Cousin Maggie Ch. 01

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About five years back, my Uncle Stew passed away. This necessitated a few changes in Aunt Beth’s life. The first of which was that Uncle Stew’s daughter from his first marriage had to come back home to live.

Aunt Beth wasn’t her mother, Maggie’s mom had died when she was only 4 years old. Maggie was at the time of her father’s death nearly 21 but in some ways – she’d always be child. Aunt Beth had legally adopted my cousin and Maggie was her daughter in all ways emotional and legal. Maggie had received special schooling that taught her basics of self care. She had never managed reading and writing, but could handle most conversations.

Aunt Beth lived in Buffalo. She had not yet gotten a driver’s license. I lived in Virginia at the time. Maggie was living in a group home near the border of NY and PA that specialized in teaching social skills and integration into society. Aunt Beth had been planning to take a Greyhound bus to fetch Maggie, but I offered to make the drive. I was in the process of transferring back the the western NY area and it would give me an opportunity to check out listings and visit with my aunt and cousin. The rest of the family had spread out to Florida and Colorado – so I was the closest relative. My marriage had ended two years earlier and getting away from Virginia and back to NY was to hopefully put the past behind me and help me move on. Since picking Maggie up was on the way back, it made little sense to go on past and pick up Aunt Beth and then back track – hours of extra driving after many hours of driving.

I started out at about 3AM, it’s the time I’m used to waking up. I made it to the NY-PA border at 1pm and found Maggie’s group home quickly with the ease of internet maps. She was waiting with just one suitcase. Her few belongings (and they were few) were being shipped back. I showed ID, but given that we shared an uncommon surname and Maggie recognized me (and wholeheartedly hugged me) it was enough for the people running the home and we were out of there in under 20 minutes.

A simple girl with simple tastes, we stopped at Burger King and sat and ate whoppers and drank coke. I discussed the end of my marriage while Maggie sat and listened…

“I’m probably boring you,” I said as I realized that she might not understand half of what I was saying.

“No, it’s like All My Children,” she said and smiled and put her small hand on mine, “You can tell me.”

She was right – the end of my marriage had been very much like a soap opera. We sat awhile and finished everything but the french fries – Burger King gives out too many of those with their meals. She talked mostly about TV and movies and movie stars and Hollywood gossip. She surprised me with some of the words she used. My ideas of her lack of intelligence changed as we carried on more of a conversation than I ever would have thought possible. More than we had ever done previously. Of course, there was a large age difference, I was in my thirties and Maggie was early twenties. I had been in VA for nine years and back for visits perhaps 5 times. As relatives, we knew each other – but just barely.

The Burger King was next to a gas station and we fueled and hit the road. Maggie loved playing with the radio and knew many of the songs on stations I would have never tuned in. She particularly liked the BackStreet Boys and got very excited when one of their songs came on. We were only a couple hours from Buffalo and had plenty of time to get there before dark. I decided to impress my tall cute blond cousin with a small token gift and I exited the expressway and headed for a shopping center.

“I have to pick up a couple items, before we get to your mom’s house.” Maggie just smiled and rocked a bit to the music. “Come on in with me,” I said (knowing I couldn’t leave her there in the car alone). I opened her car door and she hopped out and took my hand. It was conditioning I’m sure, Maggie just went with the flow on everything. A smiling, happy stunning blond tagging along with me – it gave me pause to think about the types of women I’d been involved with and those I might involve myself with Gaziantep Escort İlanları – if I ever started dating again.

So, I enjoyed the time with my cousin. We walked around the shopping center and talked and laughed and had an ice cream cone and I bought some incidentals and also a little surprise – for her. She held my hand the whole time as we walked and I smiled more that afternoon than I had in years.

When I realized that it was just after 4 PM, I told Maggie that we really had to get going and we carried our shopping bags back to the car and put them in the trunk with Maggie’s suitcase. My two suitcases and a couple boxes filled the back seat. A few minutes after we hit the road, I turned off the radio and saw the first sign of a small pout on Maggie’s face. “I’ve got something for you,” I said and watched her eyes light up. I slipped a small bag from my jacket pocket and handed it to her. When she saw the BackStreet Boys cassette, she threw herself at me and gave me a great big kiss on the lips that damn near knocked us off the road. She started bouncing up and down and laughing and mumbling about having had that tape but it had been “stole”.

She popped it into the car’s cassette player and sang with every song. She can’t sing, but the songs themselves weren’t too bad. A modern Donny Osmond type music. Halfway through the second side of the tape, Maggie suddenly turned off the music….

“I gotta pee..” she said and was now holding her crotch.

“I’ll try and find a restroom,” I said. I was starting to also feel the need, but we were in the middle of nowhere.

“I gotta go now!!!” Maggie was almost in panic.

I pulled off the highway on to an unmarked dirt road that may have just been tractor path and not a road at all.

“This is the best I can do on short notice,” I told her while back tracking in my mind our few hours together and realizing the fact that she had never used a restroom at the Burger King, gas station or shopping center.

Maggie got out of the car, doing a little pee dance while she dropped her dark blue skirt and stepped out of it. She took the time to brush it off and fold it and put it on the seat of the car — all the time in obvious discomfort with the need to pee by the movements she made. I watched her and she didn’t seem to care that I watched. Big cousin in the big brother role, perhaps? Next, were her oversized white old woman style panties which she also took time to fold and place on top of the skirt on the seat. She had a perfect behind. A round model’s ass with no pimples and no defects. She also had a very furry patch of dark blond pubic hair. No trimming there! I couldn’t help but almost laugh as she started taking off her sneakers. She was still fidgeting from her frantic need to piss, but the need to undress properly overshadowed that. Maggie removed one sneaker and placed it on the floor inside the car and then she took off her knee sock. Maggie had a small foot for a tall girl. She stood nearly 5 foot 10, but her shoe size was only a 6.

She turned the sock right side out and folded it and placed it on top of her panties — as I knew she would! While untying the second sneaker I got a good look between her legs. She was bent slightly and spread enough that I could clearly see her entire pussy opening! Cousin or not – this women was making me horny!!!

She got the second sneaker untied and placed it neatly beside the first sneaker. Again she folded her sock.

She glanced at me and smiled, “Now I can pee…” she said without a care at all that I was watching intently. She bent her knees slightly and immediately her pee started whizzing out. “Ahhh.” she said and looked at me. “Thank you. I really had to pee didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did!” I said with my eyes watching every drop leaving her young cunt. I’d been in this situation other times in the past, but never with anyone so lovely. It was a shame when the last few drops fell and she finally stood up completely.

As she dressed, slowly and in complete reverse of her undressing – I asked, “Why didn’t you go at the restaurant or tell me sooner?” That’s when I learned an important fact about Maggie…

“You didn’t remind me.” she said in a little girl voice while she stood bare ass trying to tie the second sneaker. Any other woman would have first slapped on the skirt for cover. “Can you tie?”

Now, she had another problem and it involved me getting out of the car and giving assistance to a blond goddess, who from the waist down wore only one sock and one sneaker. I made my way around the car to where my cousin was patiently waiting.

“I try to tie. I really do.” She tossed the lace aside and leaned back against the car while I got down nearly on my knees. She raised her leg and put her foot on to my leg. This parted her legs and gave me a great view this time of the other side. She had a pretty, slightly large or slightly swelled clit that was close enough to almost kiss. I had to watch where her foot went as I had a massive hard on! I tied the first sneaker and waited while she put on the second sock and second sneaker. OK, I didn’t just wait – I kind of supported her with my hands on her waist and for a second on her butt while she bent and put them on. Very gentlemanly of me – I could have stood back and just looked. And I would have had a better view!

Then, came the time of putting on the panties. Maggie held onto me as she stepped into them. She wrapped her skirt around and buttoned it. Finally and unfortunately – she was decent again.

“Do you have to pee?” She asked me with a smile. “See…I reminded YOU!” She poked a finger at my chest and then laughed and threw herself into my arms. She gave me another big wet sloppy kiss and a hug. We were laughing and smiling and nearly falling in the puddle Maggie had made. I kissed her back and gave her a bit of a lip lick.

“You kiss good.” She said, “Don’t forget to pee.” Neither statement had anything to do with the other and it reminded me that although I was with a very desirable women – she was my mentally challenged cousin. She wasn’t going to let me leave this side road without peeing and I wanted to accommodate her. My raging hard on stood in the way. I decided my next move. I unzipped my pants and was about to remove my engorged penis when Maggie put her hand on my hand (which was inside my fly hole)…

“No. You have to take off your sneakers first.” Didn’t my cousin know that men could just whip it out and piss? So, you know what I did…first a sneaker and then a sock and then another sneaker and another sock. I lowered my jeans and was thankful that I was wearing a clean pair of decent looking briefs — because never in my wildest imagination could I have ever thought this would happen! Finally, I lowered the briefs and handed them to Maggie, who neatly folded them and put them on the driver’s seat. I stood before my cousin totally exposed – my dick pointing up toward the sky.

“That’s a big penis!” Maggie said as she looked over at it. “Does it feel as hard as it looks?”

OK, enough is enough – I’m only human!!! I told her to “check it out”. I moved closer and she looked closer. Her small hand reached out and encircled my shaft. Then, she surprised the hell out of me by shoving it in her warm wet mouth. She bobbed her head back and forth and stroked my meat – she was damn near expert at it. I felt obligated to ask her what she was doing.

She pulled my dick out long enough to say, “Blowjob” and then went right back to it! I hadn’t had one in years – I wasn’t going to stop her! I put my hands in her soft long bond hair and I didn’t even have to imagine anyone else blowing me (like you sometimes have to do when it’s a ugly, fat skank blowing you) — it was a beautiful, long-haired young blonde sucking me. Life doesn’t get any better. And, I somehow knew that after I shot off in her mouth and apologized for the massive load – she wouldn’t bitch me out. She’d take the situation as she took everything else – with a big smile! I felt my balls tightening up and soon I did shoot into her mouth in wave after wave. She sucked it all down. Every single drop. She cleaned and polished the head of my dick expertly. I must have said, “Oh my God!” at least a dozen times. Maybe more!!!

Finally, her mouth was finished and she took my soft cock out of it and looked up into my eyes, “Was that good?” she asked with a giant cock-sucking smile.

“That was fantastic.”

“Five dollars.”

“What?” I looked at her in disbelief! I couldn’t believe my ears! She was smiling and now had her hand out!

“You can get it back if you lick me!” she said. So much for innocence! I thought. Maggie continued, “It’s a game we played at Hawley (the name of her group home). We saw it in a movie and we played it for weeks with monopoly money. We passed the money around and Denise almost got rich!!!”

I had to remember that this 21 year old body had the mind of a child, although I had already taken advantage of her by letting her suck me off – I couldn’t pay her $5. If her mother asked where the $5 came from – I imagined some kind of charges and jail time. “That was just a movie, Maggie and this is real” I said, “I’ll lick you and we’ll be even but we can’t use money!”

“You gotta pee first, cause licking me is gonna make that penis big again!” She was right and I did have to piss. I turned away from Maggie, not out of shyness, but because to piss toward her and all over my car would have made no sense! As I felt the urine begin to flow from my cock, I also felt Maggie press herself and her chest up against my back. Her arms encircled me and her left hand took my dick away from my left hand.

“I like this,” Maggie said as she started to move my cock around like a garden hose, “It must be fun to have a penis. Do you play with it a lot?” Such questions, I thought!

“Do you touch yours a lot?” I questioned. I had just finished peeing and she was still holding it – I had to keep the conversation going in the right direction.

“I asked you first!” she stated – like I wasn’t playing fair.

“Yes I do,” I admitted and I was telling the truth.

“I like other people to touch mine. I like it licked and I like it filled up big.” I was unsure whether she meant “filled” as being filled with spunk or if she just meant with large objects (which would explain her gaping pussy hole I’d seen minutes earlier). Looking at my watch, we’d only been in this Lane for about 10 minutes. But, I didn’t want to push my luck. I quickly dressed (and Maggie made me do it in her proper order) and we got out of there. I promised her that I would lick her, we just had to find a better place.

“Why don’t you take me to a motel?” Maggie. I hadn’t thought of that, which was why we were still driving not off having some type of sex.

“OK, but what would we tell your mom? She knows we should get there in less than two hours and it’s already been 4 hours and we still have over an hour of driving left.”

“Take me to a motel and LICK ME!” How do you argue with a statement like that from a gorgeous blond?

“We might have to tell a fib to your mom? Would that be a problem?”

“I think that we should just lie to her. You don’t think that slow people lie all the time , too?”

“You shouldn’t call yourself “slow”…”

“I AM slow. I know it. You know it. You lie if you say I’m not slow. I don’t like “retard” or “dummy” or “stupid”, but “slow” just means that I don’t think things as fast as you – not that I can’t think! And not that I can’t do other things maybe even better than some people.” At that point, I was fully dressed and her hand went to my crotch and gave it a very light squeeze.

“We’ll tell your mother that I had car trouble and that we’ll get a room and start early in the morning.”

“Not too early – I want to get licked in the morning, too. Don’t you want another blowjob in the morning?”

I’ll take a blow job any time I can get one, I thought. “We’ll get started right after the car is fixed – even if it’s afternoon. Let’s get a motel room and then call your mom.” I said.

Aunt Beth took it quite well and seemed to think nothing was up. She and Maggie talked for about 10 minutes and about nothing important. I took the phone back and promised to call again in the morning. Aunt Beth ended the conversation with, “Take good care of her.”

I planned to do that in ways my aunt would never imagine!

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