Wicked Widow of the West Ch. 02

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This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material and descriptions of explicit sex. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are fragments from the depths of my Apperceptive Mass and have no basis in fact.

* * * * *

I woke up about 7 am , made my usual morning pit stop, and put on a pot of coffee.

Fired up the word processor as I passed the computer on the way to the shower.

After drying off from the shower I pulled on a pair of faded cut-off jeans and my sandals and retrieved a fresh cup of coffee from the kitchen. Returning to the desk, I sat down to the keyboard to get in some writing. Coffee cup in hand I ponder..What kinda of crap shall I make up today…sometimes writers have to be such prefabricators…!

Just as my muse was tickling my fancy and I was getting on a roll…

The damn phone rings and I stop typing to pick up the phone “Start Talking!” I answered.

“Hi J_Robb this is Polly, I was wondering if you have a Tux..”

“No why baby?”

“I want you to escort me to the opera Saturday if you’re not too busy.” Polly probed.

“Saturday, That would be just great , I guess I could rent a tux for the opera “I lied taking a sip of hazelnut-flavored coffee from the Boobie Mug in my hand.

“Got time to go shopping today Stud Muffin…?” she asked.

“I’ll make time for you Polly…when?”

“I’ll pick you up at your place in an hour…be ready!” She ordered “See you soon.. J. Bye.”

Remembering the recent party in country at Aunt Polly’s place my pants tightened at the thought of spending time again with this hot old widow.

Just like clockwork a limousine pulled up in front of my place and Polly beckoned me to join her from the back seat window she had rolled down. Dressed in smartly tailored business suit Polly looked like a female business tycoon. As I slid into the back seat with her I noticed most of her natural bountiful assets were well hidden with the exception of her well-formed legs encased in black panty hose. “Fredrico’s , please Guido.” She ordered the driver through the intercom and we sped away heading toward town.

“Nice Limo, Polly “I exclaimed as I kissed her and placed my right hand on the inside of her thighs. She kissed me back and wiggling away from roving hand said. “Easy breezy, shop first , play later ok, baby-love?” Reassuringly she grasp my cock that was hardening my pant again she said “Been taking your Blue Pills again? Hot shot?” At Fredrico’s, I was measured for a custom tailored Tuxedo and Fredrico himself walked us out the limo and assured Polly it would be delivered to her town house by Friday. “One more stop and rest of day is ours. That is if you can work me into your writing schedule J_Robb?” Polly teased.

…How could I refuse..?

Polly tells Guido to take us to the mountain place. “I have packed a lunch and we can have picnic in to the woods” she explained to me. “To the woods then!” I joked and Polly said Ankara travesti something in Italian to Guido over the speaker phone and he responded back over the speaker “Si, my Bella Senora Si.” Polly rolled up the shaded window of the limo and put some sultry music on the back seat sound system. I move closer to kiss her soft inviting lips pulling her voluptuous body tightly against mine. Her hot probing tongue invades my mouth and I know I ‘m in for more than a picnic in the woods.

We are just finishing a glass of white wine as Guido turns off the main road and head into the mountains. Polly’s limo careens crazily as the driver drives the serpentine roads. Polly is thrown into my lap. She loves the body contact and removes the jacket of her business suit as sits up again. The next turn throws me into her lap spilling the rest of her wine on her blouse. I cop a feel of her large breasts through the wine soaked material before she pushes me away. Laughing she continues her backseat strip tease by removing her wet blouse and mammoth bra. Her bodacious ta tas spring forth and bury my face in her tits grasping her stiffening nipples in both hands. Wine had never tasted better as I licked Polly’s bloated nipples and aureole

For a woman over sixty Polly had the finest of large boobs I could of imagined. Her square business like face softened as she let her down and shook the auburn tresses down over her fleshy soft shoulders. I buried my tongue in her open red-lipped mouth. “Does Spikey want to come out to play?” she enquired zipping my pants down and teasing his engorged head with her fingertips. “What about the driver? “I dumbly asked.

“Oh Guido isn’t invited to the party. He will be busy driving the limo and he can’t see a thing back here.” She explained. The idea of sex in the snug crib of the back of the limo was really turning me on as we bounced against the soft luxurious padding of the car.

Polly unzipped and removed the skirt of her business suit revealing a black lacy garter belt framing her pubic muff of curly red hair. The soft white fleshy skin of her ample belly over hung the pouting full lips of her exposed pussy. I put my hand between Polly’s thighs plunging my fingers into sopping wet mouth of her concealed cunt. “It’s nice to find a man who appreciates a Big Woman like me. “Polly said as she grasping my pecker and stroking it vigorously with an up and down motion. My lips found her mouth again sucking her tongue as it probed deeply into mine and I let my finger do the talking on her slippery clit that was hardening its touch. “Oh fuck…that feels wonderful! “she encouraged as I diddled her “Faster ,Harder…Ah…aaa… ahh..g..Gooo…ood! “to pussy quaking orgasm as rocking motion of the vehicle pushes and pulls our bodies to and fro in the back seat of the limo. “Put it in me…put Spikey in me…I wanta make you come too…put your hot cock in my nasty wet cunt!” Pushing her down on her back I plunged my rampant rabbit deep into her gapping sloppy gash. Antalya travesti Polly wrapped legs around my back pulling me in deeper with ample thighs. Every bump we hit on the gravel mountain road seemed to help… driving me deeper as I pumped in and out Polly’s pussy like…At times it took a lot of hand manipulation to keep my penis firm and inserted in Polly’s slippery pussy especially when we hit deep bumps on the gravel road.

“Does Polly’s pussy scare Spikey, he keeps trying to escape.” She joked as she grabbed his errant head and reinserted my prick in her snatch again. Every time I got close to cumming , my slippery prick escaped Polly’s cunt hole and I had to…start drilling again.

“I gotta a tighter pecker trap if you want to experiment with my back door baby.” She offered a solution.

By this time I was craving cumming so much that my little head was doing all thinking my big head and I was willing to try anything to get relief.

“Remember how much I enjoyed you pulling those pop beads out of my tush last week? “she reminded me.


Polly continued. “I want you to put something bigger and wilder up my bottom today J…I want you to fill me up with Spikey.”

Smiling I thought to myself …Judas! I hope she doesn’t plan to fuck Spikey to death like she did Uncle Jake.

Thinking about plundering Polly’s rosy red bud hole brought a case of Viagra Blue Déjà vu.

Not having any buttfucking experience I must have looked a little dumfounded as I questioned “Couldn’t I get shit in my pecker or do I use a condom?”

“Do worry J, I washed my bottom hole with the shower nozzle the you saw in the shower last week, remember asking about?” she said “You even made up a funny name for it, right?” “I always keep my erotic orifices clean so that I’m always ready to do dirty things.” Polly continued, “I’m thoroughly cleaned and perfumed for our mutual erotic pleasures.”

I was beginning to think Polly had this little adventure planned…Lucky Me!

Polly opened up a compartment in the Limo and produced a stainless steel probe with a smoothly tapered blunt rounded tip that was about an inch and a half at the widest diameter. She handed it to me; warm to the touch I examined this unforgettable sex toy further. It was about 8″ long with a ribbed handle of shiny round speed bumps. “I want you to loosen up my butt hole with heavy duty Butt Plug before you butt fuck me, ok stud muffin?”

Handing me a tube of lube from the same compartment Polly crawled over and place her self over my lap. “Be gentle with that heavy metal butt plug and use plenty of lube baby.” Polly pleaded as I spread the cheeks of her plump bottom. It was seemed strange to hear Polly plead for anything, because she always appeared to have things in control.

I eased the well lubed steel invader into the seductress’s anal mouth slowly dilating it to all of the butt plug’s warm metal.

Polly undulated her hips pushing back against İstanbul travesti the anal probe groaning and encouraging me “Deeper Robbie, deeper, fuck my nasty bottom with that dick of steel!”

At this point how could I refuse?

Slowly pushing the probe in and out a little bit at time, I teased her as she begged for more…it was kinda nice to be in control of this dominant woman for once…I thought I could really get into this.

I finally pushed the widest portion of the butt plug past the restrictive ring of Polly’s sphincter, her hips bucked as she beat a little drum beat…on my lap with her dripping pussy. “Fuck me , Fuck me, baby fuck my hot ass hole!”

I fucked her harder and faster, Polly found her slippery love bud with her left hand and rubbed it with lusty abandon.

“Oh baby I going to cum.aaaaah…ahh…it’s so good…now…!” she shrieked bearing down so hard with her rectum on the metal butt plug it popped out of her ass hole on to the carpeted floor of the limo.

“Now I want you up my bottom” Polly said as she positioned on my lap and lower herself slowly on to my waiting cock. “Oh Spikey is so big, let me adjust to his head a little at a time” her continued as my pecker began to penetrate the smooth buttery cavern of bowels. As her anus slowly opened accepting my pink nozzle Polly began to finger her slippery clit between her thighs “Oh Baby, I want you all the way up my hot little ass hole.” A bump on the road jarred the limo backseat and Spikey was totally engulfed in warm slippery bottom making her wish come true.

Cupping Polly’s behemoth breasts in my hands I pulled her back further on my lap, passionately kissing the side of neck as I caressed her marble sized nipples. “Squeeze my titties milk my nipples…till they squirt.. fuck me..fuck me..Oh Fuck me J! “Polly encouraged as she undulated on my lap. “Is this your idea of Lap Dance?” I teased as I met her downward trust with an upward one. “Smart Ass!” she returned.

“Oh Polly!..I going to come…Oh baby…love” I said feeling a tide of baby gravy rising in Spikey ‘s throat.

“Do it now baby…fill me up… squirt your come up my bottom “she commanded as she hit her peak.

How could Spikey refuse..?

As Guido brakes the limo rolls to stop, We hit our peak and Polly milked her anal ring down on my prick with incontrollable orgasmic spasms… and I shot my load into her clenching butt, releasing warm jets of white semen deep into Polly’s heated bowels.

Over the speaker Guido announced “Senora Polly, Adesso noi habbianno venuto! “and Polly broke into laughter.

“What did he say, What did Guido say that was so funny?” I asked.

“Now we Come “she explained “He was letting us know we were at our destination.”

We both had a good laugh as we shared our naked embrace.

Later at our picnic in the woods, we raised wine glasses to Guido, toasting him for his unknowing perception of our backseat climax long to be remembered. I couldn’t even imagine what kind of erotic deviance Saturday night at Opera was going to bring.

* * * * *

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