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Big Dick

“ I’m like an animal, feeding upon her, as she consumes my hot desire. Once fed, no longer the wolf.”

A friend told me about the daughter of a friend that wanted to pursue a modeling career. I was given her limited portfolio and other information; Her name Alla – age 23 – never married – about 5′ 6″ tall – no more than 115 lbs. – long auburn hair – her exquisite facial features is blemish free like fine porcelain china – willowy body – small breasts – perfect heart shaped ass. One of my most successful business divisions is Fashion Modeling Agency and Cosmetics. As the owner of an International Conglomerate I’m always looking for beautiful women to be models. Alla called me about an appointment, I asked if I could pick her up at her apartment and take her to lunch then to my office. I picked her up in my sports Mercedes to go to The Mansion on Turtle Creek. After a hour long lunch, some wine and conversation. Ally was nervous but after lunch and the wine, she was relieved when I finally suggested it was time to go to the office. She was glad to get into my car and just sit back and relax for the drive to the office. She relaxed even more when she heard we were the only ones that would be at my office. ” So Ally, you want to be a fashion model.” I said patting her on the knee as we drove away. We chatted about it for a while, and I seemed so caring and considerate that she started opening up to me. She even admitted that she was not sexually active as well. Somehow the conversation is quite relaxed even though a fair bit of sex was discussed. It felt strange that she never discussed her sex life even with her closest friends and yet here she is being quite open with me. Probably it was the wine easing her inhibitions.

As we got to the office, I invited her into my large corner office and offered to give her a shoulder massage to get her to relax more before we talked some more. ” I am supposed to give quite a good massage,” I said giving her a modest sort of smile. She thought she should be going home since there is no one else around. But it feels very special to be invited into my office. Besides which, the prospect of a shoulder massage is quite attractive. I pull up a chair for her and as she sat down as I move behind her and start to massage her neck and shoulders.
” Let me help you relax.” The massage is great. Soon I have her totally relaxed and chatting freely again. Somehow I soon got the subject onto sex, and got her talking again about not having sex. While chatting casually I drop a few comments about how sexy she is and that any man would be very lucky. I make her feel great. ” John, I don’t think that is a good idea!” She reacted quickly as my massaging hands move to undo the top button of her blouse. ” Oh, don’t worry. I just want to open up your shoulders a bit more so that I can massage them better,” I calmly replied as I undid the second button and pushed her blouse just off her shoulders. She didn’t quite know what to do but since I did not go any further she let it ride. After all, the massage is really relaxing. She closed her eyes and let her mind drift off. I keep her in a state of bliss rubbing her shoulders and slowly working my way down her arms. Too late she realized that I’m sliding her partially buttoned blouse even further down her arms. Before she can react her blouse had slipped over her breasts and had trapped her arms at her sides.

” Come on Alla,” I said sensing her tense reaction, ” Surely other guys have seen you Sex hikayeleri in a bikini before!!” Suddenly Ally gets up running out of my office, I pick up the pace as she turns down a darkened corridor. I follow and rush to meet her. When I’m about ten feet behind her she turns and asks me ” Are you following me?” I stop and said ” Sexy young women like yourself shouldn’t be walking down empty, darkened hallways by yourself.” ” I can take care of myself.” she replied with a smile. ” That is…if I want to…” Something in the way that she said the last line made me think. I stood there for a few seconds taking all of her in………her cleavage sitting up on her chest, her long legs, her piercing blue eyes, her round, inviting hips…Suddenly, I grab her and she begins to struggle. I manage to get behind her and I wrap an arm around her neck and squeezed. She is strong…We struggled a bit more then I’m able to drag her ahead of me a few steps at a time. She fought against my every move as we slowly made our way to a door. I press her against it and tried to open the door but it is locked. ” OK,” I said to myself. ” The hallway it is…”

I pull her down to the floor with me and laid on top of her, pressing all of my weight on top of her back. She is down on her hands and knees but refused to go any further. I let go of her neck and grab a handful of hair and pull it back hard. She lets out a gasp and relaxes just a little. I chop at one of her elbows and she went down on her shoulder, her head bumping the carpeted floor. I continue to try to get her flat on the floor, but she is a fighter. I reach around and pull down her top and begin to manhandle her tits. God, she has nice medium size breasts…and they are so firm. She lets out a moan and tries to pull my hands off her chest but can’t make any progress; I just keep coming back. I have managed to work off my pants and begin to work on her skirt. I’m still behind her, my hips pushing into her ass as hard as I can. I place my hand on her head and pin it to the floor, then use the other one to reach up under her skirt. I love the way her flesh feels to me…It is warm and firm, yet willing. Even as she continues to struggle against me. She never stopped struggling yet she never called out for help or implored me to stop…she wanted it this way and I’m just the guy to give it to her. I gathered her blouse in my hand and wrapped it around her wrists, mainly to get it out of my way. ” Now lets see about those pretty purple panties of yours.” I whispered in her ear. ” Ask me to take them off for you.” She had to take a couple of deep shuddering breaths before she can get the words out. ” Please take them off for me.” ” Sure thing Ally. I’ll do it for you now.”

I slide my hands up the outside of her thighs to her panties and pull them down to her ankles. ” Let’s see what we have here.” I grab the cheeks of her ass and pull them apart. I see her pretty pink pussy and the discolored circle of her anus. ” Mmm, nice. Let’s see what you feel like.” I let go of her ass with MY right hand and slide it between her legs. Her pussy is hot, but dry to my touch. I ran my hand up to her stomach from behind and found that she is clean shaven. ” You should be more excited to be with me,” I said. ” We’ll have to see what we can do about that.” She is trembling now; trembling from fear. I begin rubbing my fingers from back to front along her pussy, back and forth, back and forth. Every once in awhile I stop at her Sikiş hikayeleri clitoris and rub it in a little circle. Then back and forth. It only took a minute or so before it happens. She knew it was coming. She feels it starting, like someone had crushed a grape inside of her. The warm, sticky liquid of her arousal begins to flow. ” There we are,” I said in a cooing tone. ” That’s a good girl. I knew you would be happy to see me.” I continue my rubbing and then, all of a sudden I slip two fingers inside her, gently pushing her hymen aside. It is tight, very tight, I wonder if she will be able to accommodate my huge cock. I found her G spot, licking and sucking her clit as my fingers massage deep inside her. ” Ahhhhh!!” she gasps, shock herself as the first wave of her arousal crashed over her. ” Good,” I said. ” You’re ready now.”

I get up off of her then I pull her up to her feet pushing her face against the wall. My cock is standing up proud and ready. I’m behind her and use my hand to run the head of my cock back and forth along her lips a few times to get it nice and lubricated. Then with one, hard thrust, I force myself all the way into her. ” Unghhhh!” she screams again. I pull out slowly and then in again, this time harder. Within a few strokes, I have worked up my rhythm as I slam into her and slam her into the wall. Over and over again. She is very tight, even as wet as she is, her lips cling to me when I pull out and roll along my cock as I force myself back in. Each thrust brought another animalistic sound from her of desire and fear and pleasure and pain. Then, only minutes into it, I feel her contracting around my shaft. She is orgasming, gasping for air, wailing, half crying and half cumming. Then I start cumming too. I slam into her again and feel her come on me, unable to control it any longer, I pull her close and shot my cum into her as wave after wave of pleasure passes over me. I held onto her like that for a few minutes, catching my breath. When I’m done, and feel myself shrinking inside of her. I step back and look at her cunt. My semen tinged with blood is starting to collect at the entrance of her pussy. I press my index and middle finger into her pussy and uses it to thoroughly lubricate them. Then I slowly but forcefully press my fingers into her anus. ” No,” she said. She is clenching and fighting me. ” Not there!” But I just ignored her. I keep up my relentless assault until I won and my fingers slide into her ass. She lets out a scream of pain, but that was all. I’m already feeling myself getting hard again. In and out I work my fingers until the fluid from her pussy starts to wear off and they were getting harder and harder to slide in.

” Now, I’m ready again, so you have a choice. Either I can fuck you in this tight little asshole of yours and we both know that’s not going to feel too good. At least not for you. Or we can go back to my office so I can fuck you again.” With that I jam my fingers in hard, making her clench around me. ” So which is it going to be?” ” Your office…Your office.” She stammers. We return to my office, she lays down on the coach on her back, spreading her legs wide. Her eyes are clenched shut as I climbed between her legs, her body is trembling anticipating my monster cock. My large cock head is parting her pussy lips. ” Don’t John, please.” She dug her heels into the cushions, I had her wrists pinned, her body subdued by my weight. With her head back and neck exposed, I went for her Erotik hikaye jugular. Like an animal I suck and bite. She thought I’d break the skin. She looked up at me, my cock bouncing and pointing at her like a reprimanding finger. A very large finger. She knew what would happen next. ” Don’t do this,” She said. But I did. I entered her. Her pussy is bullied open by my big cock. It is sudden and painful but her toes curl with an ecstasy that shot from the bottom of her to the top and escapes in a moan. ” Oh no. No why? No.” She said with every inch I buried into her. My thickness pushing her vaginal walls to their limit again. My length pressing against her cervix and went further, stretching her quim until she thought it would snap. But it didn’t. Now it just hurts.
” Alla,” I said through a smile, then I begin to thrust my ass. ” Ally.” I kept saying it while shoving myself in and out of her. She hears the suction of her tight pussy gripping my cock like it wanted it. She cursed her body. The tight pink walls between her legs did their best to please me as she whines.

” No don’t. John you don’t know what you’re doing.” ” Yes, Ally.” I wrap my arms around her back and dug deeper into her. My lips are moving on her neck and chest and nipples as I said, ” Ally.” ” Stop it John,” I said breathlessly. Her legs are spread wide, bobbing with each thrust. My manhood sliding forcefully in and out of her, opening her again and again, going as far as it can. Her body unleashed as much lube as it can to handle me but it isn’t enough. ” Ohhhh, owowow, John, you’re hurting me. Please stop. Don’t.” ” Yes, ah..ah, you’re so fucking tight.” Her stomach roiled. Had I not been so deep in her, she is nausa but she can’t catch her breath. Her hands pushing at my shoulders. For some reason she is careful not to claw or scratch me as she halfheartedly fought me. The room spun and she is flipped on to her stomach. I push my cock far up into her pussy. I laid parallel across her back with both hands clasped under her tits, painfully squeezing her nipples. My head is buried in her matted dark hair. She smells sweat and sex. She smells her pussy juice getting white and viscous as my cock works its way in and out of her. ” Alla.” I keep saying as my thighs slaps against her butt cheeks, faster and faster. I’m burrowing into her virgin hole without mercy. She clenches the couch cover in her fists. I kick apart her ankles, lifting her hips slightly and punishing her deeper. She swears she feel my huge cock behind her belly button.

” John, ow, ow, its too deep.” ” Yes,” I grunted into her ear. ” I’m gonna cum.” ” Yes, cum please.” She begs. She begs because she wants it to be over. She didn’t even know she said she understood why. She just needed this to end so she could try to sort it out in her head. She pictures herself in the shower, scrubbing, never being the same. ” I’m cumming.” I said. ” Yes John, cum.” ” I’m cumming inside of you.” ” No don’t.” The implications washes over her. My semen impregnating her. It is too much. ” No cum in me.” ” I’m cumming in you.” Her head spinning. She didn’t know what to do. ” Oh yes.” My body shivered. ” You’re so hot.” Her legs trembling, her pussy feels warm and abused. She can’t breath with my weight on her. It erupted from deep within me like volanic magma. My semen exploded from my head in violent spurts, accompanied by forward jerks of my hips, burying her deep into the sweat, sex-soaked couch. Each pulse of cum blasted the back of her pussy, searing hot. I got up off of her. With sigh of release, I sat in my chair without another word. Alla stared at the ceiling, waiting for reality to right itself. Yet it didn’t, I had more surprises for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32