Well… Ch. 10

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Amsterdam was soon over and all six of us returned to our daily routines and I’ll bet the others, like me, soon started to think of the things that had happened and that might happen in the future.

As it turned out James was the one who phoned me one morning and suggested some lunch so that we could chat over ‘a little idea’ he had.

I was intrigued and very soon we were sat at a pub by the river enjoying real good food and an excellent bottle of red wine. ‘Do you remember Mary and that black dildo in Amsterdam?’ James asked, ‘Certainly,’ I replied ‘she was still talking about it when we got home, telling me how good it felt and how she would like to try the real thing’.

‘Perhaps I’ve got the answer to that then’ was James’s reply and he soon started to fill me in on the details.

It appears that at a fitness club James visits occasionally there is a chap called Steve, not very tall but very fit, hung like a horse and black! He was also very amenable to ‘helping out’ any lady that may need some sexual exercise and James assured me that if Mary wanted the ‘real thing’, Steve was the man for the job.

Lunch was all too soon over and all I could think about all afternoon was James’s idea about Steve and Mary and when I got home it was all I could do to keep quiet about it until what I thought was the proper time.

Snuggled up in bed with Mary seemed the right time to mention it and I settled my slightly erect prick between her bum cheeks as we lay on our sides and asked if she would really like to try a black guy.

Her reaction said it all; she gasped slightly and shoved her arse backwards at me while her right hand went straight to her nipple and started caressing it immediately.

‘Would you mind?’ she whispered through clenched teeth. A funny thing to say, I thought later, in view of the recent goings on in our sex lives where I had seen her fuck so many men.

‘ Of course not’ I said, ‘if it makes you happy then why should I, after all you haven’t objected to me fucking all these other women have you!’

‘No, I suppose not’ she mused ‘but then I am very lucky, we do all these things together and it is always you and me who come home together at the end of it all, isn’t it?’

By this time of course my prick was like a steel bar and I knew when Mary turned and threw her leg over me it was not going to take long for me to cum. She settled on my erection in one fluid motion and then slowly sliding up and down took all of about ten strokes to make me cum like a school boy in her warm and welcoming pussy, telling me as I shuddered in her, ‘You will enjoy watching it as much as I will enjoy doing it’.

I’ll tell you a little secret now shall I? In all the years my wife and I have been married, she has never been wrong, not that she has admitted to anyway, and, as you will find out later, she wasn’t wrong on this either!

Does time drag for you sometimes? It certainly did for Mary and I as we waited for James to contact us and let us know what he had set up, and all the time I was getting more jumpy, until Mary came up with a solution.

‘ Go and do something different for goodness sake’ she demanded of me one evening when I came in from working on the boat and asked innocently if there was any news, ‘go and see if Ann can help you out!’

I think she meant have a word with Ann about it but in my mind I got the impression she wanted me to meet Ann and work on my ‘jitters’.

That would have been different as up until now Mary and I had always done the things we were doing’ together’ and the thought of going off and doing ‘something on cimcif gaziantep escort my own’ suddenly became a bit of a turn on.

I wasted no time and next morning I phoned Ann and asked if I could call round. There was no problem and I turned up and we both settled in the kitchen with coffee and began chatting.

‘You seem very tense’ said Ann as time passed and I blurted out ‘Not surprising is it with James arranging this meeting for Mary and it all taking so long!’

It was unfair of me but Ann didn’t seem worried about it, she just slid off her stool and came round the back of me and whispered in my ear, ‘Is it making you frustrated?’ to which I nodded and then she said ‘We will have to do something about that then won’t we’.

Still standing behind me she started to lift my tee shirt and pulling it over my head she dropped it to the floor and commenced running her hands over my chest and nipples. Her hands soon found their way to the top button of my jeans and the zip was slowly released so that when she drew me to my feet they fell to the floor leaving me with just my jocks on, which were trying desperately hard to cover up my growing erection.

Her hands were soon in my underwear teasing my cock with her educated fingers and all I could do was stand there.

It wasn’t long however before Ann’s needs became a little more urgent. She came round in front of me and backing around so her arse was up against the kitchen table told me what to do in no uncertain terms.

‘It’s a good job I’m wearing an old blouse and skirt today’ she said, ‘that way it won’t matter if they get torn’. The look in her eyes was sheer devilry and taking the hint I stepped towards her and grabbing the front of the blouse ripped it open. She gasped but I knew she liked it and so the skirt went the same way; both now in tatters and hanging from her I wanted to deal with her flimsy thong in like manner but decided not to as I picked her up and shoved her back onto the table pulling the thong aside.

I grabbed her thighs and pulling them rather roughly apart dived to her heavenly crutch and began to devoir it like a starving man.

‘Suck me you bastard, lick my clit, bite me, bite me’ was the encouragement I was being given verbally and the thrusting of her cunt into my mouth physically showed me how much Ann was enjoying this.

She was dripping by now but I pulled away and grabbed hold of her skimpy bra in the middle and ripped that away from her as well. Her nipples leapt towards my lips as I started to suck on them and tweak them but the verbal barrage did not let up and when she told me ‘fuck my brains out’ I dragged my cock from my jocks and rammed it into her soaked pussy like a man possessed.

There was no resistance at all she was so wet and I plunged in and out, banging in to her as hard as I could pinching and biting at her nipples whenever I got the chance.

Ann loved it, shouting abuse and obscenities she was pulling at my nipples and her own until she pushed me away and turned face down on to the table.

‘Do me from behind’ she hissed and like that I was back inside her moving the table across the floor a little with the force of my thrusts. I slapped her arse a couple of times to be told ’do it harder, harder you hear me’ so I did and the juices positively gushed from her pussy and ran down the front of my thighs.

Things were getting fairly hectic by now and I started to slow a little but wetting my thumb I started to play with Ann’s arse and was told immediately, ‘Yes, yes, please fuck my arse’.

Lubrication cimcif gaziantep escort bayan was not an issue, Ann was so wet I scooped a couple of fingers full from her pussy, spread it round her rosebud and pushed slowly into her velvety warmth. She was tight though and I knew this couldn’t go on for long so I varied my thrusts, going in slightly and then fully until Ann was whining with delight and I was on the verge of cumming.

‘Hard George, hard. Fill me with your juice’ and I did. A ball draining ejaculation that I just didn’t want to stop, that made my backbone turn circles and made my cock twitch for what seemed like light years.

I slipped from Ann and we both slid to the floor and cuddled. ‘That was fabulous’ I said and she smiled, ‘It wasn’t bad for me either. Thank you’.

The rest of the day was a blur really and then after we had finished dinner James phoned and said, ‘It’s fixed, Friday evening 7 o/clock your place and I hope you don’t mind but I’ve asked Tanya and Brian if they’d like to join us’.

We certainly didn’t mind, plenty of rampant cock available for Mary and beautiful sex hungry women for me.

Of course the week dragged and Mary insisted on no sex so that we were both ‘rested’ for Friday but eventually the day arrived and 7 pm saw us refreshed and ready for the nights entertainment.

James, Ann, Tanya and Brian were the first to arrive, all wearing coats which when shed left the boys in black posing pouches and the girls in matching ¼ cup bras and thongs which they had bought in Amsterdam. Our girls all looked terrific co-ordinated as they were and drinks were soon flowing as we waited for our special guest.

We didn’t have to wait long, Steve arrived about 7.30 and after introductions were made and more drinks poured Mary dimmed the lights a little and slipped a video into the player for a little background titillation.

Mary sat on the floor at Steve’s feet as he relaxed in a big armchair and as the film progressed he started playing with her hair and rubbing her shoulders. She didn’t need a lot of encouragement and knelt up fairly soon between Steve’s thighs to kiss him and start to remove the clothes that appeared to be making him uncomfortable.

His shirt was soon discarded and then his trousers were undone and pulled to the floor leaving him just in underwear that barely covered the semi-tumescent prick inside.

Mary pulled them down and groaned with delight when she saw the size of his black cock. I have always thought James and Brian big but this guy took the biscuit. A little bit bigger certainly but I think it was the colour that made him look so ‘menacing’ in a way, and it was definitely one that I could tell Mary, as well as Ann and Tanya who were watching, was very eager to get to grips with.

From the comfort of my armchair I watched as Mary started to suckle on his hardening prick. Ann and James, and Tanya and Brian were all petting heavily as they watched the scene unfolding and I sat there trying not to play with my rock hard erection.

Mary was in heaven. She couldn’t take all of Steve’s meat into her mouth but lavished huge swathing sweeps of her tongue up and down his prodigious length, stopping at the top to suck the tip and then sweeping down again to the base to gobble first on one testicle and then the other.

Steve’s face was a picture. Ann and Tanya had left their men and were now standing on either side of Steve who was fingering their damp pussys for all he was worth. They leant over and started kissing escort gaziantep cimcif and caressing him, which of course was a signal to us men to take up position behind our ladies and plug them from the rear.

Brian and James appeared to slip into Tanya and Ann without much trouble and I gently slapped my prick against Mary’s swollen clit a couple of times before I slid into her like a hot knife into butter.

All of us started rhythmically to slide in and out of our girls and my assault on Mary caused her to start taking more and more of Steve’s cock into her mouth. First it was just the tip, then the head, then a little more but she really had to stretch her mouth to do it.

It was an amazing sight and the noises were getting louder and louder as well. Ann and Tanya were encouraging us men and Mary to greater efforts and eventually Steve wanted more attention and told Mary, ‘Get on this prick woman, I want to feel that warm pussy now!’

I think Mary came at the mere thought of it, and she moved up to kneel on either arm of the chair which put her in a wonderful position to lower herself onto Steve’s massive cock.

Ann and Tanya held Steve to ensure good contact with Mary as she slowly lowered herself onto him, and her little whimpers soon turned to gasps as his huge weapon disappeared into her.

I caressed and stroked her back and thighs encouraging her to continue but also making sure she wasn’t doing anything she would regret. Then it was over; all of Steve’s huge dick was inside and after a minute or two of immobility they began to synchronise their movements to give them both the maximum pleasure.

Steve had abandoned fingering Ann and Tanya, who had now turned their attentions to their husbands, and was holding Mary’s waist as he more and more urgently thrust into her. Her head was lolling from side to side, she was biting her lip and occasionally moans of delight and sometimes pain came forth all of which heightened the sexual tension in the air.

I was at this stage only an onlooker as I had returned to my chair and was quietly stroking my painfully erect prick but Steve had decided he wanted to move also and standing up with Mary still ‘attached’ to him he placed her on the sheepskin rug in front of the fire. He took her legs from around his waist and spreading them as wide as possible sat on his haunches. Slowly and deliberately he pushed himself into her, sometimes a little and sometimes deep enough to make Mary moan with delight.

Tanya and Ann moved next to them and started to play with Mary’s tits, sucking and tweaking them as James and Brian continued to fuck them from behind. I decided to move closer and squatted next to Tanya who started to stroke my aching knob with her left hand as I played with her magnificent tits.

All of us, I am sure, wanted this to go on forever but Steve’s thrusting had Mary on the brink and that was affecting everyone else. Mary wanted more and told Steve ‘Faster Steve, give me that beautiful black cock, make me cum’ and as he raised his pace and depth of thrust Mary screamed into an incredible orgasm that shook her to her soul.

Tanya and Ann soon followed and grabbing all four pricks pointed them at Mary and told us ‘Cum for us boys, cum for us now’. We did. Mary seemed to disappear under a deluge of cum, Steve depositing what seemed like quarts of the stuff on her stomach as the other three of us bathed her tits and throat.

I can only say that the look on my wife’s lovely face was something to behold when we had all come down from our communal orgasm, she looked so contented and looking round us all said ‘Thank you’ to each in turn.

Steve was given an especially large grin and was told ‘that was wonderful, better than I ever imagined’ before he was kissed deeply.

We were all still on or around the rug by the fire, holding hands and touching each other gently when after a few minutes of silence Mary said, ‘Steve, do you think you can do anything for Ann and Tanya yet?’


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