Waking Her

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It was a celebration, really, an impromptu road trip to the Grand Canyon, which none of us had ever seen before. Melissa was my best friend, had been for years. She’d introduced me to Chuck about a year ago, when my marriage was failing and my whole life was going to shit.

Nothing happened. She wasn’t trying to fix me up with him or anything. He’s just a good guy, and I guess she wanted me to know there were still good guys in the world.

Melissa’s that kind of a friend, you know? She just seems to sense what I need, sometimes, and gives it without any kind of a fuss.

So my divorce is final, and my two friends convinced me to hop in a car with them and spend a few days on the road. It’s a lot of driving, and I can’t say I’m enjoying the stiff muscles that come from sitting cooped up for hours on end, but if I had to take a long trip with anyone, it would be these two. They make the ride easier, with the songs and the jokes.

We get a hotel in Gallup and Chuck picks up a bucket of chicken from a place across the road while Melissa and I find a couple of cases of wine coolers and set them on ice. The room has two queen beds and a tv that’s only about ten years outdated. We’re all glad to be out of the confines of the car, and looking forward to relaxing.

After dinner, we prop the pillows against the headboards and settle back to watch a movie. I’m sharing a bed with Melissa. Nobody wants to give Chuck the wrong idea and have the rest of the trip filled with emotional confusion.

He’s sharing a box of sugar babies with me, though, so I settle in on his bed so we don’t have to get up to pass the candy back and forth.

Melissa finishes off a third cooler and falls asleep before the movie gets good. By the time the main characters are kissing, I’m resting my head against Chuck’s muscular right arm and he’s using his left to feed me the last pieces of candy. It’s not until one almost falls from my lips and I snatch at it with my tongue and catch his finger that I realize how sensual this is.

The movie characters drift apart for a few scenes, building the tension in the story. The candy is gone, and Chuck tosses the empty box into the trash can. I open another cooler and smile at the fizzy tingle and the bright taste of strawberry. His drink is gone, and I offer him mine, pressing the glass tip to his surprisingly full lips.

Chuck’s a handsome man. He still has the build of a football player, though it’s been ages since he played the game. His dark hair contrasts with his blue eyes, and honestly, a piercing look from him always sends a little pang through me. I don’t even think he knows he has that effect on people. In the last few years, he’s put on a few pounds, what with the desk job and the drinking and the candy with lousy friends like me. He carries it well, though. The weight just drives home the fact that he’s older now, mature.

As he helps me lower the bottle from his lips, the movie characters have found each other again. Chuck turns to me and just as he is about to touch the bottle to my lips, he kisses arap escort me instead.

His lips are soft and even though it’s just a simple peck, I can feel the strength behind them as he tugs at my upper lip.

He doesn’t exactly move away. We sit in a stunned silence, panting and staring into each other’s eyes. We can hear the slurp of the movie kisses, and it sounds so funny, I have to grin. Chuck smiles too, and before long, we’re both giggling.

We snuggle in together to watch more of the film, and finish off the last drink. By the time those movie people make love, he has his arm over my shoulders. I turn my head, taking in his handsome features once again.

He notices my stare, and steals a couple of glances in my direction, as well. I subconsciously register a slight throb between my legs as I lean into him and kiss him sweetly on the cheek, catching the corner of his mouth.

Chuck is smiling when he turns to face me, turning it into a proper kiss, and then another.

His tongue slides along the place where my lips meet, and I part my lips and taste him. He’s an excellent kisser. His tongue falls easily against mine, not forcing anything, just rolling and drifting with the passion of the moment. I gasp when I feel his large hand slide over my breast, and I raise my fingers to his stubbly cheek.

Our breathing is more intense, but we both ride with it, hands roaming over and around and under clothing. My hand raises his shirt enough that in one swift motion, he yanks it over his head, tossing it aside. His hair is left standing on end, and I gently mash it back into place with my hand as he starts kissing me again.

“Oh,” he breathes against me as my flattened hand wanders along his bare, hairy chest. His kisses move to my neck and I can feel him tugging at the bottom hem of my nightgown.

I inhale deeply and hold my breath a little, feeling his fingers lightly drift up until they brush over my nipple. I inhale sharply, and arch my head back. With a barely restrained strength, he slips both hands over my skin and pulls me into a hug. He drops a few more kisses on my cheek and then the nightgown is gone.

For a moment, I’m nervous that Melissa will wake, that she’ll catch us, but in the next his mouth covers my breast and I am completely lost in the pleasant tingling, the little zaps that jolt from my nipple to my clit and back again. I press myself harder against Chuck’s mouth.

A moment or an hour later, he draws back and gets on his knees. I reach out to touch my fingers against the place where his cock strains against his boxers. Chuck responds by taking them off. I lick my lips, shocked and amazed at how big and beautiful his erect cock is.

His fingers tug at the waistband of my underwear, sliding them off me, and although I haven’t done this in over a year, and never with him, and my best friend is sleeping on a bed not four feet away from us, I move my body and help him take them off. He drops them on the floor and positions me lying flat on my back, escort arap drinking my body in with his eyes.

His hand glides over one breast, and then the other, and slides to the soft skin of my belly. He lowers his head and kisses me right above, and then right below my belly button. I draw my knees up, and he is overwhelmed with the smell of my sex.

My hands are in his hair as his lips kiss my wet cunt, and already I am grinding my hips, rising and falling with his touch. He takes my hands in his and holds them against the sheet at my sides leaving me nothing except to gasp and pant and writhe under his ministrations. His tongue is heavenly, slipping between my tender folds, dipping here, circling there.

My breath catches and I freeze in place as I realize another hand is taking over the job of holding my wrist. I turn my head and see my best friend, nothing but affection in her eyes. She holds my right arm down with one hand and touches my breasts with the other.

Chuck is unbelievable. My pussy is throbbing so hard and I stare at Melissa while my breath shakes unsteadily. I close my eyes, feeling the building pressure of climax, and a wet mouth closes over my nipple, sucking me gently even as another pleasures my pulsing core. I quiver and shake and another hand strokes my other breast and I yelp as I cum, sucking in breath between my teeth.

“Oh, God!” I buck against Chuck’s mouth and he starts fucking me with his tongue. I’m cumming even as I beg for more. He presses his middle finger inside and kisses my quivering clit before he lifts his head and seems to notice Melissa’s presence for the first time.

Chuck’s finger moves inside me and he smiles at her before crawling over me. With his body over mine, I wrap my now free arms around his back and hug him close. He finds my entrance with the tip of his penis and I see Melissa stripping off her clothes.

He barely fucks me, only slipping in and out an inch or so, seemingly happy to take his time. Melissa watches our union, and I see her body respond to the sight and smell enveloping her. Her nipples harden, and her fingers drift down. She strokes herself as she watches us. I reach out my hand, and the tips of my fingers slip between her legs.

I close my eyes at the sensation of my fingers sliding against her warm, wet pussy. Chuck raises up on his hands, and I feel his prick get harder as he sees what I’m doing to Melissa.

He thrusts into me, and simultaneously, I thrust my fingers inside her. She wobbles and moves closer bracing herself against the bed with one hand while her other slides over his bare back.

He fucks me slowly, and I move my fingers inside her, and her breasts bounce and she starts kissing him on the mouth. Their tongues mingle, and something about the angle changes and I see his gasp as her finger teases against his ass.

“Oh, God, yeah,” he breathes, fucking me deeper. “Fuck me, yeah, fuck me with it,” he pleads with her.

I rock my hips against him. My lips are numb from the pleasure arap escort bayan of it all. I force my fingers farther into her, causing a chain reaction between the three of us. I thrust her, and her finger thrusts into him, and he thrusts into me. Soon we find the rhythm of it, and he suckles my breast for a while, then frenches her for a while.

I can feel it building again. “I’m cumming,” I announce to them both.

Chuck responds by moving faster. Melissa gives him one more jolt with her finger before moving away. She gets on the bed behind him and I can see her hands gliding over his balls and the base of his slick cock as it moves out of me. She reaches down and licks his ass, teasing him with her tongue. His thrusts become more erratic, and I cry out with each new surprise.

Then she impales him with a glistening finger, and we both scream as he drives hard into me. I’m cumming already and still, he plows into me until he jerks and convulses with pleasure.

“Fuck,” he says weakly, a look of total bliss on his handsome face.

We take a moment to recover, panting gently, lightly petting each other. Melissa seems to have disappeared, and it occurs to me that we owe her something.

“Melissa,” I say quietly.

She crawls onto the bed beside me, smiling joyfully. Chuck rolls off to my other side, and I lean into her, kissing her on the lips, sliding in with my tongue. She presses her body closer to me, and I hear her gasp as Chuck’s fingers stroke her pussy. My hands find her breasts.

Melissa is the picture of joy as I draw back and take her in. Her eyes are closed, and her lips are parted as her neck arches back. Chuck is fucking her with his fingers now, stroking harder and faster, and I lean over to suck her tits. I let my mouth work at one and then the other and then back again.

I look over and see he is hard as a rock again. I grab his free hand and give it a yank. He glances up at me and reads my meaning. He lets her go and I roll to my back, pulling her overtop of me. Our breasts press against each other and our clits rub as we move against each other, eager for release. I steal a glance at Chuck’s face. He is stroking himself as he licks his lips, his eyes on her ass, drifting downward to see what lies between.

At last he readies himself behind her, and I feel her spray against me as he heaves inside her cunt. She squirts with his every thrust, and I find my hand against her, the heel hard against her mons and my fingertips stretched out against his wet shaft as it moves in and out.

She leans down and kisses me, and our tongues move faster with the passion of the moment. Suddenly his cock fills me and I arch upward off the bed, hungry for more.

He fucks me and then her and then me until we all cum again, soaked in our mixed juices. After a nap, I find myself sucking Melissa’s beautiful tits again, and before long, we’re all into it again.

The next morning, we shower and continue on our trip. Nobody says anything about it, but sometimes I think I hear the word “fuck” being whispered like a plea somewhere in the car.

The vibrations of the road are keeping me turned on. I stretch out my hand and rest it in Chuck’s lap. He mashes his foot down on the accelerator. None of us can wait to get to the next hotel.


Author’s Note: Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear from you!

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