You Get What You Need 01

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This two-part series includes characters from The Lake House Lessons/Dana’s Side series and although it probably stands alone, I think you may enjoy it better if you read at least one of those series, if not both. This two part series takes place when Jack Davis, the narrator of The Lake House Lessons, is in college.

Sally turned on her side in the small college bed and watched Matthew’s cute, jean clad butt walk out the door of her cozy single room. She hoped that their athletic night together wouldn’t affect his performance in this afternoon’s lacrosse game, but he was in excellent shape, so she figured he would be O.K. Matthew had been good—one of the best she had–and wondered if there would be a repeat performance. If so, she thought that would be great, but if not, she knew that her skinny bed wouldn’t be empty for long.

As she lay in bed, savoring the memories of her night with Matthew, she thought that one of the great things about going to a small, highly competitive school was that so many of her fellow students were socially awkward and sexually inexperienced, so that someone like her, who was neither, was able to pretty much have her pick of the litter. She knew that physically, she was attractive, but not incredibly so—her face was cute, her breasts average sized, her legs a little thicker than she wished, and she probably could stand to lose a couple of pounds. But she also knew that she had intelligence, confidence and experience, and knew how to seduce a man, or occasionally a woman, who piqued her interest. And once she got her quarry into bed, she knew exactly what to do to make sure both of them enjoyed the experience. She understood that she was a classic example, as Aristotle recognized, that the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.

It looked to be a beautiful Saturday morning, and as much as Sally wanted simply to lay in bed, enjoying the afterglow, she knew that she needed to get to the library to work on her Civil War paper, and do some reading for her Russian Lit class. She arose from the bed, put on her floral robe, grabbed her towel, soap, shampoo and conditioner and went into the hallway toward the bathroom. The hallway was still relatively quiet. The underclassmen in their doubles and triples were probably sleeping off their binge drinking, and the juniors, like Sally, and the seniors, in their singles, were either doing the same, or getting ready to go to breakfast before hitting the books.

She turned on the shower, to let the water in the ancient plumbing system get warm, and once it did, she took off her robe, hung it up with her towel on a hook, and entered the tiny stall. The jets of water felt great on her skin, and she luxuriated in the feel of it before beginning to soap up her body. Her pussy was a bit sore, which she considered a sign of a good night, and the smooth soap and hot water were soothing. After rinsing off, she shampooed her shoulder length brown hair, working out the tangles from when Matthew came on her tits and some of his spunk must have sprayed up, and finished with a rinse with her conditioner. Not wanting to leave, she stayed under the spray until she had enough. She turned off the water, grabbed her towel and dried off and put on her robe before stepping out of the shower and into the bathroom.

There was one other woman in the bathroom, coming out of the toilet, wearing what was clearly a man’s robe. Sally had seen her a couple of times before, and she was possibly the most beautiful woman Sally had ever seen. She was average height, but that was the only thing average about her. Her straight brown hair was lustrous, her face flawless and her body voluptuous. Sally was aware that this gorgeous creature was not a student at the school but was the girlfriend or date or something of her classmate Jack Davis. Sally knew that Jack dated other girls at school, and sometimes had visits from this girl, and other beautiful women, and this intrigued her. Jack was a nice looking guy, but nothing that special, and Sally wondered what it was about him that made it possible for him to attract women that seemed above his class. They had taken a class together sophomore year, and Sally had tried to get close to him to see if she could work her magic on him and find out what is secret was, but her efforts failed.

He was, in fact, the only person at school who she had interest in but who had not succumbed to her charms, and it was always in the back of her mind that she would keep trying to land him some time before they graduated. But if that woman was here, she knew that the time was not this weekend.

Suddenly, Sally realized that she had been staring at the woman, who met her gaze and said, “Hey, I’m Dana, a friend of Jack Davis—do you know him?”

Embarrassed by her violation of pretty much every shared bathroom rule of etiquette, Sally said, “Hi, I’m Sally. I think Jack and I took a class together once, but I don’t know him that well.”

Dana looked Sally up and down before replying, “That’s too bad—he’s a good guy, and I think you guys would get çankaya escort along.”

Sally thought that was an odd comment. Dana didn’t know her at all, and she couldn’t understand why Dana would want another woman to get to know Jack. On the other hand, maybe they had some kind of weird relationship, and it could help her get to know Jack and figure out his inexplicable allure. But she really had nothing useful to say, so she feigned indifference, saying, “Maybe, I have no idea.”

Dana removed the robe that she was wearing, displaying her incredibly sexy body and got into the shower. Sally wanted to get in with her and explore her curves and folds as much as she was interested in trying to seduce Jack, but was intimidated by this woman’s intense sexuality and confidence, and assumed that Jack would find her wanting in comparison to Dana. But there was work to be done, so Sally gathered her stuff and returned to her room, dressed and went off to breakfast.

The exertions of the prior night had left her hungry, so she filled a plate with eggs, sausages and a bagel, got a mug of coffee and scanned the dining hall for friendly faces. Toward the back, she noticed Kate, her short blonde hair still wet from her shower, eating alone and looking at her iPad. Sally walked over and sat down and Kate looked up and smiled. They had been roommates freshman year and Sally had helped Kate, a cute, but innocent girl from a parochial school in rural Virginia, learn how to enjoy the pleasures that the eager and horny men of their college could provide. They had remained close and enjoyed comparing notes.

“So,” Kate started as Sally began to tuck into breakfast, “from the smile on your face and the big breakfast, I’m guessing that you had a busy night.”

Sally finished chewing, swallowed and said, “Yeah, I did.”

“Spill,” said Kate, whose shyness had long ago disappeared.

“Matthew Kent,” Sally responded.

“The lacrosse player?” Kate responded.

Sally nodded.

“He’s cute. How was it?” Kate asked, some color rising in her pale cheeks.

“Quite good, in fact,” Sally responded, smiling, before taking another bite of eggs.

“Great,” said Kate, who took a swig of orange juice.

“So, how about you?” Sally asked.

“Bad night,” Kate responded. “I went to a party and was making out with this guy, Jonah Sussman, do you know him?

“A senior, right? I think I had a class with him once. Tall, dark hair, cute, kind of gawky?”

“Yeah, that’s the guy. Anyway, just when I think that things are going to progress, his ex shows up and they get back together. While I’m fucking standing there looking like an idiot. So, I decided just to go back to my room and crash.”

“Too bad,” Sally replied.

“Yeah,” Kate replied. “It’s O.K. though, because I have a shitload of work to do today.”

“Me too,” Sally responded. “Before you go, I want to tell you about something strange that happened this morning.” Sally described her encounter with Dana in the bathroom, leaving out the part about how she wanted to get into the shower with the visitor. “What do you think that means?”

Kate thought for a bit before replying, “I’m not sure. I know that Jack Davis has been your ‘white whale’ for a while, so maybe you can use this Dana to get to know him better.”

“Yeah, maybe,” Sally replied.

Kate stood up, her cute little body hidden by the comfortable sweats that she liked to wear around campus and said, “Gotta go—I’ll see you later.”

Sally finished her breakfast, then headed for the library. She found a quiet table near where the books she needed were located, plugged in her laptop and opened up her paper. As she was reading the beginning, she got an idea, and accessed the card catalogue online, found a book and then ran through the stacks to its location. Luckily, it was on the shelf, and she sat on the floor, leafing through the pages until she found the information she needed. Although she understood the efficiency of researching online, she loved the smell of the pages of the old books in the library. She carried the volume to her table and added a few quotes to the paper.

She worked hard, and was focused on the material, but after an hour her mind began to wander to the mystery of Jack Davis. She could see him in her mind, and acknowledged that he was not nearly as handsome as, say, Matthew, yet she could not get him out of her thoughts. She was surprised to feel herself getting warm, then wet, as she thought of him. But, using the self discipline that got her into this college, and allowed her to play hard, but still make Dean’s List, she returned her focus to the paper, adding 6 new pages, and a number of sources, to her draft.

Satisfied, she decided to grab a coffee, then go back to her room to do the Turgenev reading for her Russian Lit class. She swung through the campus center and swiped her student ID for a coffee, then walked in the spring sunlight back to her dorm. As she was about the open the heavy wood door, it swung keçiören escort open, and Jack Davis emerged, holding Dana’s hand. Sally felt a twinge of disappointment. She knew that she could not compete with Dana, and resigned herself to thinking of Jack as the one that got away.

“Hi, Sally,” Dana chirped as they faced each other on the steps to the dorm’s front door.

“Hi, um, Dana,” Sally responded, pretending that she was having trouble remembering Dana’s name.

Dana turned to Jack and said, “Jack, you know Sally, right?”

Jack turned and looked at me, and said, “Uh, yeah, I think we had a class together last year, right?”

Sally nodded and said, “And I’ve seen you around the dorm.”

Jack looked a bit confused, as if he hadn’t noticed her before, but politely said, “Sure, of course.”

Dana then said, “We met in the bathroom this morning. I think you guys should get to know each other better.”

Sally again thought that this was strange, but she noticed that Jack looked at her again, with a more intent look, as if he were seeing her for the first time and appraising her.

“Um, sure, I guess,” Jack said, noncommittally as he held the door for Sally to enter the building. She noticed that he quickly looked at her ass as she went by, then grabbed Dana’s hand and headed off onto campus.

Sally walked up the stairs to the second floor, turned right down the hallway and walked toward her room. She opened the door, and smelled the unmistakable scents of last night’s romp—a combination of Matthew’s body wash, her shampoo, with an undertone of their sweat and other bodily fluids. It made her crave Matthew’s hard athlete’s body and cock, so she texted him. “Ready for round 2? If so, be here at 9, and bring a pizza.” She wasn’t sure if he was getting ready for his game, but figured that she would hear back from him eventually.

She took a gulp of her now lukewarm coffee, grabbed her copy of “Fathers and Sons” and soon found herself immersed in the adventures of Arkady and Bazarov. Sally realized that it was beginning to get dark, and she got up and stretched. Her phone bleated, and she saw a text from Matthew, “Round 2, and 3, and 4, I hope. Pepperoni OK?

She smiled and felt tingling in her pussy as she responded, “Works for me. See you at 9. I’ll have some wine. Oh, how did the game go?”

He texted back, “We won. I scored. See you at 9.”

Sally finished the chapter that she had been reading, and straightened up the room a little, fully expecting an overnight guest.

Since she hadn’t had lunch, she was getting hungry, and decided to grab an early dinner, especially since she was going to have pizza at 9, so she headed to the dining hall. Sally prepared herself a large salad with some roasted chicken, filled up a glass with ice water and again looked for a familiar face. It was kind of early, so the dining hall was pretty empty, and she didn’t see anyone she knew. She sat down at an empty table, and began to eat, glancing at her iPad occasionally. After a few minutes, she heard a somewhat familiar voice asking, “Can I join you?”

Looking up, she saw Jack Davis, holding a plate of food and a soda. “Sure,” she replied. “What about your girlfriend?”

He looked a little surprised. “Oh, you mean Dana. Yeah, she’s not my ‘girlfriend’, but we do hookup when we can. Anyway, she had to get back to school.”

Sally looked at him, trying to decide if this was a good or a bad thing, but decided that the fact that he chose to sit with her was a good thing.

Jack continued, “I’m not sure why Dana insisted that we get to know each other, but I’ve known her since high school, and I’ve learned to trust her instincts about people, so if she says I should get to know you, I’m game to give it a shot.”

Sally began to realize that a big part of Jack’s charm was a combination of innocence and cockiness combined with a disarming directness. It was compelling, especially when combined with his better than average looks.

“Yeah,” Sally said, “I’m not sure either. We spoke for about 10 seconds in the ladies room.” She gave him her sexiest smile and continued, “So, let’s see if Dana knows what she is talking about.”

Jack took a bite of his chicken, and said, “Where are you from?” She told him, and found herself telling him all about herself, what she was studying, what she was interested in doing, and she noticed that, unlike most other guys, he seemed actually to be listening, paying attention to her and responding appropriately. It was as if he really was interested in her story, and not just going through the motions in an attempt to get in her pants.

She was able to turn the tables on him for a while, and he learned about his family, how he met Dana, and about his love for physics. It was a pleasant conversation, and when they ran out of things to say, Jack said, “This was great, Sally, I’m sorry that we didn’t do this before. I guess Dana was right.”

Sally nodded and said, “Yeah, I guess she was.”

Jack etimesgut escort stood up and took his plates, and hers, and they walked together to the bussing area, where Jack dropped their dishes onto the conveyor, and they left the dining hall together.

“I’m off to the lab for a while,” Jack said. “See you around the dorm.”

“See you,” Sally replied and turned toward the dorm. Her head was spinning. He appeared to be a genuinely nice guy. She could understand why women enjoyed his company. He seemed to really like to listen and was good at it. He never tried to one up her with stories, or force the conversation around to himself. And what was the deal with Dana? Clearly, he had something for her, and had for years, but she had seen him with other women. Maybe Dana saw her as someone who could occupy Jack when she was away, but wouldn’t be a real threat. That made her feel a little angry with Dana, but also kind of impressed. Sally thought that she was good at manipulating people, especially men, but it looked like she was an amateur compared to Dana.

Sally looked at her watch and realized that Matthew would be over in an hour, so she picked up her pace and got to her room. She changed into something a little more revealing and easy to remove. As much as her memories of last night with Matthew made her horny, her growing lust for Jack Davis pushed her closer to her boiling point. She wasn’t sure that they would even get through the pizza before she ripped Matthew’s clothing off. Sally opened up the bottle of wine and poured herself a glass. She sat down and turned on the TV, watching an old sitcom while she drank, and tried to calm herself down.

There was a knock at the door, and Sally got out of her chair and opened the door. As expected, it was Matthew, who looked hot in a tight black t-shirt and shorts, his hair combed back and still wet from the shower. And he was holding a pizza and six pack. She let him into her room, and he put the pizza down on Sally’s desk, and put the beer next to it. Sally gave him a passionate hug and kiss that, based on the look on Matthew’s face, surprised him with its ardor. He stood there and absorbed her hug, and enjoyed the way she rubbed herself against his stiffening rod. Matthew smiled, as he looked forward to the night ahead.

Eventually, Sally let go, giving Matthew the chance to open a beer. He turned to Sally and said, “And, hello to you, too,” smiling.

Sally wanted to throw him on the floor, climb on top of him and fuck him immediately. But she knew that would send the wrong message to Matthew. From the beginning, she made it clear that their relationship was just for sex, and Matthew had made it clear that he was fine with that. Sally refilled her wine glass and opened the pizza box, taking out a steaming hot triangle of pizza, with perfect, greasy pepperoni. Matthew took a slice, and they sat on the edge of the bed, eating. Matthew put his hand on Sally’s firm thigh above the knee and squeezed gently, before slowly running his hand up her inner thigh almost to her crotch. Sally sighed with desire, finished her slice and tossed the crust into the garbage. Matthew did the same, and started to stand up to get another piece, but Sally grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

She tilted up her head, and Matthew planted a kiss on her soft lips as he sat back down on the bed. They kissed, and Matthew began to rub Sally’s back, and realizing that she was braless, started to lift her shirt up above her head. Sally helped him remove her shirt, and directed his head down to her breasts. Matthew allowed himself to be led and began to kiss her firm tits, using his tongue to trace concentric circles on her light brown areolas before planting a wet kiss on her now erect nipples.

Sally was moaning with delight, and she reached into Matthew’s crotch and felt his hard cock trying to burst out of his shorts. She reached up the leg and gently stroked his throbbing rod until he began to whimper. They both realized that wearing clothing was just an impediment to their full enjoyment of each other’s bodies, so they stood up and quickly stripped. Sally appreciated Matthew’s six-pack abs and his muscular chest. His cock, which was actually kind of small by Sally’s standards, was fully erect and looked like it was straining to leave his body. Matthew, on the other hand, was staring at Sally with a look of near animal lust. Although he would have liked her tits to be a bit bigger, they were big enough, and she loved to let him play with them. And he knew that her pussy was capable of doing things that no girl’s had ever done to him before.

He took Sally by the shoulders and directed her to lay on the bed, and she did so without resistance, spreading her legs to make it clear that she wanted him on top of her, and inside her. Normally, Matthew would have considered going down on Sally, and burying his face in her fragrant and beautiful pussy, but there seemed to be an urgency on Sally’s part to get right to the main event, and Matthew was happy to oblige. He had a good game and was feeling strong and powerful. He climbed on top of Sally, who grabbed his cock and guided into her pussy, which was soft and slick with her juices. He thrust himself fully in, and was happy to hear Sally sigh. Still fully in, he began to rock his hips, and Sally responded by arching her back and moaning, which turned Matthew on even more.

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