What I Did for My Parents

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A story based on real life. Names and various circumstances are changed to protect identities.


Sarah always considered herself as being very lucky, she had been raised by truly caring and loving parents. John and Elizabeth always had time, or made time for their only daughter, she was the apple of their eyes. Both parents had professional careers, money wasn’t ever a serious problem, they weren’t millionaires but they were ‘comfortable ‘.

When Sarah was sixteen a long held dream came true for her mum and dad, they bought an old mill, 400 years old, formally a working museum, now with planning permission to be converted into a family home. John is an architect, Elizabeth an interior designer, the mill was going to be a project that they could work on together. And so they moved out of the city into a trailer so that they could work on the mill.

Sarah had finished senior school and started college, although she didn’t really know at that point what she wanted to do with her life, so she was now walking into a village every day to catch the bus into town to go to college, not too bad really, at least it kept her fit.

The other thing that kept her, her and mum and dad fit was the mill.

To start with they completely gutted the mill, John had told Sarah that the more she got involved in the work, the more input she would have in the final outcome of the rebuild, so she spent a lot of time wearing a paper workman’s suit, a face mask, and goggles, and in warm weather very little else. Tongue in cheek they all called those paper suits ‘sweat suits’.

The mill had originally been powered by a water wheel, which in turn powered huge stone wheels which pulverized the wheat and corn, the dust was incredible! The more they swept up, the more seemed to appear, everyone got incredibly dirty. At the end of a day of cleaning they all hit the shower, and as at that time the shower was a temporary affair that John had rigged up behind the mill, Sarah and her parents all tried to be discreet, but when you’re tired and hungry as well as filthy any embarrassment quickly melts away and you just ‘get on with it’ as they all started to do.

It took a couple of years, working part time, mostly at weekends or late evenings before the family was able to move out of the trailer and into the mill. It wasn’t finished, not by a long way, but at least by then you could see what the finished home was going to look like.

There is a cellar, to be used as most cellars are, housing the heating boilers, yes, boilers, plural. One gas and the other solid fuel, in line so that they could be used together or independently, John’s design. Storage and eventually a gymnasium would complete the cellar.

The ground floor housed the kitchen, the laundry room, a breakfast room and a wet room (no more outdoor showers), as well as a cloakroom. Part of the floor space was reserved for John’s office.

The first floor was living accommodation, a huge living area and a dining room, fed by a dumb waiter from the kitchen below. Again one office, this one for Elizabeth. Both parents could do most of their work at home, and they were gradually doing so, except for site visits.

Second floor was bedrooms, four of them, all with their own bathrooms. John and Elizabeth ‘s room was pretty huge, Sarah’s just a touch smaller and the other two smaller still, they didn’t really need the other two rooms unless the grandparents came to stay. That wasn’t going to happen any time soon as none of the bedrooms were actually completed, there were no walls, just the framework, covered in heavy plastic sheeting, if you looked hard enough you could see into any of the rooms through the only partly opaque plastic walls.

That factor was a bit off putting for a now eighteen year old girl, Sarah couldn’t bring friends home to stay, and boys? Well, that was a nonstarter.

John and Elizabeth’s sex life was still obviously very vibrant, as Sarah could clearly hear, and at least vaguely see, they made no really serious attempt at discretion, they never had.

Sarah and her parents had spent so much time openly showering outside that none of them really even noticed if the others were dressed or not, at least upstairs. They weren’t deliberately naked with each other, they didn’t consider ourselves ‘home nudists’ or anything like that, they were just comfortably relaxed about their bodies.

When Sarah started university her parents bought her a little car as the campus was about two hours’ drive away from home. She’d decided on architecture.

Driving for two hours every morning and evening was a pain so Sarah moved into student accommodation, driving home about every other weekend.

It was one Friday evening that everything changed. Sarah arrived home about mid evening to find the mill deserted. This was wrong, her mum and dad knew she was coming, and it was far too late for either of them to be out on a site visit. Sarah wandered around and finally went into her parents’ bedroom, gaziantep escort numaraları it was empty, but a quick look into their bathroom had her reeling from dizziness.

The bath was full of towels, and the towels appeared to be full of blood.

Sarah panicked, she screamed for her mum and dad and ran around every room in the mill again, then outside, no sign of anyone, but both her parent’s cars were parked round the back, where they were normally kept. The problem with living where they did was no cell phone reception, so the phone that was virtually part of her was no use, so she headed back indoors aiming to use the landline in one of the offices. As she went into her dad’s office the landline phone rang.

It was her dad himself on the other end but at first Sarah couldn’t hear him for her own incoherent babbling.

It must have taken a couple of minutes before Sarah calmed down enough to hear what her dad was saying.

No, no-one had been murdered, no-one had cut off an arm or a leg. Elizabeth had started bleeding, like a period, but very much heavier, an ambulance had been called and they were both at the hospital.

Half an hour later Sarah was there as well. John had suggested that she call a cab rather than drive herself but she couldn’t wait so drove, she never did remember the drive.

Sarah found her dad in a waiting room, her mum was in surgery.

The upshot was that Elizabeth had cancer of the uterus, which had spread to the cervix, or the other way around, it kind of went flying over Sarah’s head. As soon as she heard the word ‘cancer’ her brain closed down.

John and Sarah spent that night in each other’s arms, when not drinking copious amounts of coffee and hot chocolate. Sarah was little comfort to dad, she was almost hysterical, at one point she was offered some sedative, she was too wound up to even contemplate taking it.

Elizabeth had a full hysterectomy, and part of her bowel removed, the prognosis wasn’t good.

The following morning found Elizabeth in the recovery unit, John and Sarah sat either side of her. Elizabeth looked awful, but as usual she tried cracking jokes, if anything, John looked worse. When the nurses insisted that Elizabeth be left to get some sleep, Sarah drove home.

Once in the mill, John and Sarah both showered and got some sleep, for the first time in years Sarah slept in her parents bed, with her dad.

By the time Sarah got into her parents bed John was sound asleep. He was naked, Sarah couldn’t help but notice that when she got in next to him, she couldn’t care less, she was wearing pyjamas so she cuddled up to him, put her arm around him and must have been asleep in minutes.

When Sarah woke up some hours later their positions had reversed. Sarah had turned over onto her other side, facing away from her dad, now he had his arm over her, and his hand was cupping one of her breasts. A moment of shock went through her, then she relaxed. It didn’t feel bad, in fact it felt very comforting!

John’s hand was outside of her pyjamas, she very gently unfastened a couple of buttons and just as gently moved his hand inside, he stirred a little, ran his thumb over her nipple, then seemed to settle back into sleep. Sarah followed suit and was soon asleep again herself.

When she awoke the second time things had altered again, she was still facing away from her dad, and he was still cuddling her, but his arm and hand had moved downwards, he was no longer cupping her breast, his hand was down inside her bottoms, between her legs!

Sarah quite involuntarily gave a squeak and her dad seemed to wake up. There was a moment or two of fumbling about and then John pulled his hand out of her bottoms and he started apologizing.

“Oh Sarah, I’m so sorry, I was asleep, I’m so sorry, I didn’t…!”

“It’s ok dad, it’s ok!”

“Oh Sarah, I hope you don’t think that I …!”

She didn’t let him finish, she loved her dad to distraction so she told him.

“Dad, we’ve slept half the day with you holding my bare breast, if I’d minded I’d have gone to my own room hours ago!”

“What, you mean ..?”

“Yes dad, you’ve been groping me all day, oh and that’s some woody you’ve been sticking in my back as well! Now come on, get over it, we need to eat and get back to the hospital.”

John rolled over and got out the other side of the bed, his very erect penis starting to visibly deflate as Sarah watched him walk to the bathroom.

This wasn’t the first time she’d seen her dad’s erect penis, especially on a morning, they none of them particularly covered up, and she’d seen him putting it to use as well. On more than one occasion Sarah had laughingly suggested that her mum and dad “get a room!” and on more than one occasion they had just as laughingly told her that they had, and that she was in it!

Sarah lay in the bed for a minute or two, just thinking. Her dad had been asleep, and he’d obviously gaziantep escort bayan numaraları mistaken her for her mum, and she was ok with that. But what if he hadn’t, what if he’d been awake and knew exactly what he was doing? Sarah thought back to when she’d been getting ready to go to college, a couple of years ago.

Elizabeth had suggested that she get myself on ‘the pill’. When she’d asked why she replied that Sarah was at the age when she’d probably start ‘experimenting ‘ with boys, and she didn’t want to see Sarah getting pregnant. “Besides that, what if your dad gets all horny and I’m not here?” They’d both laughed at that, just that afternoon after a hard day’s working they’d both seen John come out of the outside shower with a huge ‘boner’ and run in the house!

Elizabeth had smiled at her daughter and said that she’d better go take care of that, like previously stated, very little discretion!

Sarah got up out of bed and went to her own room, had a shower and went down to the kitchen. She was down before her dad which was a surprise, but he must have smelled the coffee and soon joined her, he was quite red in the face.

As they ate she ribbed him.

“So, did you take care of your little problem?”


“Ok, so maybe not so little, although it was definitely getting smaller last I saw!”

“It’s fine, thank you!”

“Well if you need any help…”

They both laughed, that kind of banter was par for the course in their house, with her mum around it sometimes got even more personal!

Back at the hospital Elizabeth looked much better, although she still looked pretty rough. As they talked a doctor came in and explained what they’d done and what was to come. Mum would need to heal for a week or two and then start a course of chemotherapy.

“And because of the hysterectomy you won’t be able…” He looked over at Sarah and coughed a nervous cough. “Erm…”

Elizabeth just looked at him and laughed. “You mean no sex!”. The doctor looked sort of shocked, he went seriously red in the face, almost purple when she continued “and I can’t eat any solids ( heavy emphasis on solids) either, poor hubby, don’t worry, that’s what beautiful daughters are for!”

It was Sarah’s turn to looked shocked as the doctor made a very quick exit.

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll apologize later, serves him right for being so stuffy!”

Elizabeth stayed in the hospital for another couple of days before she was allowed home.

The hour or so drive to university became just another thing to live with over the next couple of weeks, Sarah just couldn’t stay away while her mum was more or less confined to bed, if she hadn’t been at home as much as she was it was certain that her mum would have been up and doing.

Elizabeth was just about to start back on solid foods, slowly, when she announced that she wanted the local mobile hairdresser to visit. She wanted her head shaved, rather than lose her hair due to the chemo’, which she’d been warned would happen.

Elizabeth hated the shaved head look, she had a couple of crying episodes, both Sarah and her dad had had to give her big hugs and cuddles as they assured her that she didn’t look too bad and that it wouldn’t be for very long.

After John had brought her home from her second or third chemotherapy session, Sarah’s mum called her in to see her. In an attempt to let John sleep better because she herself was so restless since coming from the hospital, Elizabeth had decided to sleep in one of the spare rooms. When Sarah went in she beckoned to her to sit on the bed with her.

“Sarah, I don’t know whether you’ve noticed but your dad is a bit moody at the moment.”

“Yeah, just a bit, but you can’t blame him can you, he’s worried sick about you and I’m not very much help really, I’m thinking of taking a leave of absence, restarting next year.”

“You don’t need to do that, and you’re plenty of help.”

“No, I think I need to be here more, to help you.”

“You can’t really help me sweetheart, but you can help your dad!”

“I’ll do anything I can mum, you know that.”

“Good, because what I want you to do is a bit unconventional. Do you remember what I said to that doctor in the hospital, the one who was so stuffy?”

“Yeah, I thought he was going to burst a blood vessel!”

“Well, I wasn’t being entirely facetious with him. I’m sure you are more than aware that your dad and I have always had a very healthy sex life, we’ve never made a secret of it.”

Sarah had to laugh at that, she was more than aware of her parents healthy sex life.

“Yes, well, you do act like a couple of bloody rabbits at times!”

“I know, and you’ll never know how much we both appreciate your understanding about things like that, but your dad has needs, a lot of needs, and this rabbit can’t put out at the moment, and things are only going to get worse as the chemo kicks in!”

“Mum, that’s escort gaziantep numaraları not going to be for very long!”

“It’s going to be longer than you think.”

Elizabeth stared at the bedcovers for a moment before looking up at her daughter, when Sarah looked at her face there were tears in her eyes.

“I’m fully aware of the road I’m walking down Sarah, in the long term I don’t know whether I’m going to recover, but in the short term I need you to help your dad.”

Like a bell going off in her head It suddenly dawned on Sarah what her mum was actually asking of her, and it was obvious that she believed she was going to die. Sarah could see how hard this was for her, how much this conversation was taking out of her.

“Mum, are you asking me to sleep with dad?”

“A bit more than just sleeping with him darling!”

“You want me to have sex with him?”

It was more a statement than a question, it was obvious what she was getting at. A million things went through Sarah’s head in only a couple of seconds: She loved her father, she loved her mother, she’d do anything for them, she couldn’t stand seeing her mother the way she was, her dad’s cock looked bigger than the vibrator that she’d been using, she’d technically be giving her dad her virginity… and on and on. It was the look on her mum’s face that made her say what she said next.

“Ok, if you’re sure that’s what you want, I’ll do it.”

Maybe it was the look on Sarah’s face that made her mum reconsider her request, just a bit, because she asked if Sarah was really sure, and then suggested that if it would make her feel any better she’d be with her if she wanted her to be.

“No I don’t think I could do that, I would need to be alone with him, I couldn’t do it with you watching, I just couldn’t.”

Elizabeth was stroking her daughter’s hand, very gently, the tears in her eyes were breaking Sarah’s heart and she was almost crying herself.

“I know you’ve had a couple of boyfriends, but you’ve never said anything about having sex with any of them.”

Sarah had always been very open with her mum, and dad actually, about her relationships, all of which hadn’t been very successful really. She hadn’t been able to bring boys home when she was younger and now that she had a place at university she’d not had a ‘steady’ boyfriend yet. Sarah knew what her mum was asking, and she wouldn’t lie.

“Technically I’m still a virgin but…”

Too embarrassed to continue, Sarah lost her voice, but then found she didn’t need to.

“You have a plastic friend, don’t be shy about it, I have a couple hidden away myself, I used to have a lovely hairbrush, it was my best friend for years!”


“Sorry, too much information, but we’re all human, so your hymen has probably long gone!”

Elizabeth was just so matter of fact about it, she really didn’t have any embarrassment about it at all. It helped.

“I think so, yes.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think you were still a virgin, my virginity had long gone by the time I was your age, you don’t have to do this you know, I do understand.”

Sarah knew she could have backed out at that point, but being honest with herself she admitted that the thought of giving her dad her virginity wasn’t entirely a new idea to her. Sarah wasn’t an innocent naive little girl, she’d had such thoughts before, she had always believed that most girls with loving fathers had those thoughts.

“Are you sure dad would go for it?”

“I think he’d resist at first, but not for long. We sometimes role play, and I sometimes pretend to be a younger girl!”

“Whoa, you mean you pretend to be me?”

“It’s not an uncommon fantasy, it spices things up a bit now and again.”

At that point it became obvious that Elizabeth was getting very tired, that chemotherapy really took it out of her, when she started to nod a little Sarah gave her a peck on the cheek and told her not to worry

“I’ll take care of dad!”

Sarah left her mother sleeping, she knew she’d be out for the rest of the day and the night, but in the morning she’d be up and about, not as energetic as she used to be, but she would be up getting breakfast as usual.

Heading back to her own room, Sarah had a lot of thinking to do, about her dad.

She would take care of him, she just didn’t know how. How was she supposed to do it? Just casually get into bed with him and ask if he would like to have sex with her? Or should she do the sexy lingerie routine and seduce him in heels?

One thing was certain, if she was going to do it then she needed to do it quickly, before her nerves got the better of her.

All the following day Sarah was distracted, she may as well have stayed home for all the work she managed to get done at university. Sarah didn’t really know what her problem was, if it was anyone other than her dad she wouldn’t have had a problem, she wasn’t ugly, she had a pretty good figure, her dad was very good for his age, forty four years old isn’t really ‘old’, and he was very fit. And, if the noises she’d heard coming from his bedroom were anything to go by he must be pretty good in bed as well! But he was her dad, even if her mum was ok with it, it somehow just didn’t seem that easy.

When she got home that evening she found her dad was in his office and her mum was making dinner in the kitchen. Mum took one look at her and knew something was wrong.

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