What I Really Want

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Big Tits

This is for J … whose extraordinary talent with erotic conversation has made my mind much more creative

We have been lovers for around 5 years now and yet the only physical contact we have ever shared was a friendly embrace several years ago. I know one of the things that is keeping us from being lovers is that I want a relationship before we have sex… I guess in that way it is my fault, for wanting more than he is willing to give… However, during all of this time, we have both had relationships with other people, which haven’t lasted, and yet he and I have remained. If anything, we seem to become more passionate.

There are times when I can’t remember his face. But I can remember the thick deep red head of his cock. Times when I can feel him beside me… inside me. He likes me to explore my “dirty little whore” side, which exists only for him. He knows that I enjoy mild exploration into S my fingers grazing the damp aroused head. I want to feel his shaved balls in my other hand as I gently fondle and tug on them while still caressing his cock with my other hand. To lean down so that my breath tickles the head of his cock, my tongue flicking at the droplets of salty precum oozing out of the tip. My lips and teeth will run gently along the sensitive sides of his shaft as I take his cock into my mouth. The feel of it filling Çankaya Escort my mouth as his fingers continue to caress my nipples.

My hand moving along the shaft of his cock as my mouth and tongue continue to caress the head of his cock. I reach down and begin to stroke my dripping slit with my finger getting it nice and drenched. As my mouth continues to tease and tantalize his cock getting him closer to the brink of release, I will take my drenched finger from my slit and begin to run it around his ass. Slowly I will begin to work my finger into his tight ass while I continue to suck & stroke his cock. My finger will move inside of him against his a-spot I will rise up to suck and nip on his nipples as my hands continue to stroke his cock and his ass. I will feel the tension move through his body as he reaches his peak. I want to feel his breath against my breast as he begins to cum. I will pull my finger out of his ass as he starts to shoot his load all… to feel the powerful surge up through his tightening balls as his cock erupts into my hand and all over my tits…

As the tremors from his cock slowly begin to subside, and his breathing begins to slow slightly from the post orgasmic rush, I want him to lay me back. As he does he can begin to work his way down my Keçiören Escort body with his tongue until he reaches my clit, which is protruding from my pussy lips displaying my arousal. I want him to circle my clit with his tongue while he runs his finger up and down my slit, which is dripping with desire. I want him to suck on my clit working me towards the brink. I want to feel his tongue plunging deep into my tight wet pussy, the tip of it flicking against my g-spot as his teeth lightly graze my clit. I’ll tug on his hair with my fingers as I pull his face deeper into my pussy … my body trembling with pent up desire. I want him to raise his mouth from my pussy then, leaving my body strung on edge as he kisses me deeply.

I want him to take the head of his again hard cock and run it along my dripping slit. I want him to look me in the eyes and tell me that he wants me to beg for him to sink his cock deep into my pussy. I want to feel the head as it just barely glides across my swollen, aroused clit. I will look him in the eyes and kiss him deeply as I wrap my legs around his waist pulling his cock slightly deeper into my tight pussy. I will beg for him to fuck me… to make love to me… to just put it in me that I need to feel him inside me. Slowly he will ease his cock into Etimesgut Escort my dripping wetness. I will hear him moan at how tight and resistant my pussy is after so long without a cock in it. He will slide his teeth along my nipples as his fingers lightly work my clit. His cock moving deep inside my pussy, his balls slapping against my ass. My teeth will nip at his ear as I suck gently on his earlobe, my nails running across his back as I pull him deeper inside of me.

He will pull back so that just the head of his cock is still inside of my pussy as he raises my legs over his shoulders so that he can thrust even deeper into my pussy. I will contract my pussy around his hard cock and run my hands down to play with his asshole. He will take my hands in his and pull my arms above us on the bed pushing deeper and deeper into my pussy bringing me trembling towards the brink. I want him to look me in the eyes and tell me that after all these years he is finally going to fulfil my wish and cum deep inside me. I will feel his cock start to swell as his balls fill with sperm. I will tighten my pussy around his cock to bring him to release and as he shoots his load deep into my pussy my body will tremble as wave upon wave of orgasm wash over me.

After his cock is spent and laying semi hard inside of me I want him to take me in his arms & hold me close to him, our hearts pounding from the power of our orgasms. I want him to gently kiss the side of my neck and say . . . well, it’s up to him what he wants to say…

I hope that you have enjoyed hearing what I want . . . I hope someday your wishes for what you want come true. . . then again, I hope mine do as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32