Wedding Night

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Probably don’t mention this one to the Wedding Planner.

Or your Mother-in-Law.

Hope you enjoy.


Wedding Night

You get used to hearing stories about weddings. When you’re engaged, everyone wants to tell you how to have the perfect wedding (like they did) or how to avoid disaster (like Shirley and Jack and the cheese fondue). You smile and nod, or exclaim and deplore respectively. It’s usual for the bride-to-be to be in charge of the arrangements, so I happily left everything to Angelica. I bet you’ve never heard a wedding story like ours!

Angelica is sweet. From the moment I met her I was captivated. She has a bright smile, a very cute dimple in one cheek and gorgeous blue eyes. Her short, strawberry blonde hair gleams in the sun. She’s shy and affectionate. I really don’t know what she saw in me, but whatever it is, I’m glad she found me. Angelica is a doll.

So, to the wedding.

Angelica’s family were very conservative, so she wanted to have a very traditional ceremony. Church, priest the lot: very formal. And so we were married in high state at one of the city’s cathedrals, the sound of the organ echoing up through the vault. My Angel — as I call her — wore a stunning white gown with a train. Candles everywhere. Flowers and bunting on the pews. Pages and flower girls. Confetti, tears and laughter.

The reception afterwards was a testimony to my girl’s taste and style. It was elegant, but not over-done. Sophisticated, but not expensive. Classy, but comfortable. I’d say ‘really nice’, but guys aren’t allowed to get away with weak descriptions like that. Oh, it had the odd moment with awkward relatives and misunderstandings after a few drinks, but on the whole it went off well. Even the speeches were tasteful. A dance or two, the usual hilarity with the bouquet and garter and then we were gone. It was a whirlwind day.

We drove ourselves to the hotel we’d booked a room at for the night. The lads had done the obligatory stunt with the ‘just married’ tag and tin cans, but we didn’t mind. Angelica snuggled up to me as we drove and I remember feeling a strange mix of emotions; I was elated, exhausted, sentimental and horny all in one.

Let me explain that last bit. I mentioned that Angelica’s folks were traditional. So was she, in a way. She’d looked at me seriously during our second date.

“Paul, I haven’t dated many guys. I’m still a virgin, and I want to stay that way until I’m married. I want my husband to be my first.”

I respected that, though. I really liked the girl. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t frigid. We had some pretty hot make-out sessions. Several times she had to stop me before I lost control! Though thinking back later, it occurred to me that her condition was pretty carefully worded. Was that a coincidence?

Anyways, now we were married and I was really looking forward to tonight. I knew she was too, because she’d been winding me up the whole day. Secret touches and caresses. Smoky looks. Disguised kisses with way too much tongue. There was almost a moment where we were going to cut the cake and me with a huge boner bulging the front of my trousers. Fortunately, good old Aunt May decided that was the time to show off her ‘famous’ dance moves, which bought me a few minutes. Angelica just gave me a saucy smile.

I wasn’t the only one having troubles though. Angelica had three bridesmaids. I’d nicknamed them the ‘three musketeers’. Lena, Justine and Chrissie. They were nice enough girls but, together, they had ‘Danger!’ written all over. Lena was slim and athletic and, though I thought her face was a little hard for my taste and her personality a little too edgy, that wasn’t the first thing you noticed. Well, guys anyways. Lena had a fantastic rack. And she wore her dark hair just below the shoulder so, if you just happened to miss them the first time, your eyes followed the natural fall of those wavy locks right down to … what was I saying? You get the idea. So did most of the men at the wedding.

Angelica had chosen strapless dresses for the bridesmaids. They were a beautiful design and really very tasteful. Except that they really emphasised Lena’s assets. I actually didn’t mind because it kept the unwanted attentions of half-pissed young men away from my girl. Even odds, though, as to how many of the wet stains on the tablecloths were spilt drink or drool. Or worse. I’m pretty sure ‘dirty’ Uncle Frank, who’d stared sleazily at her all night, made the most of the dimmed lights to jerk off under the table.

My boys had managed to behave themselves pretty well. It was probably fortunate they sat beside me without a direct line of sight to the bridesmaids. Josh did get a bit flustered giving the ‘bridesmaids’ toast’…

I’ve gotten off track again. Well, I haven’t really — you needed to know about the ‘three musketeers’. Trust me.

We arrived at the hotel and the best sound I’d heard all day (other than my Angel’s voice saying ‘I do’, of course) bakımlı gaziantep escort was the latch of the door as it closed behind the bellboy. Angelica and I were alone at last. Alone and married! She shot me a smoky look over her shoulder as she went into the bathroom. I had to be really firm with myself (seriously, no pun intended) to stop racing in after her. The effort was worth it. When the door slowly opened, she stood there in a sheer negligee which left absolutely nothing to the imagination. And believe me; I’ve a pretty good imagination.

I’ve told you she was sweet and unaffected. Indulge me for a bit here while I — respectfully of course — tell you a bit more about my Angel. Her figure was petite and trim; her breasts medium-sized and perky. Just right-sized for her. A gorgeous cute ass and great legs. Watching her standing there I was struck by just how perfect she was. The mirror light in the bathroom behind gave her strawberry blonde hair a flame corona. She was divine. My Angel.

She tried hard, but couldn’t pull the siren thing off without bursting out laughing. So did I. She ran across the room and jumped into my arms giggling, smothering my face with kisses.

“I love you, Paul, so much!”

“And you, stunning Angel, are soon going to find out just how much I love you!” I replied.

She left my arms, laughing and skipped — seriously — to the bed. It doesn’t sound hot, but trust me it was. Think Goldilocks, but with nothing on underneath! The glimpses of her naked ass as her negligee swished were pure poetry. I was seriously hard as I followed her to bed.

She pulled a couple of towels from the top of her suitcase. I was non-plussed for a moment as she laid them out on the bed. Oh, virgin. Right. It was a timely reminder that I needed to be gentle with her. She had saved herself for me and deserved a wonderful first experience. Start slow. Down boy!

I took her in my arms and kissed her slowly; mouth, neck and downwards from there. Somehow we lost our clothes: I really don’t remember. What I do recall clearly is her perfect breasts. How the nipples hardened as I licked and kissed them to attention. Her fingers through my hair as I ran my hands down the beautiful curves of her body. The soft down between her legs. Her moan of pleasure as I carefully parted her and began soft, smooth strokes. The desire urgent in her voice.

“Please Paul, take me”, she whimpered.

“Not yet, Angel”.

I ran my tongue slowly over her stomach, kissing her navel. I teased the hair on her mound with my mouth. I gently explored her glorious pussy, reverently licking every fold and feature. I told you I had a good imagination. And she was everything I’d pictured, and more. How could a guy like me get this lucky?

She groaned as she came. It was magic to my ears.

“Oh… oh … oh, Paauuullll. Paul! Paul, baby!”

I continued to caress her as her body spasmed as the orgasm washed through her. After a few minutes she sat up slowly and took me in her arms.

“Darling, that was really wonderful. Please, will you take me now? I want you inside of me so badly.”

A tremulous smile and a little tear rolled down her check. God, I love her. My sweet, precious Angel.

She reached down to touch my cock. My soldier was standing proudly to attention.

“Paul, you’re huge!”

“Thanks for the flattery honey”, I laughed, “but I don’t think I’m that big!”

I figure I’m about average. Then it occurred to me that Angelica — so innocent and all — had probably never seen an erect penis before.

“I’ve watched a few a dirty movies, but they show a lot more of the women than the men.”

OK, maybe not quite so innocent.

“We — the girls — also discuss stuff and they’ve told me a bit. Shown me some stuff, too.”

The ‘musketeers’? Bloody hell, scratch innocent altogether!

She must have noticed my expression and blushed. She blushes beautifully by the way. Did I tell you I’m totally captivated by her?

“I may have been saving myself for you, darling, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t prepared for you.”


“My turn now. Before you fuck me.”

What the …? Where did that come from!

I didn’t have time to think anything else before I was completely absorbed by the feeling of her mouth on my cock. She ran her tongue around and underneath my head. She sucked and licked me gently, then hungrily. She took half my length down her throat.

“Angel, I’m going to explode if you keep doing that”, I gasped.

She looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes, through lowered lashes. Her lips were stretched around my cock and yet somehow she managed to look as though she was smiling. God, that was hot!

“I ‘ow”, she said.

And slid down my entire length. The heat of her throat, the feeling of her tongue around my shaft was sensational. I couldn’t hold it.

“Aaaaggh, Angel …”

I shivered bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan as I felt the cum erupt from me into her throat. Then she gagged and choked. I withdrew from her as quickly as I could while she coughed and spluttered by semen over the bed. I felt like a right bastard. I stroked her head while she recovered. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Paul. I need a bit more practice”, she rasped.

“No honey, I’m sorry. You were pretty brave taking me like that. I should have given you more notice.”

I rewarded her courage by taking her in my arms and laying her gently back on the bed. I stroked her and kissed her, murmuring little endearments in her ear until I felt her start to respond. Her body awoke. Suddenly her hands were all over me as much as mine on her. Her mouth fastened to mine like a leech and her tongue invaded me aggressively. She threw a leg over me and rolled me to my back and sat on my stomach. She was panting hard and her beautiful tits were heaving up and down.

“Steady, tiger”, I cautioned her.

“Thank you”, she said, and leaned forward to kiss me. “I’ll be careful, just let me pace it.”

And she lifted her hips. The bathroom light was still on and I will never forget the sight of her in silhouette. I could see every detail of her magnificent pussy defined in sharp contrast. A string of thick fluid as she spread her lips to take me into her. I watched the thread sag as she slowly lowered herself and pause momentarily before contact. I felt its gossamer touch on the tip of my pulsing cock. It’s lucky she was on top, because I would have lost it right there otherwise. She was driving me insane with need!

She lowered herself slowly onto me and every moment of that glorious descent was agonising ecstasy. I could feel her warmth, her heat, the supple velvety texture of her vagina. She paused as we reached the point of her resistance.

“It’s OK, baby”, I murmured and reached out to stroke her hip and thigh. She was trembling like a leaf.

“Paul, I want you so badly. I want … I need … the hurt.”

And she pushed herself down. A quavering intake of breath. A hot rush over my groin. Another tear rolling down one cheek. I levered myself up carefully so as not to disturb her and, half propped, reached out to gently wipe it away. She nestled her cheek into my hand and nuzzled my fingers. She stayed like that, kissing me softly and gently, licking my fingers and my palm as she started to slowly move. When she raised her head, I drifted my hand downward to play with her breasts, trace around her nipples, revelling in the feel of her body.

She reached down and grabbed my shoulders, pulling me up to her. We held each other as we came, my Angel sitting in my lap. I felt her fluids over my balls at the moment that I thrust upward to spray myself deep inside her. She kissed me hard, moaning my name and rocking with the sensations of her orgasm. God, what a woman!


We cleaned up the towels. Then we took a shower together. She had bled and we were both sticky. It’s these practical things that don’t feature in the romance novels. Or those dirty movies.

We popped the cork on a bottle of champagne. I raided the mini bar for chocolate while Angelica poured. We snuggled comfortably on the bed enjoying our impromptu supper. Angelica was a little restless. Eventually, she picked up her phone, texted briefly and then tossed it back on the bedside table.

“Bragging?” I quizzed her.

She gave me a mysterious look and a funny little smile.

I was surprised by a knock on the door. More surprised when Angelica got up to open, not the main door, but the one which connected the adjoining room. We had one of those suites that could be connected to form a much larger set of rooms for larger parties or VIPs, but which are mostly just locked off. I jumped off the bed to grab her robe — she didn’t have a stitch on — when she opened it and in trouped our bridal party, also completely naked!

They were laughing and chatting, obviously quite comfortable with each other. My mouth must have been hanging open because Angelica walked back, closed it gently and kissed me.

“Honey, this is for you. You waited so patiently for me. I think you’ve got some catching up to do. Besides”, she said with a wicked grin, “you won’t be able to think about much else in a few minutes. It took a little while to talk the girls around but, you know them; up for anything!”

She talked them around!?

“I decided to leave your boys to the expert. She didn’t have any trouble.”

Holy shit!

Lena waved and blew me a kiss. Her massive breasts jutted out very prominently in front of her and I felt myself getting hard. And the room tilted. Angelica steadied me and reached down to stroke my shaft.

“I added a little something to your champagne to help you enjoy yourself. Now I’m going to leave escort gaziantep bakımlı bayan you to the girls for a few minutes.”

I felt an odd mix of emotions for the second time that day; I was confused, horny and absolutely terrified.

“OK, Paul”, purred Lena as she walked around behind me. “Angelica has worked very hard to organise this, so we’re not going to let you disappoint her.”

Lena pressed her huge tits into my back and reached around to caress my chest. The hands slid down to my hips and around to my grasp my buttocks. I don’t know what Angelica had slipped me, but the chemicals raging through me were sending me into sexual overdrive. My cock felt so hard it felt like it was going to explode. It looked larger than I’d ever seen it. The veins standing out along its length and my head a deep purple, engorged with blood. I watched Chrissie kneel in front of me and take me into her mouth. Justine entwined herself around my neck and began licking my shoulder, then down to my chest. I felt Lena part my ass cheeks and lick around my asshole. I thrust forward in response, deeper into Chrissie’s mouth.

None of my previous girlfriends had been particularly adventurous and this was the first time anyone had touched, let alone licked, my ass. It felt depraved and utterly wonderful. I groaned as she continued to explore my crack, fondling my balls as she licked and pushed at my anus with her tongue. The swords, sorry tongues, of the ‘three musketeers’ did their work. I let out an animal roar of pleasure as cum tore from my throbbing cock into Chrissie’s mouth. She licked the last couple of drops from my tip before standing up and giving me a smirk. A dribble of cum escaped from the corner of her mouth to run down her chin. It was obscene, and fucking hot. I watched her stalk over to the bed.

“What a good boy”, Lena breathed in my ear. Justine gave me a kiss on the neck before turning away.

Released from sexual slavery, I turned looking for Angelica. She was watching me from the bed with a look of absolute hunger. She sat astride Josh, his cock buried inside her. She was also helping Greg and Trent to jerk off, one hand on a cock either side of her as they stood beside the bed.

I’d married a sex-crazed nymphomaniac! Who knew starving yourself could result in such sexual degeneracy!

“I ‘ink ‘is ‘elong’ ‘ou”, garbled Chrissie.

She kissed Angelica and I realised she was sucking my cum out of Chrissie’s mouth. Some of it dripped down onto her breasts. She licked her lips as her tongue left Chrissie’s mouth.

“Thank you Chrissie. Paul, baby, that was delicious. See, it’s just my technique I need to work on.”

Chrissie moved Trent aside and helped Angelica turn to face the bedhead, rotating on Josh’s shaft. Justine grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the bed. I’d just cum, but my cock was still a steel bar. She pushed me up on the bed as Angelica arched her back, giving me a wonderful view of her ass. Josh’s member filled her pussy and her tight little rosebud moved and contracted as she slid up and down him.

“You know what to do, stud”, whispered Lena in my ear.

Suddenly Greg shot his load all over Angelica’s back, covering her with thick white cream.

“Oh, dessert!” purred Chrissie and began to lick his cum off my Angel. As she leant over, Trent moved behind her and sank his cock into her cunt. He thrust into her fiercely. Chrissie grunted, then moaned with pleasure as she kissed the last few drops from Angelica’s back. She spat on her fingers and started to rub Angelica’s asshole. It glistened, wet and wildly inviting.

Angelica looked over her shoulder at me, with those smoky blue eyes.

“Come on Paul, I loved what you did with my pussy. Now fuck my ass. Please, honey?”

Wild horses couldn’t have stopped me. Kneeling behind her I pressed the head of my cock against her little hole and watched in awe as it disappeared inside her. She gasped. Lena reached over from behind me to massage her buttocks and get her used to my size. Again I felt Lena’s massive breasts pushed against my back. I slid a little further in and Angelica pushed back against me.

“Fuuuuccckkk”, yelled Josh.

The tightness of Angelica’s almost-virgin cunt, together with my entry into her rear had sent him over the edge and his hips bucked beneath her as he thrust against her weight. I tried not to push deeper although the urge to do so was almost irresistible. I let her ride him until he’d finished.

“It’s OK … Paul … he’s wearing a … condom” Angelica gasped raggedly as she fought to control two cocks inside her.

What …?

“It’s your wedding night mate, I can’t cum inside your wife!”

The insanity of the situation got the better of me. An eight-way orgy on my wedding night and he’s worried about sexual protocol! I laughed like a maniac — I told myself later it was the drugs — and plunged myself as deep as I could into Angelica’s ass. She screamed. A small part of me was appalled, but I was in the grip of sexual insanity.

“Don’t you dare stop”, she yelled at me. “Ride me like I’m your fucking mare. Fucking ride me!!”

And I obliged, grabbing her hips with my hands and ploughing into her hot anal canal again and again. Lena nibbled my earlobe and that she-devil’s voice whispered in my ear once more.

“OK, stud. I’m going to blow your fucking mind. Justine, get me that lube.”

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