Young, Sexy, and Single… Why Not?

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I woke up from my nap still feeling woozy from a dream about my Chris Hemsworth-like manager Todd at the bar I where I had just started working. It was a sexy encounter on a european train. He took me in the bathroom and pounded hard into me as we went around a curve in the tracks… I’ve always had a thing for trains.

I would be working with him tonight in fact, which was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because he made me so excited and horny, it was fun just to look at him. But a curse because he also made me really nervous, and I felt like I couldn’t be myself around him. Tall guys have that effect on me. I am 6-feet tall, and am not used to people being taller than me – male or female. There is something that makes me feel extra vulnerable when I am around a man who I have to crane my neck to look up to. Also, I have a strict “don’t shit where you eat” policy, after having seen so many workplace romances go south.

But my friend Lydia’s voice echoed in my head: “You’re sexy and single. Why shouldn’t you just flirt a little and see where it goes? You’re only young once. What’s the worst that could happen?” He is my manager, I thought, but it’s not like he owns the place. Maybe tonight I would just push the boundary a little and see if he is even at all interested. Who knows, he could turn out to be gay, or more tragic – in a relationship.

I got up, showered, and shaved my legs – just in case… I had just gotten waxed two days before and was feeling very sexy and slippery, and I spent a little extra time washing between my legs. I love the feeling of soapy fingers sliding across that hairless, sensitive skin. I hopped out of the shower and lotioned my legs and arms with a dusky-smelling lotion I had gotten on my recent yoga retreat in Mexico, rubbing a little across my belly and full breasts that still felt swollen from my lusty dream. I rubbed the lotion onto my nipples, rolling them between my fingers, and feeling them spring to attention. Man, I was going to have to calm down if I was going to make it through the night.

I dug into my drawers for something fun and sexy. I had been wearing a more hipster style lately at the bar: tank tops with high necks that showed off my yoga-sculpted shoulders. Being a tall, blonde woman at a bar comes along with some fun attention, but also some unwanted advances, particularly toward the later hours of the morning. I don’t mind letting those guys see that I am strong, and capable of taking care of myself.

But given my particular mission tonight, I thought I might pick something a little more feminine and revealing. I dug in and found a loose, white tank top from my college days – it had narrow straps and was low-cut, just barely covering the top of my black lace bra. It hung nicely off my breasts and the bottom was an inch or two above my waist, showing off my flat, well-tanned stomach.

I reached for my tight, black jeans that I always wore. Working in a bar, you are bending over a lot, digging into low refrigerators (called low-boys), digging for ice, and so on. It’s good to have a pair of jeans you know are going to stay in place. But then I saw my short, denim skirt that I used to wear out all the time in college and a naughty thought flickered through my mind. If I really wanted to send a message, this skirt would certainly help me. Especially if I wore my favorite hot-pink thong. I was starting to get wet just thinking about the fun of reaching into a low-boy and surreptitiously teasing him with a flash of my butt cheeks.

I pulled my long, wavy hair into a loose fishtail french braid, pushed my favorite stack of silver bangles onto my left wrist, dabbed on some rose-flavored lip gloss, and checked myself out in the mirror. Damn, I was certainly going to get someone’s attention tonight looking like this. If Todd didn’t show interest in me tonight, then I would know for sure that he was unavailable.

I strode up to the door of the bar and took a deep breath. I was positively vibrating with anticipation. I pulled the door open and walked inside, only to see Joey behind the bar.

“Whoa! Skylar! You look smokin’ tonight!”

What?? Why was Joey working here tonight? Had I gotten my dates mixed up? Joey was a great bartender and really fun to work with… but he was no Todd. Don’t get me wrong, he had a great, scruffy appeal. He had nice hazel eyes, thick, dark eyebrows, unkempt hair, and sexy stubble on his square jawline. But I had never really noticed any of this before because at 5 foot 8 inches, he was a little too short for me. But now I was thinking that if Todd didn’t show up, maybe he would be pretty fun afterall…

Watch it Sky, you are going to get yourself in trouble thinking like this.

“Haha, thanks Joey, I just thought I would try something a little different tonight. Besides, I just got back from that expensive Mexico vacation, and mama needs those tips!” He raised an eyebrow at the word “tips.”

“I am sure you will have no problem tonight. Or bursa escort bayan any other night for that matter. Here, you mind finishing cutting up this fruit? I have to go downstairs and check the lines.”

“Yeah no prob.”

He raised the flap on the side of the bar for me to walk through, and he slid out at the same time. My breasts rubbed against his chest as I ducked under his arm holding the flap up for me. A jolt of electricity raced through my nipples, and I could hear him take a sharp breath in. Yes, I was definitely going to need something tonight. After we both passed through, he dropped the flap and disappeared down the back steps.

I took a deep breath and exhaled to calm myself down. As I started checking the stock in the lowboys I remembered why I always wore jeans. I could barely bend over without flashing my neat little pink, cotton-wrapped pussy at everyone. I should have worn black panties – everyone was going to be able to see how wet I was getting.

“You get all dressed up like that for Joey?” I looked up to see Todd standing to my left on the other side of the bar, admiring my outfit. Oh my god, he had such a smooth, deep voice. I did a mental inventory of what he might have seen. From where he stood, he could only see that my skirt was short… but I bet he might have been able to see the top of the curve of my ass. I know he could see the side of my bra inside of my shirt as I was reaching forward.

I felt suddenly shy and blushed. I had been thinking about slowly upping the ante of what he could see that night – I didn’t want to start by giving it all away. But I didn’t think I had. He had seen just enough to make him notice my outfit.

“Oh, hey Todd! Are you both working tonight? Lucky me.”

“Yeah, there is some big bachelorette party upstairs tonight so Todd will be working with you down here and I’ll be working the upstairs bar.” Oh man. Just the thought of him with a group of young, sexed-up women with penis straws, throwing themselves at him made my heart drop. I guess tonight wasn’t my night after all.

“Wow, that’ll be fun. I am sure you’ll clean up up there with all those ladies.”

“Yeah… We’ll see.”

We’ll see? What does that mean? Does that mean he is looking for something tonight?

Whoa, chill out Sky, and do your job. You are not actually here to have sex with people, you are here to serve drinks, make money, and pay the rent. Just chill…

As the bar got busy, Joey and I were having fun cracking jokes and slinging drinks. I was getting a lot of attention from both men and women, and for the first time in a while, really enjoying it. The music was really fun tonight, old skool hip hop, and Joey and I were both dancing around the back of the bar, singing the lyrics to each other.

I had forgotten how sexy it can be to make drinks. One guy had asked for two martinis, shaken not stirred (what is it with these guys and James Bond?). I set up the shakers shook both at the same time. I could feel my breasts shake along with the drinks, and I knew my shirt was lifting up to show my cute, tight, little belly. I enjoyed feeling the muscles in my stomach contract, my biceps feeling strong, and my thighs and butt tensed. I didn’t mind that almost everyone at my half of the bar was staring at my tits as they shook. I glanced at Joey and caught him looking as well. I could see the bulge in his pants was a bit bigger than normal.

Let them want me, I thought.

Around eleven we saw the bachelorette party stumble down the stairs and parade out the front door. They were all in their twenties, sexy young things with skimpy dresses, lots of glitter, and definitely plenty of penis paraphernalia. They all looked quite drunk and were smiling ear-to-ear. I was glad they had a fun time and I was sure Todd was a hit with this group. I felt a twinge of excitement knowing that Todd was finished upstairs and might be joining us downstairs. We were unusually busy for a Friday night, and could use the extra help. It would also be fun to be back here with both Joey and Todd. And I could finally start my little show I had been planning for him all night.

A half hour later Todd finished cleaning up upstairs and came down to join us. He could see we were both having fun and looked a little irritated… maybe even jealous.

“Hey guys, how’s it going down here? You need some help?”

“Yeah, it’s crazy busy tonight. How’d it go up there? They make it rain on you?” Joey asked him.

“Yeah, they were getting a little out of control. I felt like a piece of meat. They kept reaching across the bar and trying to take off my shirt. One of them almost ripped it.” He glanced at me as he said this. Hmmm, was he maybe trying to make me jealous?

“Well, looks like its still on.” I said. What a dumb thing to say. Why was I so nervous around him? Joey looked at me with a sly side smile. “OK, well, I’m gonna go get the top of the bar now.” I blurted out and scooted back to my gorukle escort end of the bar where a group of eager young guys was waiting.

“What can I get for you fellas?” Of course they wanted shots, and offered to buy me one. I thought it might help take the edge off a bit, and I was going to need some courage if I was going to start my seduction. We all took our shots and I could feel myself start to unwind a bit. They bought me another one. Their attention was fun, and reminded me that I was really the one in control here.

Soon someone asked for a top-shelf bourbon, which was in Todd’s section at the other end of the bar. Just what I was hoping for. I set up the ice in the glass and walked over to get the bottle. It was too high for me to reach, so I put both my hands on the counter and popped my knees up, like getting out of a pool. Todd was right next to me at the cash register and I knew that this flashed the top of my butt cheeks in my tiny skirt. As I stretched up to reach the bourbon, I suddenly felt two hands on my sides, firmly holding me. Chills ran through me as I looked back to see Todd’s intense eyes and shy smile. His mouth was right at the same level as my ass.

“Want to make sure you don’t fall.”

“Thanks” I said breathlessly as I reached the bottle. As I started to climb back down he let his hands slide up the sides of my body until his fingers were right under my breasts, making my shirt slide up a bit. With his help I landed on the ground, swaying backward a bit to feel his body press against mine. He held onto me for a beat, and then smoothed my shirt down with his hands.

“There you go. Your shirt was, uh… I was just fixing it.”

Deep breath in. Be cool. I turned to see that smoldering look in his eyes intensify. Ok. Game on. I smiled at him, thanked him and walked back to my end of the bar to make the drink. The guy who ordered it was looking quite pleased with his choice.

Now I could tell that I had Todd’s attention. And everyone else’s for that matter. Someone ordered a beer and I reached into the low-boy, straight legs, bent over. I know that I was showing the bottom of my ass cheeks, and a flash of my hot-pink pussy. I was so wet at this point, I don’t think anyone would know that the color of my panties had darkened. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Todd watching me.

A little later I needed to get more ice, so I headed down to the basement to fill up a bucket. As I carried the heavy bucket past Todd and Joey, I was carrying it with both hands, my arms pressing my breasts together. My shirt had come down a bit and revealed the top of my bra. Todd almost tripped as he was stepping over for me to pass by, trying not to be too obvious about staring at my breasts. I smiled to myself as my plan was clearly working.

A few drinks later I was taking an order and felt Joey slide up next to me. “You are putting on quite a show” he said conspiratorially into my ear. “And Todd isn’t the only one who’s noticed.” At first I thought he was referring to himself, but when I looked at him he nodded toward my end of the bar.

I looked over and saw a woman in her late twenties watching me. She had thick, dark hair cascading down her shoulders, radiant skin, a strong jaw, and large, light brown eyes. She was wearing a halter top that showed her athletic physique and the top of her small, perky breasts. We locked eyes for a moment, and then she looked down at her drink, hiding her eyes with thick, long lashes, but then looked back up at me. The international sign for sex.

I looked back at Joey. I must have looked puzzled because he just laughed and said “Well, it’s there if you want it.” and walked away.

As a single woman in her early thirties who partied a fair amount in college, you would assume that I had hooked up with a woman at some point, but I never did. The closest I got was a steamy kiss with a close friend on a drunken New Year’s Eve. We had both moved on from that and never talked about it again. While I was curious, I had never been brave enough to actually explore the idea of hooking up with a woman. I was a little intimidated by the complexity of someone else’s pussy – I know how picky I am, and I don’t want that kind of pressure.

But tonight, something was different in me. I was feeling so sexy and delicious that I decided to flirt a little bit. At the very least, I know it would help to tease Todd some more. I made my way toward that end of the bar, taking drink orders, until I finally got to her.

She locked eyes with me and raised her eyebrows just a bit. “What can I get you?” I asked.

“How about whatever tequila is in that well in front of you.”

“Shot, or on the rocks?”

“Rocks… with a twist of lime please. And just a splash of soda to make it go down easy.” Gulp. Go down.

“You got it, mama”

With my right hand on the bar, I flipped my braid over to the left, and hinged at my hips to reach down for the tequila. bursa merkez escort bayan I could feel my skirt come up a little bit – winking my pink pussy at Todd, and my shirt gaped in the front, revealing my cleavage to this mysterious woman. I lifted my eyes to see her bite her lower lip as she unapologetically looked down my shirt. She looked back at me with a twinkle in her eye and slight smirk, and then looked over my shoulder at Todd.

“You have quite the fan club here tonight” she said. Staying bent down, I looked over my shoulder at Todd and saw him watching this exchange. I looked back at her and smirked back. I finished making her drink and slid it across the bar to her.

“Thanks” she said, putting her fingers lightly over my hand as I finished passing her the drink. It shot a current of energy down my hand. I had never felt like this about a woman. She was so sexy and confident. My mind was opening up to new possibilities, and my body was pulsing with all of the pent-up desire.

“You’re most welcome,” I said, breathless, as I felt my juices start to trickle down my leg. I needed to do something or go somewhere or I would explode.

As I tore my eyes away from her, I saw Todd carrying a crate of clean glasses in from the back, his biceps flexing and stretching the sleeves of his t-shirt. Holy shit.

“Going to the bathroom!” I shouted as I bounced past Joey, and brushed past Todd’s ass, squatting to fill the dishwasher. God it was so firm, the rough denim felt so good brushing against my calf.

I burst into the staff bathroom in the back. I looked at myself in the mirror – god, I looked like a wild animal. I needed to cool out, this was getting out of control. I wet a paper towel with cool water and wiped my neck down. It felt good and cold as I slid it over my shoulder and onto my breasts. I closed my eyes and stretched my neck from one side to the other as I enjoyed the feeling of the cool towel on my cleavage and shoulders.

“Damn, you are so sexy.” I heard a voice say. I turned to see the brunette standing in the doorway, holding the door open.

“Oh, this is a staff bathroom you aren’t supposed to be back here.”

“Mmm. You want me to leave?” She said as she let the door close behind her and started walking over to me.

“Well… no… I-” she stepped toward me and placed a few fingers lightly on my belly. She traced them gently upward, brushing the bottom of my breast, side to side.

“Do you like that? Mmm? Does that feel good?” She started kissing my collar bone and slid my bra and tank top straps off of my shoulder as she gently pushed me up against the wall. The cool wall felt so good on my back. My body ached for more, harder, firmer. With my shoulders against the wall, I pressed my pelvis forward – my hot mound pressing against hers. It ached so badly and needed to be touched, licked, fucked.

She reached around back and unclasped my bra easily, like only a woman would know how. Reaching underneath my loose bra, she firmly grasped my breasts in her hands and began to tweak my nipples, rolling them in her fingers. My heart was pounding in my neck, my face felt flush.

I grabbed her ass, each hand filled with her firm flesh and pulled her closer to me, as I ground myself against her. She reached down and pulled my tank top against my breasts, sucking on my nipples through my shirt, making them hot and wet and erect. Then she pulled my shirt up over my breasts, making them bounce, and repeated. Pull, bounce, pull, bounce. Feeling the weight of my breasts bounce free like that was almost enough to make me come. Then she took the shirt fully off over my head and my bra dropped to the ground.

I was panting against the wall as she trailed her fingers down my belly toward my skirt. I don’t know how she was so in control like that, I was going completely out of my mind. She unbuttoned my skirt, and after it dropped to the ground, she put her knee between my thighs and pushed my legs out to each side. She dropped to her knees and began kissing up my right thigh toward my hot, slick, sticky pussy. Her fingers were playing with the band of my thong.

My hands were on my head, covering my face, as I was beginning to moan uncontrollably. I felt the band of my panties slide down, and the slight flick of a tongue at the top of my slit. Ever so lightly, warm, and very wet. She began with little licks, each one getting firmer and deeper into my slit. She worked her way down slowly, licking and lightly sucking, toward my clit. As she reached my clit and started to flick it with her tongue, she very lightly put the tip of her finger into my hole, lightly circling it, and barely dipping into me.

I was about to come right then and there when I heard the door open and saw Todd standing there with a surprised look on his face.

“I was worried about what was taking you so long, but…”

I could see his pants start to bulge and his eyes go dark. He saw me looking at his crotch, and took a sharp breath in and grabbed himself. I licked and bit my lower lip. I wanted both of them so badly. The brunette had stopped for a second when he came in, but she wasted no time making the most of the moment. She stood up, took her pants and panties off, and hopped up on the narrow sink ledge.

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