Why Me?

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Many years ago, I was seduced and fucked by another man. Over the years, I have often wondered, why me? That fucking changed me forever.

I was a shy young man that had wondered into an unfamiliar establishment without realizing it was a gay bar.

I had barely started drinking a beer, when a nice-looking middle-aged gent asked me if he could join me at my table. I said yes, and he sat down.

We were having a nice conversation, and getting acquainted, when he asked, “Are you gay?”

To say I was stunned, would be an understatement. I was a virgin in the biblical sense, but never considered myself gay.

I stammered and tried to speak, but words just would not come out. Then he said, “I think you are not sure, at your age many young men are confused.”

Finally, I blurted out, “I’m not gay.” The gent just smiled.

His smile was a knowing smile. He must have sensed there were seeds of homosexuality in me that had yet to germinate.

Then, I felt his hand on my knee under the table. He began rubbing my inner thigh causing me to jerk. A warm feeling came over me. The thought ran through my mind that he was trying to Yakacık escort seduce me. Something I was not sure I wanted.

His hand reached my crotch and he began massaging my hardening cock. I had no-control, I was definitely developing a stiffy. I had not masturbated in days, and my cock and balls needed release. To my shock and surprise, I suddenly came in my pants. The quick orgasm, was hard and wonderful.

Since it was obvious I had orgasmed. His smile broadened. He was grinning from ear to ear. I excused myself, and headed for the restroom. I needed to clean up and regroup.

Once in the restroom, I dropped my pants and began cleaning up. I was engrossed in the cleaning up process, when I felt a hand on my back bending me over.

A voice said, “Relax and enjoy.”

I recognized the voice of the gent who had just massaged my cock to orgasm. What did he mean relax and enjoy, I wondered?

I soon found out, when his hard cock began probing my puckered asshole.

Holy crap, I’m about to be fucked, I thought. I had not expected this. But then, I had not expected him to massage my cock to orgasm either.

His Atalar escort bayan hard cock began penetrating my tight ass. I felt a searing pain, as his cock head moved past my sphincter muscle. When his cock moved over my prostate, the pain changed to a warm wonderful feeling. Soon he was balls to the wall deep in my ass. I felt so full.

Then the gent began fucking me. Slowly at first, and then gradually building up speed until he was slam fucking me.

Damn, it felt so good. I began leaking cum. I wanted it to never stop.

I was in the throes of bliss, when he slammed forward and held, as he blasted his cum load deep in my bowels. I followed suit by blowing my second load on the floor.

He slowly withdrew his cock, and said, “Look at what you just had deep in your ass.”

When I saw his cock, it was still hard. I was literally shocked that monster was all in me. It had to be at least eight inches long and was very thick. I was amazed.

“My cock needs cleansed,” he said.

I thought he meant take a wet paper towel and wash his cock.

But was once again shocked, when he said, “No, I Escort Kadıköy meant with your mouth.”

Placing his hands on my shoulders, he pushed me to my knees. His cock was now at eye level and pointed directly at my mouth. I opened my mouth to speak, but my mouth was quickly filled with his cock.

He began fucking my mouth.

My mind was in a whirl, I had just been fucked, and now had the cock that fucked me in my mouth.

I could taste his cum residue, and realized it was not unpleasant. In fact, I liked the taste. A bit salty and bittersweet.

“Now suck my cock clean,” he said.

Although inexperienced, I did what came-natural, and began sucking his cock. I gagged a little when his cock hit the entrance to my throat. I was slurping away, when I felt his cock throb.

The thought ran through my mind, is it possible he can cum again so soon? I was about to find out.

After sucking him for about ten minutes, he stiffened and blew a second load in my mouth. I greedily swallowed as fast as I could savoring every drop. Damn, I loved the taste.

After that night, the question was settled. I was a confirmed homosexual that loved to suck cock and eat cum. I also loved being fucked.

Over time, my cock sucking skills greatly improved, and I learned to relax my throat muscles and take a cock down my throat.

After years in the lifestyle, I sometimes still wonder, why me?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32