Whatever You Want, Tonight

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Public Sex

The living room was a mess as Rose frantically tried to pick everything up. She knew she should have said no to having the party at their apartment, but she couldn’t help it. She was a hostess at heart, and loved to put on a show for her friends when she threw a party. With the pile of fresh laundry still laying in a wrinkled heap on the couch, Rose grabbed the load with both arms at threw it back into the basket. Folding them would have to wait until tomorrow. As the room slowly started to become presentable, Miles walked through the front door with his hands full of grocery bags.

“Remind me again why we’re having it here.” he called from the kitchen as he put the bags on the counter.

“Because we’re too nice.” Rose yelled back.

“Fucking news to me.” he mumbled.

Every time it was the same conversation. They both bitched about all the work of putting a party together, swore they’d never put up with it again, and then said yes again at the first opportunity. It was like a sickness, but they could never bring themselves to say no.

“Who all is coming tonight?” Rose shouted over the sound of the vacuum as she tried to clean every square inch.

“Stacy and Mike, Bridgette, Jennifer, Tom and Jackie, Darren, Miranda, and I think Liam might too.”

“Where are we supposed to put everybody?” She said in a huff.

“Hell if I know. They can always pile on the couch.”

Rose looked at her husband as sternly as she could, and he burst out laughing.

“Ah, the disgruntled chipmunk look. Very intimidating.” he chuckled.

Rose couldn’t help but smile back it him, trying to fight her giggles. This was why she was so in love with him. Miles could always make her smile even when she was at the point of tears.

“Shut up. We have to finish this, they’re supposed to be here at six.”

Miles shook his head. “They’ll be here by seven. I don’t think any of them have ever been on time in their life.”

They both finished cleaning in a few minutes, and started moving any chairs they could find to the living room for places to sit. Rose ran to the kitchen to grab the snacks, and Miles hauled the coolers into the house. They filled the coolers with beer and a few bottle of liquor, then sat back to admire their work.

“You know, for two procrastinators we’re not half bad at this.” She sighed, leaning back and stretching out over the couch.

“It’s what we do best. Blow everything off until the last minute and try like hell to get it done.”

“Well we’ve got ten minutes, so I think we’re good for now.”

People started to trickle in a little after bayan gaziantep escort seven, with Miles giving his wife the biggest “told-ya-so” look.

“Asshole she scoffed as she walked past him to the coolers.

“You’re the one who picked me.” he laughed.

Rose grabbed the first beer she saw and popped it open, taking a long drink. She took a look around the room and noticed nearly everyone was there. She made her way around, greeting everyone as she went and catching up with them. It felt like it had been months since they’d seen everyone, but anymore that was the way it had to be with work everyday and weekends saved for sleeping and trying to relax before the next week.

Everyone began to settle in, grabbing some drinks and eating chips. For the past few years they all had tried to have a get together at least once every few months. Nothing big, just good friends and good drinks, and the occasional drunken argument. Miles had known Miranda and Tom since high school, and Mike longer than he could really remember, while Rose had been best friends with Bridgette and Jennifer since their first day of college. Jackie and Stacy had joined the group once they started dating Tom and Mike, and they had always fit right in. No one was really sure where Darren had come from, almost as if he just appeared one day and never left. But the guy could lighten up the room in half a second with a joke, and so they were glad to keep him around.

While Miles started a game of beer pong with a few of the guys, Rose talked away with everyone else. It was always a side effect of drinking for her. She’d start the party saying a few words here and there, and the occasional joke, but as she drank more she started to open up, eventually talking for hours on end until someone would finally stop her. While she stumbled through a story, Rose noticed the front door open, and their friend Liam walk in. He was a tall, skinny and handsome, and always had a broad smile on his face. As he walked in room Miles came over and put his arm around him.

“Whats up, ya crazy bastard?!”

Liam laughed and shook his head. “Nothing much man. Been working all the fucking time, so I need a drink.”

Liam had been Miles best friend for years, and even though they didn’t see each other much anymore they always picked up right where they left off, joking and taking jabs at each other. It helped that Rose and Liam became friends fast when Miles had started dating her, unlike his other girlfriends. For some reason they never wanted Miles to hang out with him, bayan escort gaziantep maybe because of his tendency to get into more trouble than it was worth. But Rose had always thought there was nothing funnier than seeing the two of them when they were together. They could tell funny stories for hours, and she always left with her stomach hurting from laughter.

Though Rose could never admit it, let alone tell Miles, she had always been attracted to Liam. Maybe it was his “bad boy” persona or the way he made her feel at ease when he was around, but she often had fantasies of what it would be like to sleep with him. She never had any intentions of doing it, and could never date a guy like him, but when she was alone it was nice to think of.

Rose joined the guys at the beer pong table for a quick game, though she could barely manage to walk over to it.

“Well damn Rose, you act like you’ve been drinking.” quipped Liam as she made her way over.

“Fuck you.” she laughed back. “I can do as I please.”

“I’m sure you can, champ.”

“The wife’s been going a little too hard tonight. But I know what that means.” Miles winked at her as he said it.

“Oh, shut up.”

“No, no, he’s got a point. You get pretty loose when you drink.” Liam joked.

“Excuse me, but I’m never “loose”.” She called back a little too loudly.

“Alright Hun, calm down.” Miles wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close. As he did, Rose’s eyes drifted down and saw he was hard from the earlier comment.

“You’re right.” She whispered in his ear. “You can have whatever you want tonight.”

Miles eyes popped open wide and they both laughed. They started a game, and lost badly, with Liam taunting the, from the other side of the table.

“You gotta try guys. That or you’re just shit at beer pong.”

They played another game. And then another. And then another. As they played their guests slowly started to come over to tell them bye as they left. By the time the fourth game was over Rose was near passing out, and Miles took her to bed. She loudly wished the remaining guests good night as Miles drug her down the hallway and into their room. When the door shut, Rose reached down and grabbed his cock through his shorts and slurred in his ear, “Come on, I want it hard tonight.”

“Alright baby, but we’ve got to wait until everyone leaves.” He said calmly to her.

Rose started tugging down her pants and panties as he said it, stumbling to the floor as she did. “No! I want you in me, now!” She crawled onto the bed escort bayan gaziantep and got on her hands and knees. “Fuck me, baby.” As she said it she slumped to the side and quickly fell asleep. Miles quietly left the room and shut the door to return to their friends for a few last drinks.

Rose woke up with something poking at her lips. She felt his hard cock play with her mouth, trying to work its way in. “Mmm, baby. Come here.” She lifted herself to her knees and grabbed his throbbing dick, licking the tip and stroking it as she did. She slowly started to pull him into her mouth and felt him twitch as tongue made circles around his head. She started slowly pulling him in and out of her mouth, reaching down with her free hand to play with her clit. “I love sucking your dick baby.” she mumbled through her full mouth. She began nodding her head up and down quickly, wanting every inch of him in her mouth.

As she played with his cock she felt herself getting wet, and rubbed her clot faster. Then, two hands grabbed her around her waist and she felt something hard slide into her tight hole. Rose gasped and his cock out of her mouth, quickly turning to see who was pumping in and out of her. She saw her husband holding her hips as he stroked in and out of her. When it dawned on her what she was seeing, she turned back to see Liam’s rock hard member inches from her face.

“You said whatever I wanted, babe.” Miles whispered through the dark room.

Rose’s mind began to race. Was this just a drunken dream? Surely this couldn’t be real. She felt miles pumping harder and harder into her, bumping her slowly towards Liam’s eagerly waiting dick. Without thinking she grabbed it again and pulled him deep into her mouth. The feeling of two cocks in her at once was mesmerizing, making her body tremble as both men began pulling in and out of her. She sucked eagerly on the dick dick her hand, licking up every drop as she did and savoring the thickness of it. She reached her hand back down and started touching herself in quick small circles.

With her head bobbing up and down in a blur, and her body being pushed further along the bed with each thrust, she felt herself building up to climax. She pulled Liam’s cock as far in as she could, feeling his load blow into the back of her throat as she did. As she swallowed it down she rubbed more quickly, her body locking up as felt wave after wave of euphoria wash over her. Miles’ thrust became deeper and and slowed down, and soon she could feel his warm cum filling her up, crashing down onto the bed as her husband made his final few strokes.

“Good job, baby. You’re a good little slut aren’t you.” she could hear Miles gasp through short breathes. Rose smiled weakly as he pulled his cock out of her, completely amazed by what she had felt. As the thoughts of being filled from both ends filled her head, the room began to spin. Her surroundings started to darken and she slowly shut her eyes, drifting off into s deep and blissful sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32