Yoga and Sex

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I’ve been going to yoga class for a while now. I enjoy it, it’s a nice way to finish a weightlifting session: plus there are some great views in that class. There’s this one girl I had a bit of a thing with a while ago.
Her name was Rowanna but I never found that out until after we’d had sex. She’s most of reason I joined the class, I used to leave the gym at about eight, right as she would go into the studio. I’d faff around tying my shoelace or looking for something in my bag as long as I could outside those glass doors but I didn’t want to look weird so I eventually signed myself up. She was a young girl, just about eighteen. Her blonde hair sat on her shoulders and stopped just above her round, heavy breasts. She had a tiny waist on her petite frame, wide hips, slender arms & legs but most notably: a mesmerising arse. A proper bubble butt, full in all the right places: almost as though it were begging to be spanked and in yoga pants. Well, it’s a wonder the other men in the room could miss it.
I came in for my first session in early January, the gym was still busy with a rush of new years resolutioners. Amongst the crowds of people moving up and down I spotted and followed her down to the studio. I made sure I set up my mat right behind hers so I got the best possible view. She didn’t talk to me right away, but at one point she corrected my position like an instructor would. She mentioned that she coached somewhere else and informed me of the dangers of imprinting my spine. She must have only touched my chest for a millisecond but that’s all it took for my heart to start pounding. She was stunning up close too, a real natural beauty, I noticed she wore no makeup and that she had a spattering of freckles across her nose. Mostly I noticed the way her tits spilled forward gaziantep escort bayan in her vest, threatening to come free.
Nothing really happened for a couple of weeks, but by March things had really started kicking off. After a class, she invited me for coffee so we walked together to the little ground floor coffee shop at the gym. She ordered a peppermint tea and I had a latte. We sat down opposite each other in a corner of the room; we sipped our drinks and chatted. The next week she told me that she was going on a date and asked me, if I didn’t mind, if I’d help her get ready. I thought this was a little weird at first but I liked the idea of helping her in general so I went along with it. I followed her into the unisex changing rooms after class.

So I’m in the shower, and I’m sweaty as hell from class, so I’m just trying to cool myself down and wash off. I like my showers hot, the water is cascading down my curves, the water reflecting in the neon strip lights. I was looking forward to my date but I had to admit, I liked the idea of being with him a little more. I still didn’t know his name at this point, I just referred to him as ‘yoga boy’. I reached down and picked up a bar of soap, my ass exposed for a few seconds, my butt almost perfectly round and voluptuous. At least a handful, if not two-so I’ve been told. At that moment, I hear the door to the shower open and a rush of cold air flood in. I’m suddenly aware of someone behind me. I’m a little apprehensive at first, but then I think of all the times I’ve watched yoga boy’s arm muscles tensing and untensing in the mirror and thought of how strong he must be. I slowly stood up and his hands reached around my front and cupped my tits. He massaged them gaziantep escort bayan ilanları gently. Then spun me round to look at me. After staring at them for a few moments he took my nipple in his mouth and started to suck it, interspersed with little bites and licks. Then he knelt down in front of me. Lifted one leg up, placed my foot on the handrail and buried his face into my shaven pussy. He was licking my clit vigorously and by this point I’d gained a whole new layer of sweat to wash off.
I was moaning loudly: my moans echoing round the otherwise empty changing room. His mouth filled with my warm, salty, pussy juices and he lapped them up gratefully. I was having to hold on to the top of the shower cubicle walls to keep myself from falling; there was very little blood in my head at this point.
I could feel myself getting closer and closer to orgasm; he began to finger me. One finger at first, then two, and finally three, gliding in and out of me, rhythmically in sync with his tongue. I couldn’t take it anymore and I practically erupted; my pussy clenching tight around his fingers. My face contorted in utter bliss. I didn’t have long to contemplate this before he bent me over. Moving back round to behind me, the man began to work at my anus with his tongue. Cum still running down my inner thighs he touched my clit as he went, it was so sensitive at this point that even the slightest brush made me shudder and moan. He swirled his tongue round my ass, probing into it with his tongue. Then he put a finger in me, moving it in and out of me as he practically handed me his cock to wank.
One finger became two and two became the tip of his penis. Gently, he pushed his way in as my tight ass stretched to gaziantep escort bayan reklamları accommodate him. Inch by inch he moved completely inside me, I shuddered again as he started back at rubbing my clit. He pumped his thick cock in and out of me as the hot water beat down on my back, my face and chest pressed into the cold tiles. The room had begun filling with steam. He watched, holding an ass cheek in both hands as my sphincter widened and tightened rhythmically. His hands found my tits once more and he squeezed the nipples and caressed all of my large breasts, then he moved his attention back to my pussy, he shoved three fingers straight up there and I felt so full, so full of him.
It was so fucking hot; his fingers pumped my pussy as his dick pumped my ass. I loved the way he felt in there, thick and powerful, each thrust seeming to gain momentum on the last. I moaned, high pitched and breathless, never having been pleasured like this before in my life. Around his fingers he felt me get wetter and wetter, I was nearing a second orgasm. Once again I tightened around his fingers and he felt a flood of juices rush down his hand. I knew he was getting close, he gripped my ass tighter and thrust into me slowly and powerfully. Suddenly I felt his dick pause, pulsate a little, then the next thing I knew there was floods of hot cum flowing into me. My ass milked his cock; it seemed to be endlessly squirting. I panted: hard. As he pulled out, he stepped back a little, admiring his cum dripping out of my widened ass hole. He bent down, kissed my ass cheek and walked away. Leaving me trembling and hot, I fell to my knees in the shower cubicle and switched the water to cold.
I got out a few minutes later and found a scrawled note on a piece of paper which read “My name is Oliver, this is my number:”
He’d left, and he hadn’t even helped me get ready.

I couldn’t hang around after that, it was incredible but she had a date to get to and if it were up to me I’d never have left that shower cubicle. After that fateful evening it became a regular occurrence: yoga and sex. Not the worst way to spend a Tuesday evening.

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