Getting to Know Ourselves Better Ch. 04

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A few weeks went past without me finding another guy to make it with but much to my pleasure Sue continued to enjoy fucking me with her strap-on whilst Jean and she regularly took pleasure in each other.

Apart from getting it off with another guy the other frustrating thing for me was Sue hadn’t so far managed to get Jean to allow me to join them although she kept her word and told me all about their trysts and had even taken some photos, which we both relished.

Reluctantly I agreed to accompany Sue to her company’s conference so that she could impress her bosses that she was an excellent candidate for promotion but I made it obvious that I wasn’t too keen on it and would only get there for the last couple of days. However I was soon to find out this year it would be different and very much to my benefit.

Having finished my last job early I arrived at Brighton and checked into the hotel two days before the end of the conference and after taking a shower went down to the bar to await Sue’s return but wasn’t very happy to learn that she had agreed to attend a meeting with her boss that evening. Having planned a nice meal, followed by a shared shower and a hours making up for being apart we had a few disagreeable words and I stormed out. Returning a couple of hours later I found she had already gone to her meeting so I went into the bar where a few of her fellow colleagues were enjoying themselves. After a couple of drinks I was about to leave when this guy approached “Hi, aren’t you Sue’s husband, why don’t you join us?”

“Thanks but I was just leaving” I answered not wanting the company but that was before looking up and being struck by the good looks of this tall slim man who had asked the question.

“I’m Sean; you look a bit pissed off” ignoring my reply “so why don’t you join me in finding something a bit livelier?”

Suddenly a tingle ran up my spine and I felt a stirring in my pants as I looked into his eyes “why not?” I smiled standing up.

We found a bar and soon were enjoying each others company and found an affinity growing between us but then a loud mob entered and it began to get unbearable “I think I know somewhere a bit quieter and maybe you would find it to your liking.” Sean said with a knowing smile.

We were soon enjoying a drink and some more pleasant conversation in a dimly lit bar but I became a little tentative when I realized it was a gay bar but Sean, realizing my slight apprehension soon set about trying to put me at ease.

“Don’t worry you won’t catch anything, I’ve been here a couple of times this week” he said quietly “just relax and enjoy yourself.”

“Ok” I replied still a little unsure despite that tingling feeling returning with a slight anticipation of expectation.

“That’s good, I feel that we can become good friends” his hand brushed against mine as he reached for his glass and again he seemed pleased that I didn’t immediately draw away. “I thought you were beginning to enjoy yourself and couldn’t help notice that you were checking out some of the guys.”

I immediately felt my face flush and stammered “you’re mistaken….”

“Hey don’t worry some look really horny, just check him out” breaking in he said nodding towards this handsome guy at the bar.

“I’m not gay!” I snapped.

“Didn’t say you were but there’s no harm in looking is there?” şişli escort bayan He smiled before carrying on “I enjoy it” and again his hand brushed mine.

“I guess it was Sue going to that meeting that pissed you off” Sean suddenly said changing the conversation; “if it’d been me I wouldn’t have given up an evening with you just to impress that old bastard.”

“You’re right, it did piss me off.” I replied, thinking about his remark that he would have wanted to be with me and again I felt my cock beginning to stir.

“She’s going to get the job; I think the meeting was only because he fancies her” he smiled resting his hand over mine again, getting bolder he gently squeezed it.

I didn’t react to his touch but just said “he’ll get nowhere.”

As we continued talking I realized that he had begun flirting and moved closer and soon our legs were touching and he said “I think I’ll go back to the hotel, maybe you would like to join me. Are you staying or what?”

Quietly I said “I told you already I’m not gay.”

“I know but I get this idea that you wouldn’t mind joining me for a little bit of fun” gently adding “you’d be surprised how good just it is just to jerk off with another guy”.

By now my cock was almost fully erect and was causing a large bulge in my jeans which was getting harder to hide.

“Look I don’t want to embarrass or get you to do anything that you don’t want but from the look of this….” He said reaching out brushing his hand over the bulge in my crotch. “Looks like this part of you wants to come back and I won’t eat you. That’s unless you want me to eat your cock.” Sean smiled. Not waiting for an answer he just said “c’mon you’ll enjoy it and there’s no strings attached” and stood up and walked slowly towards the exit.

“If you don’t want to be eaten by him I’d certainly like to!” this voice drifted from the guy sitting at the next table before I quickly I followed Sean to the exit. We hardly spoke as we walked but on reaching the hotel I could see Sean was as pleased as I was to see the key to my room still hanging on its hook and said “You’re joining me for a nightcap in my room aren’t you. It’s number twenty…” but before he could finish he was interrupted.

“Hi, look as though you’ve both enjoyed yourself. Want to join me for a nightcap?” Sue asked.

Trying to hide his disappointment Sean answered “think I’ll take a rain check just feel like jumping into bed” looking at me straight in the eyes.

“Ok, join us for breakfast then if you want” Sue smiled.

“Um yes that’ll be nice, see you both in the morning” he said disappearing in the lift.

“Well, let’s do the same and have our nightcap in the bedroom” Sue said squeezing my arm.

As soon as we were in the room she immediately began undressing leaving a trail of clothes leading towards the bed “c’mon lets make up” her right hand tweaking her nipple as the fingers of her other hand snaked their way along her already moist slit.

Immediately following suit I joined her on the bed feeling her hand snake between my legs squeezing my balls. “Roll over” she ordered “I want your lovely hard cock to fuck me” she continued swinging her legs both side of me and lowered herself down. My cock felt the warmth of her wet labia as it sank to its hilt. She began rocking escort istanbul her hips up and down; her cunt muscles rhythmically massaging my erection sending me into in seventh heaven as she tweaked each of her nipples teasing me.

With a cry I felt her cum as she slammed down grinding her ass into me “just marvelous, we must argue more often or were you just turned on by Sean?” Without waiting for my answer she smiled lasciviously and carried on “I bet you wish it was Sean fucking you!”

“What did you say, I don’t understand what you mean.” I rather cautiously replied.

“Well he does have a bit of a reputation and there have been a few whispers, we’re not sure whether he’s gay or what” she smiled still grinding herself into me “but I must say he is good looking.” But before I could answer she carried on “umm, by the feel of your throbbing cock you may have found out or were about to. Where exactly did you have a drink?”

“We had a couple in a small pub near the pier but ended up in a gay bar but he said he wasn’t gay but bisexual and I tend to believe him” I answered.

“Did he make a play for you?”

“Yeah he made it obvious what he wanted….”

“And you?”

“It’s what I‘ve been waiting for isn’t it and as you say he’s not bad” I answered honestly.

“Sorry, sounds like I messed it up for you” she whispered gripping my cock harder with her cunt muscles squeezing every drop of cum from me.

“Wouldn’t have missed just now or this, so don’t worry just hope there’ll be another time” I reassured her thrusting my hips up “now we’d both better get some sleep.”

Sue and I awoke next morning, still snuggled against each other.

We were just finishing breakfast when Jean noticed Sean enter the room “here’s your chance, I’ll leave you on your own and wish you luck but remember our deal. I will want to hear all about it” she said standing up.

They greeted each other as they passed and Sean sat down beside me “good morning hope you haven’t had any adverse or second thoughts about last night?”

“Err no, in fact the opposite, I had a great time and the only regret was that we didn’t get our nightcap” hoping he would get the right message.

“Expect you got yours while I had to settle for just my thoughts and fingers, anyway that’s gone. I’ve got a free afternoon so what have you got lined up for today?”

“Nothing in particular, probably just a look around town then just twiddle my thumbs or kill time until its time for Sue to gets back” I said hoping he would want to meet.

“Well I’ll be back in my room by noon if you want to twiddle your thumbs or anything else you fancy with me. The number….”

“Twenty” I broke in before he could finish.

“Good you remembered….”

“That’s not all” I replied again breaking in.

“All I was going to say was that I would be taking a shower when I got back so come round when you fancy something or me. Now I’ll have to hurry or I’ll be late. Don’t forget” he said reaching under the table running his hand up my leg until it rested over my rapidly growing cock “I see I’m going to have problems concentrating this morning after feeling this” he said squeezing my straining erection before getting up and leaving.

It took a few minutes for my feelings to return to normal and my erection had subsided escort taksim enough for me to be able to stand up and leave.

I had a quick walk but had no idea of exactly where as my mind raced with the thoughts of what was going to happen later and returned to our room with my cock in a state of arousal. I stripped off and admired my erection in the mirror and decided to run the shaver over my pubes and then shower. Soaping myself I began to worry that my size wouldn’t measure up to his expectations as I had always had the belief that my cock was rather on the small size although Jean had never complained. Knowing that there wasn’t anything that could be done about it I just resolved to enjoy whatever happened. Finally I made sure my ass was clean and with the help of a couple of soapy fingers tried to get it ready for Sean. Time seemed to stand still and I tried watching some TV and read the newspaper but wasn’t able to concentrate as all I could think about what was about to happen but then my thoughts were interrupted by my mobile.

“Hi, just wondered what you were up to and what Sean had to say” Sue cheerily asked.

“We’re meeting in his room soon as he’s got the afternoon off.”

“Sounds like a good idea, wish I was there.”

“Umm would be good as I’ve a few reservations.”

“Don’t be silly it’s what you’ve been waiting for, just enjoy it but remember you can stop anytime you want” she reassured me.

“I know and have been thinking about it all morning. I’ll be ok and promise to tell you all about it when you get back.”

“Great can’t wait, give his cock a stroke and kiss from me. See you later.”

“I’ll do that, see you later.”

Shortly afterwards I found myself outside Sean’s room and with slight apprehension knocking but soon felt ok as a few moments later he opened the door with a cheery smile.

“Ok to come in?” I asked still a bit sheepish.

“Of course, I‘ve only just got in” said Sean “but it’s all I’ve been thinking and waiting for since breakfast. Sorry, I know you’re married to Sue but I just find myself attracted to you and have wanted you since last night. I hope that’s not going to ruin anything.” He said.

“No, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t feel something and to be honest I’m more than curious, not sure it’s what I really want but I can’t stop thinking about being with another guy.”

“We’ve all faced something like that; I know I did, come in” Sean said inviting me into his room and moving his lips to the base of my neck as I brushed past him. “As I told you last night I’m not gay but just like the best of both worlds and to be honest I fancy Sue”. But then added quickly so as not to offend me “hope you don’t mind?”

Realizing I was nervous and in danger of making a hasty retreat he reached out and began to unbutton my shirt “here let’s get a little more comfortable” and slipped it off my shoulders. “C’mon get out of your jeans” he urged as he unbuckled and unzipped them. Stepping back I pushed them down until with a little more help I was able to step out of them leaving me in just my underwear. “C’mon don’t be nervous” he encouraged as I nervously held the waistband of my navy briefs before pushing them down slowly exposing my already quite hard cock.

“Hey you’ve a great body and just look at that beautiful cock, I can hardly wait to stroke and suck on it” he whispered as he kissed me lightly on the cheek as he embraced me.

I couldn’t believe how horny it was having a guy seeing me naked, feeling my body, kissing me and telling me what a beautiful cock I had and it was as hard as it had ever been.

To be continued

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