White Hubby. Black Buddy.

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Tabitha. Six months pregnant, with a plump belly, milk-busting boobs, and a nice round booty. That night her husband, Steve brought Monte over for dinner.

After serving her husband, Tabby served Monte. She bent over in front of the black man, shaking her preggo tits as milk circles wetted her blouse.

“Oops my nipples are leaking again. They just love to squirt milk.”

“Me too.” Monte laughed and winked at Tabby.


Monte lusted for the beautiful blonde. He dreamed of sinking his meaty pole deep into her goddess pussy… pounding that white piece of fuck-meat. And the thought of his creamy jism running down Tabitha’s thighs made him stiff as back iron.

He dropped a napkin and watched Tabby slowly pick it up… and wiggle her big booty.

Monte yearned to shove his black snake between those plump butt-cheeks, piercing her acorn-size anus. He imagined his black balls slapping her juicy pink slit as he reamed out her tight, white-girl ass.

What an assfucking joy!


After serving everyone, pregnant Tabitha was exhausted. Monte jumped up and pulled out a chair. “Have a seat my dear.”

“Thank you Monte, you’re such a gentleman.” Tabby sat and turned her head, accidentally hitting her face against Monte’s zipper lump. She gulped as her face and thighs burned.

Steve hadn’t fucked her in a month…not even a blowjob. Tabby’s poor pussy ached with neglect.

As they ate, Tabitha felt a hand under the table, crawling up her thigh. IT WAS MONTE’S! His hand slipped under her skirt… Tabby slammed her thighs shut, but his long finger wiggled under her panties!

Tabitha squirmed, holding in her scream. She didn’t want to make a scene–but couldn’t believe Monte was feeling her up, right in front of her husband!

His naughty finger rubbed along the edge of her furry slit. Tabitha’s pussy twitched as Monte felt inside her hole… Then Steve asked about dessert.

Tabby jumped up, pulling away from Montes’s finger. “Oh yes honey, I made peach pie. It’s hot and juicy.”

“Hot juicy and tasty.” Monte giggled, licking his finger. Tabitha wanted to slap his face off!

The next day Steve left on a month-long business trip. He didn’t even give Tabby a goodbye fuck. “Remember honey, call Monte if you need food or anything.” Tabitha sat at home, wondering about the word ‘anything.’ The ‘anything’ she needed was a good-hard fucking.

She thought about Monte, his nasty fingers, and that massive bulge under his zipper.

Tabitha imagined herself on her knees, bobbing her blonde head up and down, slurping shamelessly on Monte’s thick black shaft as she sucked him dry. Tabby felt gobs of his cum sliding down her throat…

The last time Steve was gone, Tabby bought a black dildo and plowed it into her hot hole… fucked herself into a frenzy until she screamed in orgasm… screamed so loud the dogs started barking.

That was embarrassing.

Monte was supposed to check on her every night. Tabitha bit her lip, milking her bursting tits with a pump. Maybe she should call and tell Monte to come over and bring some food… His big fat salami.


Waiting for Tabitha’s call, Monte thought about fingering her silky blonde cunt… and screwing it hard. His prick shot up like a missile… long, black and ready to fire.

“Oh Fuck I want to slam this into Tabby–slam it deep.” Monte stroked his dick, wondering how her pink flesh would feel, stretched tight around his thick girth.

He imagined Tabby’s sweet face twisted in black-cock bliss. His fist stroked his shaft faster and faster Demetevler Escort until it exploded… and as he jerked the cell phone in his pocket accidentally called Tabitha…


Tabby answered. “Hi Monte, what’s up?” When he didn’t say anything, she realized it was a butt call… Then she heard grunting and panting on the phone, and listened in secret.

“Oh fuck baby…I’m gonna pound you full of man-meat…hammer that blonde fuck-hole… hammer it till you bleed… Take my black boner Tabby… you fat little slut….”

“WHAT? I’m not fat. I’m pregnant.” Tabitha stared at the phone in disbelief… Such nasty filthy language…She knew Monte wanted to bone her. BAD! But this made her shiver as goosebumps covered her pussy.

‘Damn you Monte!’ Tabby shoved her hand in her panties, fingering her itchy slit and clit, longing for Monte’s black log. Maybe she was a little slut.

With her hormones raging, Tabby searched to the closet for her foot-long black dildo. Then the cell phone rang. “Hey Tabby, this is Monte.”

His deep voice made her face flush as her thighs tingled. Tabitha sat up, playing it cool. “Well hello Monte. Um…when are you like…stopping by to check on me? I need some meat.”

“This evening, around eight.”

“EIGHT?” Tabitha cried. “NO, I need to come!…I mean I need YOU to come. Now!”

“On my way dearest.”

Rushing to a mirror, Tabitha brushed her hair. Put on some lipstick, and pushed up her heavy tits. She pinched her nipples to squeezing out large spots of mother’s milk. “Monte will love that!”

Tabby undid three buttons to show off her abundant mounds of cleavage. And slipped on a pair of red lace panties. Crotchless panties. The cool air tickled her exposed pussy lips.

While Tabby waited she decided to milk her tits again– and the breast pump broke. “Shit, now what am I going to do!?”

Then Monte drove up. Tabby ran outside. “We have a problem! Come inside, come!”

Monte laughed. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” Tabby pointed to her bloated tits and the huge milk spots in her blouse.

“My tits–I can’t milk them. My pump broke and my titties are going to burst–Do something, dude!” She pulled out her swollen breasts, rubbing them. “The nearest drug store is an hour away. My tits will explode by then.”

“Wh-what am I supposed to do?”

“Suck them Monte. SUCK MT MILK!”

“I-I can’t do that. You’re the wife of my best friend.”

“Look jerk. You had no problem fingering me yesterday! And Steve said to call you if I need something. Well, I need sucked–Now! Tabby pushed a squirting nipple into Monte’s mouth. “SUCK IT–HURRY!”

At first it felt awkward, getting tit-sucked by her hubby’s best friend. But the tit pain eased as Monte sucked one swollen nipple, then the other. He kneaded each boob as he sucked, swallowing squirt after squirt of her mother’s milk.

Tabby looked down at Monte’s black hands on her white boobs. She ran her fingers through his curly hair as he suckled. Breastfeeding him felt so erotic. “Keep sucking. Suck my milk out!”

Monte sucked and chewed on her sensitive nipples twisting each with his teeth and tongue-flicking them. “Oh Gawd, don’t stop!” Tabitha giggled as Monte nibbled her milky tits. His lips nibbled down her tummy.

Tabby noticed Monte’s swollen zipper lump.

“Monte, what are you doing?!” His strong fingers tugged at her skirt and crotchless panties. “Yes, take them off–Rip off my panties!” Tabitha lay back, exposing her naked white pussy to the big black Otele gelen escort stud.

Monte pulled her legs apart. He stared at her open pink slit, licking his lips. “Eat me, please.” Tabitha grinned. “Eat my tasty white meat!”

Monte dove in, his face smashed into Tabitha’s dripping twat as his tongue pushed between her wet lips and deep inside her hole.

“OH!! OH FUCK!” Tabitha cried out. “OH GAWD EAT ME! YES! LICK MY TWAT!”

Monte’s tongue stabbed in deep, making her cunt weep as it darted in and out. Tabby squirmed as Chuck lapped at her like a dog. Soon his wicked tongue found her clitty.

“OH, THAT’S IT!” Tabitha’s thighs clenched Monte’s head. “OHHH MY GAWD YES!” Her pussy lunged into her lover’s face and bucked hard. “OH GAWD! I’m cumming! I’m cumming for you!”

She panted as Monte sucked out her cunt juices. Now it was Tabby’s turn to suck. “You’re cock,” she yelled. “I want to blow your black prick.”

She slid to her knees. His monster-cock popped out. “HOLY FUCK! It’s way bigger than Steve’s!” Tabitha squeezed the shaft and played with Monte’s heavy balls.

First she licked and nibbled his hairy orbs. Then Tabby pressed her lips against his midnight black manhood and opened her mouth. Monte groaned, pushing inside.

Tabitha sucked in the fat head of his throbbing erection. “Jesus Tabby, that feels so good.” Tabby relaxed her throat muscles and slid more of the enormous black cock down her throat.

“YES!” Monte held onto Tabitha’s head and pumped his hips, fucking her mouth. “Deep throat it. Suck my milk out!”

Tabitha took him deeply into her throat. She looked up, watching her big black lover as she sucked. Soon his cock swelled and throbbed. “Oh baby…I’m cumming…AHH.” Tabby gagged as it spewed. Choking with cum she gulped frantically, swallowing load after load of squirting jism, surprised that he made so much goo.

Then her cell phone buzzed. It was Steve. Shit. “Oh hi hubby.” Tabby answered, her lips dripping with jism.

“How are you wifey? Is Monte taking good care of you?”

“Oh yes dear, he just um… fed me some uh… lunch.”

“Excellent dear. Hey, I’ll be gone two more weeks. Tell my buddy to take real good care of you, okay?”

“I certainly will.” Tabby giggled as Monte gripped her twat. “I’ll be in good hands.”

Now Tabby was hungry. Swallowing sperm always triggered her appetite. They dressed and Monte made turkey sandwiches. After eating she asked, “What’s for dessert?”

“You are!”

Tabby giggled. “Steve said he’ll be away for two weeks. Monte, I guess you’re staying with me for two weeks, in my bed.”

“Jeez. It’s bad enough fucking my best friends’ wife but to do it in his own bed?”

“You want dessert or not?”

“You’re a nasty bitch,” Monte laughed.

“Yes I am, and horny as hell. Now come with me…I mean CUM.” Tabby giggled and wiggled to her room, dropping her clothes along the way. In bed she eagerly spread for the black stud and looked up.

“I’m ready,” she said breathlessly. Her pink cunt lips quivered in anticipation. Monte knelt between her legs, holding his enormous shaft, pressing the black head against her cock-hungry pie.

Tabby had dreamed about this moment. Monte pushed forward, and her slit lips spread wide to accept the fat schlong… forcing its way inside her fuck-hole.

“Gawd it’s SO BIG!” Tabby winced as his prick pushed further. His big lips kissed hers, and she breathed into his mouth as his cock pulled out…and thrust back in.

“Oh damn!” Balgat Escort Tabitha moaned as Monte sucked her tits and screwed her pussy hard! So hard the bed squeaked. Gosh, the bed never squeaked when Steve fucked her. The black man lifted her legs and pumped deeper.

‘Squeak-squeak-squeak!’ Bed squeaks and fuck noises filled the room. Tabitha blushed, squirming around his shaft as Monte’s monster cock pounded deep into her hole.

Lifting her head, Tabby watching his back shaft plunge in and out, glistening with her cunt juices. She panted, feeling her orgasm rise with each cock-stroke.

Her preggo tits bounced up and down, and the bed squeaked louder. Tabby raised her feet, gripping Monte’s ass as he jackhammered her wild cunt.

“UNNGH! I’M CUMMING!” Electric jolts shot up her spine…her pussy muscles convulsed around Monte’s black mamba. “OHH YESSS!” Tabby’s nails clawed at his back as her entire body shook in orgasm.

The black stud fucked her like a machine. ‘Squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak!’ Monte grunted loud–His cock burst, spewing load after load of hot cum into her fuck pocket. Tabitha moaned, letting her tight cunt milk his shaft. He pulled out and collapsed on her chest.

Tabby’s tits throbbed in pain. “Monte it’s feeding time. My breasts are bursting with milk.” The black guy massaged her boobs, lapping up freshly squeezed mother’s milk.

They screwed again…Tabby and her new fuck-buddy. Tabitha fell asleep with Monte’s black dick tucked inside her well-fucked twat.


In the morning, they awoke to the doorbell. The new baby crib arrived unassembled. “Look Monte. Thank god you’re here to help put it together.”

“Yep, I’m a jack-off of all trades.”

Soon the crib was done. Tabitha leaned over, arranging the mattress and blankets. Monte came up behind Tabby, rubbing her naked butt. “Girl you got a fine booty. Does hubby ever fuck your booty?”

“No, never.” Tabitha whispered. “I haven’t had a good assfucking since college.” She felt Monte’s enormous cock press against her rear as his black hands squeezed her heavy boobs.

“Honey you need some backdoor lovin’.”

Tabitha looked back in surprise. “Here on the crib?”

“Right here.” Tabby bit her lip as Monte pulled open her rump. “My black cock wants that sweet white ass.” His thick shaft pushed between her butt cheeks.

“Gawd it’s a monster,” Tabitha panted as Monte bent her over the crib, her preggo tits dangled in the air. She felt Monte’s knob stretching her anal ring…

“OUCH!” Tabitha rocked forward, nearly breaking the crib. Monte’s long cock plowed deeply into her small anus. “EEEEE–IT HURTS!”

Monte laughed. “I love how white girls squeal when my black snake shoves up their tight, white ass.

Gripping her tits Monte screwed faster, forcing his prick deeper inside, stretching out her anal tunnel. “OH FUCKING CHRIST,” Tabitha shook her long blonde hair as her fists clenched the crib.

Monte screwed faster and reached around, twisting Tabby’s milk-squirting nipples. His black pole went even deeper…Tabitha felt every inch of it, pounding her tight ass. “OH YES!” Give me that big black cock! FUCK ME!”

After a few more strokes, Monte’s body jerked. Tabitha knew hot cum was shooting up her ass. She gasped, drooling on the baby blanket, as her black lover reamed her out, packing her ass with sperm.

After the last spurt, Monte pulled out and wiped his cock off in her long blonde hair. Tabby punched him. “Steve does the same damn thing!” Monte carried her to bed.

“Time for your breast feeding.” Monte licked his lips. “Speaking of Steve, what did he ask you?”

Tabitha giggled. “He told me to make sure you took care of me while he was gone.”

Monte and Tabitha burst out laughing as he suckled her milk-filled boobs. “Honey, my black cock will take such good care of you–you’ll be walking bowlegged.”

Tabitha laughed. “Promises, promises.”

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