Wedding Gift

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((Please pardon the present tense instead of past.. my writing sucked back then))


This is all he can see at this moment. Darkness. The lights aren’t off. His eyes are covered. They’re covered in a fine tight material, smooth and silky. He reaches to touch it and finds his hands are bound together, but still free to move in front of him.

He can hear sounds about him. A faint breathing comes from nearby followed by a small giggle, a smaller moan. He tries to follow the sound. He moves his body forward and presses his hands down on the floor. He moves forward and comes to the bed, where he can feel small movements. The moans grow louder. He can hear the creaking of moving leather against leather, a sound he has come to be fond of.

He moves onto the bed and finds his face in the ass of one of the lovers on the bed. “Ohh, yeah. Lick it.” He slides his tongue out and licks this woman’s ass, sliding his tongue in towards her asshole, where his tongue flicks the tight hole. A small gasp escapes her lips and her body shudders. His hands slide up over her ass and encounter a leather skirt, slipped up over the waist of this woman.

She moves to a kneeling position, her back upright, and turns.

Something hits him in his face, and she grabs the back of his hair. “Taste her pussy, slut.” He thinks he’s getting to move in and lick his lovers’ pussy, but something is slid into his mouth and he gags. She pumps his mouth a few times until he accepts that his mouth is being fucked by a strap on that was just in his lover. She glides it in and out of his mouth a few more times and then pulls it out. She looks down on her lover and smiles. “He’s a little slut.”

The other woman on the bed reaches down and grabs his hair and pulls him mouth down to her pussy. His lips touch her nether lips and he slides his tongue forward, lapping gently at her freshly fucked pussy. He licks over her clit sending waves of pleasure through her. She grabs his hair tight and pulls his mouth into her pussy. “Lick me baby… c’mon. Lick me!” His tongue inserts into her pussy and she begins cumming hard.

His body is rocking as he licks her deep and longingly, drinking gaziantep escort in her juices, and sucking on her clit. As he rocks back once, he feels it happen. His ass is penetrated. His mouth comes from her pussy and he gasps loudly, his moans echoing off the walls. Her hands grab his hips and he notices now, for the first time, she’s in leather gloves. They both are. The one whose pussy he was licking now reaches up and strokes his face and removes the blindfold. He looks down, his eyes focusing on the dim light, and sees the beauty that is his new bride. Her outfit is no longer that of a blushing bride in white, but a bitchy bride in black leather. She strokes his face and smiles at him. He feels the rubber cock in his ass moving back and forth. He moans again and looks back to see his wife’s Matron of Honor looking at him wickedly as she slides it deep into him again.

He drives his mouth back into his bride’s pussy and licks her until she cannot cum any longer and begs him to stop, but Donna, behind him, drives hard into him telling him not to stop yet. He does not. When Beth, his bride begins to scream for him to stop Donna grabs him by the hair and brings him back away. He is now kneeling upright, this strap on still with him, but much more uncomfortably now. She guides it in and out slowly. “I could take you here and now slave.” He nods. Donna pulls the rubber cock from his ass and giggles. “But I’ll save that for next time.”

John is laid upon his back and is looking at his beautiful bride in her high leather boots, long leather gloves and bustier, and her lover in an outfit to match. His cock is in a raging hard on. Donna’s is still glistening with the moisture from Beth’s pussy, John’s mouth, and John’s ass. The look down on him and begin kissing one another, teasing him. They attach his bound wrists to the headboard and threaten to blindfold him again. He begs no. They pity him.

The beauties begin kissing again, moving closer to John, moving their bodies down over his cock. He watches as their large breasts move to his cock and surround it. The feeling is intense and he hisses in a deep breath. He has always loved sliding his cock between Beth’s tits, but now his cock was surrounded by two pairs. They moved up and down, fucking his cock with their tits, and making his squirm even more watching their tongues swirling around one another’s mouths. They moved down further, bringing his cock between their lips, kissing one another and the head of his cock between their lips and tongues. They kept kissing and massaging his cock with their tongues and sucking mouths. They teased and played, fighting over his cock, down Donna’s throat, then into Beths, and back again. They both began teasing the very sensitive spot just under the head and he came in a quick fire of cum he’d held in for two weeks. The continued teasing his cock, aiming it back and forth at one another, his cum firing onto Donna’s chest, and Beth’s face, and back onto Donna’s chin until he was spent for that moment.

The women put on a show by kissing his cock clean and then cleaning each other off before the cum could cool down.

Their next hour kept John tied to the bed, watching as Donna and Beth kissed passionately, sliding their fingers into one another’s pussy, and teasing each other’s ass with a wet finger. He listened as Beth brought Donna to orgasm after orgasm, and when Beth finally came again from Donna’s soft tongue. By this point, John was very hard again. Donna was thirsty, and went off to get something to drink and take a dip in the hot tub in the room.

Beth had it in mind to tease her husband. She walked to him, stroking her leather clothes, and smiling at him. He looked at her with unbelieving eyes.

“What’s the matter baby? Didn’t think I’d ever do it? Didn’t think I’d make you our slave?” He smiled at her, wickedly. “You’re next.” He whispered.

Beth reached down next to the bed and picked up her cigarettes, and knelt down between his thighs, laid down on the bed and propped herself up so her tits were just around his cock. She lit her cigarette, took a deep drag, and blew the smoke out around and over his cock. He looked down at his sexy wife, her cigarette planted between her leather fingers, she took another drag and blew it out over his cock again, kissing the head again and licking it. His cock throbbed hard. She stroked him, his cock throbbing in her leather glove; she took another drag and swallowed his cock. He was lifting his hips and she pulled her mouth off of him. She smiled at him and too another drag. “Try and help me, and I’ll stop.” He set back, allowing his wife to continue in her seductive blowjob. She continued smoking, and continued kissing and sucking and stroking him until he came hard over his chest. When he was finished cumming, she released him from his bonds, walked to the hot tub and stripped down from her clothes, and joined Donna. He joined them a moment later feeding Donna his cum covered chest.

She licked the cum off, circling his nipples with her deft little tongue and smiled up at him. He kissed her passionately and grabbed Beth by the back of the hair just as he did the same to Donna. He smiled at them both, sat on the edge of the hot tub, and put their mouths united back onto his cock. They sucked and licked and kissed his cock, his hands guiding their heads the entire time. He would bring one up to kiss her passionately then put her back down to his cock and bring the other up, kissing her mouth deep. He looked back at the pile of leather clothing and smiled at the women. “When we finish here, you’re putting those gloves back on.” They looked at each other, smiled, and in unison, as if one dirty mind “Yes, Master.”

The trio spent awhile in the hot tub, fucking and sucking, licking and kissing, each trading places back and forth, the entire time John giving direction on who does what when. His favorite time was when his wife, whom had found a perversion she truly enjoyed, was being licked by her best friend, and she was sucking him. Beth’s favorite appeared to be riding John’s cock and kissing him while Donna teased both of their genitals and joined in the kissing. Donna’s seemed to be when John was lapping at he pussy and Beth was licking her nipples, neck and lips.

When they were through in the hot tub they dried off, put on the gloves as John had requested and continued on with the night, this time Beth wearing the strap on, and before the night was through, John was on his knees as he had begun, his mouth on one woman’s pussy while his wife took his ass and cock to heights of pleasure he had never before dreamt possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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