Working Late at the Office

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I was working late one summer evening with Claire, trying to sort out a problem that had been plaguing us all day. Both of us were getting tired and in need of a break. Claire stood up from her chair, walked to the window and looked out across the narrow road to the buildings opposite, which were only a few yards away.

She called me called me over saying “Quick, look at this!”

I stood up, wandered to the window and looked across at the floor level with our own. The office opposite was well lit and inside it, a couple was making love across a large wooden desk in front of the window. A tall naked blonde girl was lying on her back on the desk, while a well built man who was also totally naked stood in front of her holding her calves and pushing her knees up to her chest as he fucked her slowly. Forcing his long curving prick deep into her body and making her tits bounce as he rammed himself into her, his balls banging between the cheeks of her arse.

We could both clearly see his thick prick glisten with the girl’s wetness as he pulled it almost completely from her pouting cunt only to thrust back into her. His hard cock disappearing deep inside her, making her back arch as she pushed herself back onto his huge prick. My own prick stiffened quickly, responding to the incredibly erotic sight in front of us and formed a very large uncomfortable bulge in my trousers. I felt the urgent throbbing between my legs and turned to look at Claire. Her hands were gripping the radiator below the low window sill as she watched the couple intently. Was it my imagination or did she seem slightly out of breath?

I had fancied her for a while, ever since we had started working together, but as we both had regular partners nothing had happened between us. Claire now appeared to press her thighs against the top of the radiator and I wondered just how turned on she was by the scene across the road. I decided to take a risk and moving behind her took her hips in my hands and pressed my straining erection against her buttocks. She responded by leaning forward and pushing her bottom back at me, pressing herself against my obviously hard cock.

Encouraged I put my hands up under her arms and felt the firm little breasts hidden beneath her blouse and thin lacy bra. I squeezed her tits gently, enjoying the soft flesh and felt her pert nipples harden under the thin fabric. Without speaking I let my hands fall to the buttons on the front of her blouse and rapidly undid them all, pulling her blouse off first, then undoing her bra and lifting it off her shoulders. My hands returned to her breasts cupping them in my hands as I teased her delicate little nipples into hard points with my fingers, kissing and biting softly at the side of her neck.

Claire started to rub her bottom against the front of my trousers exciting my stiff cock even more. I dropped my hands to the waistband of her tight skirt and undid both the catch and zip, allowing it to fall to the floor. I looked down at her firm rounded bottom covered in the white semi transparent lace of her knickers then down at her long legs demetevler escort with self supporting stockings displaying a few inches of naked thigh. I knew at that moment I was soon going to bury my aching flesh deep inside her soft body.

I pulled off my own tie, shirt, trousers, shoes and socks in a frenzy, leaving a pile on the floor then slowly dropped my shorts letting my rigid cock spring free. I leaned forward again and cupped her beautiful tits, the bulging head of my thick shaft touching the crisp lace of her knickers and leaving a trace of clear nectar across the patterned material as it seeped from the end of my swollen prick.

I enjoyed the feel of her lithe body before dropping to my knees behind her and sliding the delicate lace down over her buttocks. I smelt the musk of her excitement as the damp knickers peeled away from her moist folds, then lowering my head I ran my tongue down between her buttocks as I slid her pants to the floor. I tasted her, parting her buttocks as she leaned further forward to give me access to her sex and dipping my tongue into the sweet nectar between the swollen lips of her cunt, savoring her excitement.

I stood again, desperate now to push my burning cock into her, she looked back at me wantonly, realizing what was going to happen, thrusting her bottom back at me and leaning up against the window, resting her head on her arms and squashing her tits against the cold glass. She turned back and continued to watch the couple across the road as she felt me take my aching tool in my hand and guide it along the cleft of her buttocks towards her succulent pussy.

I felt my cock touch her soft delicate lips and rubbed the engorged tip along her moist slit, the round head parting her gently as her swollen folds anointed me with her musky nectar. Her body opened around my aching cock allowing me access to the hot wet centre of her sex. I pushed and felt myself slowly slide inside her, the tender skin of her cunt stretching and slipping sensuously along my sensitive shaft as it pierced her aching body.

Claire was still watching the couple opposite as the man pulled himself from his lover’s pussy and made the girl kneel on the desk in front of him with her arse in the air. He moved behind her, his big prick jutting angrily from his body as he felt her buttocks before guiding his long prick back towards her beautiful open cunt. As the tip of his prick came to rest against her open hole he thrust himself hungrily back into her wetness and started to fuck her hard and fast.

I started to pump myself backwards and forwards into Claire’s lithe yielding body, loving the feel of her tight little cunt as it opened and closed around my rigid flesh, gripping my cock with each thrust. I watched my glistening cock sliding in and out of Claire’s tight little pussy marveling at how her small body could accommodate my big angry looking cock now piercing her delicate flesh so erotically. I looked up and began to time my own thrusts to match the couple on the desk who were fucking otele gelen escort each other faster and harder as their orgasms approached.

I put my fingers down between the front of Claire’s thighs to feel the short crisp curls covering her firm mound before finding her stiff little clitoris protruding achingly from the top of her pouting lips and starting to rub her gently in time with our movements. The other couple started to come, she seemed to yell and collapse on the desk as he leaned back and held her hips pumping frantically and almost savagely into her as he sprayed powerful jets of sperm deep into her body.

I thrust hard into Claire almost lifting her off the ground with each thrust, driving my cock deep into her succulent pussy, the girl across the road looked up and pointed at us fucking against the window, together they watched Claire writhe while I thrust myself into her from behind and worked my fingers over her clit. The sensation of the other couple watching her being fucked was too much for Claire, she gasped and came, gripping my cock hard with her powerful muscles as they contracted with her orgasm.

I held her hips and fucked her hard, pulling her onto my solid pole as I banged my hips up against her arse, burying my burning cock deep inside her body. My prick was at bursting point then suddenly the spasms of an orgasm overwhelmed me. I came shouting with pleasure and spurting floods of thick creamy spunk into Claire’s yielding body, my prick jerking and pulsing inside her as my balls emptied deep inside her slick wet hole.

The couple across the road was not finished yet, the man lay across the desk and the girl bent her head to his groin taking his soft prick in her mouth and started to suck him making him grow between her lips. Claire and I recovered slowly, kissing each other as my soft cock slipping gently from her tender pussy. We watched as the girl’s head bobbed up and down over the man’s thighs and his prick grew larger, in turn he slipped one hand between the girl’s buttocks and started to finger her wet vulva.

Soon the man had grown fully hard again, his big thick cock pointing up from his body into the girl’s mouth. She released him and climbed onto the table spreading her knees either side of his waist and holding his prick upright, lowering herself towards it. As the end touched her, she rubbed it along the cleft of her pussy opening her lips around it and pressing it against her clitoris. Then she threw her head back and sank down on his firm cock, impaling herself on his thick curving shaft, feeling her cunt stretch as he filled her.

The girl started to ride her man energetically driving his cock high into her body each time she sank down on him, her large breasts bouncing deliciously with every jerk of her body. She looked up and saw us still watching, then smiling cupped her tits in her hands and squeezed her nipples, putting on a show for us as she moved on the big thick cock filling her cunt. Claire turned to face me and we kissed deeply our tongues moving balgat escort together as we each panted into the other’s mouth.

My cock was stiffening again already and I felt it pressing against Claire’s hip and stomach. I moved my hips to work my cock, which was still wet with our juices against her soft skin, making it swell against her. She in turn rubbed herself against me, grinding her soft pussy against my thigh, crushing her aching clitoris onto my skin while she brushed her stiff nipples across my chest. I felt my sperm running from her body onto my thigh allowing her to slide easily against me, the thought of her freshly fucked cunt running with my sperm exciting me enormously, as my cock was beginning to show.

I bent and put my hands under her buttocks and holding her tight lifted her up over my hips. She immediately wrapped her legs around me and locked her ankles behind my back. My cock was caught between us so I lifted her hips up and felt the sensitive end slip down over the wet hairs of her cunt then nestle between the warm wet lips of her open sex. Claire reached down under her buttocks with one hand, feeling for my swollen prick as I lifted her, then finding it she started to rub it along the deep cleft between her open thighs letting the thick rounded end ease her lips further apart.

I felt her swollen lips open around the end of my cock, the heat of her body starting to engulf me as I let her hips slip down a little. She gasped and put her hand back around my neck leaving me to thrust my hips gently at her. I let her slide further down each time, forcing my long curving cock deeper into her with each gentle push, her cunt opening wider for me each time.

Before my whole prick was buried in her body I pulled my hips back and lifted her buttocks until only the tip my cock was still inside her, then let her hips drop and thrust my rigid cock up driving the whole solid length up her in one thrust. She squealed and started to rock herself on the base of my cock, working her clitoris against me and sliding her cunt along my shaft. I held her buttocks, pulling her onto me and pressing her down onto my cock as I made gentle thrusts into her. At the same time I pressed my fingers between her buttocks feeling her arse contract in time with our thrusts and tickling her little arsehole with one finger.

I started to thrust harder at her, banging our bodies together and feeling my cock disappear into her, piercing her tight hole and bathing in the warm juices inside her body as I seemed to go deeper and deeper. I pounded into her letting more and more of her weight rest on my stiff cock forcing her clitoris to scrape the whole length of my cock as it slid into her, soon she began jerking uncontrollably on my cock, starting to come, squeezing me hard and biting my shoulder as the waves of pleasure rolled over her body.

I walked over to a desk, rested her bottom on it and lifted up her knees with my hands opening her pussy even more and proceeded to drive my cock into her soft wet cleft as hard and fast as I could. Claire moaned and began to whimper with each relentless thrust as it buried my rigid flesh deep inside her body making her come again, this time taking me with her. Forcing an explosion of sheer pleasure to shoot up from the base of my cock and spurt my thick sperm deep into her cunt, my own orgasm being forced from me by her gorgeous cunt as it contracted rhythmically on my pounding flesh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32