When the Fire Turns to Ash

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The smell of smoke heavy in the air, I made my way from the little camp store back to the campsite. The sun was just starting to set, a cool evening beginning, one that might call for a sweater and some extra logs for the fire.

It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful setting than this campground right next to Lake Tahoe; I had been looking forward to a small vacation for months. So far at least the weather had been cooperating.

My camping partner, however, was a completely different matter. Since the moment we arrived, I had heard nothing but complaints; the ground was too hard to sleep on (never mind that we had an air mattress almost thicker than my bed at home), the bathrooms were so far away (only up the hill and around the bend, not even a two minute walk), and a concern that cooking over the fire might make the meat taste charred (is there anything better than steak cooked on a campfire?)!

So I had gone to the store for some foil to cover the fire; perhaps that will make someone happy.

As I passed the campsite next to ours, I saw her once again, a sexy woman, with dark hair to her shoulders bare other than the straps of her tank top. She was cleaning up the dishes from her family’s meal, bent over the picnic table giving me a quick glimpse of her pretty ass clad in some khaki shorts. She looked up and caught me looking; we smiled at each other, and I hoped that her trip was going better than mine.

I had heard bickering from her site earlier; well, one-sided bickering actually. It was a man, her husband I guess, complaining that the kids were just running around getting dirty. It didn’t seem to matter to him that they were laughing and playing, enjoying nature like all kids seem to do. She took it all in as she continued to fix dinner, his complaints then shifted to a delay in the meal (maybe if he’d lend a hand it’d have been done a bit sooner).

As I returned back to my site, I was surprised to find that my date had gone into the tent already, without even eating. She asked me for some aspririn, claiming the smoke from the fires had given her a headache. She said she was exhausted from working all week anyway, and was just going to go to bed.

So I only cooked one steak and one potato; at least I would have peace for my meal.

It was in this relative quiet that I heard the noise from my neighbors tecavüz porno again. More of the husband’s complaints, I couldn’t quite make out the words, but the tone was one with which I had become quite familiar. I could see him throwing things around, then stomp off towards their tent.

The wife simply shook her head, and gathered her kids up and sat around the fire.

I dozed off in my chair next to my own fire, pleasant dreams dancing in my head. I woke a little later to footsteps drawing close.

It was my neighbor, now dressed in sweats, her hair wet from was I supposed was a trip to the shower.

“Hi…I’m Dani, from right next door…I was wondering if maybe you had some extra firewood. I took a nice long shower after the kids went to bed, the fire went out, and of course my husband forgot to get more wood before the store closed for the night.”

I nodded sure, and introduced myself. But when I checked the pile, saw only a few pieces left.

“Uh oh, Dani, looks like there’s not that much left; why don’t I just throw them on mine, and you can stay here and enjoy the fire with me. I don’t think anyone else will mind.”

Laughing, she agreed, and sat down next to me; we added the wood and the fire blazed in the night, sparks making a trail far up to the stars.

We talked for a while, found out that we had quite a bit in common, at least as far as our partners were concerned. We both shrugged, though, and agreed that we’d make the best of our trip anyway.

She was very easy to talk to, I found myself sharing tales of my past; she opened up too, and as the fire grew smaller, she inched closer to me.

I suggested some marshmellows before the fire died out; it was like we were kids again, hands sticky, a mess being made. Reaching out towards her cheek to brush off a loose piece of marshmellow, my fingers grazed her skin; our eyes locked together. I gently guided her face closer towards mine, my heart was beginning to pound.

Kissing her slowly, my lips barely touching hers, lights were exploding in my mind. It was as though we had been magically transported to some other place, a place where only we existed.

The kiss was gentle, the sweet taste of marshmellow mixed with smoke lingering in our mouths. Her tongue darted out, tracing my lips, and my own tongue reached travesti porno out to meet her. I moaned, my arms wrapping around her and pulling her close.

Her lips were so soft and warm, I felt as though I could kiss her forever. Our noses bumped together as our tongues continued to explore, and our breathing was quickly becoming faster.

Those campfire chairs are an awkward place for kisses, so I quickly stood up and pulled her over to the picnic table. Leaning against it, I was able to feel her warmth next to my body, her hands gliding up and down my back.

Our kiss quickly resumed, and I held her close to me. I could not hide my hunger, my hands slid up under her sweatshirt. Her skin was so soft and warm, I wanted only to feel more. My fingers crawled up her back, and imagine my surprise when I encountered no bra, instead there was nothing but bare skin underneath her sweatshirt.

Our lips broke apart and I looked into her eyes, they looked to be full of desire, joy, and something more. My hands slowly moved to the front of her body, cupping her breasts, and her eyes fluttered closed as my fingers brushed up against her nipples. I leaned in and let my lips kiss her cheek, then lower to her neck. Her face rose up and I could feel a moan escape from deep within. I lowered my head and quickly captured one of her hardening nipples in between my lips, the warmth of my mouth a pleasant contrast to the cool evening air.

Her hands, which had been cradling my head, moved lower, right to my hips, and pulled. My body ground against hers; surely there was no way she couldn’t feel my arousal. I was feeling the heat pouring off her, right through her sweats, and even through my jeans.

I needed to kiss her again, she sighed as I released her nipple from the captivity of my lips; our mouths crashed together, her tongue invading me with the same intensity as our bodies rubbing against one another.

We were like animals, passion unleashed, both of us forgetting where we were. The whole world had ceased to exist; Dani and I were the sole inhabitants of a pleasurable universe.

I lifted her up and sat her on the top edge of the table, my hands sliding into the warmth of her sweatpants, and feeling that lusciously round ass of hers. Her own hands had slid to the front of my jeans, her xhamster porno delicate fingers tracing the outline of my hard cock.

“Oh, yes, baby” I whispered hoarsely as I felt her loosen my zipper. My cock throbbed as she reached in and finally her flesh was on mine.

Her fingers wrapped around my cock and started to softly stroke, spreading that slippery liquid seeping slowly out. I was harder than I’d been in a long, long time; her stroking merely made me even harder. Our kiss continued, my tongue sliding into her mouth in the same way that I wished I could be sliding deep inside her.

I wasn’t sure how long we had, or how far we’d take this. I started to slide her sweats off, she lifted up off the table so they slipped right around her ankles. She pulled my cock next to her, I could feel just how damp her panties had become. She started rubbing the head right in her crease, now not only wet but hot as well.

While the fingers of one hand gently tugged and pinched her nipples, the fingers of the other hand hooked themselves right in the crotch of her panties and pulled them to the side. Oh fuck…I could feel her bare pussy now, so wet, so slick…she quickly pressed me inside. So tight I barely fit, I pushed in deeper and deeper, she reached around and grabbed my ass and pulled me tight against her, ’til I was grinding hard against her mound.

Trying to keep quiet was difficult, I wanted to scream to the moon up above. The feeling of her hot pussy was wonderful, those wet sounds each time she bounced up and down were like music in my ears.

I wish I could say we made love for hours underneath the stars, but the truth is that it was a frantic, intense scene. Both our bodies had tiny rivers of sweat, her fingernails dug into my back. She cried out my name and her legs squeezed me, it was at that moment that my cock exploded, flooding her already wet pussy even more.

My heart was beating so loud I thought for sure everyone would hear. She tensed up for a moment, then became limp in my arms. Her face rested on my shoulder, her pussy still clamped around my cock. I could feel our juices sliding out, the warm slickness a welcome change from the cold air outside.

I held her, my lips nuzzled next to her ear, telling her just how good she felt.

We barely noticed that the fire was out; red coals were all that remained, the light from the moon the only illumination in the campsite.

Finally the cold night air broke our trance; we slowly separated, neither one of us wanting to leave the warm embrace. A perfect night, hopefully it’d allow us to endure the imperfections of the day to come.

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