Bank Hold Up

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Bank Hold Up, Ch. 1

It seemed to happen all at once. One minute it was a perfectly normal day, and the next two men pulled out guns to rob the bank. The two things that immediately came to Doug’s mind was “What the hell is going on?” and “Why me?”

The bank customers were herded into the manager’s office and made to lie down on the floor. It was a little crowded, the office wasn’t all that big; it was only a neighborhood branch after all. Doug was lying next to a young woman and her mother. The mother had long dark straight hair, hazel eyes, and full lips. Except for the age difference, the daughter looked exactly like her mom.

Doug figured the men would take what money the tellers had, and leave before the law showed up. That would have probably happened too, except, one of the tellers had pushed the silent alarm.

It being a small town, the local sheriff came to his first bank holdup with his siren blazing. The two men decided to go from bank robbers to hostage takers. The sheriff called the FBI, but they were an hour away.

The sheriff called the robbers on the phone, but the two men soon got bored trying to figure a way out and waiting for the sheriff to grow a brain, so they decided to have some fun while waiting for the FBI to show up, and made everyone come out to the central area. “All right, everyone take their clothes off.” All of the people assumed they were joking and just stood there. The man repeated it, but this time he grabbed the nearest woman and put the gun to her head, “I said to take your fucking clothes off!”

The woman he had grabbed looked like a school teacher. She screamed and he slapped her face with the back of his hand. She fell to the floor, but screamed again as he grabbed her by the hair, jerking her to her feet. She stood there dazed while blood trickled from her nose. Everyone immediately started removing their clothes. There were 7 women and 5 men between customers, bank employees and the robbers. Soon everyone had their clothes off, except the school teacher and the two robbers.

Doug was instantly turned on and it pissed him off. The women that were standing there with no clothes on presented a nice mix. There was an assortment of ages, hair color and styles, height, weight and breast size. It was a variety to turn a guy on in every way. The trouble was, a man should only take what a woman is willing to give, and it was obvious that these women didn’t want to give anything.

Doug saw that the young woman he had been lying next to was crying her eyes out. Her mother was trying to comfort her but what could she do. With their clothes off, the resemblance between mother and daughter was very enticing and he knew that they would be raped.

The one robber giving orders directed his anger at the school teacher that still had her clothes on, “I told you to get undressed!”

Her response was to shout at him, “Fuck you, asshole!”

He hit her on the side of the head with his gun, and she screamed as she fell to the floor. “I’m an asshole, huh?” He jerked her to her feet by her hair and slapped her face again. He caught her before she fell, took hold of the collar of her top and ripped the front of her shirt half off.

Doug could only think of her as a school teacher. Her hair was pulled back in a really tight ponytail, and now she had blood flowing down from her head as well as her nose. Her face was red from the slaps and she stood there with tears streaming down to join the blood. Removing what was left of her top, she then reluctantly stripped off the rest of her clothes.

The robber told his partner to pick the woman he wanted, and then he would pair up the remaining men and women. Seeing him eyeing the mother and daughter, Doug headed him off and went to the guy giving orders. The robber pointed the gun at him, but Doug gave him a sly smile, “Come on man; let me have a crack at the mother and daughter.”

The guy returned a knowing smile, “Go for it.” He watched Doug walk back to the two women.

As Doug got back to them, the daughter had stopped crying and was now angry, only her anger was directed at Doug. “Congratulations, you get to rape me and my mom.”

The daughter screamed, as Doug grabbed her and threw her to the floor. At least that was how it looked, he actually held her in his arms as she went down. He yelled at her mother, “Get down here with me.” Then he covered the daughter’s protesting mouth with his, while his hands were all over her breasts.

The mother joined them, “Please don’t do this.”

Doug whispered, “Shut up before you get us all killed.” Out loud he said, “Tell it to someone else.” Then he put his mouth on the mother’s lips and his hands on her breasts. He couldn’t help but compare. It was a dream come true, except it was a nightmare.

After his partner had picked the woman he wanted, the robber put together the remaining men and women. With everyone taken care of, the guy brought his attention back to the school teacher. He grabbed her by the hair which made her scream again. He Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort made her kneel, “Suck it bitch.”

She resigned herself to her personal hell and undid his belt and jeans. The robber stepped out of his clothes while still holding the gun on everyone. Everyone watched the back of her head as she did as instructed. He waved his gun, “Come on people, get into it. I want to see some fucking.”

Doug bent down and sucked one of the mother’s nipples and played with the other, he then switched to do the same thing to the daughter. While concentrating on their breasts, his free hand roamed between the legs of both. In spite of himself, he couldn’t help but enjoy the way it felt to touch them. He whispered, “This is the only thing I could think of to try to protect you both.”

The daughter wasn’t convinced, “Then why are you all over every part of us?”

“Open your legs for me.”


The mother understood, “Even if he isn’t going to do anything, this has to look believable to those two, now do as he said.”

The daughter relaxed her legs and Doug made his cock go between them, touching her pussy but not in it. “Make a noise like I just went in you.”

A loud groan was heard, and then she whispered, “You’re hard.”

Doug was leaning in to kiss the mother again, “Give me a break. I’m rubbing all over two beautiful nude women.”

Everywhere you could look, there were people having sex. All kinds of sounds could be heard as the men and women had their unwilling sex, at least the women were unenthusiastic, the men were having a different reaction.

“All right bitch, let’s see how you like being fucked by an asshole. Get on your hands and knees, facing out. I have to keep an eye on them.” The school teacher did as she was told and had a look on her face that was heart breaking. She was silently pleading with everyone to save her but knew they couldn’t. Her eyes bulged and a look of unbearable pain came over her. Her shriek hurt everyone’s ears.

“What’s the matter bitch? Didn’t expect me to ram my hard cock in your ass? I bet you ain’t ever felt anything like that! This asshole didn’t use any lubrication in yours.” The bank was filled with his laughter, and her continued pleas for him to stop, as he raped her.

The mother whispered to Doug, “Thank you for helping us.” She looked at her daughter, “Honey, you better pretend that he’s doing something before we get killed.”

The daughter started moving her hips against him as he pretended to thrust into her. She knew that they both were counting on her to keep up the act and save their lives. Looking over at the poor woman, who was making agonizing groans with each painful thrust into her butt, it made her feel peculiar about the man lying on her, pretending to have sex. “Why are you doing this?”

Her answer was a smile, “I just feel you can do something, then you should. I can’t help everyone, I wish I could.” Very softly, he added, “I’m Doug.”

“I’m Lela; you have to excuse me if I don’t shake your hand.”

The mother bent down and kissed him, “I’m Marcela. Honey, you should pretend to enjoy this or hate this, or something.”

Lela didn’t have to pretend and that bothered her. Doug had her nipples standing out hard from her breasts and as he pretended to rape her, his hard cock was rubbing against her clit, sending a delightful sensation through her. The danger was only making her get wetter. Lela watched the woman being raped in the ass, tears streaming down her face, and was ashamed that Doug was making her feel pleasure.

Suddenly, with a loud, “Get over here mom,” Doug violently grabbed Marcela and pulled her on the floor with them. Marcela was so surprised that she screamed, which made everyone look over. Doug positioned her on her hands and knees, got behind her, and rammed his cock into her.

What he really did, was position her so that he was facing the robber raping the school teacher. He used his hand to angle himself as he thrust into Marcela, which really made his cock hang down enough so that it rammed against her pussy, but didn’t go in. He whispered, “Make a noise like I just shoved myself inside of you.” Marcela made several grunting sounds timed to his thrusts, which got a smile from the robber.

Doug rammed his cock in again and again, making everyone think he was fucking the mother. He motioned to Lela with his head, “I have an idea. Do you think you can come up slowly and kiss me? I want you to stretch your hand out as you come up, and grab the paper weight that fell off of that desk. I’m hoping that if you go slowly enough, that guy will be looking at your chest, not your hand.”

Marcela realized that her daughter had to have felt something, as Doug had pretended to have sex with her. She knew it, because she was enjoying having him press himself repeatedly against her sensitive flesh. She didn’t have a clue what he had in mind, but was hopeful that anything might help.

She looked around at all of the men and women actually having sex, they were all in various positions and making real noises. They had flushed looks on their faces where they were actually doing something. “Honey you should try it, sooner or later Doug is going to have to pretend to finish. Then, they will find out we have been fooling them, because he will still be hard.”

Out loud he said, “Get up here and kiss me.”

Lela had never been so scared in her life. If she screwed up, Doug would probably be killed and she and her mom would actually be raped and maybe killed as well.

Doug winked at her, “Come on babe, you can do this.”

Taking a deep breath, she stretched, and when her hand casually brushed against the paper weight, she wrapped her fingers around it. Lela came up slowly when she saw the robber looking at her and she shoved her breasts forward, knowing his eyes drifted to them. Placing her arm around Doug and her lips to his mouth, her hand found his, and she gave him the paper weight.

Doug went to whisper a thank you to her, at the same time she kissed him again, and his tongue accidently slipped into her mouth. He saw her eyes get wide and he stopped, “Sorry.”

Lela felt the tingle of that kiss throughout her body. She knew he hadn’t meant to do it and she certainly hadn’t meant to enjoy it, but there it was.

Suddenly, the robber fucking the school teacher in the ass dropped his gun. “Yeah bitch, I’m cumming!” He had his hands on her hips, thrusting hard. The school teacher gave an agonized wail as his cock penetrated into her deeper, causing her cruel humiliation. Doug took advantage of the moment, leaped to his feet, and charged the robber.

The robber realized his mistake, even as he was still pumping his cum into the ass of his victim. He tried to get the gun when a paper weight bounced off of his head, sending him to the floor.

Doug grabbed the gun, as the second robber came to the rescue of his buddy. He then shot the accomplice and watched as his gun dropped to the floor, followed by a wounded body.

The school teacher was standing with a bewildered expression, looking down at the man that had brutalized her. There was blood from her abused ass, mixed with sperm, flowing down her legs, and blood still flowed from her head wound and nose. She walked over to the robber that was shot, and rolling on the floor in pain. Her face still had a dazed look; as she bent down to get his gun, more blood pouring from whatever had ruptured inside of her. She acted like she was isolated, not really seeing that everyone was still there.

All of the victims started getting dressed, except Doug who was holding the remaining robber at gun point, and the school teacher, who casually walked over to her attacker carrying the gun she had picked up.

The robber pleaded with Doug, “Don’t let her near me with that gun, man.”

Doug couldn’t believe he was asking for mercy and sneered at him, “Shit, I hope she shoots your dick off.”

The robber kept looking from the gun to her face as the woman stood over him.

It was obvious that she was in shock as she bent over her rapist, “Turn over.”

The robber started to reach for the gun, but Doug stopped him by waving the gun he held, “Uh-uh, I would love to shoot you.”

The robber was nothing but a punk, “Fuck you,” but no one knew if it was directed at Doug or the woman he had victimized.

The school teacher hit the man that had ravaged her. The gun struck the side of his head, sending him into the wall. “Get on your hands and knees.” With his head bleeding, he turned over. She got behind him, still wearing the same blank vacant look, “Take your hands and spread your butt.”

Now it was the robbers turn to scream as she rammed the gun into his ass. As his screech echoed throughout the bank, she got a strange and bizarre smile. He fell to the floor in agony, the more he screamed the harder she rammed it into him. He became a bloody mess as she kept fucking his ass violently with the gun. Everyone was paralyzed and could only watch.

Finally, the robber turned his head to look at her, his eyes glazed over with pain. He gave a tortured scream through clinched teeth, “Fuck you bitch.”

Her expression never changed as a muffled shot rang out. It wasn’t until they heard his horrifying screech that everyone realized she had shot the gun that was still in him. Another shot, and his scream became mortal. A third shot rang out, and he stopped screaming and made a gurgling noise. His eyes rolled up in his head. She kept pulling the trigger even after all of the bullets were fired. Over and over, she kept killing the man that had brutalized her, even after he was dead.

Lela turned to her mother and sobbed uncontrollably. Marcela tried to comfort her daughter knowing that everyone there that day would carry emotional scars for the rest of their lives.

It ended as quickly as it had started. The FBI had finally arrived. When they heard the shots they rushed into the bank with guns drawn. They found Doug with no clothes on and holding a gun. Thinking he was one of the robbers, they ordered Doug to put his gun down. When he did, they had him lie on the ground and put handcuffs on him. Lela and Marcela were there in an instant to make sure they knew that Doug wasn’t one of the robbers.

They also found two other naked men, one wounded and one shot dead with a naked woman constantly pulling the trigger of an empty gun that was rammed into him. No matter what the agents said, or did, she was never conscious of them being there, and they couldn’t get her to stop pulling the trigger. They called for the coroner and an ambulance. They let Doug up, took his handcuffs off and had him get dressed, and then got everyone’s story of what had happened.

Bank Hold Up, Ch. 2

The news got hold of the story, and Doug became a local hero. All of the people at the bank insisted they were only pretending to have sex when they heard what Doug, Lela and Marcela had done. The worst victim was the woman that had been raped in the ass; she was placed in a psychiatric hospital.

All of the bank employees quit. The bank settled out of court in a class action suit from all of the victims. The remaining bank robber pleaded guilty and received a very long all-expense-paid vacation to Club Fed.

Every now and then the news would bring the story up, but for the most part it went away. The only good thing to have happened was that Doug and Marcela started seeing each other. It started by him visiting both of them to make sure they were all right. He found out that Marcela was a widow, and he started coming over more often, which led to them actually dating.

Lela and Marcela had been going to therapy paid for by the bank. Marcela had a few problems but Lela was pretty messed up. Both were having trouble with how they felt about the women had been raped that day, and how they had gotten off with nothing but embarrassment. Their minds were guilt-ridden because they saw a woman raped until she lost her mind, while they shamefully had feelings of enjoyment.

It was about 7 months after the incident. Doug came to visit Marcela, who had invited him for supper. Each time Doug visited, Lela perked up. He alone could tell her that her actions had caused the incident to end as it did, and it would sink in. He alone could get her to stop crying. She would even smile when she saw her mom and him acting like two school kids.

Doug was sitting in the living room waiting for Marcela to bring him a drink. It wasn’t a big deal, he had arrived a little early and the food wasn’t quite ready. She was busy and asked Lela to get it.

Lela handed him a soft drink, “Here you are sir.”

Doug grabbed the drink, and her hand, and pulled her down on the sofa with him, “You’ve been crying again.”

When Lela was jerked off balance, she screamed. Her smile was from ear to ear when she found herself sitting on his lap. Putting his drink down, he started to tickle her which made her scream some more.

Marcela watched them from the kitchen, she was glad he and Lela got along so well. She had started to like Doug more and more, he had not only helped save them at the bank, but he was a genuinely nice guy. When he was with them, she got her daughter back for a short while.

Then it happened. Lela was moving, trying to get away from the tickling hands, when her lips came into contact with his. She was shocked, because accident or not, she felt him return her kiss and liked it.

Marcela saw the whole thing, and even knowing that it wasn’t planned, it didn’t make it feel less awkward. Marcela knew she was falling in love with Doug, and apparently her daughter was too. She made eye contact with Lela who had jumped off of him. Her daughter burst into tears and ran down the hall to her bedroom.

Marcela felt like she had been hit in the stomach. The truth was finally out; both mother and daughter were in love with the same man. Her daughter had been carrying this guilt around on top of the bank stuff. Marcela turned the stove off and headed for her daughter’s room.

Doug felt terrible and followed them. He had begun to really like Marcela. He hadn’t even realized that Lela had those feelings for him. Why did he kiss her? He opened the door, not bothering to knock, and found Marcela holding her daughter. Both of them were crying.

Doug gave a heavy sigh and hung his head; he knew that he had just lost both of them. “I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt anyone.” He saw both of them direct teary eyes toward him, and he felt miserable, “I think it would be best if I just left,” he gave a heavy sigh, “I will miss you.”

Both mother and daughter wondered who his good bye had been directed at. Doug himself didn’t know.

For a long time, Doug sat in his living room with the lights off. He kept beating himself up over what had happened. He still wasn’t sure who had initiated the kiss, him or Lela. He kept asking himself when he started having feelings for both the mother and the daughter. There had to be something wrong with him for him to screw up three people’s lives. He had refused the therapy offered by the bank but now wondered if he should reconsider that.

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