Wife’s Wet Orgasm

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“Need anything else at the grocery store? I’m just about to get in line to checkout,” I text her as I finish grabbing the last stuff from the frozen aisle. My wife always has some last minute additions. As I walk towards the checkout my phone lights up. “Nope, nothing else that I can think of.”

The grocery store is always a hassle but at least it’s over. I look down to see the bubbles of typing in the text message. A picture pops up and then two. The first is of a pair of panties on the ground and then another of the noise cancelling headphones. “Should I have these on when I get home?” She says.

I look down and see myself instantly get hard. Luckily my swelling cock is hiding behind a full cart of food. I stop at the first open lane I see and start putting my groceries down. Thinking about the story I read last night I realize it would be the perfect warmup for my wife. “Read this if you get bored waiting for me to get home. I’ll put away the groceries when I get home and then I’ll be up.”

On the ride home I’m thinking about the things I want to do to her. My wife is what some would classify as a Milf now. She has had a few kids and lost the weigh afterwards. Her ass looks great. Not much of it there and the kind you can easily see in a pair of tight spandex which she conveniently wears walking the stroller around the neighborhood. Also her breasts filled out some and I can’t wait to see them in a new bathing suit I’m getting her. But that’s a story for another day.

It was a long weekend but Monday’s are nice because we are both home “working”. I think back to last night and her mouth around my cock. My hands running up and down her back slowly. Fingers running through her hair as I fuck her mouth some. But that’s a story for another day as well. One thing I do know is that she is going to be horny today. She always is after she has had me in her mouth.

I pull into the garage and start to bring up the grocery bags. Bringing the last one into the kitchen I see her panties laying on the table. The boyshort ones that seem to suction to her ass really well so that everyone looks when she walks by. I pick them up and hold them to my face. Rock hard again. Her scent has always been a huge turn on to me. I can tell she got wet last night as she sucked my cock until I came.

“I’ll be up in a few minutes. Let me know when you’re ready.” I text her as I finish putting away the groceries. As I walk upstairs I see your response bursa escort “Putting the headphones on now.” I smirk as I walk into the bathroom. I brush my teeth and shave. Coming out of the bathroom I slip out of my clothes and into the bedroom.

The light is on in the bedroom and she is laying on the bed. No sheets over her as she lounges comfortably on her back in the king size bed. She has a mask over her eyes and can’t hear me come in with the noise cancelling headphones on. I look over her body. A black teddy covers her body tight enough to show off her swollen breasts nicely. They’ve filled in very well after having kids. I love playing with her nipples and can’t wait to have them back completely for myself. As my eyes trail down her body her legs move back and forth and I can see her new bush peaking out between her legs. She started growing it with the last pregnancy. It’s so fucking sexy looking.

I walk by the base of the bed. My fingers running lightly up her ankles. Along the sides of her knee. Gently up her thighs. Her tits really do look good in this lingerie. I look over the pillows and move a few things around. Guiding hers lowly and gently. Trying to get her as comfortable as possible as my eyes devour her body. I rub my cock and gently stroke it. Smelling the panties she left me one last time. Thinking about being able to taste her in a minute or two.

I move back down to the end of the bed. My left hand moves to the side of her calf. I firmly push her leg to the side. She almost opens her leg too quickly. Anticipating. Wanting it. From this view I can clearly see her bush. I asked you to start growing it months ago. I love it. We’ve discussed trimming it and I plan on doing it in the near future. But for now I can practically smell her scent just looking at her bush.

I lean against the bed and gently slide on. Pushing her other leg open, my mouth begins to find her ankles, then calves, then inside of her knees. By the time my tongue finds her thighs she has let out the first big gasp. Slightly louder than anticipated but such is the effects of the noise cancelling headphones. I finally take a deep smell of her. Loving the strong odor of her horniness. I gently start kissing her pussy lips as my hands start to play with her stomach. My fingers moving across your body as my lips move across your pussy. Kissing and playing. Sucking gently on each pussy lip. Feeling them swell slowly in my mouth. Waiting bursa escort bayan for her clit to show itself.

My fingers move up and down your stomach. Occasionally reaching for her nipples under the lingerie. As she pulls her tits out of the top, my tongue starts at the bottom of her wet slit, pressing in slightly and licking the inside of her pussy gently up the top. Tasting her strong scent makes me want more so I slowly explore her pussy lips again. First the one side. Sucking. Licking. Exploring. Then the other side. Hearing you getting wetter as my tongue passes closely by her clit as my mouth massages her pussy lips with my tongue.

My right hand creeps up her lingerie and I take a breast in my hand. Feeling her nipple swell slowly in my fingers. The tip of my finger gently rubs over the tip of her other nipple as my mouth locks on to the area above her pussy and around her clit. My mouth swallows the clit area whole as I gently start to suck. Each suck matching the slight motion of my finger on her nipple. Her hips start to move as she pushes her pussy closer to my mouth. I slowly and gently suck again on her clit and this time the tip of my tongue flicks the tip of her clit and it swells slowly in my mouth. My tongue runs up and down the right side of her clit. Massaging the side. Then my tongue switches. Up and down the left side of her clit. Then I slowly suck her clit again as my finger presses and plays with her nipples just a little more firmly.

As I suck, lick and swallow her clit, her hips continue to move more as her hands reach down to mine. Pulling me closer to your clit as she fucks my mouth. I slowly pull off of her. Sliding up next to her as I wipe her wetness off of my face. My hands rub against her inner thighs as I slowly start to kiss her. She reaches out and attack my tongue as my fingers make their way towards your clit. Feeling her swollen clit between my fingers I gently massage her pussy. At this point you’re so wet my fingers slide over the inside of your legs. My mouth moves down to her nipples. Taking one in my mouth as my fingers start to massage the side of her clit. Up and down slowly in the same rhythmic motion of sucking on her nipple. My finger quickly flicks across her clit as the tip of my tongue flicks across her nipple. She lets out a loud groan.

I make may way back down between her legs. Beginning with her wet inner thighs, I kiss every inch of wetness. görükle escort bayan Trying to lick up every drop. Slowly I suck on each pussy lip. Enjoying your taste. My mouth again finds her clit. Locking on. Sucking slowly. My right hand making its way underneath my body and between her legs. My finger enters you slowly and easily. She moans again and settles her pussy down on my finger. Feeling the pressure of my finger against the inside of her vagina. As my mouth plays with her clit, my finger slowly pushes up on your vagina. Sliding back and forth underneath your clit and inside your vagina. You moan more now. Biting down on your lips. On the edge of the g-spot.

My finger pushes deeper. She is so wet that my finger pushes down deeper inside and her moaning begins to be more uncontrolled. My mouth sucks deeper on her clit. The tip of my tongue flipping back and forth over her clit. I see her hands placed palms down on the bed sheet and she grabs on. Using the extra purchase to push her pussy against my mouth. My finger starts to push deeper. Rhythmically. She moans even deeper. I pull my head back slightly and she tries to push her clit into my mouth. I kiss her thighs. My finger rotating so that it is easier to push down. My mouth gently moves back to her pussy lips. I lick up her wetness. Enjoying it in my mouth. Loving her taste.

Her clit begs to be sucked again and my mouth finds it. Licking around her clit. Pulling it into my mouth. Sucking again. Teasing. My finger slowly starts to push down on her vagina. She squirms and moans as my finger finds her sweet spot. I can hear her getting wetter. I suck more intensely on her clit. Pushing down more. She pushes against my mouth harder. Slowly her hips start in motion as I suck her clit in my mouth and then push my finger against her vagina wall. She moans even louder. Her legs open more to my mouth. Her clit swells more. I push my finger deeper into her pussy. She gasps. My tongue flicks her clit and I suck harder and harder. She comes hard in my mouth. I taste her release as I suck on her clit. I feel her hot wetness dripping down my hand as I finger fuck her harder. My mouth massaging her clit more as she gasps and thrusts her pussy against my mouth. She gently finishes her orgasm and I can taste her again in my mouth. I suck gently against her pussy lips. Licking it all up.

I slowly rise between her legs. She pulls the mask off looking at me. My left hand reaches between her legs. I get her sticky wetness all over my left hand. I start stroking my swollen cock. Squeezing the head. I reach between her legs again. My hands shining as I finish stroking my cock. My come lands hot on her chest and tits as our eyes meet. I moan as I collapse on the bed next to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32