What’s a little sex among friends? Part 2

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Begins immediately after part one. There may be a third part to come later depending on how well these first two are received.
Once again comments are appreciated.

After I had brought her to orgasm with my mouth and hands we lay there on the futon together, her half naked and me with a terrible hard on, for a few minutes watching the rest of the movie. After a bit she grabbed her underwear and put them back on and then pulled the blanket back over us as she snuggled back into my arms. My hard on never did go away as we lay there together but that was ok, I had a feeling I would be able to satisfy myself soon enough.
The movie ended and as the credits rolled she turned toward me, “I’m going to go to bed now. You can sleep out here or, if you want, you can sleep with me…” She said her voice and eyes saying that she would much rather I choose to come to bed with her. “I’ll sleep with you bug,” I said using my old pet name for her. She smiled softly and her eyes seemed to twinkle as she got up and walked toward her room. I was right behind her, following her around the sofa and back past the bathroom to her bedroom admiring her tight ass all the way.
Not for the first time I thought to myself that she should have been an interior design major, her room had a soft deep maroon rug and maroon and gold drapes with a light gauzy material hanging down at the foot of her bed, all of it together making the room very warm and cozy. Only the light by her bed was on, the tiny lamp softly lighting the room just enough to not trip over anything. The bed itself had a comforter that complimented the rest of the room and looked very comfy. She pulled her shirt over her head then looking back at me pulled down her underwear with a grin and stepped out of them before pulling back the covers and sliding beneath.
Grinning myself I pulled off my shirt then dropped my shorts and boxers sliding in behind her. She lay on her back in the middle of the bed and I came to lie on my side, facing her. I placed eskort gaziantep my hand on her stomach and she placed her hand atop mine. She smiled at me softly again then rolled to face away from me, pulling my hand around to rest just above her breasts, at the bottom of her elegant neck. I pulled close to her, my bare chest pressing against her bare back. Once again she sank into me as I pulled her close for a moment before relaxing my hold.
A few minutes later she was gone, her chest rising and falling in the slow steady breathing of sleep. I drifted to sleep not long after that, lulled there by her warm body and rhythmic breath.

I wasn’t sure when I woke up but we were no longer snuggled up together. I lay on my back as just a few inches away from her. I turned toward her and lay on my side again, resting my hand on her stomach, just below her belly button. The covers were pushed down to our waist so I could see her sexy body from just above where my hand now lay and up. Her beautiful breasts rose and fell as she breathed. I shifted my legs a bit, just getting more comfortable as I watched her, and her eyes opened slowly.
She looked straight up at the ceiling for a moment then blinked and turned her head to look at me. She smiled somewhat sleepily and then rolled into me, pressing her breasts into my chest. My hand on her stomach slid around her and I moved it up to between her shoulders holding her to me. She nuzzled her head under mine, wedging her face into the crook of my neck. Her warm smooth skin felt alluring against my own; my manhood quickly grew to its full size between us.
I kissed her cheek then pulled my head back so I could look at her face. She brought her head away from where it had been nestled and looked at me, her eyes wide in the near dark. She ran her hand down my side, sending shivers up and down my spine, and then let it slip between our hips to wrap around my hard on. As she began stroking me I leaned in and kissed gaziantep esmer escort her, parting my lips to let my tongue slide into her mouth. She greeted it with her own as I reached up and took hold of her breast in my free hand.
As blissful as it was letting my hips rock back and forth in time with her hand it just made me want to fuck her even more. I pulled my hand out from under her and pushed her free hand up above her head. Taking my other hand from her breast I pulled her other hand away from my cock and pushed it up above her head as well. Keeping my lips pressed against hers I reached over in the dark, and was pleased to find the pair of handcuffs that we had used when we were still dating. I cuffed her hands together with one of the headboard slats between them.
Breaking our kiss I whispered in her ear, “Now I’m really going to have my way with you.”
“I’m yours…” she replied softly.
I lifted myself off her and turned her onto her stomach. “On your knees.” I told her. She pulled her legs under her, her ass stuck in the air and her head still on the bed. I pulled and pushed on her hips until her body was more level, her legs folded and running up along her sides. I moved up to her ass, my cock pressing against her buttocks. I guided it into her already wet cunt with one hand, my other hand gripping her ass. With out hesitating I began to slowly thrust into her and she pushed her hips back to meet my thrusts.
I gripped her hips and ass tightly with both hands while she moaned softly. “Oh fuck…” I thought to myself, thoroughly enjoying the first fuck I had had in too long. My crotch slapped against her ass in wet smacks. After a few moments I pulled out, reaching back to guide my cock to her ass hole. Slick from her pussy I slipped fairly easily into her ass. “Oh, slow, slow.” She cautioned. Obligingly I pressed slowly into her, pausing every inch or so to let her tight hole get used to me.
I shifted my legs, gaziantep eve gelen escort almost crouching over her so I could better fuck her ass. After I could move in and out of her with out her asking me to go slow I picked up my pace. With in a moment or two I was pounding my crotch into her. I reached up and took hold of a breast in each hand, gripping them tightly. “Oh god I forgot how much I love this!” she moaned after a moment of me slamming my cock up her tight ass. I just grinned and fucked her harder.
With out me noticing she slipped first one then both her hands out of the handcuffs. My first indication that she was free was when she propped her self up on one arm, a second later her other hand found the sweet spot on my hip and my hips jerked forward of their own volition. “Harder.” She groaned.
“You little slut, I’ll give you hard.” I replied.
I crushed one breast in my hand, bringing my other hand up to wrap around her neck, holding her in place with both hands. As she pressed on my sweet spot again and again I pounded my hips into hers, her breasts and butt reverberating from the impact each time. “Oh fuck yeah! Fuck my ass! Fuck it!” she screamed. I let my hand move up her neck to her jaw and pushed a finger into her mouth as I gripped her face. She sucked on it and then bit down on it softly, moaning and groaning at my assault on her anus.
Either she had been holding off to make this last longer or she just remembered how but what ever the reason she suddenly clenched her ass, rhythmically flexing it around my cock. With a growl of pure bliss I pumped my cock into her a few final times, cum spewing into her tight ass. It was the best orgasm I had had in months; spent I leaned against her and we both fell to the soft bed. We lay there just breathing for a few minutes, my manhood slowly shrinking with in her.
“God that felt good.” She said into the dark.
“Yeah it did…” I replied.
I rolled off her and lay beside her on my back. She sidled up to me and laid her head on my chest, my chin resting atop her head. I held her close as our breathing slowed then we drifted back to sleep. The last thing I remembered was smiling to myself, feeling her breast against me, her smooth skin pressed against mine and thinking, “Damn that felt good.”

To be continued?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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