You Love Me , I Love You

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We’re on the train, going through the snow-topped mountains. The view out the windows is primeval and spectacular.

We go to the bar car and order two shots and a beer and we drink them fast, sharing the beer.

On our way back to the seating car we duck into a lavatory, giggling and trying to hurry inside before anyone else sees us.

I close the lid of the potty and sit down as you fumble with the fly of your jeans. You let your pants and undies fall to the floor of the tiny cubicle and bend to kiss me, circling my lips with the tip of your tongue which still smells of tequila and which you suddenly thrust hard into my mouth as yu pull my hair and raise my head up towards yours.

I reach out and gently cup your balls in my hand and I feel you shiver as we keep teasing each others’ mouths with our tongues. My other arm goes around to your butt and I squeeze your cheek and then slap it a li’l bit hard as I shift on my seat. We stop kissing and then you pull me to stand next to your naked hardness as you brush the hair from my face and kiss my closed eyelids bursa eskort while I am hugging your body as close to me as I can.

You slowly turn me around and I put my hands on the back of the potty to stabilize myself for what I know is coming next.

You lift up my skirt and pull my longjohns down to reveal my creamy white, shivering ass. You reach between my legs and stick your finger into my warm wetness to see if I am ready for you and you find that I am more than ready! I arch myself back towards you, anxious to feel filled with your magnificent hard cock. I feel myself throbbing in anticipation!

Oh Master! Please ram it in hard and deep! I have been a good li’l girl and I deserve my Master’s hard hot cock!!

You do just what I want and need you to do Master! You ram into me again and again and I feel that I am gonna cum so hard all over your beautiful cock!

I do cum as you continue to ram into me harder and faster and I bite my lip so I won’t scream out in ecstasy at the awesome feeling of my cum pouring out all over your hot shaft! bursa escort bayan I groan and growl and feel like I might faint, but I hold on to the end and grind up against your hardness again and again until I decide to slowly pull away so that you come out of my hot slit as we both shudder with feeling.

You help me stand up and you turn me and kiss me hard with your big cock pressing between us. I sit slowly down on the closed potty as I reach behind you and pull your crotch and giant cock right into my face. I lick you and tease your red head for a second and then slowly, slowly slide your length down into my hot wetness as I taste the seasoning you have made me leave all over you! Oh Master!

I suck as hard as I can while I move up and down on you, clenching my lips on you as I pull up your shaft so hard and so slow. You taste so good and I smile with you in my mouth as I hear your pleasured moans and you put your hand on my head to push me down. You keep pushing me down, harder and faster until I am slamming down on görükle escort you so quickly and we both are moaning aloud. I am thinking about how I am going to rub your shooting cum all over my lips and tongue and my face, luxuriating in a well-earned facial. You keep pulling me hard and fast on your big cock and then you suddenly stop.

I pull off of you, gasping for air but hungry for more and then you grab your cock in one hand and my head in your other and you push me into you as stream after stream of your hot cum jets out all over my eager licking mouth and my face. I rub my face into the cum and you thrust your big cock back into my mouth and lips and I slide down you all the way to your root, rubbing my tongue over your sensitive end and moaning with you deep inside me.

We rest that way for a moment and then we break apart and I stand and we hold each other close even with you all over my face! Then, giggling like school kids, we get cleaned up in the tiny bathroom and get ready to go back to our seats to enjoy the rest of our train trip. Right before we exit the lavatory, somebody tries the door. We stifle are laughing and wait a minute before exiting. We go back to the bar car for one last drink. What do we call it?

The Rollin Thunder? The 8 foot club? Who knows and who cares…. I am just looking forward to the train trip home!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32