Waking to Sarah

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I lay there, comfortable beyond belief, barely aware of my surroundings. My mind was somewhere between awake and dreaming, but I could sense that I was warm and relaxed. Laying on my back I could feel the linen of my own bed and my pillow beneath my head, so I knew my surroundings without even opening my eyes. I could sense a slight breeze in the air, caressing my naked torso. But as I gained awareness, I could sense something was different.

Since I usually waken in an aroused state, it was no surprise that I had a firm erection, but I felt a weight pinning my legs, and a moist warmth enveloping my hard cock. In the darkness I sensed hands on my thighs and hot breath on my stomach. I must have made a slight moan at the realization that I was not dreaming this, because it alerted her to my awakened state.

“Just relax, and let me take care of you,” she whispered, “it’s me, Sarah.” Then I could feel her tongue and hot mouth envelope my cock again.

I sensed that something wasn’t quite right in my reality (Sarah? What? How did she get here?), but I was not able to form a clear thought, only to submit and let it all happen.

I could feel that she was straddling my legs and had one hand on my thigh, while the other gripped the base of my cock, as she slowly took me into her mouth again. I sensed that she had been at it for a while before I gained my senses, and cursed my unconscious self for not waking me sooner to enjoy this completely.

My body arched as her head bobbed slowly up and down, sucking and slurping at my thick rod. Each time she raised off my cock, I could feel the cool night air chill it, only to be warmed again moments later as her mouth took me in again.

I sensed that she too was becoming aroused, altyazılı porno and as her hand left my thigh, I deduced that she began to caress her own wet pussy. She gasped and moaned, letting me know I was correct, then began working even more intently at coaxing her reward from my erect member. As she worked faster I could tell that she was bringing herself closer to her own orgasm, and needed more than just her own fingers to help bring her all the way home.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” I hear her coo, and she sat up right and manoeuvred to remove her own panties, then straddle me further up.

With my cock in her hand, she placed her pelvis firmly against it, and presses my firmness against her pussy so that I can feel how warm and wet it is. As she begins to rock up and down, slowly, pressing the head of my cock against her and using it to stimulate her swollen clit, her gasps let me know that she needs me inside of her, and I want that too, but I leave her in charge.

As she eases herself onto my hard member, I anticipate the sensation barely a moment before penetration, and am rewarded with the feeling as Sarah’s sweet pussy tightly envelops my hard cock, inch by inch, as she lowers her whole body down onto me.

“Ooooooooooh, yes,” she moans when I am fully and deeply inside of her, and she begins to rise and fall slowly up and down my cock, riding me towards ecstasy. With her hand, she plays with herself, rubbing her clit as she rides. As she brings herself closer to cuming, she gets louder, and her soft moans and whimpers become louder, animalistic cries.

“Ooooooh, yes! Fuck me hard,” she yells, in full tempo rising and falling on me as I rise up to meet her, thrusting hard into her zenci porno wet tight fuck hole. “Yes, yes, yes!” she screams as she begins to cum, gushing her juices into my lap, and covering me with her erotic liquid, until she crashes down on top of my, panting and breathing her hot breath onto my neck, her beautiful long brunette hair dishevelled and laying in every direction.

It takes her a long time to slowly drift back down, and my cock remains hard inside of her until she is ready for it again.

“That was so worth waiting for, sweetie,” she tells me as she regains composure, then spins around to restart work on my cock.

She knows I want her pussy in my face, so she straddles me in a 69 position, gets a firm grasp on my cock, and begins to lick her own juices off of my shaft and shaven balls. Sarah’s own pussy is also freshly shaven, and I kiss and lick her inner thighs to get her taste onto my tongue. Her tongue is working magic on my shaft, and it becomes impossibly harder to her touch.

I am more than ready to cum, but hold back a bit to intensify it as Sarah expertly takes me into her mouth, simultaneously pressing her sweet pussy down onto my face, encouraging me to get myself to work on it. Slowly licking her lips and finding her swollen clit, she reacts by taking me all the way into her mouth, opening her throat to take me deep inside, and then back out again. As she works my cock in and out she begins to rub me just below my balls at the base of my shaft, just above my anus. I have never felt this sensation before, and it excites me immensely.

I begin to mimic Sarah’s actions, and use my thumb to reach around and teases her flesh between her pussy and her asshole, as aldatma porno I flicker my tongue across her buzzing clit. I know I have found a spot because her body begins to arch and rock.

Sarah is working amazing things on my cock, with her mouth enveloping the head of my prick, she swirls her tongue in circles around it, occasionally taking my full shaft into her mouth and back again. One hand strokes the lower shaft of my cock, and this is bringing me closer to exploding in her mouth. But the most amazing sensation is her other, expert hand, stroking my balls, and teasing my perineum, dangerously close to my anus.

“Cum for me,” she encourages, and I am obliged to obey. As she starts to circle my anus with her finger, I feel my cum welling up inside me, tightening my balls, and ready to gush out in spurts onto her waiting tongue. I flicker my tongue at a ludicrous rate across her clit, and I can tell she is loving this as much as I am. She is sucking hard at me now, and I am moments away from erupting. “Yes, cum,” she encourages again, and I can’t hold back any longer. I begin to spurt in huge wads, as she takes me back into her welcoming mouth. As the pearly white cum begins to coat her tongue, she closes her lips around the head of my spasming cock, eager not to spill a drop of my precious seed. Again I spurt, filling her mouth with a generous portion of my man-milk, and she begins to swallow. Finally, my third and fourth spurts linger on her tongue, as she begins to lick and clean my cock, and my tension fades away as I fall back into a light slumber.

As I recede, and feel warmth envelop my being again for a few brief moments, then I regain full consciousness and realize that Sarah is gone. Was she ever really there, or just my lustful mind playing tricks on me? But as I glide my hands down over my sweat soaked body, I feel the trails of my own cum streaming across my torso.

Strangely, I catch a waft of delicious pussy in the air. I wonder, and fall back into sweet slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32