What a Wonderful Morning

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The morning started as it does every weekday, with the alarm on my phone going off at half six in morning. I wake and turn off the alarm. My fiancée will then get up and go downstairs to make my lunch for work. I love to watch her get up and leave the room.

She usually wears a strappy top and shorts to bed. Her large FF cup breasts shape clearly seen through the top. Her breasts are big and firm, even without a bra still hold firm and do not sag. Her wide hips and curvaceous round bum beginning to stir my cock as she gets up and walks across the room toward the door with my eyes never leaving her beautiful body all the while pretending to be asleep just so I can watch her.

Ten minutes or so later she returns and sits on her side of the bed with her back to me. Probably checking facebook or emails on her phone. As she sits there her hips looks slightly wider as the memory foam bed pushes her ample bum back slightly. This exaggerates her hourglass shape even more. At this point it take a lot for me to get up and go for a shower leaving the beautiful BBW alone.

I do get up and go for a shower. After my shower, I make a cup of tea and have bowl of cereal, yep living the high life! I have my cereal in front room with TV on before taking my cup of tea upstairs back to our room. When I get there, I find gaziantep escort my fiancée laying on her back with head propped up on pillows browsing on her phone still. I get to my side of the bed and still up leaning back on the headboard of our four-poster bed. I play with my phone for a bit and my fiancée got bored on her phone and has now turned on to her side facing me and semi asleep.

It’s not long and I have to get ready for work. After drinking my tea, I crawl over the bed to the chest of drawers. While passing my fiancée give her a cheeky slap on the ass. She is warm and has thrown the duvet off her lower half so her shorts and bare legs can be seen.

She has quite thick thighs that have a gawjus shape to them and they lead up to some sexy round hips and a great ass. Her skin is smooth and soft on her thighs and hips, I love running my hands over her hips and thighs.

I take some clean cloths out the drawers for work and put then on the bed ready to change. From where I was standing I had clear view of the back of her thighs and her ass. It had been a couple of days since we last made love and the sight before me had my cock as hard as ever!

I approach her side of bed and slap her hip and ass with my hard cock. She is half asleep and I decide to lay on her and kiss her while gently poking her with my cock. I pull one side of her short down revealing her big sexy smooth ass cheek and I give it a good shake and start to kiss it. She is laying on her side and while kissing her ass I am trying to lower the rest of her shorts which is proving difficult as she is laying on her side and half-heartedly resisting me. I do like a good tussle with her beautiful body.

After a few minutes, she gave up and helped me remove her shorts.

I ran my hands up and down her beautiful thick thigh right up to her pussy. She has some faint “tiger stripes” on the side of her belly which I quite like. She is laying on her left side so I straddle her left leg and push her right leg up towards her round but sexy belly. Her breasts are sat one on top the other and her top barely holding them in. My left knee is up behind her bum and my right knee is up near her belly with her right legs over the top of it. My hard cock in now entering her pussy from beneath her.

She is very tight and this position has my cock brushing the front of her pussy. It took a couple of goes to get inside her in this position but once inside at least me was very pleasurable. With every thrust of my hips it rocker her whole body and her large breasts where rocking up and down under her top, which now her nipples are visible through.

I run my hands up and down thighs which on top my right leg and grab her hip and as I thrust inside her I pull her hip down toward my body forcing me deeper inside her. I try to pick up the pace and can see her face and hear her moan as she enjoys but I am forced to slow down to prevent myself from cumming inside her tight pussy.

My attempt as slowing down my climax was not working very well.

The inside of her tight pussy was rubbing off the right parts of my cock and I could feel myself nearing climax. I tried to go slow to prolong it but it did not work very well and it was not long before I filled her pussy with my cum, sadly before I had get her climax going.

I then relaxed and lay on top her body for few minutes while I try to recover some strength. While I’m lying on her I run my hand down her thigh and get a little fondle of her breasts before I break away from her. As she lifts her legs to allow me to break away I can see my thick white fluids running from her down her inner thigh.

After a quick clean-up, it is time for me to get dressed and head to work. This position had obviously trapped a nerve somewhere as when standing my left leg should shake and feel a little weak.

Luckily, I drive an automatic and only need my right leg on my way to work. It took another couple of hours for the leg to get back to normal. However, I’d certainly do it again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32