching as the young woman slowly pulled her hips up until my cock slipped from her rear. To my surprise I felt Michele’s mouth engulf my cock – just for a few seconds – adding her spittle to coat my organ before she slipped the lube applicator into Raina’s bottom and gave it a healthy squeeze. “Two fingers now Raina” she said, and I watched Raina’s face contort with the intrusion as again Michele gave my dick a nice suck. “Alright, let’s go back in there.” Michele said, guiding my penis to the slippery wrinkle between Raina’s cheeks. “Easy does it… easy… good… all the way in” she directed the penetration. Her asshole was still tight; but it was easier. “Is that better Ray?” she asked. I nodded and gave her a wink.

The added lube made the penetration easier, and gave the walls of Raina’s rectal chute more freedom to move on my shaft without triggering spasms in either of us. A long minute of focused relaxation and we were ready to try again. She opened her eyes and looked at me as if to ask permission, and I nodded as my hands gently grasped her shoulders. Her eyes closed again, and I felt her clench once… twice… three times… four times… then on the fifth her anal ring clenched hard. Raina groaned. “Relax sweetie. You’ll get there. Just relax.” I said softly. We held still for several minutes before the next round, for more than thirty minutes we worked through the exercise, pausing for additional lubricant one more time. Raina could get through a dozen controlled muscle actions, then her natural responses would take over and her tight little butthole would quiver around my penis, drawing a response from my organ every time.

“OhhhhKaayyyy kids, I think we’ve done well for the first session.” Michele said. “Great job Raina. Now let’s let Ray reach his finish this time. Don’t worry if you move up and down, it’s natural.” she added.

Raina relaxed one final time, then began working my cock in earnest. I could see in her face that she was enjoying the ‘task’ in a way that was unmistakably sexual, muffling her own squeals as her hips started easing up and down. The muscle contractions became spasms and convulsions as her asshole rode up and down my shaft. “ohhhhhyes.” I grunted, trying to refrain from grabbing her hips to pound my dick up her butt. Raina did a fine job of that, her hips becoming almost a blur as she took my penis deep into her anal port, squeezing hard with her sphincter on every stroke. “ohgodd… yes… YES…. YEAHHHHH….” I growled, my balls emptying into her bowels in spurts of pure pleasure. Raina stayed there with her ass full of my meat until my breathing returned to normal, then gently eased herself off of my still erect cock as Michele helped her dismount from the table.

“Did you enjoy that Ray?” Raina asked, giggling softly.

“Oh yes Raina. You did very well.” I replied, trying to keep it clinical.

“Yes you did Raina. Great job.” Michele said, putting her arm around the girl’s shoulder. “You can go ahead and cleanup now” she said, watching Raina grab her panties and khaki’s before she headed out of the room. She pulled a couple of sanitary wipes from the dispenser and gently wiped off my genitals. I was still rock hard, and her touch was almost too much. My dick twitched in her hand and she looked into my eyes. “Hey now mister.” she laughed. “Therapy session is over” she added. Her voice changed to a whisper. “I’ll get Raina off to work and we can continue if you like” she said, dipping her head to gently suckle on the head of my dick before heading out of the room to intercept her protege’.

I laid there, letting my libido calm down a little bit as I waited. A knock came at the door. “Yes?” I responded. Raina poked her head in, a big smile on her pretty face. “Okay Ray, I’m off. Thanks for putting up with me, I hope it wasn’t too bad.” she giggled. “See you next time?” she queried.

“It was very nice Raina, you did great. I’ll definitely see you next time.” I replied, returning her smile.

She disappeared and shortly afterward I heard the front door close as she left, then her car started and rolled away. A minute later Michele came back into the room, pulling her shirt over her head before yanking off her jeans and panties. She came to the table, grinning as her fingers wrapped around my penis which had begun to soften while I waited. “Ooooo… he needs a little somethin’ I think” she said, quickly moving to wrap her lips around my meat. I reached down to grab a handful of her tiny little butt, insinuating a finger between her cheeks as she sucked my cock. She showed her strength, hoisting her body up and over me to straddle my face without losing oral contact with my dick. My hands grabbed her buttocks, spreading them to reveal her snug little wrinkle as my tongue flicked at her clit and lapped the length of her damp petals. We only needed a few minutes and she was ready, swinging her body around without taking her fingers off my member as she lowered herself down. “ohhhhhyessss….” she groaned as my penis enterred her bottom. Her hips slammed down onto my organ, driving it deep into her ass, then she anchored herself with her hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes. “Time for some THERAPY” she growled, clenching her rectal muscles around my dick in controlled ripples of exquisite tension.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32