Weekend Getaway Ch. 01

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Leaving work early on Friday afternoon, hoping to beat the weekend rush hour traffic, I swing by your office and grab you for our romantic getaway. We have been planning this, and looking forward to it, for months. Ever since we first met, and even before then as we chatted first online, and then on the phone, we have been talking about getting away, just the two of us.

Driving the old pick-up, we heard north on 28. Fortunately, we had planned well enough ahead to have the truck packed up the night before. So, we are out of the city and approaching 80 long before the Friday rush starts. Crossing over 80, we jump onto 219 and drive through several small rural towns before arriving at our destination, a quaint little Bed and Breakfast I discovered during my days travelling for work.

Entering the lobby, we check out the brochures for local “points of interest” and then approach the desk. Confirming our reservations, we check in as simply Carl and Kim. We walk upstairs to our room, unpack and stow our gear and relax in the knowledge that we have an uninterrupted 48 hours of ‘us’ time. I pull out the CD player, plug it in, fire in Tom Waits’ The Heart of Saturday Night, and jump to track two. Taking your hand in mine, I slowly lead you through a waltz listening to the melodic strains of ‘San Diego Serenade.’

We change into proper ‘dinner clothes’ and head out to celebrate. After a quiet dinner together at a small, ill-lit Italian restaurant recommended by our gracious hosts, Ted and Alice, we return to our room and settle in for a peaceful night. Knowing that we have plenty of time, we are both happy just lying in bed together, holding each other close. Nestled like two spoons in a drawer, we drift off to sleep; smiles on our faces.

Waking at our leisure, we slip into our robes and walk downstairs for breakfast. After dining on eggs, fresh fruit and croissants, we return to the room and prepare for the day ahead. Knowing that the Allegheny National Forest is right out the back door, we have planned to take a nice long hike through the woods and dress in shorts and T-shirts. I have asked the owners to pack us picnic lunch, and adding that to our packs, we head out into the great outdoors.

A Ümraniye Escort two-and-a-half hour walk brings us to a serene glen circling a quiet pool of cool, clear water. We spread out a blanket and sit down to a light lunch; cold chicken, potato salad, chilled fruit (melons, strawberries, grapes etc.), an assortment of crackers and cheeses and a bottle of Chardonnay. Still a little warm from our hike, we decide to cool off with a quick dip. Laughing like school kids, we strip down to our skivvies and wade into the water. The water feels good and we splash around for a while before calmly swimming the length of the pond a few times.

Now refreshed from the morning’s exertions, I slip up behind you and take you in my arms, kissing the back of your neck. Turning in my arms, you thank me for the weekend so far and place a gentle caring kiss on my lips. The feel of our (mostly) naked bodies rubbing against one another turns our kisses more passionate. Our hands begin to roam beneath the water. Feeling yours wander under the waistband of my boxers, I decide it might be time to head to dryer ground.

Taking your hand, I lead you back to the blanket, where we take advantage of the warmth of the day and remoteness of the site to recline without getting dressed. We pick up where left of in the water, kissing passionately as our hands go freely where they will. This time I don’t stop you as you slide your hands into my shorts. One hand squeezes and caresses my ass as the other slips around to the front. As you begin stroking my manhood, I reach behind you to undo your bra, but you stop me. Pushing me onto my back, you whisper that you just want to show me how grateful you are for this little getaway.

Knowing a good thing when I hear it, I lay back, crossing my arms behind my head. You kiss me one last time before working your way down my body. First your lips and tongue find my nipples, hard even with the warmth of the day. As you hands continue to caress my cock through my shorts, you lick, nibble and suck, first one nipple then the other. Continuing south, you teasingly lick around my belly button, then mumble something about it being time to get these off.

As Ümraniye Escort you tug at the waist of my shorts, I raise my hips off the blanket so they slide right off. I glance around the glen as you slip them over me feet and toss them aside. The last thing we need is to be caught now, with me in nothing but my yellow rubber bracelet. You’re fine, at least for now, as your matching bra and panties could pass for a bikini, but me on the other hand. So far, so good, and we’re still alone.

You begin licking your way up my legs, kissing and nibbling along my shins, past my knees. Reaching my thighs, you spend a long time switching from right to left and back again, moving closer and closer. You finally decide that you have teased me enough and begin a long, slow lick from around my knee, all the up my thigh. My cock, now fully erect, lies across my belly, and I moan in anticipation.

Finally reaching your destination, you run the tip of your tongue around my balls. One hand reaches up and begins stroking my cock again as you suck first one ball, and then the other, into your mouth, massaging them with your tongue. You release them and whisper up to me, “How’s this for payment on all those times I stuck my tongue out at you in the IM?”

In the state I’m in, I can no longer speak and you take my repeated moans as a sign of approval. You trace your tongue up and down the full length of my erect cock, up the right side, down the left. Up the left side and down the right. On the next upward lick, you remain at the head and swirl you tongue around it in slow, lazy circles, then lick back down to the base. For a while, you stick to this new pattern; up, slow circles, down, up, slow circles, down. Every so often, you pause at the base to play again with my balls.

Finally, instead of merely licking back down, you slide your lips over the head of my cock, and ever so slowly slide as much as possible into your mouth. This new sensation brings even louder moans from me as the felling of the flat of your tongue running the underside of my cock takes me to the next level of pleasure. I can feel you smile as your lips near the base, then you slowly release me, Escort Ümraniye stopping just short of letting the head out from between your lips.

Again, you take me as deep as you can, only to slowly release me. Then a few rapid strokes in succession, in and out, in and out, in and out. Then back again to the slow teasing stokes. This time when you reach the head, you allow the tip of your tongue to flutter across it like a butterfly dancing on a flower. Slow stroke, slow stroke, fast, fast, fast. Slow stroke, slow stroke, dancing butterfly.

As you continue, you reach one hand up and scratch your nails over my chest, raking them across my nipples, and then pinching at one. I take one of my hands from behind my head and trace down your arm, brushing your hair out of your face so I can look into your eyes. I warn you that I am almost at the point of no return. With this news, you redouble your efforts. Pulling back until just the head of my cock is still between your lips, you use one hand to stroke my cock, and the other to massage my balls.

Your eyes, however, remain locked on mine. The look I see in them, is enough to send me over the edge. With one final moan, my balls release and rope after rope of hot cum explode into your mouth. My fists ball at my sides as one of the most intense orgasms of my life rips through my body. As the final shudders pass through me, your finally release my cock head from your lips and swallow my cum. With one hand still stroking my softening prick, you crawl up beside me and kiss me deeply, your body melding with mine. I can taste the remnants of my load on your lips.

As I reach to remove your bra, you again insist that this was all for me. “You can return the favor later tonight. However, since we are both all hot and sweaty again, you can help me out of these things so we can swim again. No sense them getting all wet again just before we head back.” That said, you stand up and help me to my feet. Turning your back towards me, you present the fastener to your bra, which I promptly undo. Dropping the bra to the blanket, you turn again and allow me to slide your panties down your legs.

We walk hand in hand back into the water, naked as the days we were born. Luckily, there are still no prying eyes as we once again refresh ourselves in the cool water. Returning to the blanket, we take a few minutes to rest, and the sun dries our bodies, then we get dressed, repack our back and hike back to the inn, holding hands the entire way.

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