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I have read many sex forum stories and they all pretty much start out the same so I don’t imagine mine is any different. I have an incredible relationship with an incredible woman. Shelly is perfect in every way and our sex life is amazing. Before she moved in we had a long distance relationship and video chatted every day. At least once a week we would masturbate while video chatting and it was very hot! Sometimes she would have sex dreams about us which were sometimes triggered by the stories we read the night before. During the day she would tell me all about the dream and most of the time we would end our conversation with soaking wet underwear wishing we were in a safe enough place to rub one out.

Even though our sex life is great, we still spice things up by talking about what we’d do if we had someone else join us. We’d talk about adding a woman, a man, or even a foursome. We know things will change if this would happen so we keep it as talk and fantasy. Neither of us have been with a member of the same sex so we both carry curiosities.

Last month we went to the movies with our friends Rick and Erica. Afterwards we decided to meet up at their house for pizza and beer. We all shared oddball stories from work then somehow it changed to old suspected crushes. After awhile we began to talk about how we all met.

Erica told Rick she wanted to get in the jacuzzi. Rick asked us to join but we didn’t have our swimsuits. Erica suggested we just strip down to our underwear. Shelly looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and began to undress. Nervously, I undressed as well. Shelly grabbed a couple towels from Erica and joined her outside.

It didn’t take long before the conversation started turning sexual. We began rating porn movies and talking about whether we would do some of the kinky things. Then Erica started asking very personal questions. She asked Shelly if she had ever been curious about another woman. She told her she had thought about it once or twice but not enough to consider doing it. She then asked if I had ever experimented with a guy when I was young crazy and curious. I had to tell her no and that I only talk about it in fantasy stories. I looked at Shelly and noticed she was getting a bit turned on.

As you might expect, the questions intensified, and Shelly was answering quite freely. Fantasies became a huge topic and the atmosphere was filled with horny thoughts. Erica told Shelly that she wanted to eat another woman while her husband watched. My jaw sank in complete shock that she would say that openly. Shelly agreed Kartal Escort that it was a very hot thought and maybe we should try it. Erica seemed at a loss for words, as was I. Then Erica agreed but threw in a twist. She would only do it if Rick and I did it first. We quickly refused but Shelly started rubbing Erica’s tits and licking her lips. Erica then leaned in and kissed Shelly so intense I thought the water would evaporate from the hot tub. I was trying to hide my massive hard on and it was obvious Rick was too. Shelly pulled away and asked us if we wanted to watch them eat each other. We both said we did. Shelly then moved over to me and started nibbling on my ear and whispering her encouragement for me to go down on Rick because it was something she really wanted to witness.

I was very hesitant, but then looked at Rick. He slid out of the jacuzzi and his dick was trying to push its way out of his shorts. He took off his swimsuit to expose a dick that was relatively close to my size. Shelly kissed me passionately then eased my mouth to the head of his dick. I licked the head for a minute or so, then Shelly nudged me downward forcing me to take his whole dick in my mouth. As I loosened up and got into a good rhythm, I happen to see Shelly lean over and whisper in Rick’s ear. I could see that whatever she was saying was intensifying excitement level. After she stopped whispering, she slowly put her hand behind my head and wouldn’t let me up. Rick then shot his load down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could but lost some. Shelly was speechless at what she just witnessed.

Erica then came over and joined in urging Rick to do his share. He started to refuse and stopped talking when Erica reached around and removed Shelly’s bra then sucked her nipples. Shelly responded by pulling her head closer. Erica then stopped and told Rick she wanted to finish what she started but he had to take care of his business first. Reluctantly he had me take off my underwear and took my dick in his mouth. I must admit, he sucked it good. I, however, did not cum in his mouth. Shelly and Erica were now naked, and Erica was once again sucking Shelly’s tits. Shelly pushed her on back and sat on her face. Erica was hungrily eating Shelly’s pussy while Rick and I watched in amazement. I started to kiss Shelly passionately when she urged me start fucking Erica. After she came a few times, Shelly told me she wanted me cum in Erica’s pussy. I was puzzled but who was I to say ‘No’? I shot what seemed like a gallon of cum in her pussy before I pulled out and Yakacık Escort sat aside to watch Shelly and Erica having fun. Shelly looked over to me and smiled, then leaned over and started licking the cum from Erica’s pussy. My dick got hard instantly! I masturbated while watching her cleaning up. Rick was now face fucking Erica and she was taking it like a champ.

After Shelly had her fill of Erica’s pussy she kissed me passionately allowing me to taste Erica and me together. Rick came in Erica’s mouth and the girls began to kiss allowing Shelly the opportunity to taste Rick. Then out of nowhere, Shelly began to kiss me again which now allowed me the opportunity to taste Rick also.

Noticing the night was winding down, Erica suggested we go in the house for some mixed drinks and a movie. We all agreed and went inside leaving our clothes outside. Shelly helped Erica with the drinks, I helped Rick set up the movie and get extra pillows so we could all sit comfortably. We only made it half way through the movie before we all fell asleep. In the morning I woke to Shelly and Erica whispering about how hot last night was. Shelly was lightly stroking my cock and Erica was caressing Shelly’s tits and pinching her nipples and started talking about making breakfast. She then leaned over and kissed both of Shelly’s nipples and the head of my dick before going into the kitchen. Shelly repositioned and started sucking my dick. After a few minutes she suggested we go into the kitchen and help out.

As we entered the kitchen Erica was rinsing fruit at the sink and was slightly bent over and looked so incredibly hot. Shelly nudged me and told me to move in behind her. As I pressed my very wet hard on against Erica’s butt she gasped then reached around and rubbed my dick noticing how wet it was. Without a word she grabbed it and guided it into her pussy. I entered her using short strokes at first then very long but slow strokes and she was trying hard to muffle her moans. As I fucked her faster I couldn’t help but notice her awesome tits swinging back and forth. Shelly then sat on the counter next to the sink and started rubbing herself. Erica moved to the right and buried her face in Shelly’s pussy completing a perfect chain. I thought Shelly was going to lose her mind. There is no doubt she was enjoying all of this.

We held this position for quite a while when Erica told me she wanted me to fill her pussy with my miracle mix. I looked to Shelly and through another intense orgasm she nodded her approval. Moments later I exploded so hard my Kadıköy Escort knees merely gave out which caused Erica to explode and use Shelly’s pussy to muffle her moans which caused Shelly to explode and leak a massive amount of pussy juice all over the counter because Erica was too tense to lick it up. As I pulled out a large amount of cum oozed down Erica`s leg. She grabbed a dish towel to wipe up what was on her leg but for some reason she never touched her pussy. Very curious thoughts ran through my head about what I just saw. Shelly slid down off the counter and wiped up her most awesome mess while looking at me with a sly grin on her face. As I walked over to her, I noticed she had a lot of juice dripping down her leg as well. I couldn’t help but get down on my knees and start licking from ankles all the way up to her pussy which I decided to spend a little extra time.

Once I finally brought myself back into focus, I noticed Erica had left the kitchen. Shelly and I wandered back into the living room where we found Erica waking Rick with kisses and whispers of sweet nothings. She started sucking his dick which was half way hard already and he woke with a smile on his face. She worked him like a pro until he showed obvious signs that he was going to cum. She stopped and told him it wasn’t time for him to cum yet. The disappointment on his face was priceless as she stood to walk away. To his surprise, she sat on his face. We could see he was eating her pussy like he hadn’t eaten her in weeks. After a minute he stopped, and I was sure that he had noticed the cum inside. Shockingly enough, he started eating her again. I could see that he looked up at Erica and with a very sly look on her face, she nodded to him and I knew for sure that he knew my cum was inside. Shelly turned to me and winked, and I nodded letting her know it was okay to help Rick get relief. She wrapped her lips around his cock and masterfully sucked him off as if it were me. She swallowed every drop, which I’m not sure how because I could tell just by watching that he shot a lot of cum in her mouth.

Erica climbed off his face and sat next to him on the couch. He asked why she tricked him into eating a cum-filled pussy. She told him that he would never have done it any other way and she didn’t think it was fair that I swallowed his cum without complaining while he was able to shy away. He didn’t seem to disagree and kissed her passionately like they had just fallen in love.

Erica and Shelly went into the kitchen and made a huge breakfast. We talked about several things including another get together. We all agreed to never meet without each other’s partner being present. We left for home shortly after noon to shower and freshen up. Shelly and I definitely have a lot more stories to reminisce about in our love making sessions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32