Waking Up the Relatives

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Me and my girlfriend Laura had been together for nearly two years.

Whilst we had progressed sexually in our relationship, she was still very reluctant about doing anything sexual whilst her parents were around.

I was hoping her resistance would buckle and I had an unexpected opportunity to test her resolve when we went to stay at her brother and his wife’s house in Yorkshire recently.

It was her brother’s 30th birthday and we decided to visit them and stay for the weekend.

It was the first time that I’ve stayed there and I kind of expected separate bedrooms but at the last minute, Laura’s parents decided they wanted to visit the same weekend. This meant that because there was going to be a bit of a squeeze that not only did I have to share a bedroom with Laura but also share a double bed!!

“You guys OK having the room with the double bed?” said her brother Richard when we arrived.

“You’ll have more room in there and you’ll appreciate your own bathroom,” he added, looking at us with a sly look.

I was obviously delighted and to add to the irony, Laura’s parents were having the room with two twin beds. As the unmarried couple that really should have been our room!! I had to laugh!!

Laura seemed a bit nervous about the idea of us sleeping together with her parents under the same roof.

“If you think you are getting some tonight, then you are sadly mistaken,” she said after we had sorted out the rooms.

“Oh come on Laura, we’re adults not teenagers, we can do whatever we damn well like,” I said, a little frustrated.

I had to admit I had arrived with little expectation of getting any action this weekend but now I felt quite excited about the possibility of shagging my lovely girlfriend whilst her parents and her brother and his wife slept in the neighbouring rooms.

Oh I just loved corrupting her!!

It was almost inevitable we would have sex, I just hoped I had brought enough condoms with me!!

The day went really well. We had a lovely meal followed by a couple of bottles of wine and a game of Trivial Pursuits.

I really enjoyed being around Laura’s family. Family is so important to Laura and she is at her happiest when she is around the people she cares about the most.

We both were now cuddling on the sofa, Laura sitting on my lap, both of us enjoying the conversation and the pleasant relaxed atmosphere of the evening as well as the red wine that was on offer.

Occasionally whilst nobody was looking, I would rub one of Laura’s breasts slowly with my hand.

This would draw a playful slap of my thigh by Laura and a stern look but I knew she was enjoying this. Anyway, she was giving as good as she was getting as occasionally she would wriggle her arse right against my crotch knowing full well I was growing harder by the minute.

The evening drew to a close and we made our excuses and went up to our room. There was a real tingle of excitement running through my body as we climbed the stairs.

Laura’s parents had the room opposite to ours whilst her brother and his wife were pretty much next door.

The walls were hardly thick so it was going to be a real challenge to keep quiet.

Laura at times could be quite loud during sex but I was looking forward to the challenge and the thrill of it all.

I unbuttoned my shirt once we entered the room. Laura was fiddling around in her suitcase trying to find her pyjamas.

I sneaked up behind her grabbing her around the waist and kissing her on the neck. Laura had a curvy figure and many hours in the gym and playing sports had meant all her curves were exactly in the right place.

Her breasts were ample and not too large and her hair was a beautiful red colour. She reckoned her bottom was her worst gerçek porno feature but to me was just right.

She laughed. “You’re definitely not going to get any tonight, mum and dad might hear.”

“I’ll be quiet as a mouse,” I replied, pushing my crotch against her so she could feel my erection.

I played with her red hair that was shoulder length and she moaned softly as I rubbed her breast again.

“I might not be able to keep quiet,” she said.

“Just have to use a pillow to muffle you,” I grinned.

A knock on the door interrupted us.

“See, they’ve heard us!!” she said going to the door.

It was her brother and she stood outside talking to him. I decided to go and get changed into my nightwear.

I had a quick wash and changed into my boxer shorts. Since it was fairly warm I left my T shirt that I normally wear in bed off.

My hard cock was forming a tent in my boxer shorts, in fact it was quite embarrassing!!

When I exited the bathroom, Laura had finished talking to her brother.

“Ready for bed already?” she asked.

“Yeah, I didn’t want you hanging around to use the bathroom. I know what you women are like!!” I responded.

“You blokes are just as bad, especially of a morning!!” she exclaimed laughing.

She grabbed her pyjamas and headed for the bathroom.

“Don’t be long,” I called after her.

I looked down at my rigid cock. I had to get myself some action tonight even if it was only a handjob!!

Perhaps I could get some satisfaction off of my own hand but I didn’t like to masturbate in other people’s houses. It seemed a bit rude and disrespectful.

After about 15 minutes, Laura came out of the bathroom. She had on a pair of cotton pyjamas that button up at the front and the bottoms had a drawstring waist. One pull and they were down!!

The pyjamas were pink with a floral print. I imagine she had bought them in La Senza on a shopping trip up in London. They were not particularly sexy but suited her.

She spent a few minutes by the bedside mirror combing her hair. That was a good sign, I thought.

I checked the bedside draw next to me. Two packets of durex condoms were there, easily enough for a whole weekend.

She eventually finished with checking her appearance and moved across the room to switch the light off plunging the room into darkness.

She pulled the covers up and climbed into bed next to me.

Feeling her body next to me in bed got me instantly hard again. I shifted my body up close against hers, giving her a cuddle as she rested her head against my shoulder.

“We can’t do anything tonight,” she said. “My bro is only next door and mum and dad opposite so they’re bound to hear us,” she said.

“We’ll have to be very, very quiet then,” I said.

I rolled over so my body was virtually on top of hers.

I rubbed myself against her so she could feel my erection on her leg.

She put her hand between our bodies and rubbed my cock playfully through my boxer shorts.

I kissed her forehead stroking her red hair away from her eyes as I ground my erection against her hand.

Her resistance seemed to be diminishing slightly as she allowed me to touch and rub her breast through her pyjama top and I could feel her nipple hard and erect under the thin material of her top as it reacted to my touch.

A wet patch was already starting to form on my boxers as she rubbed my growing erection.

“We’ll have to wait a bit longer, until everybody is asleep,” whispered Laura.

“I agree these walls are too thin for my liking,” I said.

I smiled fondly recalling the time one of Laura’s old uni pals had come to stay at her place one weekend when I was staying around there.

Despite gay porno our best efforts to be discreet and quiet, her friend heard and was kept awake by our sexual activities that night.

She commented to Laura that I must have been doing something right for her to be making as much noise as that.

I got the feeling she was a bit jealous!! She told Laura that she wished her man could make her squeal in the same way I could make Laura. I was kind of hoping for a threesome but Laura would never agree to it!!

We waited half an hour until we were convinced everybody had gone to bed.

Laura kept me hard by occasionally rubbing my cock through my boxers whilst I rubbed both her breasts kissing her forehead, neck, lips drawing an occasional murmur of pleasure from Laura’s lips.

By now I was getting fed up of waiting and moved things on a little.

I slowly unbuttoned her pyjamas’ top, taking my time to undo each individual button. As I did this I slowly ran my fingers from her face, along her neckline and down to her chest. Now, I wouldn’t call Laura big breasted but they were ample enough for me.

I finished unbuttoning her top giving me a perfect view of her round breasts and her pink nipples that became hard and erect as the cold air hit them.

I kissed down her neck reaching her left breast and flicking the nipple with my tongue. With my other hand, I played with her right breast, cupping it in my hand and occasionally pinching the nipple which drew a little murmur of encouragement from Laura’s lips.

I would occasionally alternate with my mouth on her right breast and my hand moving to her left breast continually increasing the pressure and slowly teasing her in the same way she had teased me by rubbing my cock earlier.

Most blokes are not really into the whole foreplay thing but I absolutely love it. There’s nothing that can give me as much pleasure and satisfaction in knowing that I’ve given my girl the best time possible and the hardest orgasm she’s ever likely to experience.

I seemed to have a knack of knowing what buttons to push with Laura, what turned her on and got her ‘engine’ revving. It took me a while to find my way around her body but I like to think that now, I’m a decent lover.

I took my time to pay attention to her breasts giving both just the right amount of treatment.

It was now time to move things on and stimulate probably my favourite part of Laura’s body, her pussy.

I moved away from her breasts, kissing her stomach and then her button belly before pulling the drawstring on her pyjama bottoms.

She wriggled her arse as I pulled them down her waist and off her legs.

I admired the neat strip of reddish pubic hair that covered her mound. It was tidily trimmed and I ran my fingers through it enjoying the feel.

She was quite wet as my finger found a way into her hole and I enjoyed the slickness as I moved in and out of her teasing her for a minute or so.

A second finger inched up inside her finding her clit. My fingers teased the little button as she moaned softly, her pussy growing wetter the more I stimulated her.

My cock was itching to be inside her so I stopped and reached towards the bedside draw pulling out a packet of condoms.

I fiddled hurriedly removing the sheaf of plastic from the wrapper as I fumbled around in the darkness.

“Maybe this might help,” she said switching the bedside light on.

“That’s better,” I said smiling.

I pulled my boxers down my waist and eased the condom carefully over my cock covering it in a thin sheaf of plastic.

I moved on top of her, kissing her on the lips, my cock resting on her stomach.

She wriggled her body down to meet me as evli porno my cock brushed the entrance of her pussy. I almost effortlessly slipped inside her allowing my hard cock to rest within her.

My pace at first was slow as I moved inside her developing a steady rhythm.

Laura for once was fairly quiet but her breathing grew heavier and louder the more I pushed into her.

I pulled out of her taking a slight breather. The condom was already covered in her juices leaving a milky residue on the sheaf.

This break allowed us to regain our breath and relax but soon I was wanting more.

I allowed my cock to ease gently into her once more, her wetness allowing me to push deeper into her.

I pounded her a couple of times before altering my position. I spread her legs wide apart and keeping my back straight, I prodded into her moving her body towards mine.

Laura managed to stifle a groan but both of us knew it would be difficult to keep quiet.

We stopped again. I admired the creamy fluid of her juices that covered the condom I was wearing.

“Ohh! Look what we’ve done,” she whispered.

“I think someone is rather excited,” I responded.

She nodded. “So, who’s going to cum first?” she asked with a cheeky grin on her face.

Laura knew I wasn’t a marathon man in the bedroom stakes and she often joked that she should get a silver medal as she always came second.

The secret to my success was making my girl cum which I was usually pretty good at.

“If you go on top, you’ll definitely cum before me,” I whispered.

“You know I hate going on top. Makes me all hot and sweaty!!” she chuckled.

“You don’t like having to do all the work!” I said leaning in and kissing her on the forehead.

“I’m crap on top,” she said. “I keep slipping out.”

Despite her protests she agreed to my request as she moved out from underneath me and shifted her body on top of mine.

My cock stood to attention as she eased herself on top of me and positioned herself between my legs.

I watched, entranced as she moved her hips, drawing her pussy slowly closer to my erection. She guided me in with her hand pushing my rigid cock into her wet waiting hole.

She allowed a few moments to settle before sliding herself up and down my hard pole in a steady motion.

I pulled her pyjama top apart and now had a magnificent view of her breasts bouncing up and down as she rode me.

My hands moved on to her arse as I attempted to steady and pace her strokes.

Her red hair bounced on her shoulders as she rode my cock at a slow even pace, not wanting me to cum too quickly and also well aware the springs in the bed mattress were creating a little noise.

“This bed is squeaking too much for my liking,” she said breathlessly.

“I know, have to hope everyone is asleep,” I replied.

Laura’s hands rested on my chest as she rocked gently back and forth on my cock.

She smiled down at me as I laid back and enjoyed the experience.

Her breathing grew heavier and I could see her biting her lip as she tried to suppress the growing eruption inside her body.

She leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

“I’m nearly there.”

I myself was feeling close. Her strokes quickened slightly as her orgasm grew close.

Her eyes were tightly shut as she tried to overcome the intensity that was coursing through her body.

“Fuckkkk!!” she breathlessly whispered as she came. Her body shook and quivered as her orgasm took her over.

I followed moments later letting out a satisfied sigh as I filled the condom with my hot cum.

We both took a moment to come back down to earth and basked in the afterglow of our orgasms in each others’ arms.

“Mmm!! That was nice,” said Laura looking into my eyes. “Maybe we should do that more often.”

“I prefer it when we have the house to ourselves but that was fun, wonder if they heard us?” I chuckled.

“I’ll be disappointed if they didn’t,” said Laura with a cheeky grin on her face.

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