Winter Welcome

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Imagine this…the wind is blowing hard against the cabin walls, rattling the windows in their frames and howling across the eaves. You peer into the inky blackness outside for some sign of me. Though the interior of the cabin is quite comfortable, the sight of the deep snow and dark night sends a chill across your shoulders and you draw the thick comforter tighter across your nude body. You return to the fire to check on the simmering pot and then settle into the overstuffed easy chair to wait. Dan Fogelburg emanates from the stereo softly and the harsh sounds of winter outside seem to fade. Your mind drifts off to the days events, the chores accomplished, the ones waiting for tomorrow. Everything is well in hand and you are quite content.

Suddenly your reverie is interrupted by the clatter of stomping feet and rustle of heavy clothing. Your head turns to see a familiar hooded parka entering into the storm porch amidst a swirl of blowing snow. You pour a large cup of your hot chocolate and rise to meet me at the door. As you reach the door, I enter. My heavy winter coat and boots are left on the porch and I am clad in a heavy red and black flannel shirt, black denim jeans and thick red wool socks. You hold the comforter tight about you with your right hand and extend the steaming cup with your left. You smile, mostly from seeing me safely home but partly because you know that I am unaware of your state of undress. Oblivious to everything but your warming smile and the hot chocolate in your hands, I take the cup from you and gently kiss your so very warm lips. My icy touch chills you again but I thaw quickly with your kiss. Softly, we part and I look into your eyes. There I see the first hints that something is afoot. I smile. We move to the stone hearth fireside together where I warm my bones before the crackling flames, my hands cupped around the hot ceramic mug, sipping slowly at the luxuriously hot and rich recipe. You stand behind me, watching me closely.

Soon, I place the half-empty cup on the mantle and turn from the flames to face you. The firelight is dancing in your eyes and a smile plays across your face. I reach for you and gather you into my arms. Our lips meet…caressing …embracing…tasting. I pick you up… comforter and all…and carry you to the chair. I sit and snuggle you close to me. Our lips continue kissing…touching…caressing. My hands feel the strength of your body beneath the thick blanket bursa escort and I caress your shoulders and your back. Your hands reach for the buttons of my shirt …releasing them. As you open my shirt, my hands delve into the thick folds of comforter and find…skin! I look at you in surprise…and you smile. My hand caresses your full breasts…cupping…squeezing…massaging them softly. Your nipples stiffen with my touch and I turn my attentions to them. Gently, I roll them between my thumb and finger …pulling …squeezing …twisting …pinching…so softly!

My head follows my hands and my lips find your nipples. I kiss them gently… then softly begin to suck at them. My tongue licks and caresses each one…teasing it into full hardness… flicking it while it lies trapped in my sucking mouth. I hear you groan as your fingers leave my shirt and grasp my head, holding me tightly to your aching bosom. While my mouth is busy, my fingers travel down your bare belly, down your soft abdomen, to your soft pubic hair. Brushing it lightly with my fingertips, I entice you to spread your thighs open for me. My fingertips explore you there, finding you so very hot already. So very wet and open. I probe into you…deeply… repeatedly. Then I withdraw both my fingers from your soft wet pussy and my mouth from your throbbing nipples. Lifting my head, I meet your gaze and slip my dripping fingers into my mouth. Tasting you! You grin and shift to slide to the floor between my legs.

There, you look back up at me with that soft mischievous smile playing upon your pretty face. My eyes are wide in anticipation and I can feel myself harden at the thought. Glimpses of your milky breasts peek from beneath your arms as you open my trousers and slide them, together with my underwear, down my hips. Your eyes have fallen to the swelling bulge your attentions have created. Slowly he rises from the descending confines of my jeans and falls forward, as if reaching for you himself.

Your eyes take on a hungry cast and the grin you give me has some feral quality to it. Lowering your face, you brush your cheeks and throat against my steadily enlarging cock. Your skin is so very soft and glows warmly in the firelight. Cupping my balls in your right hand, so tenderly, and taking my shaft with your left, you lift me to your mouth. Only now do I realize that you have been watching me this whole time. Your gloating smile indicates how much bursa escort bayan you enjoy this control you have over me. Trapping my eyes with yours, you open your mouth and slowly extend your tongue. My eyes want to watch but I cannot tear my gaze from yours. Those soft eyes are lit with a powerfully hypnotic radiance and hold me helpless before them.

Suddenly, an electric shock rips down my shaft and nearly convulses my entire body. Your tongue! Just that first touch and you do that to me? The spell broken now, I watch in fascination as your pink tongue twists and laves about the head and upper shaft of my now pulsing cock. With each touch, you draw me nearer and nearer to your gently loving mouth. The first touch of your lips brings a sudden shudder and I reach for your face. My hands lightly caress your cheeks and hair, desperately wanting to plunge deeper but refraining, letting you control me.

Slowly, slowly, my swollen head vanishes into your open mouth. Then suddenly you close your lips about me and take me deep into your throat! The hot, satiny smoothness, the aliveness of your mouth and tongue upon my shaft are nearly too much to bear. My hands grasp your head and feel you begin to bob up and down my cock. With each descent, more and more of me plunges into your hungry throat. With each ascent, my head and shaft are sucked firmly and bathed again by your sweet tongue. Again and again, you suck and swallow my aching, pulsing cock. I feel my balls tighten and a familiar urgency growing within my loins.

Mustering all my strength, I lift your hungry, demanding face from my manhood and pull you, reluctantly, back to my lap. My arms draw you near and we kiss again, this time hungrily… passionately… my tongue finds yours …and they dance together… delicately… teasingly. Your legs straddle mine and your hands guide my shaft to your soft wetness. I can feel the steaming heat of your pussy radiating upon my cock before I feel the first wet touch of your soft labia. You lower yourself upon me as we kiss ferociously, each of us groaning deeply into each other’s mouth. The soft clasping wetness, the nearly searing heat threatens to overcome my efforts to wait and I grasp your supple hips tightly. You begin to rock back and forth upon my throbbing hardness and now I feel your erect nipples grazing my chest. I lower my face to suckle them as my hands cannot help but pull görükle escort bayan you deeper upon me. My hips are thrusting now, impaling you deeper and deeper, as my hands add their strength to your movements. Your hands grasp my head and guide my mouth from one aching nipple to the next…then back again. All the while your pelvis grinds and rocks violently, taking me deeper and deeper!

Suddenly you cry out. A short involuntary gasp…cut off by your own sharp inhalation. I have heard that cry before…and know full well what it means. Grasping your head with my left hand, I raise my lips to yours and kiss you as my right hand descends to your groin. My lips devour yours and your consume mine…passionately… feverishly…demandingly! My fingers open your wet fold and quickly find your button. Softly at first, I begin to stroke it… and circle it…teasing…taunting! Now using two fingers to slide down either side, trapping it between them, I begin to increase the pace…the urgency! Your hips are frantic now and you are now longer rocking but bouncing up and down in my lap, each impact driving my throbbing cock deep within your trembling pussy. Faster and faster. Deeper. Harder. Faster. You can feel the tension within you building higher and higher as each touch of my fingers and each touch of my tongue and lips and the throbbing, pounding, thrusting impacts of my burning hot cock drive you crazier and crazier!

I can hardly bear it any longer and you can feel in each insistent thrust my cock swelling to it’s pre-orgasmic length. Then the dams with you burst and a great wave of superhuman release rushes through you. You cry out as your orgasm sweep you away and clutch my shoulders fiercely. The trembling convulsions racking your body rip all control from me and I release huge streams of hot white cum deep into your spasming body. Each of us thrust and clutch at each other, our bodies abandoned to the powerful orgasmic tidal waves that consume us.

Slowly, the waves abate. Trembling, shaking, our breath coming in ragged, shuddering gasps, we collapse back into the chair, you falling to my chest. I gather the comforter around us both and hold you tightly, protectively, possessively… to my chest.

The firelight flickers across your cheek and brow and casts a warm amber radiance throughout the cozy room. The glowing embers and dancing flames bring out beautiful red and gold highlights in your hair as I feel your breath slow and deepen. Your fingers entwine themselves in my chest hair absentmindedly and the tender glow of our lovemaking transcends all else. My eyes close.

Just a few feet across the room, the icy winter wind beats at the window insistently… but it seems a million miles away.

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