Who’s the Boss

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“It’s just something I want to try out. Penny was talking about it at the party last night.”

I was laying on my side in bed, looking at her, mirroring me.

Our “Talks”, when they were in bed, usually involved something about our sex life. They were admittedly, until this very moment, also usually brought up by me. It’s not that I was unsatisfied with our sex life. Actually, quite far from it. I loved having sex with my wife. She was game for pretty much anything, and we had a pretty good schedule going. Once usually somewhere midweek, then again on Saturday or Sunday. I guess I craved a little more… desire… aggression maybe, on her part.

“Out of everything you guys talked about, this is the thing you latched onto?” I didn’t want to seem angry, though I was kind of irritated and a little bit excited, though I was playing it slow. I’d been trying to get her to take a more controlling role in our bed for years, and here she goes to a sex toy party and brings home one of the topics they talked about (along with some fun toys, made even better since she picked them out).

“So, you’d be in control of sex all the time?”

She shook her head. I could tell she was borderline embarrassed. This kind of stuff was kind of strange for her to be talking about. Like I said, she was game for lots of stuff I’d introduced over the years, but we’d really seldom discussed specifics. Here she was suggesting being in control of our sex lives. It was something I’ve wanted for years, and was totally excited. Though secretly I was worried she’d just forget about me because it’d be too strange for her.

“No, no. They were talking about instructing your man to do things, so he’d anticipate sexy times with you. They said it’d also have the effect of having the woman think about it also. Get our motors running too. She said something about it not working as well when the man was giving the instruction, if he had the higher drive, because it’d seem like an imposition.”

“Sounds great, where do I sign.” I leaned in and kissed her. This had potential.

She smiled. “Well, actually I was thinking tomorrow.” She reached down and stroked me softly. “Tonight, I think I’ll have you lead…” We kissed deeply, teasing tongues and lips. My hand fell to her thigh and ass. I squeezed it and kneaded it. She continued to stroke me until I was hard.

I rolled over and grabbed the lube from the nightstand. Her hand never left me, and her soft hands gently teased me. I pumped a couple squirts into my hand and she put her hand out too. I knelt on the bed and obliged her.

My fingers found her soft folds and I worked the lube in. I teased up and down, fingers barely touching her clit and then diving my index and middle fingers into her. I curved them up as I slid them in, enjoying the feeling of the spongy tissue there. She was horny, I could tell.

Suddenly, her hand found me, and her slick fingers wrapped around it, stroking it from base to head. She stopped at the glans and teased the crown just so. I loved it, and it made my breath catch.

My thumb found her clit and I worked my fingers back and forth inside her. This time, her breath caught, and her motions stopped on me. My other hand found a nipple, and I worked it in small circles using the rest of my hand to massage the rest of her breast.

We exchanged teases until she squeezed me and pulled my hardness between her legs where my hand had been working. I moved between her thighs and positioned my glans at her opening. She smiled her beautiful smile and I slid my self all the way in. She closed her eyes and her face screwed up a little as I got all the way in. My thumb found her button and circled it slowly. At first I didn’t move, then slowly I moved in and out. My hand resumed its actions on her nipple while the other hand performed its magic on her clit.

I increased my speed, and alternated between fast thrusts with slow clit strokes, and slow strokes with faster work on her sensitive button.

“Stoop..” she breathed out. Her breath had been getting quick, and I could tell she had been close. Usually we do a little edging. Normally it made the final orgasm so much better for each of us, but not tonight.

“You’re not the boss now,” I said playfully, speeding up my thrusts and my thumb to match.

The sounds she made when she came were always wonderful, and between it and her squeezing muscles pulled mine from me.

Afterwards, I lay in her arms content and happy. Loved.

She was the first to speak. “I love you.” Her fingers traced abstract patterns on my head.

“I love you too.”

“Think you can take me being in charge?”

I fixed her with a smirk. “Take it, hell… Before now, I’da paid for it.”

Her Perspective

The familiar chime tecavüz porno of a text rang on my phone.

-Martin- Whatcha doin?

-Libby- Finishing things up, finally.

-Martin- And then what?

-Libby-I dunno, you?

-Martin- Just lookin on the inter-webs

My heart started to beat fast. I was supposed to be in control, I reminded myself. The kids were at friend’s houses, and I’d just finished some overtime at work. He’d been home for a couple hours.

-Libby-Watch some Porn, when you get hard, go take a shower. Put your plug in. Tease yourself 4 times but don’t finish. Rinse off, wear something nice. Leave it in, we’re going to dinner. See you in 45.

It took a while for him to text back.

-OK. 🙂

My groin was tingling constantly as I finished my paper work there was no question that I was wet just thinking about tonight. I closed my office door and headed to the car. I had 30 minutes before I said I’d see him and we lived 10 away. There was a store near our house and I decided to stop there.

A quick trip into the women’s section and I picked up a simple skirt that went with the nice blouse I was already wearing. I could have worn the capris I had on to dinner, but I had evil plans.

I arrived in 40 minutes, and he was just getting out of the bedroom, fixing the buttons on a white button down linen shirt. It made his broad shoulders look very yummy, and he was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and cowboy boots. God I liked that look, and he knew it.

We exchanged pleasantries that I could barely tell you the details of and a quick kiss. We both had wide smiles, but neither was willing to break character. He complimented me on my new skirt and rubbed his strong hands over my ass just how I like. He smelled great, and I soaked in his warmth as he hugged me tightly and kissed my neck.

I reached down and grabbed his package through his jeans, stroking it gently until I felt it lengthen under my fingers. I guided it up towards his waist band as it grew.

“Is this for me?” I asked sweetly, face still nestled in his neck.

“Mmm Hmm,” he replied. I could feel the rumble of his voice in his chest.

Carefully, I unzipped his jeans and coaxed his member from it’s hiding place. I gave it a few soft slow strokes. He sucked his breath in through clenched teeth. Quickly, I knelt before him and in one motion took him deep into my mouth. I worked my tongue on the underside of him, feeling the thick vein there and working the back of my tongue on the edge of the head. Immediately he put his fingers into my hair. I could feel his hips move involuntarily. I’d never really thought about the control aspect of this act. Me on my knees seemed like a submission, but in reality, I was in total control of his pleasure.

Back and forth I worked him. Hard and hot, I knew this would split me in two if I put him into me. He moved his hips with my movements, nearly begging me to finish him. I could feel the head get larger in my mouth. I sucked hard onto it, and then kissed it, resting my lips on it for a few seconds.

Briskly, I got up and walked to the bathroom, shutting the door, not once looking back. I turned on the water and snuck my hand into my panties, not surprised at the moisture there. I circled my hard button a few times, and with my own hips bucking stopped and took a breather.

In my mind, he opened the door, turned me around, drew up my dress, tore at my panties and fucked me like he owned me, taking what he needed, what I’d teased him about. I shook my head, sweating a little and flush with the thought.

I needed to get control of my self. I took a drink of cool water, and then put some on my face, working a little into my hair before drying. I applied just the barest makeup and fixed my hair with a little hair spray. The burning in my panties was eventually replaced by a hungry ache and I opened the door.

He was sitting at the dining room table, his tablet in his hands. He turned to me, “Ready?” Like nothing had happened.

I smiled, this was going to be fun.

The car ride was short, I knew what I wanted to do to him, and didn’t want to be far from home. Lucky for me, there was a sushi place close, so we went there.

We asked to be seated in an out of the way corner and chatted quietly while we looked over the menu. I wanted more of what I had in my mouth earlier and told him so.

“That sounds good to me too,” he said with a smile. He reached for my hand and I grabbed it and squeezed. “I can think of something I’d love to have in my mouth as well.”

We ordered drinks and a couple appetizers. We talked at length about turn on’s and turn offs. Things we’d seen on porn or stories and what we liked or didn’t like. travesti porno I had recently been looking at that kind of stuff more on the internet, mainly to get ideas for what to do to him, but also partly to see what I liked. I’d relied on him bringing things up, but part of me wanted to find things I liked for myself. Not for masturbatory purposes, though I was thinking more about that. No, I just wanted to be more in tuned with what I liked sexually.

Up until now I was very happy with what he brought to the table with a few exceptions. Neither of us really ever got into role play, but some of the porn I’d watched was titillating at least. Not necessarily what I’d want to act out, but as I’d come to find out, my taste in porn only sometimes mimicked what I liked in my bed.

We were sitting side by side in a high backed booth. I was sure no one could hear, but still we talked quietly.

He put his napkin onto the table. “I need to go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back.”

“OK,” I said. “And when you come back, put your underwear in my purse.” I kissed him quickly, and found something interesting to look at on my phone while he stood and walked away.

He returned with a sheepish look on his face and his hand grasped around something. He shoved his hand into my purse at my side and sat down. I made a point to look into it.

“Good boy,” I said sweetly. I reached for his package and found it already hard. Absently I stroked it while I pretended to look at Facebook on my phone. God I loved it when it was hard for me like this. This was all my doing. There was no other reason, and I loved it.

When I slowly worked his zipper down, I was pretty sure it could be heard across the noisy restaurant. Slowly I freed him. I held it in my hands for a long few seconds, then began stroking him up and down. The tables were long, but with only two people at ours, there was little chance someone could see what I was doing. Still, as I noticed someone walking toward us, I kept stroking even though I could feel his thick things tense up.

The waitress brought us our food while I teased some precum from the rock hard head of him. When she left, I brought up the moisture to my lips and popped it into my mouth. “Mmm,” I said. He sat wide eyed and silent. Then I reached for a piece of sushi. We ate in silence for a few minutes. Eventually I reached back down to his semi hard length and placed it back where it belonged.

“You know, my panties are in my purse, too.” I was quiet and sounded more, ‘by the way’ than I intended it to be. I wanted his fingers in me, but I wanted to be in control. “Maybe you should see if you’ve made me wet yet.”

He wiped his hands onto his napkin and placed his hand on my thigh. It nearly burned with heat. Tortuously slow his hand moved to the center of me. Unconsciously, my thighs parted for him. His finger dipped in slowly, as if he’d never touched me before. I was soaking wet, my eyes half closed, my breath short. He expertly found my nub and circled it. I could feel my ass move forward independent of my control, begging from him more contact. He fluttered around it, once dipping inside. I could feel myself get close and placed my hand on his and pushing it away.

“How about you go pay, and I’ll meet you in the car.”

The drive home was a blur and I stroked him the whole way, his thick length sticking through his zipper lewdly. Hurriedly, we put it away as we parked in the garage and walked into the house.

Inside the front door we were all over each other. Hands caressed everything. My breasts pressed against him and I could feel his rock solid length against my belly as we kissed with a hot lust that we only occasionally got to see. I broke our kiss, and once again fished him out through his zipper. I gave him a few strokes. “God you are sexy,” he said. You could hear the lust in his voice.

“Go get naked and get on the massage table. I’ll go pick out some toys and meet you down there.” I watched him walk to the down stairs, hard member wagging comically and all I could think of was getting it into me.

I picked out some toys from our sex toy drawer and threw on a nighty I knew he liked. In the kitchen I tossed the coconut oil into the microwave for a few seconds, then took everything to the basement.

A few years ago we’d bought a massage table. It was the best investment EVER, both for massages, and as the perfect sex table. When I opened the door to the room, he was laying on the table, member half hard and totally naked. I walked in and placed my haul on the coffee table next to him.

I didn’t say a word and walked over to him. I placed our black scarf onto his eyes and gave his member a gentle stroke. It jerked in my hand and began xhamster porno to grow again. I dove back into my goodies and retrieved our restraints. One went on each ankle, and I raised his arms above his head placing one on each wrist. He wasn’t terribly secure, but it wasn’t supposed to be. I stepped out of my nighty and stood beside him.

I pressed a hand in between his legs and pushed on the plug there. He bucked and I watched his penis jump wildly. Even now there was a drip of precum on the head. I put my hands in the coconut oil and ran them over his body. As often as I could reach, I kept a hand on his hardness. When I was close to his hands, I stood so his fingers could find me. I let him get me close, making my legs weak and stepped away.

I moved to his side and focused on him. My hand worked him firmly, but not too firm. Performing long strokes, sometimes with my other hand tightly grasping him other times not. He slowly bucked his hips and I love the sounds coming from his lips. I kept stroking him with one hand and began to press in on his plug with the other in time with my stroking. After just a few seconds I could tell he was close. I stopped, removing my hands. “Relax,” I said softly. I could see the precum dribbling out of him. God I wanted that in me. He regained himself and I reached under and slowly pulled the plug from him. I could feel him jerk with the loss, so I stroked him to say I was sorry. When he was close, I stopped again. This time I moved to his restraints. “Keep your blindfold on.” I unclipped his bonds, but didn’t remove them. I guided him to a standing position.

I turned my back to him bending myself over the massage table and placed his hand on my hip. “Fuck me good, but stop before you cum.”

He gripped my hips with such need. It almost hurt, but I wanted him so bad. I could feel the glans on my folds. It was so hot and hard as granite. He entered me half way with a gentle push. I was going to ask for more, but before I could he began fucking me. Long hard strokes. I could feel his balls on me, slapping with every thrust. His need apparent and as bad as mine. I rocked against the table. I saw lights with every stroke and as suddenly as it started it stopped and he pulled all the way out. I mourned the loss for a second, but I wanted more.

I turned around, and laid back on the table. I lifted my legs to his arms. “Lick me.”

My god, did he. His tongue was hungry and everywhere. He even managed to get a finger in me. I was right on the verge, every muscle contracting, begging for release. “Ssstop..” I hissed.

Immediately he stopped. “Good Boy,” I said not wanting him to stop. “Let my…legs down…” I was out of breath and in such need. He did as asked. I pulled him to the ground, between my legs. “Lick me, then when I ask, fuck me, but god, don’t cum.”

His mouth found me again and those delicious fingers found my g-spot. For a few seconds he warmed me up before he began working those fingers in and out. My hips were bucking, I could barely think. “God, now, Please fuck me, Martin.” I felt empty for a second as the fingers and tongue left me, but then that wonderful cock dove into me again. It fucked into me, his thumb furiously circling my clit as the fireworks started behind my eyes. When I started cumming, he impaled me on his cock but kept his thumb working. The words and sounds that came from my mouth can’t be explained or well written down, but god was it glorious.

When I came down, I was aware of a particularly hard cock in me. I felt bad, but only for a second. Out of breath again, I huskily said,”OK, baby, back onto the table.” He hopped up again. I could see the ache in his face, but I knew he would enjoy this.

Again I affixed his arms above his head, but this time, I did his thighs so they were parted slightly. I squirted some Lube onto him and put my other hand into the coconut oil. I slid a coconut oil whetted finger into his tight butt, then thought about it again and removed it only to add a second. His gasps were wonderful, and I stroked his prostate gently as I even more gently stroked his hardness. His hips bucked and his moans got me wet again. I stopped stroking him, only to lean over him and place my mouth onto his glans. It was hot and sweet from the lube. I flicked it with my tongue for a few seconds. Then suckled on it gently. His hips bucked and I added my hand, stroking it under my mouth, the fingers of my other hand still pressing and teasing his prostate.

“Oh god, Stop,” he begged.

I lifted my mouth from him for a second. “Oh baby, You aren’t the Boss now.”

I again suckled his glans and felt the first twitch and raised my head so I could see him cum. It spurted up and onto his chest, over and over, it pumped, covering my slowly moving hand in a sticky white mess as sounds and incomprehensible words poured from his mouth. I kept stroking him, the pleasure bordering on torture before finally removing my hand and fingers from his thrashing body.

“I think I’m going to enjoy being in charge from time to time.”

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