Bookstore Adventures

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Asian Sissies

With the computer online age, a new way of meeting people came about. Gone were the days of placing personal ads in newspapers and other tree based publications. Now it was all digital.

I had been using computers since the first version of Windows. After fair number of college classes and self study, I could hold my own on figuring digital things out.

This was back when AOL and Yahoo were still relatively new. I was in my 30s, and horny as ever.

With my fair grasp of the written word, and some online game, I realized I could possibly land some equally horny women.

I sat at the terminal one evening, poking through some member database stuff. It was freely accessible back then. Before all the bad apples ruined it for everyone.

Landing on a profile of an older woman in her 40s in the next town over. She had some quote on her page. I commented on it. My interpretation of the quote was different from the obvious I guess. She wound up responding to me. And thus the chatting began.

Her name was Gail. We talk for a few days or so back and forth. I find out she is a smart cookie. Got her degree in electrical engineering and worked in sales. And she was blond! Go figure. I know. Cliche’.

So she is single and an avid reader. Apparently a very fast reader too, after she named a whole bunch of fiction she read just the past twelve months.

The conversation one evening turned to blowjobs. Some casual remark and then we are on the topic. Turns out, I like receiving them. Big surprise there right!

She mentions that it is her “favorite thing” to do for guys. I imagine a holographic green flashing light on my wall. I think to myself, “Well gosh that might be of particular interest to both of us as I sit there smiling at my desk.

I think this particular night was a weeknight. Full moon. It wasn’t dark yet, but soon. Not cold. Tee shirt weather.

Gail mentions that there is a chain bookstore just down the road from where she lives. I am familiar with it, as I had been in there a few times over the years myself. She casually mentions that she is going over there in a little while.

If that wasn’t the hint of all hints, I don’t know what was. My eyes widened. Palms started to sweat a little. I kept thinking to myself, “Don’t screw up the reply!”

So I type back, “Oh really. Well I don’t have anything going on tonight. How about I meet you over there?”

Smoooth. Like a finely polished marble counter.

She agrees! Bingo. The song “Joy to the World” briefly pops into my head.

We figure out the time. And the meet is in progress. But first I need to shower and do some grooming.

Time arrives. I am smelling good, looking good, feeling good. Got my lucky black spandex man shorts on under my jeans. I grab my wallet and keys and I am off.

Had to put the lights on, it was twilight by now. Nice drive there. Simple. Straight shot down the local highway. Maybe 20 minutes drive time. Beautiful night. Had the window down a bit as I rolled along thinking about date night at the bookstore with a bookworm blond.

Pulled into the lot. Parked in the main section. Wasn’t too busy since it was a weeknight.

Walked in, browsing the books in the entry as I passed. I spotted her fairly soon over in the fiction section racks. I knew she was heavier set. About my height. Late 40s. And cute too.

I walked up and said “Hi there, fancy meeting you here,” while I gave her a hug.

She laughed a bit. And then she took me on a tour of the non-fiction section pointing out nearly every book series she read. I was beginning to think it was the whole section. Pretty impressive.

So we wandered around the store for a while chatting. She was going to be buying a few more books. No surprise there. It was going on about 9pm. I think the store closed at 10.

Gail made her purchase. And we walked out. Dark out now. The harvest moon was very low on the horizon and big. I asked if she would like to sit in my car and chat for a bit.

She said, “Okay.”

I turned on some light tunes on the radio for background. We talked for a while about various things. Maybe 30 minutes or so.

At this point, I figured I may as well see if I can make a move. So I asked Gail, “Would you mind if I kissed you?”

She smiled and said, “No.”

So I leaned over, and we began making out in the front seats of my car. Her tongue was immediately in action. That was a bit surprising for me. But I rolled with it.

After a few minutes of making out, I let my left hand wander to her breasts. Very nice ample breasts. I massaged them, with no objection from Gail, as we continued kissing. I worked my hand inside her shirt and under her bra and played with her nipples.

There was some noise and we both looked out the windshield. Just other customers leaving. We went back to kissing. My cock was fully hard by this time. Nothing like a good kissing session to get it rock hard. My jeans were a tad uncomfortable at this point.

As we kissed, I took her hand and moved it to my crotch. She felt my erection and without hesitating, went for my button and zipper. She reached her hand in and under my shorts and had my throbbing shaft in her hand. I pushed my jeans and shorts down a bit more and we went back to making out.

Someone who was parked next to us, on my side, in a tall vehicle, got in and left. Not sure if the woman who was the passenger saw what was going on.

Gail enjoyed stroking the top half of my cock with her fingertips. And it felt really nice. The head of my cock was getting wet.

A few more minutes of breast play and passionate kissing passed. I whispered in her ear, “If you would like to suck it, you may.”

She paused and looked out the windshield briefly. Then she bent down and took my cock in her mouth. And it felt wonderful. She sucked görükle escort on the top half for a bit and then proceeded to take almost my full six inches down her throat with no problem. My eyes nearly popped out. I never had a women deep throat me before. I was in heaven.

Gail knew exactly how to work her motion. Not too fast. And regularly taking the whole shaft. I sat there and groaned in delight.

I said, “Fuck that feels soooo good.”

I moved her hair so I could see her better. My cock was in wonderland. She worked her magic on it for what seemed like ten minutes.

Slowly I could feel the pressure build. My feet pressed firmly on the floorboard of the car. I said to her, “I’m going to cum in about thirty seconds.”

She proceeded to time her motion to coincide with my orgasm. As I shot my load, she took my entire shaft down her throat and kept it there. She took every last drop. My mind was buzzing with so much pleasure, I couldn’t believe it.

Gail sat up and I looked at her.

She smiled and asked “What?”

I said, “That was awesome. And my first deep throat.”

“I told you it’s my favorite thing,” she said.

“You weren’t kidding. Thank you,” I said as I pulled my shorts and pants up.

We talked a bit more and then she got out and went to her car to head home. It was about 10pm or so by then.

I drove home with a smile all the way I think. Once home, I grabbed a bite to eat and relaxed. Flipped the tv on and did some reading.

As 11:30pm rolls around, I decide to get back on the computer before sacking out. Gail is online. I send her typed “Thank you.”

She responds, “I enjoyed it as well. I was all wet when I got home.”

My cock starts to stir again. There is a pause in the messaging.

Then she asks, “What are you thinking about?”

I type back, “I’m thinking about sliding this cock into your pussy and fucking you.”

She replies, “So what’s keeping you??”

I think to myself, holy crap. Is this even happening?

I message her, “Well it is late and you probably have to be up early for work.”

“I’m just laying in bed reading. I stay up late,” she says.

“I can be there in about thirty minutes. Will that work?”

She says, “Yes. I will leave the front door unlocked.”

“I’ll be there soon,” I say.

I log off and quickly get washed up and dressed again. I head back the same way. She is in a subdivision house not far from the bookstore. I find the house and pull in.

It’s weird yet exciting. I open the storm door and reach for the knob, and it is open. I enter, closing and locking the door behind me. I reach down and take my shoes off. I walk up the stairs glance to the right hall. The door is ajar a bit with light peeping through.

I walked up to it and pushed it open slightly. Gail glanced up from her book and smiled.

“I need to wash my hands,” I said.

“Bath is right in the hall there,” she said.

I washed and came back into the bedroom and closed the door. Took condoms out of my pocked and put them on the nightstand.

She said, “Thanks for bringing those. I don’t have any on hand.”

Stripping off all my clothes and climbed into the queen bed beside her. I played with her tits while we talked for a bit about our unique evening and happenstance of online chat.

I leaned over and kissed her and moved my mouth to her breasts. Pulling her large nipples into my mouth and sucking them. She let out a deep sign and reached for my cock, which was erect once again.

Moving down to her pussy, I laid between her legs. My tongue slowly tracing the folds of her box. I took my time, teasing her. Her moans were all I needed to know I was doing it right. She never had kids, so I was sure it was going to be a very tight fuck.

Her clit was enjoying my tongue dance on it, circling and sucking it. Her moaning grew louder. I was soon to find out she was a screamer when she came. I had one finger inside her massaging her g-spot and my lips sucking her clit while rubbing my tongue on it. She came hard. Very hard. She grabbed a pillow and screamed into it like crazy. Amazing. My cock was throbbing.

She didn’t want to be touched for a few minutes after. Her whole body was overly sensitive at that point I guess.

After she calmed a bit, I started making out with her again. She had my cock in her hand and made sure it was ready to work. Grabbing a condom, I slipped it over my shaft and positioned myself on top of Gail. I slid my cock in deep. And oh my goodness was she ever tight. Wow.

My cock won the lotto today. I pumped her, slowly at first. Pulling my member out once in a while for it to calm. Finally getting to the point where I could fuck her good and hard. She was loving it. My balls banging her. My hot shaft slamming deep into her. She was about to cum again. I picked up the pace, she held her legs back and came like crazy. As she squeezed me like a vise, I shot my load. Draining my balls for a second time that night. Wonderful.

We laid next to each other for a while. It was probably after 1am by now. I played casually with her tits. My fingertips circling them lightly. She moved her hand to my soft cock.

“Do you mind if I suck you again?” she inquired.

I smiled and said, “No. But it may take me quite a while to cum again.”

She said, “That’s okay. I am a patient women.”

And with that, she proceeded to kneel between my legs and work my soft cock with her mouth. And indeed it slowly rose again to life. I laid there in bliss as I watched her take nearly the entire length down her throat. Amazing, amazing pleasure. I don’t know how long she was at it, but she was clearly loving it. And with some skilled massaging of my balls, she got my final cum shot to release into her throat. I thought I would pass out.

She was a happy woman. I was a happy man.

When I regained my senses, I got dressed and kissed her goodnight.

As I drove home, I smiled at the wonders of online chatting.

It was not to be our last meeting. Other parking lots beckoned.

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