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I wrote this whilst you were in York. I sat at my desk in your favourite undies. I was trying to get rid of the frustration and need for you. This made it worse but I did always say that I loved to be teased and made to wait! This, though, was incredibly hard to do…just needed you close, my cock inside you, my fingers touching you and my tongue licking you. Don’t know how good this is but hope that you will also imagine this wanton, frustrated wreck writing it for you!! This comes, as always, with, as well as desire, much, much love.

He woke up early as normal. He had not had too much sleep but this was not, as before, due to worry but due to spending so much time enjoying her body. She had seemed to think that all that he did was for her benefit but this was not at all true. He had loved to tease her, play with her, make her cum incessantly until both her body and mind were exhausted. Despite his look and attire the man in him had both given and taken much pleasure. He looked at her and saw the face that he loved and served which was, in its turn, dedicated to him. Their life was much more peaceful and fulfilled now; sometimes he even dared to believe that it would last. He hoped so…so much. She slept and he decided to visit the bathroom and make coffee. He got out of bed, his body relishing the soft polyester against his skin. He had worn the underwear for her last night and relished the extra excitement that it gave her. Man in woman’s underwear, hardness within the soft and dainty pure white garments. As he took a step towards the door he heard her voice, “Wait!” A sleepy command but one that he would have heeded at any time. He loved to be at her beck and call as much as he loved to command and posess her. The perfect relationship that gave and received so much at all times. He turned a little and smiled at the sleepy face.

“Morning.” he smiled, “Sleep OK?” There was concern in his voice but she needed none.

“Darling,” she said, “would you please pick up those clothes on the floor as you go?”

“Sure.” He replied, eager to please. As he bent she watched as the high-cut panties crept further up his long, smooth legs and clung to his ass. She loved to watch his long body as the virginal-white underwear clung to it. These were her favourites for him and she felt her pussy dampen as his movements excited her. He picked up each garment, folding it and placing it neatly on the laundry basket hidden in the alcove. He knew how she liked to watch and knew how his continual bending would affect her. Each step and movement was graceful and feminine; he had learned to adapt his movements for the clothes that he wore for her and she loved the ambivalence of his personality. Her submissive or lesbian lover. Her hard man. He would be and was many things to her and he loved the pleasure that he was able to give. As he bent the movement excited him too and he felt the soft material stroking gently against hard nipples each time he stretched. At last, after a slow and methodical process, the floor was clear and he turned to her. The covers were pulled back and the raptured look was evident on her face as her fingers slowly stroked her wet sex. His mouth opened a little, surprised at the rapid turn of events.

“May I watch?” he asked. “Please?”. His voice was soft, again in keeping with his attire. She nodded, her mouth forming a silent agreement. He could see that she was focused on her hungry pussy and that words were un-needed then. He sat at the end of the bed watching as her fingers slipped faster and faster in and out of her cunt. He loved to watch. His body ached to take her again but he steeled himself against the temptation, teasing it with the hunger that she generated in him. Instinctively his cock became hard; another tease as he could feel the silkiness of the underwear stroke his manhood gently. His fingers reached to slowly caress his sensitive nipples as he watched her. He could see the wetness on her fingers as they pulled out of her juices before returning again. His nipples became hard and enlarged; a woman’s reaction in a man’s body but he knew that, by touching himself like that, she would be able to see his excitement which would in turn excite her still more. He began to talk softly, telling her how lovely it was to watch her, how his nipples and cock felt, verbally fucking his lover’s pussy. His fingers pushed more quickly and frantically against his nipples and his hand lowered occasionally to brush against his cock. His lips parted, breaths coming in short gasps as he heard her cry out as she came. Her body tightened and her pussy muscles clamped down on her fingers which were buried deep inside her. He watched as small aftershocks jolted her body and his nipples yearned for her teasing caress.

Her eyes opened and she gave him a small smile. “Thankyou.” She said, “Such a lovely way to wake up.” She watched his fingers on his chest for a few moments. “Want me to do that?” She asked.

He was so, so tempted. “God yes.” He exclaimed, “But I need to save istanbul travesti myself for you. Actually I want to hold myself back; to become insatiable for you.” She smiled, knowing how much he adored her body; he could happily live and die in a haze of sex with her and she wanted to let him. She knew that he had a need to be strong for her, to deliver the best that he could give from his hairless body. She relished in the excitement that it instilled in her but his self-control only turned her on more. She thought for a moment, deciding whether to tease his frustration by making him go for coffee in such an excited state, or whether to succumb to her own needs and use his body for her pleasure. Each would build the frustration in him, excercise her control and satisfy her. So many good things and the choice was not difficult to make.

“Come here, Baby.” She said. Her legs were spread a little apart and her wetness evident and so erotic. “Lick me, Darling.” She continued. These were the soft pleas of a wanton lover, commands from a dominating Mistress. He took this as both request and instruction. Each made him more hard knowing that his lover desired him and that his Mistress had commanded. He lay on the bed, his tongue licking gently at her pussy lips. His fingers, again through the fabric of the underwear, played with his own nipples as he teased her cunt. His body responded ecstatically to the taste and smell of her love juice and the closeness of her wet cunt to his face. In turn she loved his gentle caresses. She could find so much desire and satisfaction in the way that he made her feel. Her head swam in a sea of electric feelings that raged through her body and she started to buck her hips up and down to meet the pseudo-prick of his tongue. “Faster.” She gasped, “Yes! Just there! Lick it harder!” her voice was more insistent and harsh as she was overcome by the nearness of her orgasm. He followed her words but knew her body well enough to know how to make her cum…or not should he want to make her wait for a while. This was something that had been hard to get used to; being brought to the brink of orgasm by his tongue but then having him allow her cum to subside. He had made her wait many times but, at others, had just fucked her incessantly with his mouth until she came. Whether she had to wait or not her orgasms were always wild, gorgeous and abandoned. He loved what he could do to and for her and she, although his Mistress, was a slave to the wonderful feelings that he gave her.

Her voice was urgent, strangled by the deep breaths that she had to take. Her body rocked wildly and he forsake his tender nipples and wrapped his arms around her thighs, pushing down on her hips with his hands and holding her to the bed. His tongue drove inside her, suckling on her body nectar and frenziedly attacking the swollen bud of her clit. So strong her hips pushed towards his face, urging his tongue to bring even more pressure to bear. “Oh God. Yes! Good girl! You’re such a good girl!” Her mind gathered in his femininity and urged her body on to yet more urgent movement as her sweet, virgin, lesbian lover gave her head. She writhed under the pretty girls ministrations and took on the manner of a seasoned lover, praising her lover’s efforts and urging her not to stop.

Suddenly her whole body was wracked and she pushed herself against him. The orgasm sent her into spasm and would not relinquish her until her body had endured jolt after jolt of small, violent after-shocks. Her body started to relax but his tongue was still lapping, sweetly and gently at her wet, wet love-tunnel. He loved to be her slave. Loved to be her lover. Needed her to allow him to drown himself in her eager lust. He needed to be her man; strong and powerful, able to take control. He needed to be her panty-boy, male dressed to be humiliated by his Mistress if she desired. He needed to be her lesbian lover, knowing her feelings and needs as only a woman can. The combination resulted in an unbridled passion for them both.

He felt her body moved and assumed that it was her hips, again moving to closer enjoy the caress of his slow-moving tongue. Then he realised that she was on her knees, moving down the bed towards him. Correctly reading her intentions he rolled onto his back, a waiting mouth eager for her wetness to descend onto his face. He knew that she must be going out of her mind with desire to do this for she still had not been able to comprehend his desire to be engulfed by her dripping sex. She worried that it may disgust him and he seemed not to be able to convince her that he desired it as much as she did. He yearned for her pussy to press hard against his mouth, needing the deepest penetration of his tongue. His body ached for her to cover him with her sweet juices. He never tired of them and, as she moved over him, her fingers slid over his hard nipples. She continued to play with them, feeling her love-juice drip from her cunt and onto his face. His nipples seemed to harden even more anadolu yakası travestileri to her touch and his rock-hard cock strained against the confinement of his knickers.

Aware that he needed to release the cum that was pent up in her body he reached up and moved her hands from his own nipples to hers. Although she wanted to feel the silk material against his body he wanted to contain his frustration and to show her unrivalled dedication and eagerness to bring her pleasure. Her hands played with her own large, hard nipples; stretching and teasing the eager bounds and grasping her firm breasts. Her body responded to the feel of her hands and they helped to unlock the door to her orgasm. Her head rolled backwards as her full weight pushed onto his face through her pussy. She cried out, again and again, louder and louder as she reached and then passed the brink. He felt another flood of warmth on his face and slowed his tongue to relish and lap at the result of her orgasm.

Gently she slid from him, breathing fast, sweat on her brow and bathing in the afterglow as he stroked gently the outside of her thighs; not trying to instill more excitement but merely trying to relax her taut body, knowing that her need could easily return if he touched too directly.

He watched her, parallel with her shaven pussy which glistened with her cum. He watched her breasts rise and fall, watched her face and drank in the beauty that he saw. She knew he could hardly talk to her without getting hard. Every time he looked she fired dreams and desires in him. He half closed his eyes, imagining her teasing caress on his nipples, insistent and prolonged. He imagined his cock inside her, thrusting passionately into one of her tight, wet holes. He imagined her strap-on cock, a toy as yet untried, which would part the folds of his pussy and seal his submission to her. His hardness ached to be relieved but, with a will he controlled it, saving himself for her pleasure and, at the same time, increasing his own desire.

“Coffee!” he said suddenly, bending and kissing her smooth mound. He walked to the kitchen and then to the bathroom after switching on the kettle. He sat on the toilet, a feminine affectation but a practical one. He knew the part had to be played well and enjoyed playing it to it’s full. Underwear now absolved of the hardness of his excited cock he returned to the kitchen, made coffee and took it into the bedroom. She was talking to him as he entered the room and he heard her asking to wear something special for her today. “Of course, Hon.” He returned. No question, just eagerness to be part of her thoughts and feelings.

“You know I have a client at 11?” she asked. He nodded, meeting her eyes over a wisp of smoke as he lit cigarettes for them. Well I want you to help me get ready; just be with me whilst I have a bath and do my make up and get dressed. Then I want to help you…or at least instruct you in how I want you to look. I want to be able to spend the time in there knowing that you are waiting for me and I want to know how sexy you look.”

I nodded, excitement stirring my cock and my body almost clamouring to feed from her instruction and to look as best as I could. She went on with a firm, no-nonsense edge in her voice that took me by surprise.

“You will wear that little black dress. Black underwear that I shall choose and pale stockings. You will wear your black high heels that I bought you. I will help you make your face up and you will wear the wig. I want my slut to be waiting for me, eager, feminine and wanton. It’s not always easy doing this job so I want something to look forward to.” Even if she had had no reason I would have followed her request with no question but this did surprise me – it was the first time that I had been asked to dress as a woman when other people were around. I tended not to see clients; often other people being around could make them tense and she needed to put them at their ease, comfortable in the surroundings. She looked at me, straight in the eye.

“I sell a service to the clients,” she said, “but I want you to give me your body and soul without question.” She knew that she could have anything that I could give but she wanted to set the rules and have me understand my place for now.

“Yes, Mistress.” I replied, formally. “Your commands are always my desire.” It sounded a little trite but her excitement was as evident as mine. Her lips parted, the look in her eyes. She had something to look forward to and, for the first time, she wanted her slut to be ready for her and to know her place. Her desires and needs were many and exciting. I loved to be so many things for her and she was ecstatic that she could take so many acts and personalities from me.

A half hour later she sat, clean and wrapped in a large, mauve bath sheet, on the bed. Her make-up bag beside her and I told her that I was off to bathe. “Ok, Baby.” She smiled at me. So much love and lust istanbul travesti and caring. I couldn’t imagine how I could have been so lucky.

In a short time I had shaved, face and legs, pubes and armpits. Hairs were kept to a minimum but I made sure that they were as non-existent as possible. I stood on the bath mat and wondered for a short while. Wondered how she would let me look…just like a girl or like a man in drag? Probably the former; she wanted not to humiliate but to accept the subservience and relish the pretty creature that I knew she sometimes needed. I knew that I would try so hard to be elegant, sexy and eager. I needed to show her just how good her baby girl could be. Dried but with no deodorant or body spray I took myself into her, towel around my body.

As I entered the room she looked at me disapprovingly. “Baby,” she said, “young ladies do not go around with towels around their waists – they fasten them around their boobs.” She herself often walked around with a towel around her waist and was dressed that way at the moment. Her boobs and ever-wanton nipples always excited me. But this time she needed to build the situation paying attention to detail. I apologised and rearranged the towel. Her eyes, sparkling, lashes heavy with mascara and with a dark eyeshadow that made them stand out, looked at me. She patted the bed.

“Time for your face.” She said. I sat down in front of her as she faced away from the window. I was eager to see her reaction as she applied cosmetics to my face. We had often talked of make up but had not got to this point before. We always decided that we needed more time and for things to be unrushed. But also the trouble was that just the sight of me naked, in her knickers or even a pair of jeans sent her pulse racing and, as I said before, I was always hot just by talking to her. It left us little time to prepare properly but she was matter-of-fact and gentle now. Painstakingly she applied lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara and liner, pencilled my now-thin eyebrows and dabbed a light smelling fragrance on my neck. Hardly had she started the process when I noticed the tightening her nipples and, abruptly, she crossed her legs beneath her towel. I loved the way it must be making her feel; I didn’t need to ask as I knew her body so well by now. I was so pleased to find out for certain that this was something that we were both excited about; it’s always difficult to judge when you feel as though you have inflicted your own desires on someone. I knew how much she loved me; she would have jumped out of the window to please me so to see her body respond in that way allayed any further doubts. She slipped my towel to waist and moved her head to kiss each of my nipples in turn. She must have felt me catch my breath for she smiled up at me. “Nice?” she said, pinching each nipple between forefinger and thumb. She squeezed a little harder and twisted. A gorgeous excitement passed through my body at her touch and she looked downwards at the bulge in the towel that emphasised the re-awakening of my cock. “Oh, Baby!” she breathed. I suspected that only then did she realise the power that she had over me. It was one thing to say that you would obey her commands, quite another to actually desire to. She looked at me, half smile, half the look that spoke volumes to me as I knew it was the look that her face always took on when she became aroused. She exercised her power again, pulling strongly and twisting my nipples. Not enough to hurt more than a little but enough to show just who was pulling my strings. “Like that?” the smile was again made of happiness and lust.

“Yes, Mistress.” I fell into my part so easily. “I love your touch. I love you playing with my nipples. I’m so hot to feel your touch on them. Please don’t stop!” This last was a plea from the heart as, especially following my earlier frustration, I was aching for her to play with me. She knew all this of course. Knew how turned on I got when she played with me like that. She had come to know the excitement that could run riot through my body when she teased those so-sensitive places. She loved the way that my breasts seemed to fill out when she played and she wanted to urge them to become just one size bigger. Breasts that would emphasise the cut of a dress, bra or negligee. Breasts that could be teased and played with. Firm, feminine breasts. Breasts eager, excited and pliant to add dimension to the role that I played for her. Nothing that would detract from the man she loved but to emphasise the little girl that they both loved to play with.

“Slut!” she said suddenly and released her grip from my tits. It was a harsh word, normally one we would use in passionate moments rather than sedate ones like this. But I knew that she was addressing the wanton girl that she saw in front of her and also the one that she wanted to be ready for her later. Her hands moved again over my front, applying blusher to the insides of my breasts. She had told me previously that this would help to emphasise cleavage. Sitting back she looked over me, admiring her work and seeing the beginning of someone else. “Fuck!” she said, unusual for her. “You’re so sexy. God I feel wet just looking!” I smiled, pleased that she was pleased and feeling as though she had carved a masterpiece for herself. I hadn’t seen what she did – but her reaction made me feel so special.

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